Kensington Students Visit One Room Schoolhouse

KENSINGTON —The Kensington Historical Society hosted the 4th and 5th graders from the Kensington Elementary School for a visit to the one room Brick Schoolhouse located on Route 107. Mrs. Kaczmarek (center back row), who attended the school in 1953-54 when she was in grade 4, spoke to the children about what it was like to go to school there at that time. There was electricity but no running water. Water was collected across the street from a pump where two boys filled a bucket for all to share. There was a two-seater outhouse in the back shed where there was no heat so it could get quite cold in the winter. The schoolhouse was heated by a coal burning stove, located at the back of the school, and the coal was stored under the school. Children were given one pencil at the beginning of the year and they also used a pen and inkwell using the hole in the desk to hold the inkwell. The only extra special was music once a week. Grades 4,5 and 6 attended at that time with one teacher. Grades 1,2 and 3 attended one of the other two wooden one-room schoolhouses which are now privately owned.

The Brick Schoolhouse was built in 1842 and used as a school until 1954. The Kensington Historical Society restores, maintains and repairs the interior and exterior of the building. The school continues to be under the jurisdiction of the Superintending School Committee of Kensington. It is listed on the National Registry of Historic places.

The Historical Society will host their annual Bake/Yard Sale August 10 and 11. The proceeds mainly go towards the schoolhouse maintenance and repairs. Please stop by and visit the school and enjoy the sale. If you wish to donate items (except clothes or electronics), please email, or call Frank 603-867-4458 or Lorraine 603-772-1179. They are currently collecting items so think of them when doing your “spring cleaning”.



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