Centerview Rd Lot B: Richard R. and Heather E. Braley to Linda M. and Marc C. Grodberg, $400,000


96 Lane Rd: Robin T. and Dennis P. Glynn to Charles J. Goddard, $410,000

30 Sweet Briar Ln: Robert J. Marcotte to Aodlfo A. and Paula Gomez, $499,000


60 Beechwood Dr: David L. Salvador to Randy A. Lanoue and Kayla A. Mccarthy, $410,000

126 Caleb Dr: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Centerview Holw Land Co, $564,933

N/a Lot 94-21: Russell H Post LT and Russell H. Post to Michelle Healy, $149,933


139 Bypass 28: Freddy J. Reyes to Jose F. and Sandra Reyes, $200,000

217 Bypass 28: Welch 2018 T and James E. Welch to Antonio D. and Dean M. Pittore, $575,000

8 Chester Rd: Hosea Hobbs to Walter Johnson, $325,000

1010 Collettes Grove Rd: Robert A. and Susan T. Higgins to Douglas A. and Jo-Anne M. Chute, $229,000

101 E Broadway Unit 2: Wayne A. and Becky Cummings to L2l Investments Derry LLC, $125,000

102 E Broadway: Mary D. and William Ainscow to Alexander S. and Evelyn Madden, $682,000

54 Hillside Ave: Adam F. and Katherine M. Jenness to Krysten G. Gosztyla and Nicholas W. Calitri, $285,000

14 Ledgewood Dr: David Brown and Jacquelyn Coponen to Daniel R. and Lori M. Ouellette, $396,000

7 Middleridge Rd: Adrian T. Parker to Andrew R. Alcutt and Alora N. Hillman, $455,000

81 N High St Unit 18: Jason M. Mccrevan to Tyler Roushia and Ashley Hubbard, $269,000

70 N Shore Rd: Ryan P. Sweeney to William V. and Jennifer L. Couture, $435,000

Old Chester Rd: Mcmaster Development LLC to Rodney K. and Laurie A. Daily, $22,533

13 Pinehurst Ave: John Lanzafame and Brian Bell to Kyle Needs, $399,933

7 Rollins St: Brian C. and Cristan C. Howard to Kyle Levesque, $280,000

11 Stark Rd: Brian M. Carney to John L. Cabral, $515,000

47 Stark Rd: Donald L. and Lisa A. Simpson to Trevor Hardy, $365,000

65 Stonegate Ln Unit 65: Yvonne Zani to Brandon Bettencourt and Victoria Anderson, $172,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 54: Florence L. Teats and Vanessa Montgomery to Scott Fischer, $253,533

45 Tsienneto Rd: Primecap LLC to Amanda A. Darosa and Steven Leighton, $371,933

13 Upstone Ln: Evelyn Atocha to Kimberly A. Dusombre and Robert E. Haggar, $350,000

129 Warner Hill Rd: John M. Carvalho to Ryan J. and Stephanie T. Manning, $450,000

16 Westgate Rd: Christine M. and Antonio L. Silva to Tyler J. Wilson and Alexandria B. Beaudoin, $350,000

52 Windham Depot Rd: Elizabeth A. Kiley to Stephen J. Andrews, $415,000

64 Windham Rd: Clermont J. and Donna L. Dumont to Juan Morales, $385,000


210 Kent Farm Rd Unit 1: Ernest C Brown RET and Ernest C. Brown to Michael Drago, $300,000

5 Patriot Dr Unit 7: Justin Wright to Amy Normand, $291,533

43 West Rd: J Michael and Claire Sullivan to John D. Smith and Michelle Waldron, $485,000


6 Ashworth Ave Unit 7: Marlene Bistany to Sandra Bettencourt, $141,000

Drakeside Rd Lot 45: Robert A. and Sheila J. Caruso to Jan M Bernarducci RET and Jan M. Bernarducci, $562,000

Esker Place Condo Unit A3: Lori J. and Curtis C. Edmunds to Randall B. Schroeder, $157,000

141 Island Path: Mcdermott FT and Michael J. Mcdermott to Vincent P. and Elizabeth A. Kennedy, $685,000

603 Lafayette Rd: 603 Lafayette Road LLC to 603 Hampton LLC, $510,000

703 Ocean Blvd Unit 407: Tsiastsios FT and Linda Tsiatsisot to William R. and Charlene L. Yelle, $210,000

703 Ocean Blvd Unit 506: Kevin N. and Kim M. Coyle to Miguel Conde and Monik L. Graham, $220,000

Smith Rd: Vivian Devito to Susan Healey and Cara Lane, $49,000

454 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 17: Michael Stansfield to Teresa F. Parnell and Carol S. Walker, $127,533

470 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 8: Vandette FT and Joseph M. Vandette to J&Michele Guild FT and Jefferson T. Guild, $160,000

Woodland Rd: Cooper FT and James A. Cooper to Janna Honig-Torelli and Joseph Torelli, $740,000


8 5th St: Rickey R. Boggiatto to Daniel M. Mccarthy, $225,000

12 Brookhaven Rd: Peter V Broderick RET and Peter V. Broderick to Vincent and Melissa A. Falls, $380,000


7 Columbia Dr: Nancy A. Crutcher to Denise Uga, $475,000

37 Coteville Rd: MDR Rehab&Dev LLC to Sonja F. Bergeron and Jake M. Fazio, $370,000

Cross Farm Condo Unit 96: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Roger L. and Diane C. Fournier, $525,733

6 Edward Cir: Corey C. Waters to Joseph Toomey and Christina Imbriano, $590,000

26 Haywood Rd: April and Eric Ziegler to Michael J. and Cara M. Vinskus, $505,000

10 Heron Dr: Daniel G. and Donna M. Cannon to Micheal J. and Cynthia A. Verolla, $480,000

20 High Range Rd: Deborah A Villars RET and Deborah A. Villars to Phillip R. and Heather L. Roberts, $419,000

Lincoln Dr Lot E: Ann C Mcewen RET and James L. Mcewen to John and Linda Kennedy, $275,000

119 Sandstone Cir Unit 119: Maureen and James Ellis to Gregory M. Palmer, $161,133

2 Willow Ln: Donald F. Goodwin to Zachary E. Cariveau and Kimberly A. Higgins, $390,000

296 Winding Pond Rd Unit 296: Kimberly M. Ceruolo to Beth Tucker-Hanley, $217,533

27 Wyndmere Dr Unit 27: William E. and Stephanie Mottram to Ryan A. Wandzel and Brittany Voto, $245,000


29 Quaker St: Grace E. Bukowski to Conor S. Rogier, $350,000

2 Zena Ln: Father&Son RT and Todd G. Fitzgerald to Amy J. and William J. Obrien, $380,000



25 Center Cir: J Russell Colcord RET and Lee A. Hawkins to Keith C. Collins, $410,000

166 Plaistow Rd Unit 2: 166 Plaistow Rd LLC to Highland Family Prop LLC, $305,000

72 Pollard Rd: Henry G. Corey to Thomas J. Battye and Rachelle C. Baer, $607,000

19 Seaver Brook Ln Unit 19: Gary S. and Deborah L. Cormier to Brian T. Herlihy, $258,000

Westview Park Codo Lot 9: Brian T. Herilhy to Matina Brown, $149,933

109 Willard Way: Frank W. Miller to John F. and Charlene S. Champy, $521,000


45 Ackerson St: George J. and Eric J. Demers to Allen M. and Georgeann Lieb, $410,000

85 Brookdale Rd Unit 1: Sheehan P. Merry to Vance A. and Dawn M. Hewitt, $425,000

13 Chandler Dr: Jeannette D. Doerr to Antonio Silva, $225,000

15 Damascus Dr: Lynne and Christopher Caloggero to Bryan Carnhan, $642,000

61 Kelly Rd: Andrew J. Soristo to Nima Badizadegan and Nicole Dalessio, $505,000

24 Lady Ln: Michael A. and Cynthia A. Marsh to James A. Lawrence and Amanda L. Marsh, $400,000

5 Lancelot Ct Unit 14: Cynthia and Tarissa Remillard to Alonzo Bosch, $103,000

Nowell Ct: Clayton Brannon to Samson Lee, $650,000

34 Stanwood Rd: Crest RT and Kenneth M. Verolla to Timothy and Patrice Hickey, $250,000

N/a: Edna L. Whippen to Robert and Patricia Genesse, $325,000


63 Chase Rd: Brenda A. Roberts and Sharon Herald to Brenda A. and Brian J. Roberts, $45,000

5 Summer St: Richard N. Towne and Adam Lamond to Francis M. and Loryn E. Ferrara, $699,933


55 Border Winds Ave: Desmarais FT 2009 and Katheryn F. Desmarais to Francis K. Karam, $600,000

55 Centennial St: Steven M. Ring and Benjamin A. Gauoette to Richard Smith, $290,000

Farm Rd: William C. and Vivian A. Priest to Sues T and Susan M. Nicoll, $140,000

Ferm Rd: Sues T and Susan M. Nicoll to Ingeborg Reidi, $280,000


29 1st St: Donna M. Breen to NH Home Buyers LLC, $182,000

7 Candlewood Rd: Zenob and Hasmig Nalbandian to Scott and Lisa Little, $630,000

15 Floral St: Shirley E. Mills to Michael and Krista Holtgrefe, $992,000

Mammoth Rd Lot 4: Stan Kobylanski to Heather E. Neely-Page, $175,000

39 Stacey Cir Unit 39: Hardwood Hts Condo Assoc to Susan A. Clarke, $315,533

8 York Rd: Judy Denardo to James N. and Kristin Grasso, $587,133



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