10 Boardwalk Dr Unit 10: David L. Smith to Karthik S. Chakkirala and Alankrita Reddy, $790,000

2-4 Buxton Ct: Darrell E. and Anne K. Temple to Buxton Redevelopment LLC, $824,900

7-9 Buxton Ct: Do H. Yoon to Buxton Redevelopment LLC, $800,000

33 Chestnut St: CNHI LLC to School Street Group LLC, $2,088,000

1 Elm Sq Unit 12a: KG Associates LLC to Arora Elm Square LLC, $300,000

1 Elm Sq Unit 91l: Quindici RT and Michael Manzi to Arora Elm Square LLC, $315,000

37 Maple Ave: Diverse Real Estate LLC and Myrka LLC to TMI Maple Ave Andover LLC, $3,500,000

237 River Rd: Mark T. Rumson and Margaret A. Legner to Billy Marte and Jazmin Minaya, $660,000

5 Theodore Ave: Everett W. and Brian Larose to Michael Jannino and Shelby Carney, $570,000

42 York St: Fort Homes Inc to Songee and Taesan Yoon, $700,000


135 Main St: 7 Acre Wood T and Erica L. French to Alissa J. and David M. Story, $620,000

22 Pond St: Newell NT and Carol M. Newell to Patrick Coburn and Kayla Nassar, $325,000


5 2nd St: Cristine A. Monteiro and US Bank NA to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $194,580

204 Arlington St: Kirk N. and Janielle L. Monbleau to Alexandra Nese and Richard Mckay, $420,000

100 Cass Ave Unit B21: Babette M. Mello to Daniel Porcaro, $237,500

21 Dallas Dr Unit 205: Maher Gloria E Est and Kenneth Breton to Mary J. Gilbride, $270,000

14 Elm St: David and Debra L. Avery to Belkys M. Sosa-Veras, $359,000

96 Frederick St Unit 55: Gary Ng to Nicole Morrill, $315,000

60 Kelly Rd: Elizabeth A. Falardeau to Elizabeth A. and John F. Falardeau, $200,000

1072 Lakeview Ave: Arthur J. and Effie Keriakos to 1072 Lakeview Avenue RT and Vanessa Nicolopoulos, $450,000

2115 Lakeview Ave: Molina Vantha to Linda and Angel Reyes, $419,900

57 Long Pond Dr: Amy L. Gagnon to Wayne Graham, $314,000

32 Mills Dr: James P. and Betty A. Enwright to Waldemar Desouza-Neto, $630,000

76 Old Meadow Rd: Patrick M. Yarnell to Anderson P. and Debora Deoliveira, $470,000

19 Paddock Ln: William K. Poon and Joyce C. Chan to Somurphy Kim, $500,000

143 Phineas St: Fotene Vlahakis LT and Maryann Darvirris to Anne Szablak, $300,000

74 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 20: Shaun P. Padilla to Meaghan R. Beausoleil, $272,000

132 Thissell Ave Unit 119: Claudia A. Massaranduba to Anahi Pari-DiMonriva, $190,000

7 Wildwood St Unit 21: Francis J Keefe RET and Francis J. Keefe to Timothy T. Desrosiers, $195,000


398 Andover St: Ami Henderson to Steven J. Diducca, $401,800

70 Elm St: Dispenza Louis C Est and Michelle Keeman to Keith Miranda, $319,000

5 Marlboro Rd: Frederick G. Habeeb to Conor M. Shea and Lindsey R. Sneider, $775,000

6 Tenney St: Stephanie H. Parsons to OP Real Estate LLC, $360,000

125 W Main St: Mark Sullivan to 125 MDP RT LLC, $700,000


6 Bare Hill Rd: KJKC Letourneau T and Karen C. Letourneau to Aaron H. Claeys, $654,000

4 Dartmouth St: D&Barbara Kowalski RET and David J. Krowaski to Roger M. Stillinger, $550,000

2 Tallyshire Rd: David M. Riordan to Luke H. and Megan E. Burnett, $730,000


7 Sister Rd: Prasanna LLC to Maxwell D. Hernandez, $220,000

67 7 Sister Rd: Merrill Avenue Corp to Linda and Steven StGermain, $939,900

1135 Boston Rd: Richard S. Smulski to Bradford Unlimited Corp, $300,000

4 Central St: Veterans Northeast Outr to William R. Clark and Todd G. Fitzgerald, $90,000

102 Chadwick St: Carlene Demaris to Ariana and Matthew Miller, $426,000

2 Church St Unit 2: Kelsey E. Mcauliffe and Alfred R. Puople to David and Karolina Ortiz, $360,000

43 Coral St: Anne V. Merrill to Tara L. Roberts, $298,000

31 Dudley St: Atlantis Ventures LLC to Elvinson R. Corporan, $500,000

11 Duquette Dr: Varun K. Paruchuri to Daniel L. Napoli, $675,000

230 E Broadway: CDM RT and Maryf F. Cinelli to Peters FT and Albert C. Couillard, $112,500

36 Elmwood Ave: Frederick D. Shaw to Patrick K. Stehr, $375,000

21 Fountain St: Charles Anderson to Katyuska San-Miguel and Kristy Mikol, $610,000

46 Hilldale Ave: Atlantis Ventures LLC to Elvinson R. Corporan, $500,000

82 Hilldale Ave: Nilson Perez-Baez to Michael Rodriguez, $605,000

133 Hillside Ave: Haverhill Group LLC to Remi Ajao, $520,000

135 Lafayette Sq: PAS Investments LLC to Lafayette 135 LLC, $1,220,000

14 Lawrence Rd: Richard F. Hill and Virginia F. Whittaker to Luiz F. Dacosta and Fabio Oliveira-Fernandes, $400,000

9 Lilac Ln Unit 9: Judith T. Dufour to Abraham and Megumi Bellatreche, $362,000

103 Lowell Ave: Emmanuella M. and Rudy Emmanuel to Domilka P. Calcano, $370,000

396 Main St: Atlantis Ventures LLC to Elvinson R. Corporan, $500,000

67 Melrose Ave: Bay Flow LLC to Miguel Jimenez-Rios, $400,000

6 Morgan Dr Unit 6: Angela Leung to Omayri E. Espinal-Gonzalez, $264,900

114 N Broadway: Delores T. Lee to Blue Sky Inv Group LLC, $385,000

440 North Ave Unit 251: Lilac Homes LLC to Dinorah Deleon, $240,000

15 Northwood Ter: Sarah Velilla and Andrew Zielinski to Alma J. Marrero and Leroy W. Marsh, $524,900

55 Old Ferry Rd: Dianne M. Cormier to Maryann R. Donohoe, $490,000

6 Pine Ridge Rd: Donna J. Harkins to Alfred R. and Kelsey E. Puopolo, $520,000

17 Point St: Maglio Lucy M Est and Maria Grice to Arieanna Blanchette and Colby Goodall, $370,000

301 Primrose St: Ann M. and Juan M. Roman to Edy and Tereza Anderson, $410,000

619 Primrose St Unit 1: Jacqueline R. Deberardinis to Patricia R. Mithen and Daniel W. Mitnik, $260,000

78 Race St: Maureen M. Curran to Anthony and Nicole Lucia, $490,000

10 Residences Way: WHC Haverhill Al LLC to EPC Wingate LLC, $24,066,629

River St: Mark A. Abare to Beverly Pk Storage Fund 1, $100,000

197 River St: Lemec Investments LLC to Joanna Nunez, $580,000

393-395 River St: Spaulding LLC to Beverly Pk Storage Fund 1, $460,000

403 River St: Lona 2 RT and Mark A. Abare to Beverly Pk Storage Fund 1, $2,350,000

12 S Cogswell St: Joseph A. Newman and Samantha Fowler-Newman to Emmanuel Cuello-Pena, $510,000

38 S Lincoln St: Kevin D. Mcaninch to Jean M. Fleurimond, $240,000

11 Sherman Ave: Maho Yamaguchi to Sally Ortega and Cristian F. Reyes, $460,000

2 Stanley Ave: Andrew and Christopher Zielinski to Curtis Christiansen-Todd and Michelle Torres-Todd, $425,000

71 Steeplechase Ct Unit 71: Robert T. Koch to Marisol Daveiga, $320,000

5 Taft Ave: Carol A. and Gene P. Piermattei to Elizabeth Pena-Dehidalgo and Rafael H. Pena, $575,000

44 W Clifton St: West Clifton 44 RT and Marcia A. Rothauge to Blaise J. Cunningham, $450,000

5 W Parish Ct Unit 5: Angelina C. Couzelis and Karen M. Feides to Tracy Family 2014 IRT and Tammy Merritt, $370,000

217-219 Washington St: OCP Realty LLC to Kings Of Lafayette LLC, $2,150,000


543 Andover St Unit 1: Millwood Realty LLC to Luz E. Echeverry and Jesus A. Echeverri, $372,000

24 Barnard Rd: Tammy Sinvil to Robert Batista, $460,000

37-39 Basswood St: 37 Basswood Street RT and Fakhr Uddin to Jose R. Sandoval, $700,000

14 Berkeley St: David M. Mordach to Corey Buckley, $120,000

12 Bigelow St: Yumairy A. Duran and Ana S. Nunez to Michael Delmonte and Juliette Reyes, $415,000

54 Bigelow St: Nancy E Duffy T and Nancy E. Duffy to Adonis Baez, $544,400

53 Bradford St: A&S Properties LLC to Lawrence Rooms LLC and Broadway Lodging LLC, $2,100,000

257 Broadway: A&S Properties LLC to Lawrence Rooms LLC and Broadway Lodging LLC, $2,100,000

15-17 Cross St: Ramon Amparo to Giranny Amparo, $585,000

224 Cypress Ave: Marilyn M. Pinet to Rossenid Colon, $480,000

25 Dorchester St: Neil A. Stewart to Melvinson Reyes, $290,000

260 E Haverhill St Unit 16: Jesus A. and Luz B. Escheverri to Bernis A. Corona-Diaz, $185,000

262 E Haverhill St Unit 8: Steven J. and Nine E. Goulet to Liddio Morel-Anziani, $192,000

262 E Haverhill St Unit 18: Anthony J. Cozzone to Jean P. Saliba, $59,000

340 Haverhill St: A&S Properties LLC to Lawrence Rooms LLC and Broadway Lodging LLC, $2,100,000

259 High St: High Street RT and Deborah A. Leblanc to Nelson R. Rodriguez-Mena and Norys Vasquez-Hidalgo, $390,000

681 Lowell St: Kendrys Vasquez and Gladys Peguero to Jodalys Ortiz-Zambrana and Jose E. Ortiz-Bonilla, $485,000

55-57 Middlebury St: Leonard P. and Cathy A. Hoyt to Glennys M. Bonilla and Diego A. Hernandez-Mejia, $610,000

279-289 Park St: Park St LLC to 279 Park Management LLC, $1,085,000

416-418 Park St: Maxi LLC to Daniel Almarante-Martinez, $350,000

41 Perry Ave Unit 41: Jose L. Acosta to Johanna J. Ortiz, $250,000

46 S Bowdoin St: Diane Spirdione and Sylvie Johnson-Smith to Redfinnow Borrower LLC, $325,000

424 S Broadway: Myers FT and Kevin R. Myers to H F. Leger, $355,000

51 S Canal St Unit 1: Connearney Jr R J Est and Robin A. Bergstrom to Robert Connearney, $130,000

61 Sylvester St: Daniel J. Dube to Felipe E. Castillo-Arias and Clara L. Pena-De Castillo, $520,000

56-58 Vine St: New England Prop Mgmt LLC to Fiordaliza L. DeYnfante and Elena Lopez-Pita, $630,000

66-68 Warwick St: Greysi J. Burroughs to Efrain DelaCruz-Figueroa, $600,000


26 Applewood Ln: Lucy A. Sirmanian to Garrett and Denise Orourke, $535,000

90 Bay State Rd: Carlos E. Reyes to Charlene L. Shelton, $380,000

63-a Currier St: Karen M. and Timothy J. Lawlor to Frank and Ramon H. Estevez, $610,000

47 Fenwick Cir: Michael A. Velazquez to Randy D. Cunha, $725,000

1 Garside Ter: Traficante RT and Joseph Traficante to Elaine Pedrosa, $430,000

83 Greenhalge St: Teresa Bell to James F. Puopolo and Meghan E. Wilson, $355,000

67 Harvard Ave: Mary L. Tremblay to Traci Lavigne-Milnes, $375,000

102 Haverhill St: Nancy Pan to St Anns Home Inc, $447,000

2 Horne St: Garlen S. Contreras and Jose A. Tavares-Rosario to Vladimir and Valens Polot, $440,000

25 Hudson St: Hector Martinez to Angel Torres-Rodriguez and Elisaury A. Aquino, $600,000

19 Hummingbird Way Unit 19: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Leduc Family RET and Leo E. Leduc, $781,155

8 Joy Ter: Thomas A. and Julie A. Winward to Welmel Real Estate LLC, $945,000

473 Lowell St: Damon J. and Michele H. Vieira to Angel J. Perez and Esmeralda Vasquez, $400,000

21 Myona St: Jacobucci Gloria Est and Jesse Jacobucci to Daher Group Inc, $205,000

65 Mystic St Unit 22: Victor Danilchenko to Miguel Cruz, $140,000

134 North St: Rudolph J. Bibeau to Phillippe and Ana Desaintphalle, $478,000

4 Orchard St: Lyle J. and Catherine A. Nichols to Elvys Almanzar-Hernandez and Maribel Pena-Almanzar, $575,000

40 Pinehurst Ave: Kathleen J. Mackay to Santia R. Baptiste and Augustine P. Robert, $480,000

128-a Pitman St: Gary M. and Kimberly D. Gauvin to Ryan and Molly Donovan, $547,500

213 Pleasant Valley St: Perrotta FT and Kathleen L. Perrotta to Christopher Encarnacion, $350,000

78 Railroad St: Richard and Donna Zangri to Darlexy Kinsely and Jose A. Santiago, $650,000

6 Randolph Ave: Brian and Peggy A. Shea to Jeffrey D. Shea and Krystal S. Borges, $320,000

945 Riverside Dr Unit 16c: Devine Patricia E Est and Stephanie G. Antunes to Nakeisha M. Louis, $260,000


230 Chickering Rd Unit 11: Krista Dargan and Michael S. Laroche to Omar Sierra, $218,000

68 Compass Pt Unit 68: Yeswanth L. Rao and Vimala Gopinathan to Mukul Rathod, $585,000

E Mill Sub Lot 2: RCG North Andover Mills to North Andover 2 Avalon, $3,500,000

85 Flagship Dr Unit A: Margaret A. Fitzgerald and Marc W. Comstock to 85C Flagship Drive LLC, $1,100,000

85 Flagship Dr Unit B: Margaret A. Fitzgerald and Marc W. Comstock to 85C Flagship Drive LLC, $1,100,000

20 Highwood Way: Minasian FT and Matthew G. Young to Hanaa Doua and Radouane S. Lakoui, $710,000

183 Lancaster Rd: Robert W Hatfield Jr FT and Robert W. Hatfield to Timothy Hancock, $1,049,000

1017 Osgood St Unit 1017: Bvss Realty LLC to Paulino Enterprises LLC, $785,000

130 Pleasant St: Barbara A. and David J. Pybus to David R. Testa, $375,000


9 Audubon Rd: 6 Poplar Terrace RT and Valerie Previte to Kayla Shaw and Joseph Addesa, $285,000

4 Bigham Rd: Daniel M. Covey and Elisia Giove-Krafchin to Tyler Liu FT and Charles R. Tyler, $690,000

68 Chestnut St: Aquilino Romero to Ada Pema and Juan C. Rosa, $725,000

4 Junction Rd: Joseph B. Marotta to Jaclyn and Edmund M. Barry, $649,900

18 Lee Rd: Lewis B. and Mary S. Prenney to Nicolle Hickox and Michael Bernier, $772,500

240 Martins Lndg Unit 104: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Margaret M. Haverty, $390,555

240 Martins Lndg Unit 110: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Kimberly A. Sullivan, $442,410

240 Martins Lndg Unit 111: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Theresa M. Carroll, $417,490

240 Martins Lndg Unit 103: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Roxann T. Heacock, $395,890

240 Martins Lndg Unit 102: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Michael J. Scarlata, $387,300

Martins Lndg Condo Unit 6212: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Pamela M. Damato, $449,000

Martins Lndg Condo Unit 6112: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Bruce and Mary A. Londino, $420,770

Martins Lndg Condo Unit 6113: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Macrina Childrens Gift T and Jennifer Boviard, $513,805

6 Poplar Ter: 6 Poplar Terrace RT and Valerie Previte to Kayla Shaw and Joseph Addesa, $285,000

16 Winter St: Frank C Lahnston Jr FT and Debra N. Doucette to Alexander M. Vorrilas, $865,000


81 Elm St: Andre J. and Jane C. Theriault to Gaby Daaboul, $325,000

158 Lafayette Rd: Thai RT and Loan Thai to 158 Lafayette LLC, $875,000

7 Warren Ave: Beau M. Gauthier and Kayla N. Trepanier to Jacqueline R. Deberardinis, $445,000

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