23 Hawthorne Dr: Joanne Murphy to Gianna M. and Richard A. Samia, $395,000

7 Hayden Dr: Jeremy and Suzanne Miller to Timothy P. and Lydia C. Nugent, $900,000

31 Island Pond Rd: David L. and Beth Ewing to Greta and Kate Condee, $510,000

53 Westside Dr: Michael R. and Melissa M. Scott to Jose and Ruth M. Ruiz, $485,000

11 Windmill Ln: Garry A. and Lisa M. Lewis to Patrick and Deborah Francis, $810,000


32 Hemlock Ln: TRW Builders LLC to Frank H. and Margaret A. Anderson, $830,600

67 Old Sandown Rd: Randall K. Moquin to Michael C. Evans, $415,000


94 Candy Ln: Edward S. and Jean Comora to Matthew M. and Cheryl Wallace, $411,000


57 Beaver Lake Ave: Leon R. Booklall to Michael N. Silva, $415,000

Beaver Pond: Homes For Our Troops Inc to Brandon W. Korona, $819,333

70 Derryfield Rd Unit R: Michael R Aramento RET and Michael R. Aramento to Colin E. and Susan A. Grant, $267,533

67 Drew Rd: Nicholas L. Deletoile to Brenda S. Masiko and Keith M. Behsman, $430,000

95 E Broadway Unit 2: Medeiros FT and Antonio F. Medeiros to Gunnard Z. Johnston, $120,000

2 Kingsbury St: Carolyn Cassidy to Catherine A. Macinnis, $260,000

4 Laurel St: MDR Rehab&Dev LLC to Asa Seeley, $315,000

Linwood Heights Condo Unit 7: Toni Mealey to Arno Homes 3 LLC, $97,533

11 Pingree Hill Rd Unit L: Robert Glazier and Pastora Conradi to Jane and Dennis Martin, $310,000

35 Pond Rd: Morin FT and Arthur J. Morin to Anitha Abdulrahiman, $724,533

2 Rebecca Ln Unit R: Karen E. Hubbard to A&W Properties LLC, $170,000

15 Sundown Dr Unit D: Craig L. Heyes to John E. Freeman, $290,000

85 W Broadway: Leanne D. and William J. Ladd to Gary O. and Tasha Richtmeyer, $459,933

11 Willow St: James A. and Darlene M. Cordaro to Bruce Rollins, $556,000


258 East Rd: Anthony Defranco to Manny Salazar, $555,000

53 Merryfield Ln: Ernest R Brown Const LLC to John H. and Holly J. Reisdorf, $200,000

53 Pitman Rd: David and Tammy Snowdon to Katherine Boyd and Ian Kelly, $570,000


23 Esker Rd: W&S Hanig FT and William J. Hanig to John J. Riley and Meghan Savage-Riley, $650,000

12 Evergreen Rd: Gregory F. and Denise A. Gallagher to Nicholas J. and Lindsey M. Zuccala, $638,000

196 Exeter Rd: Matthew B. and Kirsten M. Dykeman to Kenneth D. Connor, $825,000

16 Huckleberry Ln: Lyons Timothy E Est and Mark Eaton to Robert S. Borjeson, $677,000

172 Kings Hwy: Pamela V Lavoie RET and Pamela V. Lavoie to R&Judith Leclerc FT and Judith V. Leclerc, $1,400,000

22 Mason St: Johnson FT and Adam J. Johnson to Barbara H. Anderson, $420,000

236 Mill Rd: Ryan R. Leibundgut to D P&Linda R Bronzo FT and Dennis P. Bronzo, $637,000

188 Winnacunnet Rd: K E&Maria F Hobbs T and Maria F. Hobbs to Apex 188 LLC, $600,000

N/a Lot 337: Samuel F. Homsey to Michael C. and Kim Clifton, $1,600,000


2 Folly Brook Ter Unit B: Tracy Johnson to Deanna M. Iandolo, $299,933

3 Highland Rd: R N Sicard RET and Edda Martin to James Parker and Jennifer Korzeb, $550,000

8 Horseshoe Ln Unit B: Daniel J. Briggs and Joseph G. Tenters to Nicholas and Stacey Frias, $400,000

159 Main St: Mark Cyr to Ryan Magnus and Clarissa Finks, $410,000

54 Newton Junction Rd: Steven M. Murray to Matthew and Kerry Perkins, $300,000

10 Stoneybrook Ln: David R. and Linda A. Clements to William L. and Elaine M. Vousboukis, $510,000

16 Valley Ln Unit 16: Gary Mcgath to Jacob D. and Grace E. Fischer, $272,000


196 Fieldstone Dr Unit 196: Timothy Hoffman and Samantha Sarofian to Nicole W. and Daniel T. Austin, $267,000

7 Harvey Rd: Leonard M. and Linda J. Dupere to Anthony D. and Katie L. Catanese, $525,000

116 High Range Rd: Dana T. Shaw to Peter F. Norton, $680,000

40 Mammoth Rd: Mac&Families LLC to Ark Londnoderry LLC, $799,000

10 Nevins Dr Unit 10: Judy P Krzak FT and Catherine E. Aloisi to Rocco A. and Nancy H. Gervino, $565,000

13 Pilgrim Rd Unit 13: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Gerry Mussmann and Joyce Maguire-Mussmann, $572,733

290 Winding Pond Rd Unit 290: Bonfigioli IRT and Jocelyn Duragano to Michele N. Powers, $250,000

84 Winterwood Dr Unit 84: Joseph P. Andrews to Adrienne L. and Matthew C. Andrews, $280,000


9 Kenwood Dr: Kenneth P. Young to Jason Stevens, $490,000


6 Harmony Ln: Nathan J. and Meghan K. Lee to Darlene S. and Sahil U. Parikh, $800,000

68 Lawrence Corner Rd: Mark A. Guinasso to Stephen R. Harris, $580,000

232 Patriot Dr: TBC RET and Jennifer D. Mercier to Christine and Robert Flot, $1,100,000

28 Tallant Rd Unit 28: Walter and Stephanie L. Breault to Anthony Squillante, $300,000

30 Tallant Rd Unit 30: Walter and Stephanie L. Breault to Anthony Squillante, $300,000


128 Newton Rd: Heather L. Licciardi to Marisa A. Nolin, $259,000

138 Newton Rd Unit 6: Robert E. Gennell to Jeffrey P. and Dawn E. Stanwood, $291,000

Route 125: Lynn C Wall 2007 RET and Lynn C. Wall to 46 Plaistow Road LLC, $712,533

15 Seaver Brook Ln Unit 15: Matthew M. Capone and Emily Rockwell-Capone to Nancy J. Coburn, $305,000


32 Caymus Rdg: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Donald R. and Nicole C. Wise, $767,800

6 Glencrest Dr: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Maria Alicia and James M. Smithell, $776,133

126 Haverhill Rd: Kendall FT and Keith G. Kendall to Christopher R. Hurd, $334,000

7 Justin Ave: Kathleen W Hall FT and Ronald K. Hall to Scott A. and Tracey M. Decker, $375,000


8 Lakeview Ave: Stephen J. Scamprino and Belinda C. Scamporino to Michael and Michele Dymek, $300,000

38 North Rd: Michael Barrett to Gary E. and Lisa Brewin, $410,000


8 Dandiview Acres: USA HUD to 107 Ponemah Road LLC, $330,000

River Rd: Raymond J. Derosa to Krystn M. and Chris S. Woodward, $730,000


5 Allen Rd: Trudy A. Yukl to Sally E. Fabian and Ashley E. Saffer, $235,000

49 Blossom Rd: Simon and Sara Mccauley to Matthew Suchecki and Christine Scuhecki, $910,000

Crestwood Rd Lot 1c522: Labadini Mary G Est and James J. Labadini to Tina M Bowe RET and Tina M. Bowe, $476,000

Crestwood Rd Lot 1c533: Labadini Mary G Est and James J. Labadini to Tina M Bowe RET and Tina M. Bowe, $476,000

Crestwood Rd Lot 1c518: Labadini Mary G Est and James J. Labadini to Tina M Bowe RET and Tina M. Bowe, $476,000

Lowell Rd: Jean Thompson to Macthompson Realty Inc, $200,000

7 Mitchell Pond Rd: Elena A Bennett 2019 RET and Elena A. Bennett to Christopher and Mary Moore, $770,000

21 Spring St: Joan Janos to Manya F. Dwornick, $295,000


16 Kashmir Dr: Duyen K Andreoli RET and William J. Andreoli to Alyson Webster and Michael Mcdonnell, $800,000

11 Lancelot Ct Unit 17: Bill A. Monteer and Eileen E. Grenham to William J. Readey, $175,000

29 Meisner Rd: G&L RT and Lori A. Weaver to Jordan and Danielle H. Williams, $450,000

10 Sally Sweet Way Unit 207: Salem MOB1 LLC to Nicole I. Baroni and Kendall Wayne, $399,000

22 Settlers Ln: Jennifer and Michael S. Macintosh to Nicholas J. and Nicole M. Decunto, $550,000

139 Shore Dr: Joseph P. and Barbara A. Rossetti to Sailo and Michaela L. Sellappah, $575,000

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