NEWTON/KINGSTON — Earlier this week the Public Hearing on proposed warrant articles being presented to District voters this year was held. Presented to voters was the Proposed Operating Budget, the Default Budget and other proposals, including:

• a collective bargaining agreement with school administrators,

• two proposals for adding to District reserve funds,

• a proposals to sell the long-vacant and unused Seminary Building

• and one to rent the soon-to-be-vacated Middle School building.

The next step in the Budget process is for the Budget Committee and School Board to review comments from the public and to finalize their proposed operating budget and other warrant proposals for presentation to voters at the Deliberative Session.

The Sanborn Deliberative Session will be held on Wed., February 5 beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanborn High School Auditorium. At that town-hall-style meeting, registered voters who are physically present will hear the warrant proposals and have the opportunity to move them to the ballot boxes for March 10 voting either as presented or with changes they vote to approve.

Town Hall meetings date from early colonial times. It used to be a finable offense not to attend. Today, there are usually 100-300 voters out of the total of thousands registered in the two towns. Very few votes can make a huge difference in what comes before all voters for approval at the ballot boxes in March.

Replacing the pure town hall meeting in both Kingston and Newton as well as in the Sanborn District is a two-part voting process, called voting sessions: the first session for Sanborn is the Deliberative session on Wed., February 5. Newton’s is on Sat., February 1; Kingston’s, Sat., February 8. Both are at their respective town halls at 9:00 a.m.

The first session permits voting only by those in physical attendance. The second session for both school and town voting is from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. on March 10, at the Newton Town Hall and at Kingston’s Swasey Gym. Absentee voting for those qualified is permitted.

Changes that are permitted at the Deliberatives are to increase or reduce the proposed dollar amounts, or to change the language in proposed warrant articles. There are limits to how much change is permitted under law. For more information, see the NKTA videos linked on the website, on the Facebook page and on both town cable stations.

NKTA will be bringing you a series of articles in the coming weeks about the proposed warrant articles. Please plan to participate in local voting in the February Deliberative Sessions and on March 10.

Your votes determine the town and school operating budgets, reserve accounts, long-term property management, and the election of local officials. Your votes determine your property taxes and how they are spent.

NKTA is a NH corporation dedicated to informing voters about local issues.



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