9 Rock Ridge Dr Unit 9: Kenneth P. and Elizabeth V. Kretsch to Karen S. and Rick W. Stevenson, $395,000

9 Sleepy Hollow Rd: John F. and Patricia E. Cole to Gregory Ortiz and Adriana Lonardo, $400,000

N/a Lot 55: Hill 2009 FT and Susan Anderson-Hill to Robert G. Webber and Katherine A. Silloway, $775,000


36 Abenaki Cir: STG Properties LLC to Amanda B. Thomason and Abdeliah Sbai, $414,933

142 Jenkins Farm Rd: Dar Builders LLC to Kevin M. and Kimberly R. Paganelli, $477,133

27 Opossum Dr: 27 Opossum LLC to Jessica L. Lapitino, $375,000

N/a: John and Donna S. Demeo to Charles J. and Nora L. Russek, $438,933


No Transactions in this Town


15 Adams Pond Rd: Douglas M. Cole and Anna Bellamy-Cole to Matthew R. and Ashley M. VanZile, $366,000

17 Back Chester Rd: Patrick J. and Michael J. Sullivan to Michael P. Bettencourt, $255,000

35 Brady Ave: Artisan Homes LLC to Alexander and Heather Mcquade, $305,000

216 Chases Grove Rd: Dennis Hale to David Guilfoyle, $32,533

13 Dustin Ave: Leo P. and Samantha Norton to Kenneth W. and Heather A. Wilson, $342,933

87 E Broadway: Eric and Christine Piatt to Evan Foster, $401,533

22 Eastgate Rd: Wendy J. Marchand and Maryalice Lyster to Sherri A. and John E. Panaro, $489,933

66 English Range Rd: Richard J. and Cheryl A. Lavoie to Dennis E. Leveille and Annette P. Leville, $325,000

18 Kristin Dr: Susan A. Newton to Garrett and Erin M. Husslein, $345,000

8 Oak St: Karen A. Bears-Chretien to Leo P. and Samantha Norton, $330,000

6 Remington Ct: Benjamin S. Major to Mark A. and Tara M. Aniello, $350,000

56 Scenic Dr Unit L: Yancarlos Bonifacio to Justin A. Britton and Kaleigh E. Nowak, $199,933

2 Skylark Dr: Old Republic Diversfield to Ashley L. Jurgel and James M. Knight, $360,000

2 Skylark Dr: Mihcael P. Rathbun to Old Republic Diversfield, $360,000

Summit Ave: Bernice F Becker RET and Betty A. Cloudman to William R. Becker, $240,000

8 Tsienneto Rd Unit 183: Elizabeth L. Martel and Lakeview Loan Servicing to Bringing Derry Together, $75,500

10 Whittemore Dr Unit A: Marc P. Michaud to Daniel A. and Lauren A. Morton, $188,000


64 Beverly Dr: Robert W. and Kristine A. Ebert to Peter A. and Sandra M. Bistany, $564,000

6 Lake Ave: Eric V. Dorman to Daniel E. and Crystal M. Piche, $335,000

53 Main St: Citibank NA Tr to Allison Chamberlain, $210,000

132 Main St: Derek J. Abbott to Lucas J. Alper, $356,666

12 Tanglewood Dr Unit 12: Kimberly Santagati to Janelle and Wiliam Trickett, $211,533

157 Wheel Wright Rd: Daniel E. and Crystal M. Piche to Eladio and Lissette Medrano, $370,000

36 Woodridge Rd: Neil C. Murphy to Ashley E. Hill and Roberto M. Iob, $300,000


4 14th St: Joy E. Mccauley to Cheryl A. Boyd-Bruhm, $700,000

5 Evergreen Rd: JTMTR Partnership to 5 Evergreen LLC, $200,000

27 Forest Dr: Valentina Harrison to Meagan L. Mccowan and Christopher T. Norton, $390,000

19 Johnson Ave: Joseph D. Kim to 19 Johnson Avenue LLC, $253,000

139 Little River Rd: Justin D. and Natalie M. Wright to Christopher N. Sawyer, $480,000

Marsh Ave: Furden Daniel J Est and H Alfred Casassa to ZJBV Properties LLC, $930,000

493 Ocean Blvd Unit 18: Frank D. Bonanno to Stephen and Carol Dabrieo, $410,000

1 Park Ave Unit 1-5: Raymond J. Hamel and Angela C. Stevens to Fortress LT and Stephen M. Cunha, $60,000


9-a Kelley Rd: John F. and Jane M. Mcquilkin to Sarah Walazek, $288,000

1 Riverwood Rd: George S. and Francesca Macmahon to Stephen and Nicole StCyr, $415,000

N/a Lot 71: Natash Harrison and Benjamin Randall to AELP LLC, $211,000

N/a Lot 56: FNMA to Robert Diflumeri, $63,000


92 Bayberry Ln Unit 92: Andrea Esposito to Susan A. and Domenic Lupoli, $174,000

19 Bockes Rd: Eric V. and Kimberly M. Skinner to James B. Schwab and Courtney A. Lynch, $530,933

27 Bockes Rd: Michael J Jones FT and Michael J. Jones to Erin Clemmer and Joshua Fuller, $292,000

16 Crestview Cir Unit 176: Selma and Jasmin Alic to Nedim Suljevic, $144,000

62 Elwood Rd: Belize Real Estate Hldg to Kevin H. and Pauline J. Sullivan, $475,733

9 Grapevine Cir: Brenda Sullivan to Shuan A. and Roseanne M. Martin, $446,933

39 Midridge Cir Unit 39: Christopher L. Reynolds to Timco Real Estate Dev, $120,000

5 Oakridge Dr Unit 5: Tod Downer to Julie A. Garvey, $198,000

100 Pillsbury Rd Unit 3: Briana Burgess to Bruce L. and Robin M. Turner, $170,000

100 Pillsbury Rd Unit 9: Amandac Clark to Varian V. Ricard and Jocelyn A. Lucke, $138,533

55 Rockingham Rd: James Stopherd RET and Rebecca Gregoire to Rebecca A. and Jesse C. Gregoire, $225,000

113 Sandstone Cir Unit 113: Gatheral Properties Inc to Mary Norton, $172,933

130 Treadway Ln Unit 130: Dale T. Arey to Derek Minervini and Kayla D. Maguire, $184,933

52 Trolley Car Ln: Christopher D. and Shelley M. Ermer to Fidel Ariza, $290,000

59 Winding Pond Rd Unit 59: Scott Laliberte to Megan Jamer and Douglas H. Currie, $261,000

125 Winterwood Dr Unit 125: Denise Ferreira to Kaitlyn Trainor, $224,933

173 Winterwood Dr Unit 173: Jan E. Harris to Michael J. and Caitlin J. Taube, $217,000

9 Woods Ave: Grace E. and Melvin L. Keniston to Tod Downer and Meghan Craig, $410,000

23 Wyndmere Dr Unit 23: Amy C. Anderson to Michael J. Paduchowski and Jules E. Panaguiton, $225,000


13 Crane Crossing Rd: Gerald R. Carbone to Caitlyn M. and Sean Loucks, $360,000

10 Evergreen Dr Unit 10: Robert M. and Sandra R. Welch to Seward FT and Brenda L. Seward, $350,000

8 Kenwood Dr: Thomas M. and Rhonda L. Allain to Michael and Melanie L. Richardson, $368,000

83 Pond St: Jason M. Michelson to Keith Marcoccio, $341,000


20 Benoit Ave: Timothy C. and Sheryll A. Lepine to Scott E. and Kristen L. Simard, $400,000

7-a&b Dutton Rd: Luppold FT and Lorrie Luppold to Wendy Marchand and Maryalice Lyster, $527,533

9 Gaston St: Cindy T. Ronning to Matthew Thompson, $405,000

93 Tanager Cir Unit 93: Lawrence A. and Helen D. Castaldo to James W. and Mary E. Keeley, $380,000

15 Winterberry Rd Unit 15: Gordon Ella J Est and Lisa Fregeolle to Michael F. and Elaine L. Mcnamara, $323,333

N/a: Sheryl Durant to J Albert Lynch, $380,000


14 Auburn St Unit A: Thomas and Meagan Daley to Evette Delacruz and Julio Vargas, $300,000

23 Hale Spring Rd: Michael and Katherin Pelch to Kevin A. and Laura M. Jacques, $425,000

135 Main St: Daniel J. Diemand to Sarah A. Lanseigne and Osca A. Villeda, $339,933

8 Red Oak Dr: John Robles to Kailyn and Jake Smith, $490,000

48 Westville Rd Unit 12: Bernadette Mccue to Cira Esposito, $143,000


23 Ackerman St: Stanley A. and Lillian Swearingen to Gralan Property Group LLC, $333,000

8 Blake Rd: Mark A. Aniello to Justi Metzner, $250,000

10 Braemoor Woods Rd Unit 307: Patrick M. Houlihan and Barbara A. Saia-Houlihan to Peterson FT and Nicole G. Jackson, $340,000

61 Brookdale Rd: Shaun A. Martin to Jason Zibell and Kathleen Obar, $302,000

147-a Brookdale Rd: Mourad and Diane Donigian to Michael C. and Vanessa C. Gravell, $449,000

24 Captains Dr: Richard and Susna Nazzaro to Pamela B. Flaherty, $670,000

121 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 9: Domito Companies Inc to Matthew W. Andrews, $149,000

6 Cypress St: Scott and Denise Roberts to Julian and Jillian Jaramillo, $339,933

13 Franz Rd: Travis L. Brubaker to Jarret Kazanjian, $160,000

Granite Woods Condo Unit 2: DHB Homes LLC to Anthony J. and Marguerite A. Sciuto, $510,133

Lancaster Farm Rd: FHLM to Arthur R. and Cindy L. Chase, $145,266

160 Main St: 160 Main St Realty LLC to James R Desjardins Hldg, $775,000

254 N Broadway Unit 108: CEJ Realty Corp to K&M Commercial RE Hldg, $190,800

143 Pelham Rd: Wesley C. and Stephanie L. Decker to David M. Place, $377,000

4 Royal Cir: Frank J. Golio and Deborah M. Letourneau to Ryan and Marie Peixoto, $300,000

13 S Shore Rd: Robert Kalil to Russell E. Schramm, $446,000

22 Shepard Ave: M20 Real Estate Hldg LLC to Heidi Landry, $400,000

23 Stiles Rd Unit 214a: Blackdog Builders Inv to Unit 214A LLC, $111,133

12 Timber Woods Dr: KLN Construction Co Inc to Vincent and Meghan Boyer, $600,000

N/a Lot 19: Debra A. and Edward G. Neumeier to David and Linda L. Biggart, $350,000


38 Allen St Unit 1d: Michael A. Kimball to Cody Sheehan, $164,000

14 Eastfield Loop: Melissa Moses to Bela Kalman and Yinyan Ding, $235,000

136 Little Mill Rd: Nawal A. Azar to Derek and Sarah J. Citrano, $330,000

Main St Lot 27-104: Brighton Drive Inc to Klee Properties LLC, $100,000

1 Ridge Rd: David E. Bachner to Joseph K. Dinsmore and Ashleigh E. Welch, $232,533

164 Wells Village Rd: Joni M. Chabot to Zachary T. Morrison, $297,000


55 Centennial St: Daniel M. and Johannah J. Lord to Steven M. Ring and Benjamin A. Gaouette, $240,000

Lafayette Rd: Ginpop Property LLC to Trickett RT and H Sidiropoulos, $595,000

Lafayette Rd: Daddy G Remainder LLC to Trickett RT and H Sidiropoulos, $105,000

419 State Route 286 Unit 309: Cheryl K. Enwright to Glenn P. and Cheryl A. Pike, $118,533

14 Viola Cir: Laurie J. Walen to Sandra L&J M Gonranson FT and Janice M. Muscarella, $403,800


8 Bennington Rd: Dianna D. and Robert U. Craven to Matthieu A. and Lianne Charbonneau, $1,080,000

18 Glendenin Rd: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to Sarah A. Wojciechowski and Craig A. Wright, $225,000

36 Glendenin Rd: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to Ashley and Julie Perkins, $225,000

30 Sharon Rd: Alan M. Shoemaker to Dena M. Weick and Steven E. Simon, $412,500



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