Lowe's Toolbox for Education Grant at Sanborn

Pictured, from left, top row: Jonathan Lee, Luke Botticelli, Lauren Anderson, Samantha Foley; bottom row: Bridget Abney and Lauryn Quintana.

KINGSTON/NEWTON —It is with great pleasure that we announce Sanborn Regional High School will receive the generous sum of $4980 from the 2018-2019 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Grant.

Funded by the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation, Lowe’s Small Toolbox for Education grant program has been supporting communities and schools in areas where Lowe’s stores are available. Every Spring and Fall, applicants from across the nation apply for this highly competitive grant in hopes of improving their school’s educational capabilities. SRHS is extremely privileged and honoured to be selected for the Toolbox for Education grant in the Spring of 2019.

Our school will be making full use of this opportunity to purchase a 3D Bioprinter and a miniPCR machine. These cutting-edge educational devices will be made available to all science classes but especially AP Biology and STEM ELO class students to explore the biosciences and learn marketable skills, a privilege few high schools have. With the available tools, a whole new range of exciting experiments is now within students’ grasp. This includes observing enzyme assays and reactions, doing DNA fingerprinting, and investigating antimicrobial screening, to name a few. These fascinating possibilities will serve to inspire a new passion for science in some students and cultivate the existing passions of our next generation of future scientists.

As students, Luke Botticelli and Jonathan Lee were extremely privileged to be able to contribute to the writing of the grant proposal. Teachers Mrs. Meghan Petruzzi and Dr. Timothy Young contributed heavily to the writing and mentored us along the way. This process was a cherished learning experience for us that enriched our potential as future scientists. To see our collaborative hard work come to fruition brings great joy to the entire science department.

As a pioneer in competency-based education and choice-driven learning, the equipment will allow our school to further ascend as an educationally progressive institution. Students will be challenged to think critically about real issues that can be scientifically remedied and will be able to work towards their personal goals with research and hands-on experience. It is believed by not only our school but also by the NH Board of Education that this type of passion-driven learning will maximize the potential of every student and create a lifelong enjoyment of learning.

Obtaining this grant was a huge collective effort among teachers and students. We would like to thank Lowe’s again for their extremely generous sponsorship towards our school and community. Their support is deeply appreciated by the students and staff of SRHS. We are confident that our school will live up to, and hopefully surpass, the expectations for utilizing the purchased equipment to its fullest potential.



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