KINGSTON/NEWTON — On January 6, the School Board of the Sanborn Regional School District unanimously accepted a $10,000 science grant. The grant will allow a team of thirteen educators from across the state in grades 6-12 to develop materials to better prepare students for careers in the biomaterials industry. This industry includes technologies that enable the manufacturing of biological tissues for medical purposes.

The goal of the grant is to create a career awareness presentation to inform students about opportunities that exist in this exciting and growing field. The grant will also support the development of three extended learning opportunities (ELOs) for students in the areas of cell/tissue growth, 3D printing, and data analysis. With our school’s industry connections, will be able to connect participating students with industry mentors during the completion of their ELOs.

The work to receive the grant at Sanborn was spearheaded by Science teacher Devin Helmke. Mr. Helmke had this to say about the project: "I am thrilled about the opportunities that this grant will provide for our students. Here at Sanborn, we have many students already participating in extended learning opportunities that give real-world experiences. We know that learning can take place in many different ways, and this grant will create innovative project-based learning opportunities for any student interested in bioengineering."

Sanborn’s Principal Brian M. Stack added, “Over the last several years, our school has worked hard to develop meaningful relationships with career and community partners that have allowed us to extend learning far beyond the classroom walls of our school for our students. This grant will allow some of our dedicated and enthusiastic educators like Mr. Helmke to continue to make meaningful, real-world connections for all of our students.”

Work is already underway to make these science opportunities available to Sanborn students this school year.


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