Island Pond Rd: Susan R. Saindon to Burkland Homes LLC, $185,000

12-a Stickney Rd: Katherine Stewart and Matthew Lopes to Michael J. and Virginia D. Smith, $410,000

N/a Lot 18: Susan L Kuhn 2006 T and Susan L. Kuhn to Susan E. Perry, $470,000


12 Chester St: Sean M. and Marianne E. Kelly to Andrea V. and Carlos-Luis Brown, $610,000

34 Granite Ln Unit 34: Susan J Bengston RET and Susan J. Bengston to Craig Iannotti, $425,000

30 Hale True Rd: Ryan and Mary Bayes to Christopher and Stephanie Bordonaro, $438,000

598 Haverhill Rd: Christopher J. and Danielle M. Pouliot to Nicholas Putnam and Danielle Therriault, $485,000

64 Laurel Hill Rd: Laurie F. Lemay to James A. and Mary E. Kight, $485,000

209 Shepard Home Rd: Nathan and Shannon Ouellette to Stephen J. and Julie E. Dockery, $439,933


Kingston Rd: Robert G. and Cordelli Rondeau to Karl S. Skinner, $210,000

33 Ward Way: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Susan J Bengston RET and Susan J. Bengston, $456,000

N/a Lot 94-14: Russell H Post LT and Russell H. Post to Timothy P. Coyle and Valarie A. Bochenek, $149,933


Arrowhead Rd: Naismith RET and Scott Naismith to Casey L. Scarelli and Timothy K. Gordon, $450,000

214 Chases Grove Rd: Right Now Rlty Solutions to Michael E. Millette, $259,000

69 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Nathan Anderson to Ryan M. Wood and Kelly Macdonald, $233,933

95 E Broadway Unit 11: Dino E. Vera to Arthur E. Fraas, $87,533

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 19: Healyford Realty LLC to Spencer Fod, $272,533

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 20: Healyford Realty LLC to Shardell M. Hamilton, $262,533

11 Pine Isle Dr Unit C: Thomas W. Ertel to Robin Haroutunian, $200,000

Pinkerton St: Michelle and Michael T. Demers to Joshua R. and Jordan A. Lane, $372,533

14 Quaker Dr: Molly C. Page to Michael J. and Melissa A. Smalley, $485,000

19 Shelly Dr: Frantisek Cadek and Eva Cadkova to Martin and Sarah L. Cadek, $360,000

5 Silvestri Cir Unit 3: Carmen Panzetti to KB Holdings Co LLC, $71,500

21 Stonegate Ln Unit 21: Michael C. and Linda J. Elliott to Marc A. Difelice, $230,000

N/a Lot 6-103: Christopher P. and Alexandria R. Russell to Eric Palmer and Kristin Welch, $415,000


90 Ellyson Ave: N R&Linda S Figueroa RET and Natanael R. Figueroa to Nicholas and Kirsten Lander, $540,000

41 Golden Meadow Rd: Richard D. Darling and Carmelina Giovini to Roland A. and Teresa M. Pelletier, $454,933

Main St Lot C: Jacqeuline S. Brown to Jill and David Rumore, $329,933


1 Brookes Ln: Roy Furo to Riccardo Sammarruco, $549,933

8 Duston Ave Unit 3: Sandra J. Rodrigue to Jeffrey H. Chamberlain, $285,000

Kings Hwy: Maher FT and Martin A. Maher to Michael D. and Janice M. Phillips, $870,000

Landing Rd: Kimberly D. Jones and Kevin R. Parker to Daniel R. Baker, $610,000

6 Loy Dr: Hereford Investments LLC to Kimberly A. Meyer, $741,933

23 Moulton Rd: Rita M. Manley to Kathryn Szymaszek and Thomas J. Anderson, $475,000

83 Ocean Blvd Unit 402: Renuka Aradhya and Harsharanjini Shivamurthy to Rajesh Kuttam, $350,000

463 Ocean Blvd Unit B10: Tim B. and Debra A. Brandt to Patricia A. Duhamel, $300,000

511 Ocean Blvd Unit 1: Michael A Baney RET and Michael A. Baney to Susan M. Vermette and Sean M. Mccann, $585,000

939 Ocean Blvd Unit 10: JDC RT and Deborah A. Rowe-Cherson to Alina Badretdinova, $482,000

18 Perkins Ave: 18 Perkins Ave LLC to Christopher and Elizabeth Reitchel, $469,000

9 Riverview Ter: Leslie A. and Morris A. Donahue to Lawrence Shea, $395,000

3 Sweetbriar Ln: John K Hall RET and Jennifer Hall-Latour to Jessica Saad and Joshua Esposito, $475,000


6 Spruce Ln: Capri Rlty&Mgmt LLC to Anne Remon-Choumitsky and Robert N. Choumitsky, $375,000


42 Anthony Dr: Michael S. and Shannon C. Rose to Stephen J. and Kathleen E. Connaughton, $680,000

6 Birchwood Dr: Allen A. Drinkwater to Steven G. and Emily J. Nahlik, $425,000

121-j Capitol Hill Dr Unit 121: KCD Properties LLC to Han Nguyen, $122,000

Cross Farm Condo Unit 63: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Burke FT and William P. Burke, $577,133

Cross Farm Condo Unit 67: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Joanne Vasilopoulos, $505,200

15 Dianna Rd: Cindy A. Bianchi to Louis Ascolillo, $137,000

3 Fairway Rd: Stephen A. and Melissa M. Pennell to Brandon Marchant and Meghan Tongue, $342,000

Faucher Rd: Glenn Neagle to David M. Mandaglio and Kristin N. Mangalio, $462,333

Hovey Rd: Jacqueline Difelice and Marc Defelice to Amos A. Goble, $423,000

1 Hunter Mill Way: Darla L Scali T and Darla L. Scali to Matthew T. Juszkiewicz and Minjung Jsuszkiewicz, $536,000

4 Judy Dr: Gail F. Daniels to Bess-Lyn M. Edwards-Peters and John F. Peters, $430,000

23 Oakridge Dr Unit 23: Brenda L. and Thomas E. Martin to Curtis J. Baker, $213,000

113 Sandstone Cir Unit 113: Mary Norton to Sara Brothers, $207,000

3 Verdi Ln: Jason A. and Nicole Allen to Christopher C. and Melissa L. Ziakas, $505,000

16 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 221: Mariel Bianchi to Timothy C. Donoghue, $185,000


34 Marcoux Rd: Gino J. Spero to Brandon J. and Ashley B. Rogers, $228,000

Route 108: Albert L. and Tina M. Bunnell to Steve K. Gilbert and Gabriel Millett, $400,000

N/a Lot 1: Linda E. Thompson to Debora L. Charpentier, $366,000


39-a&b Dutton Rd: Antonio J. and Shelia Lapa to Brenton K. Morrissey, $380,000

16 Nicholas Ln: Christopher Deputat to Laurie Pender, $599,933

Old Gage Hill Rd Lot 8-20: Deborah J. Croatti to Pedro Nunez-Bautista, $800,000

Old Gage Hill Rd Lot 8-22-9: Deborah J. Croatti to Pedro Nunez-Bautista, $800,000

45 Turtle Crossing Rd: Theobaldo Werle to Thomas D. Mannion, $615,000


12 Greenfield Dr: Ann Elizabeth Neville RET and Ann E. Neville to William and Lydia Nadeau, $557,533

191 Main St: Mark S. and Lori M. Jillson to Christopher W. Sarty, $467,000

3 Seaver Brook Ln Unit 3: Donald J. Pomerleau to Taylor Berry, $295,000


Autumn Woods Rd: Michael E. and Karen A. Glander to Andrew J. Mcfarlin and Kristen L. Murray, $553,000

7 Brimstone: C Mark and Christina Dalessandro to Chelsey G. and Sean C. Dorgan, $560,000

Bypass 28: Michelle D. Thor to Daniel R. and Ria F. Cayer, $440,000

113 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 5: GJM Mazraani LLC to Mad Jack RT and Mark W. Alford, $150,000

135 Cluff Crossing Rd: Rosa RET and Sayde Kassis to Jamie K. Sharkey, $325,000

14 Cortona Way Unit 14: Black Brk Rlty Tuscan Vlg to Vincent M. and Marlenis Distefano, $494,933

4 Earl St Unit 4: Cartus Financial Corp to Derek Melzar and Alice Hwang, $441,000

4 Earl St Unit 4: Vishnu Kesaraju and Shilpa Gambeer-Rao to Cartus Financial Corp, $441,000

Granite Woods Condo Unit 33: DHB Homes LLC to Donna E. Pruitt, $489,933

43 Maclarnon Rd: Clark W. and Wendy L. Delaney to Aaron D. Borelli and Amanda L. Barnard, $375,000

242 N Main St: Kristen Cutler to Paul E. Hanley and Lauren A. Vogel-Hanley, $565,000

410 N Main St: Laureen Campagnone and Dana P. Moquin to Barry L. Major and Lisa Fenlon-Major, $78,133

Rockingham Rd: James and Mary Knight to Jose and Jessica Morales, $378,000

Ticklefancy Ln: Sheila K Metayer FT and Sheila K. Metayer to Stephen L. and Helen C. Drew, $975,000

2 Woodland Ter: William J. Parron and Pamela D. Clark to Judith F. Elliott, $363,000

N/a Lot 120: Casey A. Dowgiert to Edward and Judith Martin, $450,000

N/a Lot 27: Paul M. and Wendy M. Houle to Brian and Justine Tussey, $619,933

N/a: Brett Pittera and Caitlyn Shea to Joshua E. Perry, $389,750


38 Allen St Unit 1d: Cody Sheehan to Marc D. Holler and Emily M. Valentino, $182,533

24 Chase Rd: Gary A. and Dorothy L. Batchelder to Paul A. and Zobeida M. Beaulieu, $572,000

16 Hunt Pond Rd: Mason Kysilovsky and Brittany Jordan to Adam J. and Amanda Worthington, $325,000

97 Odell Rd: Michael and Lisa Oleson to Katherine and Tammie Bouldry, $460,000

Waterford Dr: Eric Alkalay to Samy S. Hefez and Nada J. Hashem, $524,933

N/a: Terena RT and Denis L. Merchant to Joel Loguidice, $20,000


171 Atlantic Ave: J&L Atlantic LLC to Michelle M Hess 2001 RET and Michelle M. Hess, $3,075,000


29 1st St: NH Home Buyers LLC to Northeast RE Corp, $250,000

158 Castle Hill Rd: Lamalfa FT and Kenneth M. Lamalafa to Mark A. Officer and Lorri A. Cosentino, $415,000

10 Cobblestone Rd: Dmitry and Svitlana Rykov to Johannah K. and Nickolas E. Park, $620,933

98 Kendall Pond Rd: Russell L. Downing to Robert A. and Roberta A. Acton, $120,000

167 Londonderry Rd: John M. and Linda A. Bacci to Daniel M. and Kimberly A. Perrotta, $491,000

133-135 Lowell Rd: Patricia L Borden FT and Patricia L. Borden to Edward L. Starke, $444,000

32 Mitchell Pond Rd: Damon T. and Kristin M. Miller to Michael and April Burke, $680,000

3 Osgood St: Xiaoxing Jiang and Chaohui Liu to Adam E. and Laura A. Cotton, $629,000

210 Range Rd: Jeffrey Knowlton to Alyssa M. Wilson and Barry StOnge, $467,533

60 Ryan Farm Rd: Mark R. and Brenda A. Allan to Brook E. and Brian P. Calabro, $810,000



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