Record-setting Year at Wright Museum in 2019

A young fan visits The Wright Museum.

WOLFEBORO —Officially closing its doors on the 2019 season on October 31, Wright Museum in Wolfeboro set a record this year with 19,166 visitors.

“This year, we celebrated The Wright’s 25th anniversary, so we consider this attendance record a tremendous success,” noted Mike Culver, executive director of the museum.

Crediting corporate and individual support as key to their continued success, Culver cited their rotating exhibits as one example of the relevancy of history museums today.

“Our exhibits allow us to explore complex subjects that go well beyond standard facts and figures behind WWII,” he said. “It is The Wright’s job to make sure that future generations see that history is the thread that unites all generations.”

In “Righting a Wrong: Japanese Americans and WWII,” created by the Smithsonian Institution, visitors and museum members were confronted with what Culver described as “an egregious aspect of American’s handling of the war.”

“In an exhibit such as ‘Righting,’ we learn from our mistakes by studying our history – both the negative and positive aspects,” he added.

“Righting a Wrong: Japanese Americans and WWII was sponsored by The Montrone Family with additional support from Northeast Delta Dental.

In “Esquire Magazine: The WWII Years,” an exhibit created by volunteer and museum board member John Frank, Culver said the WWII homefront took center stage.

“The exhibit illustrated how WWII permeated every aspect of American culture on the homefront,” he explained. “It also showed how profoundly united America was during this period, once again making it clear that everyone made contributions and sacrifices that helped win the war.”

According to Culver, the year’s final exhibit, “The Last Good War,” sponsored by Taylor Community and The Weirs Times, gave “a face and voice to those who lived through WWII.”

“The wonderful photos of the ‘greatest generation’ and accompanying text made human the story that was America during the war years,” he said.

In looking ahead to 2020, Culver expressed enthusiasm for continued growth at the museum, which will include a significant re-evaluation of its educational and gallery spaces.

“With continued support, The Wright is poised to take the next step in its organization growth as not just a steward of history, but an active interpreter,” he said. “We feel a tremendous responsibility to history and to serve as an active, community minded, forward thinking nonprofit entity.”

As the region’s leading resource for educators and learners of all ages on World War II, Wright Museum reopen on Monday, November 11 for Veteran’s Day. The museum will reopen in May of 2020, although school tours can be arranged from January-April.


For more information about the Wright Museum, or to schedule a school tour, visit, or call 603-569-1212.

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