13 Stage Rd: Henrys Homes LLC to Steven P. and James Armstrong, $540,000

26 Stage Rd: Stefanie Vizard to Paul R. Benko and Lindsay E. Gaffney, $399,000


625 Haverhill Rd: Gage LT and Gilbert D. Gage to Jason R. and Mindy Weber, $439,000

4 Isinglass Rd: John L. Daigle to Peter Foskitt, $425,000


No Transactions in this Town


10 Barkland Dr: Animesh P. and Rachel E. Singh to Jodi Nicolo, $440,000

92 E Broadway Unit 33: Suzanne M. Barss to Syam P. Reddy, $118,000

16 E Derry Rd: Rachel B. Logan to Anthony Mawhinney, $352,600

E Shore Dr: Lincoln N. and Abbe Jackson to Taylor Abbott-Bambury, $425,000

Folsom Way: Christine Nastasia FT and Christine M. Kling to Camzach Realty LLC, $360,000

9 Heritage Ln: Taylor D. Jones to Gutry FT and Judy A. Gutry, $490,000

9 Hunter Dr: Paul H. and Kimberly M. Pouliot to Dakota Cohen and Jesse R. Burrill, $447,000

4 Lake Ave: Jason and Mindy R. Weber to Timothy and Mary Mccormack, $292,533

44 N Shore Rd: Diane M. Caras to Shaun M. Geary and Ashley A. Fox, $850,000

101 N Shore Rd: Robert J. Marini to Alexander N. Rooney-Maher, $455,000

Old Manchester Rd: Jeanne Agri to Nicky D. and Jennifer L. Sanders, $225,000

Route 28: David M. Chism to Hyla Brook Land Hldg LLC, $265,000

6 Valerie Ln: B&T Development LLC to Katherine A. Masterson and Joseph M. Zaccheo, $589,933

Warner Hill Rd: George J. Nickerson to Matthew S. Lazzaro and Whitney A. Deturk, $370,000

N/a Lot 6: 78 West Broadway LLC to Patrick and Janice Welch, $330,000


No Transactions in this Town


Black Rd: Scott D. and Elizabeth A. Logan to Ici Headquarters Grp LLC, $445,933

47 Hampton Towne Est Unit 47: Diane K Kennedy 2003 RET and Diane K. Kennedy to Gaylee and Richard Robinson, $300,000

Johnson Ave: Deborah S. Davis and Edward E. Miville to 18 Johnson Avenue LLC, $330,000

126 Kings Hwy: Bride Properties LLC to Wendi Mijal and Timothy Hupfer, $765,000

8 Labrador Ln: TSF Development LLC to Scott D. and Elizabeth A. Logan, $739,933

19 N St: Lyndsey E. Bennett to Wesley R. and Michelle M. Madan, $475,000

18 Ocean Blvd Unit 1: Joseph and Dana Grasso to Marlo J. Dibiase and Jonathan M. Jarvis, $199,000

567 Ocean Blvd Unit 108: Sandpiper RET and Doris L. Genest to Michael J. Crowe and Margaret Mahoney-Crowe, $330,000

11 Tuttle Ave: Patrick S. Donahue to Connor J. and Charles J. Hardy, $377,933


58 Mill Rd: Jeremy S. and Julie N. Kerins to Eugene S. Au, $456,000


5 Aviation Park Dr: Burndy LLC to 5 Aviation Way LLC, $1,100,000

38 Bartley Hill Rd: Georges Realty LLC to Kelly J. and Kaitlin B. Smith, $370,000

44 Calla Rd: Lorden Commons LLC to Alex and Sarah A. Volovick, $609,933

134-j Capital Hill Dr: Richard Liberace to Dana W. Marble, $138,000

Cross Farm Condo Unit 43: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Frank A Saia 1996 T and Frank A. Saia, $559,600

9 Morningside Dr: Jennifer E. Cole to Scott K. Cole, $25,000

16 Olde Country Village Rd Unit 16: Dennis French to Christopher M. and Kayleen Bowden, $240,000

27 Red Deer Rd: William T Mahan RET and William T. Mahan to Aubrey R. Larson and Alfred U. Dike, $373,000

Ross Dr: Barbara J. Finer to Vincent A. Maiuri, $285,000

Sanborn Rd: Anne R. Macpherson to Loren and Devin Brunet, $230,000


27 W Main St: Scott A. and Ceara A. Hunt to Davis Brooks-Mcvay, $355,000

37 W Main St: Thomas and Carol Martin to Kylie Duford and Kendrick Brown, $390,000


Gumpas Pond Rd: Kelli Parece to James Parece, $36,000

5 Jericho Rd: Donald F. Magiera to Scott Landry, $325,000

16 Redwood Rd: James W Petersen Bullt Hm to George T. and Maureen I. Hotter, $450,133

197 Westfall Rd: Roger J. and Kathleen J. Patenaude to Bruce A. Bloomfild, $500,000

Willow St: Antonio F. and Lucia M. Azevedo to Joseph and Michelle Centore, $440,000


Main St: 121A Realty Co Inc to Jjambs LLC, $375,000

3 W Pine St Unit 20: Harry Webster to Gary Mcgath, $300,000

N/a Lot 3-4: Jessica L. Meehan to Bruce P. and Sheryl L. Ackerman, $397,500


15 Ann Ave: Jared Kight to Christopher Santiago, $350,000

99 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit E4: Stephen Lyman to Cornelio Esquea, $168,000

2 Enterprise Dr Unit 2: Slawomir Kielbus to North Amer Car Svc Corp, $340,000

Justin Ave: Berrry Patricia H Est and Glen Berry to Foresight Investment Inc, $287,500

23 Lawrence Rd: RLMK Enterprises LLC to Kazimierz Shuman, $425,000

74-a Lawrence Rd: Robert Meissner to Samantha L. Carvalho and Vinicius Coehlo-Carvalho, $718,000

11 Taylor St: Rhonda Hodge and Mary T. Ryan-Hodge to Matthew Scanlon and Jason Erwin, $380,000

51 Zion Hill Rd: Lisa Lenk to Michael and Marlene Diodati, $400,000


121-a Main St: Darlene and Roger Jette to Richard and Cecelia Noel, $137,000


7 Atlantic Ave: Joanna K. Eckstrom to Lani M. Becker, $105,000

255 Lafayette Rd Unit 3: Liam P. and Josephine M. Obrien to City Nutrition Center LLC, $100,000


Lowell Rd Lot 36: Stephen Hollett to She H. Lin and Yee F. Lee, $457,533

187 Range Rd: Lebal Landholdings LLC to Rohit Mehta and Preeti Mishra, $405,000

10 Wynridge Rd Unit 10: Philip B Fogarty LT and Philip B. Fogarty to A N&Joy A Mcfadyen RET and Alastair N. Mcfadyen, $383,000


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