7 Carriage Chase Ln: Christopher P. Jordan and and Carolyn M. Jordan to Jeffrey and Jacquelyn Larosa, $540,000

14 Guernsey Dr Unit 14: Jack I. Hoffman and Daniel P. Galluccio to Robert J. and Brenda A. Dube, $465,000

15 Hemlock Shore Dr: NTC RE Development LLC to Christopher and Kerri Ryder, $659,933

15 Overlook Dr Unit 15: Maryann S. Lavenia to Kenneth and Marianne S. Pelletier, $343,533

Upland Rd: Charles George to Fabris RT and Marino Fabris, $415,000


42 Fiddlehead Ln: Robert E. and Donna M. Bouchard to Kimberly Bears, $500,000

73 Old Sandown Rd: Kimberly Bears to Sara A. Cote and Joshua A. Vlasich, $415,000


Doe Run Lot 9: Russell H Post LT and Russell H. Post to Brian and Ashley Cordeiro, $149,933

15 G H Carter Dr: Frank J. and Janet L. Vaglica to Lawrence R. and Lynn Freethy, $445,000

48 Hawke Ln: Steven Eubanks to Craig Boardman, $415,000

17 N Shore Rd: Karen and Craig J. Steensen to Stephanie L. Doyle, $300,133

Pleasant St: S&H Walker Woods Hldg LLC to Joseph D. and Emily P. Digloria, $419,000

62 Ward Way: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to David P. and Abigail A. Tourville, $457,333


78 Bedford Ave: Christine M. Skene and Domenic A. Ferrero to Jared D. Beneivenga and Melissa Thompson, $340,000

30 Birch St Unit 5: Susan M. Stenquist to Charlene R. Hodnett, $140,000

Bowers Rd: Gagne FT and Donald J. Gagne to Corvallis LLC, $220,000

7 Chester Rd Unit 303: Robert and Nancy Alff to Giuliana Gorin, $300,000

3 Coventry Ln: Richard J. and Jeanne M. Oneill to Justin L. Fuller and Kaitlyn M. Fay, $477,000

21 Donmac Dr: James C. and Kathleen P. Hall to Lisa Caruso and Edward Mason, $415,000

2 Dubeau Dr: Donald E. and Nancy J. Chase to John and Lorna Cummings, $525,000

2 Fieldstone Dr: Lisa M. Machon to Cameron A. Jenkinson, $416,000

Goodhue Rd: Brian Naylor to James Jamieson, $146,000

124 Gulf Rd: Lake RT and Lynda Green to Kevin F. Walsh, $529,933

167 Hampstead Rd Unit B: John Carvalhlo to Jeffrey Hile, $255,000

167-ac Hampstead Rd: John Carvalho to Tara M. Foley, $277,533

1 Hickory Dr: Stephen J. Johnson to Olga Z. Frias, $405,000

7 Indian Hill Rd Unit R: Edmond R. and Pamela L. Levesque to Elaine M. and William S. Bullen, $390,000

6 Mirra Ave: Adam E. and Jillian L. Haggett to Michael and Olivia Abi-Aad, $368,000

127 N Shore Rd: Michelle Waldron to Juan N. Martinez and Rosa A. Polanco, $390,000

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 30: Healyford Realty LLC to Mark A. Casella, $262,533

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 31: Healyford Realty LLC to Regina L. Hufnagel, $262,533

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 32: Healyford Realty LLC to Steven G. Davis, $275,000

Shurman Dr: Jeffery R. Starke to Michael and Catherine Sirois, $360,000

9 Steven Ave: Todd G. Johnson and Jennifer J. Holden to Michael P. Gillette, $425,000

11 Summit Ave: Kyle B. Magner to Austin Marino and Katherine Wipf, $345,000

Tinkham Ave: Kachanian 2 RT and Alan M. Kachanian to Innovative Flex Space LLC, $3,350,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 85: Marianne F. Taras to Tyler W. Mastromarino and Caitlyn M. Gancorz, $242,000

7 Valerie Ln: B&T Development LLC to Kednra Snyder-Huckins and Craig M. Huckins, $547,000


48 Emerson Ave: Janice V Howe T and Janice V. Howe to John Pappas, $374,333

25 Hadley Rd: Maison Belle LLC to Jack I. Hoffman and Daniel P. Galluccio, $565,000

45 Merryfield Ln: Ernest R Brown Const LLC to Kevin J. and Kristy L. Decesare, $687,533

19 Timberlane Rd: Ernest J. and Linda W. Swymer to Samuel Dunbar, $407,000


16 Campbell Dr Unit A: Kylie D. Kenney and Brian T. Foster to L Dary Gabrielli 2017 RET and Luz D. Gabrielli, $350,000

5 Downer Dr: Cynthia L Blodgett RET and Cynthia L. Blodgett to Laurie E. Siergiewicz and Kenneth Thompson, $670,000

260 Drakeside Rd Unit 260: David M. and Sharon A. Thomson to Cynthia S. Fernandes, $375,000

106 Esker Rd: Ryan P. and Alecia M. Kernus to Maya A. and Anthony J. Duggan, $550,000

4 Loy Dr: Hereford Investments LLC to Ryan P. Kernus, $782,000

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 209: Sheila Dube RET and Sheila Dube to Praveen K. Govindaiah and Shasjhi N. Murthy, $565,000

411-a Ocean Blvd: Alexander M. and Linda Milley to Branda Naffziger, $325,000

235 Towle Farm Rd: Richard and Lynda G. Gibbons to Jill E. Jones and Thomas E. Colella, $441,000

91 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 3: Rosemary and Thomas C. Clarie to Olga Campbell and John Guiney, $170,000


27 4th St: Benjamin F. Tammany to Christopher N. Emery, $284,933

1 Alma Ave: Paula Pelletier to Scott D. and Emily C. Waters, $375,000

26 Ball Rd: Charlene Caswell to Michael A. Caswell, $270,000

Granite Fields Condo Lot 33: Teatad LLC to James and Susan Billcliff, $143,733

161 Main St: Brandon G. and Susan J. Marrs to Shannon P. Snively, $439,933

18 South Rd: Carol A. Howes to Spencer Chapman and Monica Roman, $438,533


66 Alexander Rd: Mark Ginnelli to Kevin Gerard and Colleen Garard, $545,000

Capitol Hill Dr Unit 129: Bethanie Mckinley to Lisa Oelerich, $123,000

6 Church Ln Unit 6: Ouellette FT and Paul H. Ouellet to Austin 2019 FT and Carol J. Austin, $480,000

Cross Farm Condo Lot 30: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Randy H. and Diane W. Ellis, $542,000

37 Fieldstone Dr Unit 37: Christopher and Tara M. Foley to Jenifer Schena, $202,533

144 Fieldstone Dr Unit 144: Lisa M. Caparella to Andrea A. Manseau, $215,000

7 Hyde Park Cir: Laturnau FT and Herman P. Laturnau to Joseph T. Dowgieri, $615,000

13 King George Dr: Joel R. and Karyn J. Stebbins to Ryan Brynes, $426,000

61 Manter Mill Rd: Cheryl A. Dionne to Ashlee R. Barchard and Drew F. Salk, $575,000

Misty Ln: Melbourne W. Bohlig to Barney J. and Sue A. Murphree, $735,000

7 Ridgemont Dr: Alan J. and Julie M. Poirier to Joseph E. and Sara A. Fournier, $380,000

18 Wilshire Dr: Raymond B. and Jeannine T. Wheeler to Eric D. Masson, $320,000


75 Whittier St: Kelly T. and Nicolas W. Mccarthy to Karen E. Lawes and Ryna Maguire, $449,933

N/a Lot 4: James T. and Sharon A. Bourque to Theresa M Oneill RET and John T. Oneill, $130,000


Mammoth Rd: Nathaniel R. Koch to Edward J. and David T. Lynch, $555,000

9 Mossey Ln: Joao and Filomena Fagundes to Manuel H. and Carla Bettencourt, $290,000

5 Redwood Rd Unit 30: James W Petersen Built Hm to Edward J. and Linda Celata, $425,400


15 Chandler Ave: Manning&Roberts T and Michael H. Roberts to Jonathan C. Gray and Caitlyn R. Parisi, $365,000

Dauntless Ln: Amy E. and Russell D. Warnock to Leigh Hartwell, $387,533

5 Hemlock St Unit B: Robin E. Malone to Andrew J. Saulnier and Sarah N. Thibodeau, $250,000

6 Johnson Dr: Peter M. Gallagher and Sarah C. Grossman to Gregory K. and Daniel J. Cherry, $440,000

Old County Rd: Vincent Buscanera to Sarah Grossman and Peter Gallagher, $529,777

N/a Lot 6: Cheryl and Ariana Dekeon to Elizabeth and Albert Hosman, $484,933


13 Ackerman St: Margaret A Allbee LT and Margaret A. Allbee to David G. Colton, $400,000

20 Flintlock Rd: Christopher Newossa to Alyson Newossa, $73,000

Hampshire St: Lee and Connie M. Stevens to Jayantilal K. and Kokilaben J. Patel, $285,000

Industrial Way: B C Lab Realty LLC to Pace Analytical Life Scie, $3,250,000

42 N Broadway: VFM Salem Mem Post 846 to 42 N Broadway LLC, $900,000

8 Stillwater Cir Unit 8: Bradley S. Merritt to Richard Harvey and Louann M. Bonny, $245,000

3 Williston Rd: Steven R. and Laura B. Rollins to Cassandra and Richad Trotta, $650,000

N/a Lot 12: Peter J. and Gina M. Maynard to David and Andrea Poritzky, $430,000


5 Montana Dr: D&A Quintiliani RET and David Quintiliani to Matthew Loeblich and Dany D. Valenzuela, $641,666


103 Ledge Rd Unit 7: Shamrock RT and Michael Noonan to Alphonse Damico, $250,000

Marshview Cir: Julio and Margarita R. Ferreiros to Patrick A. and Michele Powell, $540,000

205 S Main St Unit 205: Milan W. Knowles to Luis A. Castro and Rachel E. Turcote, $320,000

207 S Main St Unit 207: Milan W. Knowles to Luis A. Castro and Rachel E. Turcote, $320,000


10 Bayberry Rd: James M. Barreira and Linda Stasko-Barreira to Michael and Vallon Fritz, $820,000

24 Glendenin Rd: Wood Mdw Land Dev LLC to Joseph R. and Katina M. Schultz, $849,933

7 Greenway Rd: Greenway RET and Richad Courville to Corey C Garabedian RET and Corey C. Garabedian, $930,000

6 Pilgrim Rd: Glenn J. Fuller to Troy Beattie and Annemarie Wehrer, $465,000

20 Rock Pond Rd: Robert J. and Patricia A. Fairbrother to Jennifer Petillo, $460,000

42 Sheffield St: Remi Sons Investments LLC to Bhumi B. and Hirenkumar P. Patel, $675,000

62 Sheffield St: Leslie Igoe to Jeb Penka and Tara Lycnh, $860,000

N/a Lot 6c101: GBS Walters Woods Dev Co to Remi Sons Investments LLC, $225,000



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