DURHAM — The New Hampshire Institute for Civics Education's "Civics 603" supplements middle to high-school (7-12th grade) students’ education on the Bill of Rights, the three branches of government, and civil discourse.

The program currently utilizes one of two landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases involving important issues that touch on the students’ daily lives. Typically, students travel to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, meet with court officials, learn about one of the cases and, using worksheets provided to them and with the assistance of law clerks, develop mock appellate arguments that they then present to lawyers acting as judges.

Former federal prosecutor Dina Michael Chaitowitz and retired NH Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Lynn are able to provide this experience virtually to your class, a great way to end your civics or social studies course! They have also developed a practical law class for upper-level students that takes the students through various steps in the judicial process (bail, suppression, trial, and sentencing) in a criminal case. They are offering these programs now, and in the summer and fall as well.

For more information, please contact Martha Madsen at martha.madsen@law.unh.edu.



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