Industrial Way: Mya Victoria LLC to Wheelabrator Holdco 1 Inc, $1,500,000

24 Lamplight Dr Unit 24: Berkshier Dominion Hldg to Richard A. and Dianne T. Garafola, $429,933

50 Westside Dr: Dean B. and Susan M. Killam to Christopher and Tamsyn E. Walker, $300,000

97 Wild Pasture Ln: Midlands Investments LLC to Larue Brown, $554,933

N/a Lot 4-16-7: GSDC Development Corp to Albert J. and Deborah E. Marcella, $772,933


89 Jenkins Farm Rd: James A. and Carla A. Beck to Thomas J. and Maria C. Kench, $540,000

Route 121: C M Hamel 2017 RET and Adele Remillard to Tina Trenholm and Frank J. Gelsomini, $355,000


No Transactions in this Town


25 Central St: Kevin P. Doran and Danielle L. Faucon to Brett M. and Jacob R. Davis, $304,000

46 Damren Rd: Sixbysixty Properties LLC to Jason D. Gintof, $480,000

15 Donovan Dr Unit 15: David J. and Elisa A. Moran to Rachel and Daniel Ryan, $382,000

26 Elm St: Remington St Prop LLC to Box Of Rain LLC, $900,000

17 Elwood Rd: Steven A. and Patti A. Ricker to Austin J. and Allison A. Routhier, $250,000

22 Featherbed Ln: Hugh T. and Andrea H. Lee to Leonard and Anne Brotman, $500,000

12 Franklin St: Janine A. Woodworth to Jerry W. Kapetanakis, $118,000

6 Highland Ave: Tamsyn E. and Christopher Walker to Denise A. Pope, $255,000

30 Highland Ave: Capri Rlty&Mgmt LLC to Shawn G. Price and Angela Anderson-Price, $379,000

20 Hope Hill Rd: Shane E. Lutkevich to Katelyn M. Croce and Micahel Terfry, $505,000

12 Olesen Rd: Johnny Mackenzie and Jillian Moore to Andrew Chrisoffels and Mackenzie Christoffels, $375,000

Route 28: George and Un S. Reynolds to Macthompson Realty Inc, $185,000

13 Stonegate Ln Unit 13: Mark D. and L Christine Peters to Nicole A. French, $251,000

8 Strawberry Hill Rd Unit L: Andrew Bresnahan to Theresa Russell RET and Theresa Russell, $294,000

7 Sunnyside Ln Unit L: Suman Adhikari and Sandhya Adhikara to Stephen D. Small, $221,000

Tobacco Rd: James L. Sullivan and Maureen Doherty to Randall Coate, $42,533

149 Warner Hill Rd: Benjamin and Makayla Carter to Kevin P. Doran and Danielle L. Faucon, $415,000

N/a Lot 11: James L. Sullivan and Maureen Doherty to Randall Coate, $42,533


Hazel Dr: JK Management Group LLC to 27 Hazel Drive RT and Deborah Norcott, $400,000

498 Main St: Richard Towne and Sharon Mills to Brian and Darlen G. Languirand, $462,466

N/a Lot 25: Maison Belle LLC to Marianne E Linehan RET and Marianne E. Linehan, $568,000


3 11th St: James T. and Margaret D. Jubb to Rebecca L. Mcquade and Sonja M. Ashe, $630,000

86 Exeter Rd: White Warren Alan Est and Eileen A. Nevins to Green Rock Inv LLC, $390,000

7 Hickory Ln: Michael and Laura Boccelli to Taylor Riv Properties LLC, $60,000

8 Ina Ave: Michael J Delisle RET and Michael J. Delisle to James Vicedomine and Noelle B. Keach, $710,000

425 Ocean Blvd Unit 4: James E Sherburne RET and Carol A. Sherburne to Jack J. Chee-Ma and Sheue Jen Liang, $400,000

486 Winnacunnet Rd: Vivian Consldine and Carol Cotter to Catherine V. and Scan A. Walsh, $86,666


1 Kimberly Rd: Michael M. Marini to Rickenbach Renovations, $235,000

61 Marshall Rd: Wright Builders LLC to Aaron E. and Kali R. Johnston, $557,000

58 Newton Junction Rd: Brian J. and Alexandria L. Crowley to Justin Leonard, $401,000


40 Boulder Dr Unit 40: Delaney J. and Sean P. Colford to Maria A. Jacobs, $205,000

64 Boulder Dr Unit 64: Springfield Heights LLC to Brianna H. and Richard R. Villandry, $170,000

49 Calla Rd: Lorden Commons LLC to R&L Marie Capistran FT and Raymond J. Capistran, $645,000

4 Cornucopia Cir Unit 42: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Nancy C. Hamblen, $520,800

8 Finch Cir: Janet A. and Paul Oconnor to Douglas and Akayla Malloy, $452,000

2-a Griffin Rd: Timothy R. and Mary L. Higgins to Michael and Amanda Jasper, $273,000

76 Hovey Rd: Christopher T. and Michelle C. Ledoux to Bret Gilmour and Catherine Dioli, $490,000

491 Mammoth Rd Unit 7: Sullivan FT and Timothy Sullivan to Mary T. Baron, $200,000

8 Sundy Lee Ter: Carol M. Lamprey to A&W Properties LLC, $133,000


26 Maple Ave: Gloria L. Boniface to Kyle P. and Courtney T. Clay, $450,000

5 Zoe Ln: Michael and Michelle Dolan to Daniel T. and Cynthia A. Breen, $590,000


78 Arlene Dr: George F. and Dale J. Spracklin to Jeffrey and Lisa Medeiros, $647,000

1160 Mammoth Rd: Henry Maheu to Bbrandon Marion, $190,000

110 Mulberry Ln: Ricahard J Nurke RET and Ricahrd J. Burke to Brian M. and Erin L. Frechette, $706,000

5-7 Victoria Cir: Maryform T and Albert Lynch to Edward O. Olin, $406,533


15 Culver St Unit 8: Pamela A. and Timothy R. Anderson to Elisabeth A. Lane, $285,000

8 Greystone Ave: Hayward FT and Peter T. Hayward to Richard P. and Rebecca Callaway, $385,000

153 Main St: John Karambelas to Par Holdings LLC, $227,000

251 Main St: Rivard Pizza LLC to Todisco Services Inc, $675,000

253 Main St: Rivard Pizza LLC to Todisco Services Inc, $675,000


26 Caymus Rdg: Cedar Crest Salem LLC to Mark and Robyn Mccarthy, $655,533

14 Gordon Ave: Stephen J. Muse and Carla D. Hayden-Muse to Samuel Dicicco and Twinkx A. Ragucci, $425,000

53 Hampstead Rd: Gerald P. Mackey to Jason and Melissa Turla, $560,000

Route 28: NH Suboxone Center LLC to AV3 Properties LLC, $186,000

14 Senter St: Caredeo FT and Stephen A. Caredeo to Daniel J. Kinney and Cassandra M. Maroun, $430,000

26 Woodland Ave: Elizabeth Troy to Michael A. Leamy, $310,000


237 Fremont Rd: Joshua J. and Jennifer Macgillivray to Adam D. and Grace R. Jayne, $455,000


46 Dows Ln: Denise L. Mason to Christopher E. Talas, $212,533

855 Lafayette Rd Unit 855: Riley FT and Peter A. Riley to Rafi&Candace Dalal FT and Rafi Dalal, $245,000

279 Portsmouth Ave: Sam G. and Stefanie Catalano to Joseph C. and Deborah Oleary, $775,000

Raymond Dr: Nancy J. Pietrantonio and Leonard A. Tuminowski to Michael Wilson and Erica Linehan, $175,000


2 Dublin Rd: Umberto Rossetti and Victoria Melikhova to Juan F. DeAna and Cristina Brogeras-Garcia, $552,533

Old Rd: 31 Cobbetts Pond RT and Shawn C. Ferris to Sandra G. Esbitt, $460,000

11 Tarbell Rd: Jackson FT and Gregory A. Jackson to Timothy and Danielle Place, $800,000

N/a Lot 7: Allen M Johnson 2011 RET and Allen M. Johnson to Sixbysixty Properties LLC, $186,000

N/a Lot 25g142: Emerson Road LLC to Cathy Steirn, $330,000


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