4 Aspen Dr Unit 4: Anthony and Kathleen J. Giragosian to John T. and Jill Scolari, $365,000

6 Ledge Rd: Kathleen F. Schofield to Frank J. and Debra J. Merrick, $115,000

Pleasant Ln: Samuel A. and Maribel Zannini to Joseph M. and Michelle A. Sterner, $230,000


160 Harantis Lake Rd: Nicoll LT and Robert T. Nicoll to Sierra Velvasquez, $280,000

344 Lane Rd: Mark A. Baker to N Tranquillo 2019 RET and N Tranquillo, $770,000

370 Lane Rd: James Gullo Jr RET and Gary J. Gullo to Dereck T. and Cindy M. Moniz, $490,000

161 Sandown Rd: Lawrence G. and Suzanne M. Downing to Michael L. and Anastacia C. Mackie, $419,933

N/a: FWM INT and Frederick W. Murdock to Fairwind Properties Inc, $450,000

N/a: Dlight H Reese RET and Donald Reese to Ryan D. Curry, $345,000

N/a Lot 11: Sawmill Grant LLC to TRW Builders LLC, $155,000

N/a Lot 11: TRW Builders LLC to Robert J. and Stacy J. Marcotte, $730,000


72 Cheney Ln Unit B: Shauna M. and Benjamin S. Trick to Marsha L. and Thomas A. Pursch, $273,933

72 Cheney Ln Unit C: Krista M. Burris to Stephen Chaharmahalian, $285,000

Doe Run: Russell H Post LT and Russell H. Post to Troy Ward and Katie Lacasse, $149,933

83 G H Carter Dr: Sarah A. and Derek Marchant to Erin and Nathaniel Collinge, $460,000


614 Collettes Grove Rd: Patricia Nawn to Jacob P. Godfrey, $164,000

14 Crystal Ave: William Podymaitis to Steven W. Reidy, $369,933

6 Desmarais Ave: Dawn M. and Roberta Rosa to Georges Realty LLC, $195,000

8 Edgewood St: Robert R. and Deanna R. Seccareccio to Kristan Steele and Jennifer Arrajj, $413,000

29 Franklin St: Gregory Sturdevant to Casey Brachovgel, $361,000

46 Franklin St: Jean B. Noj to Christina M. Carnazzo and Robert Bowden, $311,000

36 Hilda Ave: MC Homes LLC to Cathleen A. and Richard L. Brothers, $500,000

5 Lake Ave: Bryon Greenwood to Jeremy Stgelais and Jessica Lafaerriere, $289,000

4 Mirra Ave: Benjamin A. and Ashley M. White to Bryan and Kristine Stewart, $369,000

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 21: Healyford Realty LLC to Francis and Luann Kenney, $262,533

Oxford Rd: Michael B. and Sandra Mcandrews to Alanna M. Driscoll and Joseph M. Kierstead, $380,000

Richardson Dr Lot B: Christopher and Ginette L. Chandler to Jason S. Treerartin, $257,000

25 Scenic Dr: O H&Jeanne M Manhard RET and Ormond H. Manhard to Rachel Logan, $385,000

3 Silvestri Cir Unit 17: Steven J. Flaherty to Gary Trowbridge, $168,000

Sunview Condo Lot 92: Carrington Mtg Svcs LLC to Fanny Monsalve-Puerta, $205,000

30 Tiger Tail Cir Unit L: Ilcana Rosario to Rosemary Prunier RET and Rosemary Prunier, $260,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 198: Steven W. Reidy to Joseph J. and Debra J. Lavita, $137,000

61 Tsienneto Rd: Robert B. Ferreira to Erik F. Piermattei, $395,000

5 Upstone Ln: Brandyn A. Costa and Brianna L. Tilton to Shannon Cail and Jason Wilkins, $425,000


1 Birchwood Dr: Scott A. Brodman and Erin M. Bordman to James C. Gray and Shannon M. Smith, $420,000

50 Collette Dr: Brian J. Pierni to Nicole and Daniel J. Mastrangelo, $560,000

East Rd: James D. Boyd and J C. Fitzgerald-Boyd to Paul W. and Jennifer M. Mcgrath, $450,000

16 Freedom Hill Rd: Claire N. Denahey to Christopher J. and Donna M. Smith, $540,000

1 Jorgenson Ln: Troy Ward and Katie Lacasse to Robert S. Haskell, $375,000

N/a Lot 28: Delrico V. Gomes to Michael T. and Barbara L. Buggy, $240,000

N/a: Maison Belle LLC to Robert J. and Martha M. Boulay, $592,400

N/a Lot 25-3: Maison Belle LLC to Michael C. and Erin M. Oneill, $565,000


69 Hampton Mdws Unit 69: Banfield FT and James W. Banfield to Gary B. and Deborah K. Ghigliotti, $616,000

5 Hemlock St: Michael C Burnett LT and Michael C. Burnett to George F. Manthorn, $450,000

Heritage Dr: Thomas A. Viviano to Jeffrey S. Rocen, $649,000

68 Kings Hwy Unit 29: David W. and Patricia C. Spencer to Linda Bauman T and Linda Bauman, $242,000

80 Kings Hwy: Michael J. Finn to C Langone-Eberhart and Ross G. Eberhart, $490,000

Moulton Rd: Rose A Marcotte RET and Michele O. Coughlin to Kevin A. and Regina M. Obrien, $444,500

989 Ocean Blvd Unit 20: Janosz FT and Thomas G. Janosz to Gough FT and Jams H. Gough, $365,933

389 Plymouth St: Gaylemarie A. and Kevin W. Murphy to DD Murphn LLC, $700,000

21 Tower Dr: Peter J. Moulton to Kimberly Russell, $460,000

10 Trafford Rd: Kathleen A. and Jason P. Lewis to Zachary T. Brooks and Katherine Sutton, $355,000

23 Whitten St Unit 23: Wendy J. Nohmer to Kenneth and Laurene Wilson, $377,000


15 Little River Rd: Erin B. Lowell and Kurt P. Southard to Michelle V. Proulx, $389,000

20 Marshall Rd: NH Home Buyers LLC to Kaitlyn M. Schena and A B. Tamares-Wagner, $260,000

255 Route 225: M&K Trefethen Porter LT and Mark Porter to Souhegan Riv Vw Invs LLC, $400,000


36 Bartley Hill Rd: Steven J. Cyr to Matthew J. Doucet and Cassandra Pearson, $215,000

68 Boulder Dr Unit 68: Michael E. Dineen to Melanie Isabelle, $199,933

8 Brookview Dr: Artisan Homes LLC to Nicholas D. Panas, $420,000

Cross Farm Condo Lot 17: William R. and Michelle A. Green to Robert H. and Janine L. Pellerin, $560,000

Cross Farm Condo Unit 100: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Donald Huot RET and Donald Huot, $619,400

109 Fieldstone Dr Unit 109: Denise M. Glasheen to David Garcia, $160,000

Gillette Dr: Kellie A. Sandler to Kate Callahan, $342,533

104 Granite St Unit 104: NH Home Buyers LLC to Lee J. Hayes and Jacquelyn Bumbaca, $166,200

7 Honeycrisp Cir: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Madeleine T. Mandelbaum, $594,333

Kelley Rd: Janet Joyce Sheppard LT and Janet J. Sheppard to Timothy and Jeanette Bristol, $325,000

36 Lawson Farm Rd: Edward R. and Gayle H. Baldasaro to Ariana Baldasaro, $400,000

368 Winding Pond Rd Unit 368: Betty Freedman RET and Betty A. Edmondson to Karen Archer, $295,000


1 Chase Rd: Neil Moody and Molly Mckay-Moody to Danielle J. Giovanni, $442,533


9 Bramble Path: Janet B Bentley 2018 LT and Janet B. Bentley to Rachel E. and Michael Pulvirenti, $600,000

9 Collins Way: Billings FT and Donovan T. Billings to Derek and Sarah Marchant, $675,000

11 Heather Lee Ln: Kevin and Marisa Laurendeau to Christopher Dias and Ashley M. Luna, $525,000

59 Hinds Ln: Timothy and Jodi Beauregard to Christopher A. and Amberle J. Scharf, $1,110,000

2 Majestic Ave: Brian and Heather Bouchard to Todd P. and Joanne C. Maille, $624,000

Mammoth Rd: Latour RET and Dana Latour to Matthew A. Knight, $384,000

35 Old Gage Hill Rd Unit 2: Kristina Connolly to Kati E. Kunit, $150,000

216 Sherburne Rd: James J. and Cheryl A. Courounis to Marilyn I. and Enrique E. Vega, $515,000

18 Valley Hill Rd: C E&J Mclaughlin RET and Charles E. Mclaughlin to Emmanuel W. Holder, $420,000

Windham Rd: 52 Windham LLC to Reno Properties LLC, $680,000


8 Kingston Rd: Renee M. Smith to Stephen A. Ferdinand and Samantha E. Hahn, $389,933


11 Burns Rd: Robert A. and Michelle A. Murphy to Alexis A. Carr and Nicholas M. Krafka, $450,000

7 Chatham Cir: Francis E. Rees to Stephen and Tanya Robey, $470,800

117 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 22: Lesley K. Edwards to Mark Jack RT and Mark W. Alford, $120,000

7 Concord Coach Dr: George R. and Maryalice J. Kalil to Colin W. Russell and Krista L. Mignon, $490,000

9 Conifer Way: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Paul D. and Lois E. Keenliside, $558,733

10 Field Ave: Gregory Cayer and Monica Stecher to Scot C. and Campbell S. Gibson, $314,933

41 Haigh Ave: NH Home Buyers LLC to Rebekah Nervik and Pete Carignan, $372,000

6 Lancelot Ct Unit 5: Cheeseman PT and James P. Cheeseman to Figen Yildirim, $84,000

24 Linwood Ave: Christopher J. and Donna M. Smith to Andrew J. Mastone and Alora Danon-Lynch, $412,533

7 Muse Ter: Dream Cloud Invs LLC to Sharon M. and Jeffrey Mcinnis, $355,000

13 Pleasant St: Patrick C. and Marjorie Sullivan to Oriana Ciuffetelli, $333,000

33 Renaissance Cir Unit 33: Paul G. and Jacqueline T. Von Rhee to Christopher D. and Patricia A. Olson, $660,000

Shepard Ave: Michael J. and Paul R. Nealey to Michael J. Nealey, $59,000

263 Shore Dr: Daniel M. Zabarsky to Lawrence P. Galasso, $670,000

Williams St Unit 200: East Wynfield Realty LLC to 200 Main St Salem NH LLC, $800,000

N/a: Debra Gagnon and Donna Carton to Captains Landing LLC, $50,000

N/a Lot 12: Mohammed M. and Qudsia S. Azam to Netaniel Nieves and Stephanie Franks, $410,000


193 North Rd: Matthew Bowles to Jared Lee and Stefanie Giallongo, $330,000


229 Bristol St: P&M Coughlin T and Patrick J. Coughlin to John and Susan Tobin, $765,000

131 Franklin St: Michelle M. and Ricky Hess to John Oliveira, $829,000

153 Franklin St: Geoff and Geoffrey S. Follansbee to Robert G. Segee, $585,000

18 Walton Rd: Priscilla C Casassa RET and Priscilla C. Casassa to Noah A. and Cortney E. Casassa, $400,000

155 Weare Rd: Louise M Taylor T and Ann L. Walsh to Josh Weirs and Claire Johnson, $365,000


22 Gordon Mountain Rd Unit 22: Robert E. and Deborah J. Lurvey to Miguel F. Viray-Aquino, $425,000

63 Mammoth Rd: Mammoth Road RT and James I. Barbagallo to Lawrence M. Pettoruto, $250,000

13 Mitchell Pond Rd: Daniel J. Mearls and Kristina E. Marls to Ashleigh C. and Jason J. Jones, $815,000

124 Rockingham Rd: Jarosky RET and Joanne Morrison to DMH Development LLC, $200,000




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