East Rd: Paula A. Turner-Randall to Kurps RT and Deborah Kurps, $325,000

17 Merrill Dr: Armistead FT and Marta A. Goodwin to Cameron Malcolm, $275,000

14 Stevens Ct Unit 14: Cheryl A. Keating to Elizabeth M. Kim, $370,000

12-a Stickney Rd: NTC Real Estate Dev LLC to Matthew Lopes and Katherine Stewart, $380,000

9 Wright Farm Rd Unit 9: Mary E Missert RET and Mary E. Missert to Donald&Colleen Perry FT and Donald C. Perry, $312,533


6 Smith Rd: Alicia H. Wright to Julie A. Smith and Christopher P. Sheehan, $315,000

5 Whitetail Ln: Brian M. and Cheryl E. Manning to Patrick S. and Meghann R. Donovan, $422,000


Brendans Way: CMS Sullivan Inc to Tawnya Elworthy, $455,000

104 Caleb Dr: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Lambros S. and Charles S. Koulouris, $389,933

129 Caleb Dr: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Fern D. and Jeffrey G. Morse, $480,533


9 Cemetery Rd: Kenneth A. and Paula D. Santos to NH Home Buyers LLC, $152,533

35 Drew Woods Dr Unit 35: Francis and Kathleen Moran to Brian and Michelle Hogan, $345,000

97 E Broadway Unit 8: Russell Anzalone to Fujin Long, $107,000

24 Gordon Rd: Eileen Pellerin to Brian Watson and Veronica A. Stearns, $300,000

21 Mill Rd: Deborah Walsh to Aaron M. Stam, $250,000

22 Olesen Rd: New England Acquisitions to Laurel Cocchiaro, $330,000

1 Pembroke Dr Unit 8: Mark R. and Correen L. Silke to Leon P. Buck and Tracy L. Sullivan, $138,000

36 Pond Rd: Paul G. Monte and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $294,000

51 Scenic Dr Unit L: Bloom Oleary Hldg LLC to Jennifer Batarache, $239,933

51 Scenic Dr Unit R: Joseph K. and Christine M. Crawford to Janet M. Chapman, $219,933

7 Sunnyside Ln Unit R: Suman Adhikari and Sandhya Adhikara to Heather M. and Gregg R. Dangeli, $209,000

10 Sunnyside Ln Unit L: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Aaron and Mary Hill, $137,100

12 Wryan Rd Unit R: US Bank NA Tr to Lorna Millis, $174,900

N/a Lot 133: Jennifer Mccarthy to Shelby S. Flanagan and Anthony Silveira, $327,533

N/a: James T. Mcmahon and Karen Defrancis to Darlen J. Townsend and Gail Guertin, $390,000


6 Hutchins Path: Prinya Pinyochon and Carolina S. Jolliffe to Jennifer Heinrich and William Steeves, $426,800

53 Lexington Dr: George W. and Pauline M. Booth to Domenic P. and Carmella Mirabello, $435,000

N/a Lot 5: Lorraine A Nelson RET and Kristina A. Caverly to Maison Belle LLC, $500,000

N/a Lot 7: Condon FT and Robert A. Condon to Stefani L. and Cody D. Mcmillian, $460,000


Ashworth Ave Lot 37: Brian D. and Melissa S. Voisine to Atlantic Rim Ltd T, $190,000

263 Drakeside Rd Unit 4: Jeffrey G. and Fern D. Morse to Richard A. and Constance M. Tatarczuk, $589,933

532 High St Unit 532: Glen S. Hall and Tara C. Burke to Christopher J. and Maureen E. Smith, $455,000

15 L St: 15-23 L Street Dev LLC to 15 L Street LLC, $575,000

4 Presidential Cir: Ouellette FT and Bernard L. Ouellette to Charles F. Steele and Patricia A. Fire-Steele, $510,533

7 Purington Ln Unit 1: Jeremy D. Noble to Sara F. Senter, $294,533

3-3a Red Coat Ln: Robert P. and Maureen Emmott to William J. Hall, $620,000

18 Salt Mdws Unit 18: Dennis M. and Patricia A. Fitzgerald to Jacqueline M. Wright, $340,000


4 Sunshine Dr: Anne P. Earnshaw to Susan L. and Albert H. Nelsen, $309,000


196 Fieldstone Dr Unit 196: Deborah Proulx to Timothy Hoffman and Samantha Sarofian, $189,933

58 High Range Rd: Jean H Pope T and Jean H. Pope to Leonard A. Vigeant, $175,000

319 High Range Rd: Cedar Crest Development to Jason H. and Jace Martin, $499,933

10 Ridgemont Dr: Erin Morse to Troy Esby and Nicole Ciras, $404,933

3 Rockingham Rd: 3 Rock LLC to 3 Rockingham Road Realty, $785,000

45 Stonehenge Rd: G&W Propreties LLC to Kristina M. Diaz, $320,000

16 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 217: Andrea J. Smolinsky to Virginia A. Michaels, $160,000

26 Windsor Blvd: Jordan and Marina Hill to Christopher P. and Jessica Dechirico, $391,000

18 Woods Ave: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to MDR Rehab&Development LLC, $251,250


20 Bear Hill Rd: Hemingway Angela Est and Herman W. Hemingway to Jeffrey T. and Diane K. Maguire, $389,933

3 Kinsley Dr Unit 3: Dustin A. and Stacia A. Nicholson to Mitchell G. Colizzi and Kelly E. Walsh, $348,000

2 Pheasant Xing: James W. and Amy E. Bradley to Aaron Belanger and Maria L. Genem, $377,000


905 Bridge St: Holmes V Tracy RET and Jayne A. Dusek to Darrin Thomas and Rosamaria Yann, $351,500

16 Collins Way: J A&P C Schnizler RET and Paul C. Schnizler to Arthur D. Cerullo, $479,000

434 Mammoth Rd: Richard J. Lamarre to Brain K. Bishop, $750,000

1109-b Mammoth Rd: Marusso Properties LLC to Heather Patterson, $359,000

6 Pineridge Rd: Jamie A. Rogers to Bradley M. Couture, $176,927


138 Newton Rd Unit 16: Ouellette Robert H Est and Caitlin Ouellette to David A. Jones and Allison Giggers, $190,000

16 Seaver Brook Ln Unit 16: Michael A. Pushee to Christian A. Mangini, $290,000


17 Catalpa Rd Unit 17: DHB Homes LLC to Steven C. and Patricia Waldron, $562,600

Millville Cir: 5 Millville Circle RT and Timothy C. Day to D&M Demers Real Est Invst, $99,000

83 Millville St: USA HUD to Trey A. Nasser, $250,000

15 Sullivan Ave: Mariah C. Marceau to Harvey M. and Kelly L. Edwards, $535,000

22 Trolley Ln: 22 Trolley Lane LLC to Buja Boys Properties LLC, $990,000


13 Candlestick Ln: Lambros S. Koulouris to Brian Brinegar, $479,000

245 Fremont Rd: Kimberly M. Cochrane and CSMC 2018 RPL 1 T to CSMC 2018 RPL 1 T, $205,500

24 Scott Ln Unit 24: Proctor LT and Donna Proctor to Joseph T. Oneill and Logan Barron, $184,933

N/a: FNMA to Foresight Investments Inc, $77,800


No Transactions in this Town


72 Marblehead Rd: Richard E. and Kellie Alessandro to Patricia M. Manjong and Henry K. Ntoro, $485,000

2 Thorndike Rd: Stonebrook Land Developer to Kevin Martin and Nicole Dagostino, $270,000



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