37 Old Coach Rd: John C. and Diane Boardman to John J. and Janet M. Forti, $582,933

21 Snug Harbor Ext Unit 21: M Louise Cramer and Elaine Gaffny to Elizabeth Ronan, $345,000

N/a Lot 20: Pamela E. Price to Charles George, $325,000


14 Cheney Ln: David P. and Dorothy J. Crouch to Joshua E. and Caitlin Gagnon, $365,000

2 Colby Rd: Tyler Mace to David B. Caillouette, $210,000


1 Highland Ave Unit 9: Claire Doris-Boie to Tyler W. Duval and Russell A. Henderson, $205,000

33 Kristin Dr: David A. and Angela C. Souther to Newburyport LLC, $200,000

5 Oxford Rd: Leo F. and Susan E. Sennott to John P. and Laura B. Larochelle, $370,000

17 Silvestri Cir Unit 14: Margaret A. Gynan to Justin M. Coombes, $163,000

12 Sundown Dr Unit B: Jana Properties LLC to Michael J. and Kristina C. Laudano, $240,000

N/a Lot 2: Bringing Derry Togethre to Gladys Gomez and Orvel Cooke, $250,000


77 Holiday Ln: Deborah J. Forte to Craig Corsetti, $864,000

15 Tanglewood Dr Unit 15: Nicholas A. and Whitney Kelley to David Sabin, $239,933


6 Ashworth Ave Unit 40: Mary E. Moore to Edmund Kopazynzki and Robbin Kopaczynski, $174,933

32 Ashworth Ave Unit 311: Oscar E. and Betty E. Vasquez to John G. and Diane D. Seibold, $87,000

32 Ashworth Ave Unit 330: Rickenbach Renovations to Anne E. Nadeau, $97,000

28 Concord Ave Unit 1: Charlotte A. Parnagian to Kathleen and Nathel J. Fontana, $550,000

52 Drakes Lndg Unit 52: Ellen E Busch RET and Elizabeth A. Fitts to Ballou FT and Jonathan M. Ballou, $465,000

243 Drakeside Rd Unit 12: Beth Gilmore to Heilling Sena and John P. Kelty, $385,000

64 Esker Rd Unit 6: Rosanne Stiles to Jonathan Nartiff, $299,933

48 Glade Path Unit 48: Robert K. Gray to Rosanne Stiles and Nicole Durant, $319,000

4 Hampton Towne Est Unit 4: Piscataqua SB to Vicky L. Hoey, $306,000

20 North Rd Unit 205: James S. Dingivan and Debra A. Anderson to Irina Adler, $429,933

Ocean Blvd Lot 15: Kathryn E. and Kenneth C. Bates to James M. and Kathleen M. Curley, $435,000

504 Ocean Blvd Unit 14: Doherty FT and David P. Doherty to David D. Viscoi and Carolyn Norton, $481,000

971 Ocean Blvd Unit 4: Steven P. and Rosemarie Taber to Maureen A. Dadekian, $299,933

32 Playhouse Cir: Stephen E. and Kathryn S. Faulkingham to Jennifer Tryder and William R. Dufresne, $780,000

Seaview Ave: Pringle RT and Arthur D. Pringle to Cheryl M. and Norris L. Holt, $615,000

157 Timber Swamp Rd: Jason N. George to Michael J. and Maria C. Foreman, $549,000

Whitten St Lot F: Donald R. and Sherri L. Gregoire to Shaun Gehring, $235,000

550 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 210: Raymond L. Bald to David T. and Tammy-Ann M. Smith, $95,000

N/a Lot 49: Donner Everett J Jr Est and Patricia E. Dishaw to Kevin and Richelle Wesley, $300,000


17 Bancroft Rd: Randolph M. and Jillian S. Allaire to Linda P. and John W. Dennison, $428,000

3 Coventry Ln: Daniel P. and Catherine L. Mcgee to Benjamin R. Flanders, $355,000

266 High Range Rd: Jason W. and Kristy L. Neff to John and Carolyn Hoyt, $365,000

76 Hovey Rd: Sean and Karen M. Richards to Christopher T. Ledoux and Michelle C. Buckley, $452,000

31 Hunter Mill Way: Patricia A. Ridge to Kristen M. Frost and Garret M. Sahlin, $474,933

4 Hyde Park Cir: Steven A. and Cynthia L. Desrochers to Adam J. and Angela Hughes, $550,000

36 Midridge Cir Unit 36: James and Christine Duffield to Jonathan D. and Catherine A. Goodwin, $192,333

Old Auburn Rd: Kevin A. and Lynda Moore to Bowden O. and Lindsey D. Russell, $400,000

34 Perkins Rd: Jason P. and Rebecca Witts to Qui Li, $418,000

32 Raintree Dr: Joseph Dionne to Collin E. Connors and Brianna L. Bellegarde, $355,000

6 Shasta Dr: Robert S. and Cheryl A. White to Krystal and Derek Sims, $390,000


4 Keezer Ln: Redlund 2016 T and Kathleen Redlund to Erica Oflaherty and Ryan Decker, $337,000

135 S Main St: Michael J. Flanagan and Todd Fitzgerald to Veasna Soun and Savanara Sin, $510,250

137 S Main St: Todd Fitzgerald and Michael J. Flanagan to Joshua Gray and Chanthoun Sin, $528,010

7 Sarah Way: Sean J. and Amanda Feole to Allen M. and Jessica E. Rosa, $459,000


15 Brookview Dr: Mark Lamb to Mark D. and Marcy Mcstravick, $495,000

58 Goodhue Rd: Lisa L. and David P. Olson to Zachary D. Whitermore and Veronica A. Whithrmore, $501,133

Leonard Dr: Courtney Lynch to Ryan Mccusker, $30,000

7 Woodbury Ave: Karen A. Greenwood to James B. Greenwood, $80,000


48 Westville Rd: Linda Curetty to Douglas K. and Lisa A. Earle, $155,000


8 Beechwood Rd: Michael and Deborah Usher to National Res Nominee Svcs, $755,000

8 Beechwood Rd: National Res Nominee Svcs to Stacey Souliotis 2017 RET and Stacey Souliotis, $755,000

63 Bridge St: Michael C. and Gail S. Consolazio to Wascar Vargas, $480,000

111 Brookdale Rd: Riordan FT and Loretta Riordan to Matthew D. and Kerry L. Burgess, $450,000

26 Carol Ave: Diane M. Howes to Anthony T. Donorfio, $400,000

23 Catalpa Rd Unit 23: DHB Homes LLC to Daniel and Julia C. Espinal, $499,933

22 Centerville Dr: Forestight Investment Inc to Lilivett Perez and Christopher M. Tavarez, $208,800

23 Coburn St: Nancy E. Morris to Kyle A. Morris, $235,000

14 Cortland Dr: Brian T. Morisseau and Lorene A. Mobilia to Daniel E. Mclaughlin and Danielle L. Drew, $759,933

26 Highland Ave: Nicholas B. Conway to Stephen Hunt and Jodie M. Kemp, $406,000

15 Nottingham Ln: Jennifer K. and Robert E. Monkiewicz to Timothy K. Robblec and Michelle M. Robblee, $549,933

147 S Policy St: John Turner to John F. Clark and Jeffrey A. Crooker, $391,000

14 Shadow Lake Rd: Nicole St John to Madison V. and Benjamin J. Ellis, $300,000

11 Stone Post Rd: Dumouchel RT 2 and Rejean Dumouchel to Mina Kairalla, $1,400,000


4 Cobblestone Ln: Stephen R. Clark to Aaron Kincaid and Sarah Teague-Kincaid, $360,000


N/a Lot 1: Ann N Osullivan RET and Ann N. Osullivan to Alison S Gadd RET and Stephen O. Gadd, $745,000


17 London Bridge Rd: Eric E. Laferreier and Roderick C. Laferrier to Michelle K. Estrada, $485,000

74 Meetinghouse Rd: David A. Kling to Ryan J. and Jessica N. Wolff, $405,333

3 Misty Meadow Rd Unit 3: Ashburn RET and Robert E. Ashburn to Robert M. and Elaine C. Sinclair, $565,000

6 Ridgemont Rd: Peter and Lorraine Movsesian to Heather M. Meyer, $610,000

3 Surrey Rd: Barry J. and Debbie Jensen to Jared M. Kellogg and Jacqueline E. Lynch, $320,533



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