5 Boylan Ter: Father&Son RT and Todd Fitzgerald to Robert A. Kinsinger, $500,000

108 Cowbell Xing Unit 108: Fred T. and Patricia G. Biddix to Gayle Feeney and Anne M. Meehan, $565,000

7 Upland Rd: Karen Jennings-Sullivan and Michael Sullivan to Tricia A. Reinken and James N. Obrien, $640,000

2 Webster Ct Unit 2: Kurt and Lorraine Krinke to Larry Elston, $710,000


34 Bittersweet Ln: Stephen M. and Kathy A. Hines to Jacob I. Gray and Allyson Hominski-Gray, $615,000


90 Colby Rd: Ashley S. and Stephen A. Malloy to Colin Mcgonagle, $425,000

34 Opal Dr: Lisa and Charles Tsouprakakis to Paula M. Garrant, $630,000

Route 111a: Anna C. Venezia to Melissa G. Roy, $450,000

29 Sanborn St: Rachel M. Sanchez to Tracey M. and Timothy R. Pepin, $410,000

30 Sanborn St: Daniel S. and Danielle J. Riley to Jessica L. Walsh, $442,000


7 Bonnie Ln Unit L: Matthew J. and Shawna R. Knapp to Gaetano and Antonia Cilluffo, $316,533

20 Crescent St: Keith E. Lebfebvre and Anne D. Lefebvre to William K. Patterson, $657,000

70 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Michael P. Flynn to Jonathan D. Prentice, $270,000

4 Elaine Ave: Jenny and Shawn M. Loiselle to Michael B. Sungy and Ashton Burke, $430,000

48 N Shore Rd: Diane M. Caras to Shaun Geary and Ashley Fox, $75,000


15 Valley Rd: Thomas J. and Theresa D. Albrecht to Thomas and Michael Woodford, $460,000

N/a: Cherice L Hermann RET and Cherice L. Hermann to Nancy E Raczka RET and Nancy E. Raczka, $325,000


6 Estherbrook Way: Copley Properties LLC to Marie M Candela RET and Marie M. Candela, $817,000

20 Harris Ave Unit 17: Daniel J. Cormier to Stephen M. and Nano J. Kenneway, $485,000

61 Island Path: Ronald C. and Jacquelyn S. Perron to Kendra J. and Christine R. Ramsey, $455,000

Towle Ave: Neusa A. Miranda to Sean M. Foley and Catherine Pressue, $515,000

N/a Lot 29: Mark D. Belanger to Sherry A. Rizzo, $600,000


Route 111 Lot 1: Hannah C. Elliott and Seth Bunke to Exeter Road RT and Richard A. Eastman, $450,000


3 Allison Ln: Christopher M. and Linda B. Murphy to Bruce C. Rodgers, $392,000

2 Bear Meadow Rd: Kerry S. and Patricia A. Countie to Evan R. and Sydnie Connors, $374,000

23 Catesby Ln: Stabile Hm At Londonderry to John Mcardle, $637,733

26 Charleston Ave: Elissa A. and Jeremy P. Meschino to Ashley R. Lindemann and Christopher W. Caron, $397,800

5 Fiddlers Ridge Rd: Peter M. Wasserman and Karen M. Waserman to Nancy E. Murphy, $729,000

5 Hidden Mdw: Robert R. Dow and Catherine E. Dawson to Michael Gagliardi, $627,533

101 High Range Rd: Lee D. and Jennifer S. Graham to Adam R. Denn, $350,000

19 Meetinghouse Dr: Shlomo and Anna Klaen to John P. and Carly R. Conole, $560,000

97 Old Nashua Rd: Brian R. and Michelle T. Lessard to Cody Solomon and Brianna Harris, $417,533

Vista Ridge Condo Unit 35: Carly L. and Jaffrey R. Gartside to Diane Lemenager, $240,000

West Rd Lot 10: Shirley M Hall T and Kathy L. Donovan to Joseph P. and Barbara A. Rossetti, $300,000

164 Winterwood Dr Unit 164: Nelson FT and Jennie P. Nelson to Nicole and Ryan Sykes, $289,533


15 Overlook Dr: Matthew P. and Caitlin J. Gregorio to Jeffrey A. and Katelyn Day, $580,000

110 S Main St: Michael Labranche and Marie Neuner to Luke Riewestahl, $550,000

9 Sarah Way: Vincent A. and Joanna N. Ferrero to Maureen Trimble-Chafe and Gregory J. Chafe, $640,000

9 Steep Hill Dr: Jeffrey and Krista Ohlson to Richard Caillouette and Helmer F. Bothia, $610,000


750 Mammoth Rd: Kurt R. Brokhoff and Leah S. Brokhroff to Ivan R. and Veronica A. Soto, $620,000

21 Moon Shadow Dr: Hicks FT and Raymond W. Hicks to Christopher and Sheila Chiodo, $900,000

3 Nashua Rd: Livhomes RT and George Kenney to Cristina I. and Andy Lam, $620,000

24 Shephard Rd: Mike F. and Julie Bezoet-DeBie to Enio and Evelin Drummond, $825,000


14 Auburn St Unit B: Timothy and Tracey Pepin to Lindsay A. Neel and Bradley J. Turner, $289,000

21 Main St: Joshua Berry to Richad Maretl, $350,000

191 Plaistow Rd: Neale RT and Paul E. Neale to 17 Commerce LLC, $1,100,000

17 Rose Ave: Richard D. Angelotti to Lexi M. Lariviere, $220,000

9 Seaver Brook Ln Unit 9: Kathleen M Spohn LT and Kathleen M. Spohn to Julie A. Salvador, $335,000

17 Smith Corner Rd: Noel Torrissi to John Rogers, $489,000

93 Sweet Hill Rd: Skofield FT and Bruce W. Skofield to Dancing Lax Holdings LLC, $170,000

N/a Lot 3: Recesso Realty LLC to Atlantic Broadband NH ME, $150,000


5 Captains Rd: Anastasis Iraclides to Ronald and Gabrielle Masse, $520,000

7 Caymus Rdg: Cedar Crest Salem LLC to Charbel M. and Kristina Dahbour, $734,600

18 Granite Ave: Stephen Messina to Carlos G. Alfaro, $375,000

37 James St: Amit Vardhan-Kuthiala and Gunjan Kuthiala to Thomas J. Goggins, $432,533

6 Joanna Rd: Gary O. and Diana L. Stenstrom to Matthew Reese, $476,000

39 Lancaster Farm Rd: William A. and Karen A. France to Jaiffa S. and Manuel A. Tejeda, $235,000

106 Lawrence Rd: Jason Vanseyoc to Darren and Amanda Volpe, $515,000

69 Old Rockingham Rd: Jacob H. Kaplan to Joshua A. Mercer, $401,000

7 Silverthorne Dr: William A. and Nancy E. Weimar to SFF Construction Co Inc, $461,000

32 Stanwood Rd: Omar Ghaffar and Adrienn Szabo to Jesus M. and Julie Trejo, $1,000,000

73 Town Farm Rd: Patrick J. and Sandra J. Tulley to Patrick and Joamyra Julmeus, $720,000

N/a Lot 16: Moore Separte Prop T and Thomas J. Moore to Benton G. and Elizabeth M. Smith, $750,000


26 Country Acres Rd: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Bruce E. Morse and Amy Clarke, $389,000

11 Meghan Dr: S&H Walker Woods Hldg LLC to James and Elizabeth Antoniziek, $539,000

189 Odell Rd: Andrew H. and Sarah L. Lanezi to Stephanie D. Ross and Manuel D. Neves, $570,000

1 Pine Ridge Cir: Jarrod Gore and Jennifer Neary to Ryan Hadfield and Melynda Mondou, $440,000

36 Waterford Dr: Alexander and Brittany Richmond to Carla J. and Kevin Orourke, $540,000


193 Tilton St: Katherine M Walsh RET and Katherine M. Walsh to Richard J. and Sharon M. Abraham, $699,000

N/a Lot 325: Michael C. and Kim M. Clifton to Jonathan P. Cricones and Marsha J. Hebert, $1,050,000


27 Blossom Rd: Medeiros FT and Richard J. Medeiros to Matthew V. Swoboda, $851,000

6 Bradford Rd: James A. and Colleen A. Giardina to David E. Galvez, $840,000

13 Faith Rd: James G. and Katherine T. Blanchette to Brian J. and Danielle Woznik, $780,000

13 Forest St: Marshman Raymond J Sr Est and Raymond J. Marshman to Foresight Investment Inc, $430,000

36 Harris Rd: Root FT and Dennis A. Root to Brandon J. and Alexis A. Drebit, $425,000

2-a Heritage Hill Rd: Kalucki NT and Steven J. Kalucki to Stephanie A. Casey, $570,000

13 Heritage Hill Rd: Martin and Kathleen Berk to Ned and Lisa A. Dangelo, $575,000

15, 19, 20, 21, 38 Highclere Rd: Ruby Holdings LLC to Safari Cons Mgmt LLC, $3,000,000

18 Kendall Pond Rd: Arlene and Leon Spaulding to Jason and Tracie Roy, $225,000

29 London Bridge Rd: Paul C. and Megan M. Burns to Yong T. Lin, $1,150,000

6 Romans Rd: Mary B. and R William Arling to Austin and Nicole Wentzel, $576,000

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