Social Isolation Book Launch: 'Incident at Exeter Tavern'

EXETER —Remember when life was normal and the coffee shops, art galleries and bookstores were full of people? You get that same feeling when reading this book. Treat yourself!

Sleuth around the town of Exeter, NH one hot summer weekend during Independence Festival as artist Maryvonne tries to figure out who stole the Declaration of Independence broadside from the local museum. Whodunnit? Was it the baker, the bookseller, the museum director, or someone else?

Learn about the true hidden history of this Northern town. Discover the black enclave and its contributions during the Revolutionary War era. All profits from this book will go towards a physical commemoration of the historic black community of Exeter, which once thrived near Swasey Parkway.

This quirky historical-fiction mystery "Incident at Exeter Tavern" by local author RM Allen is available on Amazon/Kindle, and at Water Street Bookstore … which is closed but still taking and delivering orders, as they practice social distancing as well!

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