Meet Williow at MRFRS

Willow (and others like her!) are available for adoption from the Merrimack River Feline Rescue in Salisbury, MA. All adoptions are being done virtually. For information, call 978-462-0760.

Willow is a one year old girl who was brought to the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society as a stray. She is in foster care and her foster family says that Willow is a very active and friendly cat. She enjoys playing as well as snuggle time. One of her favorite activities is to perch on your shoulder. Willow is a kitty that will greet you with purring and head rubs when you walk in the door. Willow is as sweet as she is adorable. She is spayed, micro-chipped and up to date on vaccines. Willow is FeLV discordant, meaning she has been exposed to the feline leukemia virus but her bone marrow has not yet been infected by the virus. We recommend that FeLV discordant cats be placed as the only cats in the home. For more information, call the shelter at 978-462-0706 or email

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