6 Christine Dr: Meghan M. Brassard to Ashley R. Lavalley and Brian T. Kay, $430,000

East Rd Lot G: Joan M Fettes RET and Joan M. Fettes to Christopher Nunan and Erica Snyder, $315,000

14 Heald Bailey Dr Unit 14: Medeiros FT 2013 and Helen F. Medeiros to Robert D. Stevenson, $429,333

Page Farm Condo Unit 15: Midlands Investments LLC to Ann E. and Andrea C. Neville, $600,600


239 Chester St: Margaret M. and Richard W. Hannemann to Michelle L. Gallagher and Rubens G. Deoliveira, $385,000

12 Old Sandown Rd: Anderson FT and Webster Anderson to Edwin and Robyn Landry, $435,000

127 Parker Rd: Michael J. and Melissa A. Smalley to Briana F. Angelone and Brandon T. Ellis, $359,000


No Transactions in this Town


26 Alyssa Dr: Nikko Land LLC to Thomas J. Demaria and Nicole M. Demarai, $150,000

17 Beaver Lake Ave: Amy and Christopher Richmond to Thomas Otero, $399,933

1 Cheryl Ave: John A. and Nora A. Marshall to Michael A. Cafarelli, $334,000

17 Everett St: Emily R. Barnaby to Emily R. Barnaby and Travis Jeanson, $127,066

14 Lorri Rd: Allison Delano to James W. Clarke, $390,000

35 Maxwell Dr: Thomas P. and Carol A. Skabo to Katherine and Ryan Gobeil, $401,000

55 N High St: Pothier-Beverage FT and Amy C. Spinelli to Paul Bailey, $285,000

11 Nesmith St: John W. Scott to Meagan Corcoran, $385,000

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 27: Healyford Realty LLC to Monica Tak and Daniel Uk, $272,533

3 Pembroke Dr Unit 10: Bebiana R. Leonardo to Julie E. Lavigne, $160,000

Pond Rd: Guy F. and Lia M. Joyce to Lindsay M. and Eric G. Titelbaum, $415,000

5 Silvestri Cir Unit 15: Lindsey Palmer to Romelia Reyes, $170,000

15 Silvestri Cir Unit 18: Jeffrey G. Walz to Tyler Catenacci, $163,000

115 Stonegate Ln Unit 115: Joshua P. and Jessica A. Gile to Stephanie Adams, $175,000

Warner Hill Rd: Donald G. and Mona Bement to Raymond J Dupuis IRT and Raymond J. Dupuis, $380,000

2 Weston St: Pauline Lafrance to Erik and Natalie M. Brochu, $305,000


Hilltop Ln: M M. Yamartino to Meredith C. Dewey and William A. Eddington, $350,000

26 Holts Point Rd: Chad R. and Elizabeth C. Clark to Anna M. and Benjamin E. Inch, $490,000

22 Kayla Ln Unit 22: Tebbetts FT and William A. Tebbetts to Steven&Kathy Routhier FT and Steven Routhier, $460,000

19 Kimberly Rd: Foresight Investment Inc to Renzo and Jacqueline Fustamante, $550,000


17 Boars Head Ter: Sharon T. Burch and Ricki T. Debaun to Christopher F. Dowd, $340,000

Cliff Ave: Magdalene M Casola RET and Magdalene M. Casola to Davis-Chang FT and Joseph H. Davis, $800,000

18 Cranberry Ln: Cranberry Lane 18 RT and Dean A. Quinlan to Daniel and Susan M. Giacalone, $669,000

19 Cutler Ave: William A. and John C. Mcleod to Mitchell Weissberg and Susan M. Getman-Weissberg, $480,000

High St Lot 107: Leona Nisbet to Richard Henderson and C M. Fantakis-Henderson, $205,000

406 High St Unit 2: James C. Petropoulakos and Cynthia L. Higgins to William Donovan, $235,000

155 Island Path Unit B: Soma Properties LLC to Leona Nisbet, $510,000

9 Juniper Ln: Patten T and Michael R. Proulx to Sean R. and Jennifer A. Parlin, $885,000

947 Ocean Blvd Unit 17: Sullivan Rockingham RT and David P. Sullivan to Robert and Mary A. Bearisto, $325,000

3 Purington Ln Unit D: Tammy L. Timson to William L Wrenn RET and William L. Wrenn, $415,000

30 Towle Farm Rd Unit 8: Yvette Davilla-Varney and A Peter Varney to Ronald A. and Darlene M. Dandurant, $425,000

20 Westridge Dr: Mark A. and Miyoung Sheehan to Michael R. Proulx and Pamela Patten, $640,000

454 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 19: Conrad P. and Shirley C. Benz to Richardson 1 FT and Deborah A. Richardson, $117,533

515 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 1: John R. and Sarah E. Marshal to Jessica R. Delaney, $215,000

580 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 303: William L Wrenn RET and William L. Wrenn to Angela and Franics Mccarthy, $523,933

N/a Lot 13: Nancy M Donovan RET and Nancy M. Donovan to Thomas F. and Rosemary Hanley, $235,000

N/a Lot 20: Brian Reardon to FD Proprties LLC, $495,000


32 Great Pond Rd: R E&Sally S Coleman FT and Richard E. Coleman to Joseph Ramsdell, $215,000

10 Ridgewood Dr: Darstaedt FT and Nancy E. Darsnteadt to Kim-Marie Foss and Ricard C. Page, $451,000



38 Quaker St: Amanda and Robert Lebel to Kathy Valerio, $405,000

35 S Main St: Newton Town Of to JP 35 South Main St LLC, $190,000

N/a: Julian C. and Stephanie Sosa to Kristen M. and David M. Casali, $373,000



100 Forrest St: John E. Makin to Michael L. Gendron, $200,000

4 Main St: Boudreau FT and Raymond L. Boudreau to Somsanouk Louangvixa, $311,000

6 Middle Rd: FTG Development LLC to Caprice Pascoe RE Grp LLC, $449,000

2-a Sunrise Ter: Justin M. Hartmann and Jessica L. Soares to Cameron Andrukatis, $470,000

18 Timberlane Rd: Linda T. Larson to Donald N. and Georgia B. Pane, $550,000

Upper Rd Lot 6a: Amy E. Mondesir to Meredith A. Plante, $258,000

23 Village Way: Francis J. Titone to James and Christine Hollis, $519,933


9 Beechwood Rd: Frank A. and Victoria A. Sclafani to Viral and Avani Shah, $742,000

5 Catherine Rd: VIR 1 FT and Phyllis M. Mertz to Mathew L. and Daniela O. Spina, $360,000

12 Cortona Way Unit 12: Black Brk Rlty Tuscan Vlg to Pamela S. Heenan, $444,933

4 Eyssi Dr: Heather and David Thompson to Kari and John A. Faria, $490,000

6 Franz Rd: Jennifer L. Williams to Kevin S. Morales, $75,000

16 Garrison Rd: Anastasia Skalkos to Lisa M. Verregia, $365,000

7 Lancelot Ct Unit 2: Joseph A. Stellberger to Jianfeng Huo, $140,000

11 Lancelot Ct Unit 24: Rawilda Mejia to Roger Dragani, $158,000

70 Shadow Lake Rd: Glen A Smith FT and Glen A. Smith to Juan R. Cosme, $465,066

116 Shadow Lake Rd: Judy Beaulieu to Brian D. Fournier, $299,933

385 Shore Dr: Alexander C. and Johanne V. Fisher to Brian J. Mcgovern, $460,000

18 Sullivan Ave: Maria I. Gomez to Caitlin and Peter Warren, $359,933

Sunset View Rd: RJG RET and Madeline S. Glugeth to R J Trahan Jr LT and R J. Trahan, $35,000

5 Town Farm Rd: FNMA to Amy Richmond, $112,000


28 Eastfield Loop: Adam Worthington to Melanie N. Hamel, $285,000

25 Hampstead Rd: Christopher J. Dubois to Anna Hayes and David Rigney, $295,000

13 Higgins Ave: Nellie A. Riley to Raymond D. and Jane E. Tarr, $370,000

5 Lakeview Ave: Richard Rollins to Todd A. Goulston, $280,000

68 Waterford Dr: Iryna Sokolova to Fadil Crnolic, $415,000


205 Bristol St: Salvatore and Lena M. Rubera to 205 Bristol Street LLC, $795,000

Merrimac St: Ashlind RT and Thomas M. Snediker to Hildreth Joint RET and Mark E. Hildreth, $1,960,000





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