Page Farm Condo Unit 30: Midlands Investments LLC to Michael W. and Diana M. Mancinelli, $617,200


203 Villager Rd Unit 203: Donahue FT and Steven E. Donahue to Alexander P. Kovanko, $432,533

N/a Lot 7-41-3: Thomas L. Collier and Rikki N. Waterhouse to Patrick H. Hogan, $665,000


150 Emerald Dr Unit A: Jacob and Adele Blais to David M. Forgetta, $336,000


2 Bristol Ct Unit 212: Dennis J. and Judy L. Saide to Kim E. Spanos, $132,000

Chase Mill Condo Unit 308: Jones&Wilson Realty LLC to Lisa D. Steen, $285,000

20 Drake Ln: JMF Realty LLC to Kristin Brown, $525,000

Hampstead Rd: Peter W. and Kristen C. Goodenough to Chery and Melanie Victoria, $379,933

32 Hillside Ave: Carolyn F. Johnson to Tyler S. Folsom, $150,000

29 N Shore Rd: Amy L. Deutsch to Michael G. Deutsch, $360,000

Old Coach Village Condo Unit E5: Michella Hamilton to Thomas J. Leiper and Learra Lafolla-Leiper, $279,933

Overledge Dr: John G. Stamatopoulos to Donald J. Romano, $489,000

Shelly Dr Lot 13l: Donald J. Romano to Katie Linskey, $230,000

6 South Ave: Sandra J. Newman to Bhavesh B. and Nitu B. Patel, $305,000

12 Sundown Dr Unit A: ACS 2017 LLC to Lisa Robichaud, $265,000


90 Beverly Dr: Michael Ware to Meredith L. and Michael Ware, $265,000

69 Cambridge Rd: Herbert D. and Beverly F. Dowdy to Edward and Myriam Powers, $498,533

29 Kelly Brook Ln: William Finley and Jennifer M. Graham to Amy and Christopher Murphy, $435,000

Sherry Ln: Joseph and Elizabeth W. Hirschfeld to Delridge Realty Inc, $140,000


243 Drakeside Rd Unit 20: Magdelena Souteheva to Shelley Smigelski, $350,000

10 Glade Path Unit 10: John Kostandin to Scott M. and Aysa I. Crane, $195,000

6 Labrador Ln: TSF Development LLC to Michael P. and Tiffany G. Nolan, $649,933

2 Locke Rd: Edward C. and Lizabeth A. Comeau to Samuel J. Auffant and Courtney A. Glynn, $380,000

Ocean Blvd Lot A5: James A. and Linda K. Berube to Swinehart LT and Craig M. Swinehart, $480,000

415 Ocean Blvd Unit 306: Heidi J. Guarino to Parsons Group LLC, $122,000

541 Ocean Blvd Unit 12: John R. and Dale A. Bird to Jacob A. Dube, $105,000

470 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 3: David P. Cropper and Heather Day to Louis B. and Jennifer L. Diburro, $179,933

N/a Lot 22: Paul R. Lepere to Farag FT and Ihab H. Farag, $1,706,000

N/a Lot 296-70: Paul Bogart to Glen A. and Theresa M. Gagnon, $640,000


62 Mill Rd: OSP Realty LLC to Nicholas Tripodi, $429,933

63 Mill Rd: James H. Finney and Nancy Garard-Finney to Finney FT and James H. Finney, $516,000

20 North Rd: Law FT and Stephen M. Law to Nicholas D. and Katelynne J. Ditomaso, $530,000

23 Sunshine Dr: Jay N. and Carol A. Montoni to Pamela J. Brown-Anderson, $665,000

N/a Lot 87: Defranzo FT and Richard J. Defranzo to Janis and Stephanie M. Dunham, $359,000


1 Burbank Rd: Hun Millard and Sunnie S. Gallagher to Timothy M. and Brittny S. Cerato, $445,000

6 Farm Meadows Ln: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Faussto J. and Grisel Gomez, $639,933

51 Hunter Mill Way: Fausto J. Gomez to Scott D. and Rachael J. Boyle, $551,000

22 Noyes Rd: Michael C. and Barbara A. Danis to Stanley J. Karipinski and Cara Karpinski, $450,000

Pleasant Dr: Dorothy L. Bacon to Vincente D. Jaquez and D M. Sandoval-DeJaquez, $305,000

18 Tyler Dr: Kelly A. Wyman to Michael A. Wyman, $200,000

Vista Ridge Condo Unit 44: Cathleen A. Ahearn to Hannah R. Langton, $206,000

10 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 17: Gail E Hastings RET and Gail E. Hastings to Zachary Bergey, $197,533

Westminister Dr: Wilfredo and Courtney Flores to Thomas W. Ohearn, $380,000

12 Wimbledon Dr: Ellis FT and Randy H. Ellis to Kevin G. and Katherine E. Schoenthaler, $400,000

N/a Lot 58-5: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Mario H. Pulecio and Ana C. Rodriguez, $568,000

N/a Lot 62: Calvin F. Fuller to Alan R. Varley and Michele P. Verley, $175,000


N/a Lot 34: Richard K. and Linda R. Mason to Gretchen B. Solomon and Scott G. Rollins, $376,000


13 Debbie Dr: Matthew D. and Angela M. Terry to Stephanie A. Belanger and Dalton J. Mclaughlin, $426,000

14 & 23 Grace Rd: Lawrence T. Gibbons to Francis J. and Linda H. Elliott, $440,000

6 Juniper Ln Unit 6: Carla M. Bonnano to Loraine Sampson, $335,000

248 Mammoth Rd: Bharat Mody to Megan Shea, $310,000

64 Shephard Rd: Garrett Schneider and Aimee Maseduca to Kerry M. Odonnell-Rancourt and Richard C. Rancourt, $630,000

12 William Dr: Tondreault RET and Jeremy P. Tondreault to Jessica A. and Ian D. Mcmahon, $465,000


Autumn Cir: Matthew J. and Kaitlyn R. Cordaro to Bianca R. Macini and Deveyn Neal, $305,000

Pine St: Harris Betty L Est and Melinda B. Lemieux to 13 East Pine Street LLC, $299,333

166 Plaistow Rd Unit 3: 166 Plaistow Rd LLC to DDK Plaistow Props LLC, $300,000

48 Westville Rd Unit 5-1: John Luu and Linh M. Dang to Justin Dunbar-Feener, $145,000


13 Cortona Way Unit 13: Black Brook Realty Tuscan to Douglas Phelan, $472,600

13 Crescent St: Colleen A. Hebert to Matthew C. and Stacy L. Mccain, $339,933

2 Enterprise Dr Unit 2: Andrew El Daye to Slawomir Kielbus, $340,000

Granite Woods Condo Unit 37: DHB Homes LLC to Michael R. and Lisa J. Mcgrath, $499,933

33 Lake Shore Rd: 13 Lake Shore Road RT and C F. Kennedy to Kathleen M. Becker, $324,000

20 Marys Ln: Paul S. Mason to William J. Calabrese and Aimee Lessard, $375,000

7 Milano Way Unit 7: Black Brook Realty Tuscan to Alan Leung and Juanita Wong, $499,933

86 Millview Cir: J Robet Quimby to Nancy L. Burger, $115,000

1 S Policy St: George A. and Gayle F. Mcgibbon to Cassandra and Andrew Scanlon, $340,000


Fremont Rd: Kenneth A Bassett RET and Kenneth A. Bassett to Scott D. and Kristi L. Bassett, $15,000

Higgins Ave: Adam Lamond to Lisa and Grgory Tarlin, $419,933

4 Kathryns Way: Alan R. and Cheryl R. Smith to Lynne A. Nickles, $400,000

Ridge Rd: Susan F. St Pierre to William S. and Sandra D. Bradford, $295,000


10 Linda Ln Unit 10: Jeffrey G. Leblanc and James L. Armstrong to Michael and Laura Ouellette, $325,000

419 State Route 286 Unit 209: Donna S. Cummings to Kathleen Driscoll T and Kathleen Driscoll, $120,000

7 Whittier Dr: Foggs Road Dev LLC to Troy R. and Nicole L. Coleman, $364,933

N/a Lot 257: Joseph E. Bason to Stanley and Maria Firek, $635,000


Blossom Rd: Daniel J. Ferreira to Brendan E. and Justine M. Laprel, $400,000

35 E Nashua Rd: Owen L. and Ashley E. Kossick to Guy and Nadia Murray, $580,000

30 Hadleigh Rd Unit 30: Venera M. Loureiro to Leslie Friedman, $305,000

3 Langdon Rd: Daniel and Danielle L. Pikus to Karen Max, $510,000



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