23 Academy Ave: Michele A. Bernier to David P. and Brandi L. Brown, $399,000

14 Coventry Rd: Francis G. Polito to Richard K. and Lauren C. Hornsby, $555,000

2 Orchid Springs Dr: Chien M. Bui and Julie Nguyen-Mai to Nasir and Marriam Shah, $610,000

70 Wild Pasture Ln: Midlands Investments LLC to Arthur F. and Sandra L. Lucia, $564,600


No Transactions in this Town


113 Caleb Dr: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Joseph M. and Sheila M. Rinaldis, $379,933


1 Damren Rd: Michael J. Glynne to David and Brittany Mccarthy, $314,000

Noyes Rd: Donald R&B R Oleson IRT and Mindy R. Puopolo to Peter Foskitt, $245,333

3 Pembroke Dr Unit 20: Muhamed Durakovic to Cecile Marie Underwood, $114,000

8-a Strawberry Hill Rd: Rhonda Lane to Andrew Bresnham, $238,000


18 Cortland Rd: Karen J. Donnelly to Michael J. and Coleen A. Lelievre, $200,000

Odd Fellows Rd Lot A: John A. Watson to Francis G. and Sandra Hankus, $350,000

N/a Lot 6: Carrie W. Mitchell to Arthur R. and Cheryl Bonin, $405,000


Exeter Rd: Law Robert G Est and Sandra Robidoux to 36 Exeter Road Dev LLC, $115,000

135 Exeter Rd: C R. Schindler-Gillis to Lawrence R. Bailey and Kelly M. Kenney-Bailey, $429,333

7 Hampton Mdws Unit 7: David D&K M Meserve RET and Kathleen M. Meserve to Richard F. and Debra M. Honecker, $500,000

373 Lafayette Rd Unit 204: Thomas M&J A Obrien FT and Thomas M. Obrien to Patricia Curtis IRT and Barry J. Curtis, $225,000

639 Lafayette Rd: Lucier Holdings LLC to Eni 639 Lafayette Rd LLC, $6,950,000

20 Mason St: Robert C. and Teresa A. Broyer to Mohmedshad Shaikh and Yazminaparvin Kanuga, $460,000

933 Ocean Blvd Unit 24: John E. Badasarian to Edward Dunbar, $115,000

18 Perkins Ave: Dan Garcia and Andrew Menery to Frank T. Muaco, $270,000

20 Thorwald Ave Unit A: Stephen G. Titlon to Krystal Knight, $271,000

N/a Lot 1: Peter D Ross RET and Peter D. Ross to Lufkin FT and Walter E. Lufkin, $475,000


107 New Boston Rd: Greg S. Digregorio and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $410,000

2 Oak St: George T. and Gabriele Delano to Ashleyann Lopez, $208,000

9 Powwow River Rd: Jeffrey A. Novak to Kasandra J. Cook, $189,000


53 Chase Rd Unit B: Tyler Builders Inc to Juan C. and Vanessa D. Ortiz, $389,933

142 Fieldstone Dr Unit 142: Jean Gurley to Craig Gurley, $225,000

148 Fieldstone Dr Unit 148: Mckenzie Obrien to Christopher and Emily Goyette, $205,000

Gilcreast Rd: Pillsbury Reatly Dev LLC to Stabile Homes At Londond, $2,000,000

22 Griffin Rd: Wilcoms Way LLC to Willian and Katelyn Nette, $545,000

16 Jefferson Dr: Amy Rockholt to Charles R. and Jodi E. Clement, $485,000

125 Treadway Ln Unit 125: Just Another LLC to Daivd R. Soucy, $170,000

2 Valley St: Edward J. Reynolds and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $240,648

N/a Lot 7: Michael A. Mattogno to Beverley J. Carroll, $199,933


139 S Main St: SEC RT LLC to Sunshine Holdings LLC, $100,000


12 Heritage Rd: Lisa Montmarquet to Isaias A. and Sara A. Espinal, $387,000

104 Jeremy Hill Rd: Ryan M. and Stevee A. Miller to Richard A. Palumbo, $400,000

13 Koper Ln: Elaine Hale to Paulino Ortega and Carmen M. Amaro, $400,000


Elm St: Gordon L. Sykes to Ralph M. Durling, $211,000

Forrest St Lot 2: David P. Brown to Andrew J. Arcidi and Emily Shunney, $205,000

33 Garden Rd Unit B9: Donald T. Williamson and Sharon A. Schumaci to Sharon Biloeau, $149,933

11 Greenough Rd Unit 7: Michele A. Dupuis and Melanie A. Tirbassi to Anthony J. and Katelyn N. Masello, $206,000

160 Main St: Matthew W. and Rosa Nickerson to Melissa N. Fisher, $295,000

182 Plaistow Rd Unit 7: John W. Estabrook and Kevin E. Martin to Rachel M. Custeau, $155,000


36 Brady Ave: Edward M. and Brandy P. Costa to Caitlin and Eric Hamel, $519,933

21 Butternut Rd Unit 21: DHB Homes LLC to Deborah A. Lucia, $474,600

25 Carol Ave: Carolyn M. Walworth to Matthew and Jennifer Broderick, $300,000

23 Colleen Dr: Susan M. Riach to Michael D. and Kristie L. Lindquist, $565,000

8 Dogwood Rd Unit 8: DHB Homes LLC to Helen S. Montanari, $490,533

Greenhaven Rd: Joanne L. Ermer-Rothstein to Cedar Crest Dev LLC, $155,000

14 Linda St: Susan E. Pollard to Stefan and Casia Martens, $317,000

Londonderry Rd: 31 Cobbetts Pond RT and Shawn C. Ferris to Marklarj T and Lynn Reilly-Jackson, $140,000

13 Macgregor Ave: Foresight Investment Inc to Joel A. and Tayla M. Neill, $386,000

45 Maclarnon Rd: Matthew Marker Realty LLC to Emily M. Mellinger and Brandon J. Belanger, $450,000

59 N Policy St: Zachary R. and Claudia J. Wessner to Andrew D. Lynch and Elizabeth A. Logan, $377,000

74 N Policy St: Yves Dorleans to Juan C. and Evelyn R. Sandoval, $404,000

Route 111: Lucy M. Faxon to Johnn F. and Laurie L. Faxon, $371,000

45 S Broadway: SPP Citizens Nlref V LLC to 45 Salem Holdings LLC, $2,200,000

N/a Lot 3: Henry Zannini to John E. and Sloane M. White, $340,000


9 Higgins Ave: Elaine C. Quinn to David Evans, $285,000

49 Royal Range Rd: Keith V. and Kathleen A. Richardson to Danielle J. Lambert, $336,533

68 Royal Range Rd: Robert E. and Marie L. Ellis to Side By Side Ent Inc, $150,000


No Transactions in this Town


Aladdin Rd: Gerald R. and Louisette Martin to Neil and Andrea Madden, $760,000

8 Bear Hill Rd: Robert M. Huxley to Marc Procek, $575,000

7 Hancock Rd: Stephan Gauthier and Dominique Maltais to Zachary R. and Claudia J. Wessner, $519,933

26 Heritage Hill Rd: Cayetano Cefalu to Peter E. and Chun T. Evans, $459,000

6 Juniper Rd: Nicole M. Travers to Elaine Ferrone, $356,000

53 Overton Rd: Sherif A. and Loryce E. Elhamawy to James J. and Sheri M. Weeks, $835,000

27 Squire Armour Rd: James J. and Sheri M. Weeks to Brian and Sara Jirsa, $593,000

1 Stoneywyke Rd: Mark H. Kelly to Rebecca S. Kane and Nathaniel T. Deering, $745,000



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