KINGSTON/NEWTON — Both the Budget Committee and the School Board for the Sanborn Regional School District have held meetings this Spring to organize, close out the current fiscal year, and begin planning for the coming fiscal year, that begins July 1.

The Budget Committee set a tentative calendar, subject to revision when the NH DRA posts its timeline, that reflects the efficient practices in place for the past 3 years. Those practices address reviewing current and past budgets during July through October. Preparation of the proposed FY 21-22 Budget begins with the Superintendent’s budget recommendation in early November.

The School Board has adopted an evaluation of their goals of the past year, overseen remote learning and year-end activities, is carefully examining year-end budget results and construction activities, and signed a 3-year lease for the old Middle School and a Purchase & Sale Agreement for the old High School. The subcommittees, where a great deal of the preparation work for the District is accomplished, are formed and meeting.

The School Board set three goals for the year ending this June 30:

1- Reconfiguration of classes – 100%

2- Elimination of excess properties – 100%

3- Mapping outcomes and Report Card options – 90%

In addition, the two-year goal of revising all School Board policies for NH compliance is almost complete. Reserves are being funded that will allow more precise future budgets.

The goals for the coming year will be discussed and adopted during June meetings.

Year-end activities include as many aspects of a ‘normal’ year as possible. Some will not take place. The Student Awards and Scholarship night was held remotely, for instance. Graduation plans have been made by administrators in collaboration with student input.

The Finance and Facilities Committees have been overseeing both construction costs and year-end needs and spending. After approving funding for

• completion of construction,

• new accounting software,

• the Memorial roof replacement,

• reconfiguration of the Memorial office for improved safety for students, and

• a needed new phone system for the High School & Middle School,

the unexpended funds from the budget appear to be sufficient both to retain emergency money for the schools, and to refund monies to taxpayers to lower the tax impact of next year’s budget. Those numbers will be finalized in June.

The Middle School lease, approved by voters in March, was signed, with annual revenue of $140,000 plus utilities. The occupant is the Seacoast Learning Collaborative.

Sale of the Sanborn Seminary Campus is proceeding, with the Purchase and Sale agreement signed. Permits and tax credit approvals by Kingston are needed to complete the sale.

All meetings and minutes are available for viewing via links found on the website.

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