KINGSTON/NEWTON — Each year, the Sanborn Seminary Trustees, a community organization, consider requests from Sanborn Regional High School teachers to support innovative projects and initiatives in the classroom that are designed to help expand and advance the school’s programming beyond what can resources available in the operating budget.

This year the Trustees have decided to fund eight projects totaling $36,248.00. The details of these projects are below:

Eyes on Science ($1540): Students will participate in six live science video conferences designed to enhance and supplement classroom instruction.

Outfitting the STEM Lab ($4500): This proposal would provide funds to outfit the new room with essential tools and equipment, allowing students to complete a wide variety of projects in a centralized location.

Lead ‘Em Up ($1600): The grant will allow the school to implement another year of leadership training with Adam Bradley. This leadership training will prepare students to go down to the Middle School and Ellis and work with students to develop deeper connections.

Darkroom ($5000): Purchase of equipment to upgrade the photography program for future programming.

Artist in Residence Master Class Series ($7200): This grant will allow the music program to bring in a variety of music artists to work with music students throughout the year.

Mobile Toolbox ($5130): Purchase of a mobile toolbox for the shop program.

Welding Artist in Residence ($6900): Continuation/expansion of the 2019 artist and residence program.

Tower Garden Education ($4378): Purchase of a tower garden. A Tower Garden is a vertical growing system that uses aeroponics for soil-less growing of fruits and vegetables. Aeroponics uses nutrient-enriched water to nourish the exposed roots of the plants and allows vegetables to reach harvest size in half the time as traditional growing methods, without soil or pesticides.

Over the years, the Trustees have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to support innovative classroom programs just like these for Sanborn students. We are grateful for their efforts and generosity.

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