7 Belknap Dr: Michael and Belinda Cassettari to Matthew R. Ackernacht and Alicia Ackernecht, $370,000

13 Westside Dr: Jason K. and Katherine J. Lewis to Brandon J. and Nicole C. Morse, $340,000


55 Derry Rd: Glenn A. and Brenda R. Gawrys to Nicholas C. Hamilton and Madisyn R. Parent, $140,000


72 Cheney Ln Unit A: Eric Lafrancis to Raymond C. Hoegen and Mary Mccarthy-Hoegen, $283,000

106 Mcintosh Rd: Brian J. and Laurie A. Newman to Robert C. and Kely Rue, $499,933


703 Collettes Grove Rd: StPierre LT and Dennis StPierre to Peter Cyhr, $240,000

4 Fairfax Ave Unit 244: Brian T. Martin to Mark D. Suytton and Alicia M. Martin, $60,000

37 Highland Ave Unit 15: Craig M. Huckins and Kendra Snyder to Robin T. Fortin, $255,000

4 Pondview Dr Unit 4: Derek A. and Erin M. Lautieri to Antonio J. Dirocco, $331,533

Silvestri Cir Lot 15: Mary Smith-Gagnon to Lawrence V. Armstrong, $150,000

13-1/2 Stone Fence Dr: Mastriano Group LLC to Bart and Amanda L. Obrien, $545,000


213 Stage Rd Unit 11: Gary J Barnes&Sons LLC to Franco Properties LLC, $80,000


Auburn Avenue Ext: Ursula Dohn to Kathleen P. Kenney, $162,533

3 Donnas Ln: Goings FT and Dennis L. Goings to Timtohy C. Sullivan and Bryana P. Harron, $380,000

15 Heather Ln: Rice FT and Frederick C. Rice to Alexander Drott-Hardman and Amic J. Hardman, $603,000

2 Hemlock St Unit 2: Jacqueline L. Bilodeau to Carter S. Walsh, $305,000

400 High St Unit 23: Richard A. and Marcia A. Courtemanche to Emily Jefferson, $345,000

8 Jeffrey Dr: Heidi H Butler RET and Heidi H. Butler to Michael and Kristen Germaske, $480,000

85 Locke Rd: Jenny Abbott to Trisha Kelley and Merrick Joyce, $380,000

8 Ocean Blvd: Willima P. Farnam and Margaret M. White-Farnam to James M. and Deidre A. Harrington, $355,000

567 Ocean Blvd Unit 208: Jeanette Indoccio to Arthur E. Seaman, $317,000

703 Ocean Blvd Unit 201: Sarah L. Morrison to Vivian M. and Stpehen J. Doros, $189,933

1044 Ocean Blvd Unit 20: Richard J. and Laurie A. Rosato to Susan R Wojtkun RET and Susan R. Wojtkun, $800,000

Route 27: Edward C. Gomez and Ellen E. Mack to Merielle Gomez Kaifer T and Merielle Gomez-Kaifer, $615,000


7 10th St: Ronald Macneill and Priscilla Macneil to Rhonda L. Gibbs, $113,533

Marshall Rd: Ann West to Ledge Farm Nottingham LLC, $500,000

Marshall Rd Lot 7a, 7c, 7d, 7f: Ledge Farm Nottingham LLC to Wright Builders LLC, $410,000

Marshall Rd: Ledge Farm Nottingham LLC to JP Structures LLC, $200,000

Marshall Rd: Ledge Farm Nottingham LLC to Charles P. and Karen Lloyd, $115,000

88 North Rd: Glenn D. Appleton to Keith A. Eriscon and Karen J. Ericson, $415,000

6 Riverwood Rd: Arthur E. Seaman and Melanie Spearman to Andre J. and Linda J. Lemelin, $460,000

3 Thayer Rd: Taryn W. and Michael C. Lytle to Michael and Shelly Welch, $402,000


233 High Range Rd: Cornell and Jessica Floyd to John B. and Susan C. Tarasuik, $552,000

491 Mammoth Rd Unit 39: Paula H. Russo to Peter R. Terragni, $205,000

5 Mill Rd: Jay and Cindy L. Jellis to Michelle A. Toth, $508,000

15 Moulton Dr: Aka Properties Buyers to William N. Pugh and Katherine Dzenis, $425,000

Route 28: Buongiorno RE Hldg LLC to Gagne FT and Paula Gagne, $359,000

3 Sterling Dr: David M. and Carolyn M. Vernet to Jaclynne and Paolo Monaco, $537,800

5 Weymouth Rd: David E Mccurdy RET and David E. Mccurdy to Michael N. Tsoukaris and Katherine L. Pafume, $382,000


9 Balsam Way Unit 8: A P&J P Lavoie IRT and Michelle P. Dube to Judith L. Oneill-Hood and William O. Hood, $355,000

6 Fernwood Dr: Sean W. and Katelin C. Cashman to Samantha and Michael Fahey, $445,933

55 Highland St: Lacyh Kelley to Dnaiel L. Kelley, $195,000

87-b Pond St: Shaila R. Digiovanni and Irvin Ospina to Erik R. Meleod and Erika L. Kirby, $360,000


N/a Lot 94: Madeline C Carrier RET and Madeline C. Carrier to Angela M. Terry, $100,000


5 Crane Crossing Rd: STG LLC to Marcy C. Whittaker and E Mureen Obrien, $475,000

135 Forrest St Unit 4: David Glynn to Jayde M. Huxtable and Ryan W. Herrion, $272,000

Kimball Ave: Nicholas Kuffel to Elliott E. Wilke, $402,000

346 Main St Unit B: Ian Houghton to Andrew Hadden, $194,000

128 Newton Rd Unit 18: Devin R. West to Adam T. Bergstrom, $204,000


20 Ballard Ln: J&B RT and Jyll Underhill to Ryan and Danielle Crutchfield, $680,000

93 Bluff St: JCB LLC to David T. and Casey E. Eddins, $385,000

1 E Broadway: Schultz FT and Stephen M. Schultz to Aaron Schultz and Jachael Guanci, $195,000

2 Hanson Ave: Dahbour FT and Maroun Dahbour to Luis M. Montalvo, $480,000

8 Lancelot Ct Unit 22: Shari A. Damore-Richardson to Dahbour FT and Annette Dahbour, $154,933

54 Townsend Ave: George Selfridge to Ryan M. Dogil, $340,000


115 Hampstead Rd: Brandon J. and Nicole C. Morse to Jessica M. and Joseph J. Ryan, $327,533

3 Lemyjoma Trl: Salvatore and Nicholas Vaudo to David J. Gaudet, $255,000


59 Adams Ave: Jeoffrey L. and Stella A. Olson to John and Angie Filippone, $150,000

112 Concord St: Kelly LT and Karen J. Kelly to Jennifer Sabbagh and Karen Kroeter, $655,000

31 Halls Way: Kristi J. and Laurence E. Perkins to Scott and Line Macdonald, $519,000


9 Abbott Rd: Nancy C. Reno to Morgan Beschle and Griffin Jones, $490,000

10 Appleton Rd: Glen A. Blanchard to Bin Lu and Xiaowei Li, $725,000

12 Bristol Hill Rd Unit 12: Rosemary Prunier RET and Rosemary Prunier to C E. Verastegui-Pierce and Charles Pierce, $370,000

8 Greenway Rd: Richard G. and Janet M. Sullivan to Samuel M. and Brieanna Gacek, $653,000

125 Kendall Pond Rd: Richard W. and Cynthia L. Dwyer to Zachary C. and Julie A. Dipasquale, $550,000

10 Lancaster Rd: Jon T. and Cari L. Hurt to William R. and Sara Deleary, $899,000

53 Marblehead Rd: Peter G Hamill 2007 RET and Peter G. Hamill to Molly M. Lynch and Henrik K. Ramberg, $740,000

21 Mockingbird Hill Rd: Laszlo Pap to Nancy C. Reno, $475,000

88 Nashua Rd: Kevin and Kathryn Coyle to Jonathan and Kelly Broughton, $415,000

Range Rd: Jeannette C. Leonard to Maria Giakoumakis, $619,000

16 Thomas St: Sampson FT and Lorraine A. Sampson to Drew Hostetler and Jenna Mcdonald, $420,000



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