14 Knightland Rd: Steven K. and Deborah J. Scribner to Nelson D Blinn RET and Nelson D. Blinn, $484,133

6 Lamplight Dr Unit 6: Arnold Raffel and Claire Malynn to Katherine and Wanda Chillsczyn, $339,533

Sawyer Ave: Daniel P. Lewis to Morse RET and Christine L. Morse, $750,000

15 Stonewall Ter: James W. and Jhule B. Cardillo to Jamie Viti, $374,533


4 Cedar Dr: Karen Weithman to Kevin E. Vail and Kelley J. Paris, $258,000

Granite Ln Lot 16: Homes At Southwoods LLC to Eugene V&R A Dufresne IRT and Eugene V. Dufresne, $364,933

627 Haverhill Rd: John T. and Kim E. Mitzel to Kelly M. Jones and Matthew A. Kaufmann, $625,066

235 Villager Rd Unit 235: Joseph M. and Norma Demonaco to Richard J. and Cheryl A. Lavoie, $345,000


25 Buck Cir Unit 25: Roundy Jane G Est and Phillip Lovell to Donald J. and Patricia Smith, $290,000

590 Main St: Brouck Eileen M Est and David A. Brouck to Brian R. Paquin, $156,933


13 Beacon Hill Rd: Nicole and Sean M. Doolan to Frank L. Waterman, $295,000

52 Beaver Lake Ave: James E. Mastromarino to Stacey Steinmetz, $235,000

76 Chester Rd: Kevin Lohn-Coyle and Kathryn N. Coyle to Jason Sullivan, $374,933

2 Daniel Rd: Meghan and Joshua Bruno to 2 Daniel Road LLC, $342,533

14 Daniel Rd: Donovan FT and Peter M. Donovan to Jake E. and Katie L. Dion, $360,000

20 E Derry Rd: Lawrence Keber to Nathan Adam, $305,000

5 Emerald Dr: Barbara A. Mckenzie to John C. Desrochers, $285,000

14 English Range Rd: Kristen Olson and Craig R. Wloydka to Alice E. King, $250,000

47 Fordway Ext: Brooke and Michael Lowe-Farmer to Trisha L. Ellis, $290,000

65 Fordway Ext Unit 1206: Gloria A. Jankowski to Janice Raczka-Lupien, $189,933

300 Hampstead Rd: Bruce Francis to Todd D. Francis, $120,000

6 High St: Super Bee Construction to Brian Schiffer and Caitlin Shiffer, $395,000

11 Martha Dr: Chad A. and Nicolette A. Puzzo to Daniel G. and Elizabeth A. Foley, $460,000

5 Middleridge Rd: Matthew J. Hariman and Shaun M. Hardiman to Richar and Nicole Mercurio, $415,000

4 Newells Meadow Ln Unit 4: Keith D. and Regina M. Mailloux to Catherine M. Murphy, $230,000

1 Olesen Rd: Laurence D. and Debra S. Pilvelis to David F. and Karla J. Hubbard, $338,000

13 Silvestri Cir Unit 4: Dove RET and Karen L. Dumont to Richard G. Vieira, $95,933

41 South Ave: Joseph R. Krajcik and Laura Strapp to Loren J. and Paige Jacobs, $287,000

4 Wright Rd Unit 4: Shawn P. Goldthwaite to Keith D. and Regina M. Mailloux, $275,000


173 East Rd: Rodman D. and Elizabeth H. StAmand to George Chiachio and Tara Kennedy, $589,533

33 Freedom Hill Rd: Caleb A. and Patricia A. Wilson to Bryan F. Lamontagne and Nicolle S. Brenza, $335,000

5 Golden Meadow Rd: Jefferson and Karina Conti to William and Christine Omeara, $529,000

15 Linden Dr Unit 15: Mark A. Breton and Marilyn G. Kane-Breton to Joseph M. and Norma F. Demonaco, $355,933

79 Picadilly Rd: Sugrue FT and Michael A. Sugrue to Daniel A. and Fallon A. Cunha, $465,000

57 Wheel Wright Rd: Paul Bates to Nathaniel Beede, $286,000

187 Wheel Wright Rd: Thomas M. and Charlene D. Fraser to Benjamin A. Oreilly and Jennifer J. Orelly, $364,933


106 Ashworth Ave Unit 7: David F. and Kimberly M. Jordan to Jesse E Salk LT and Jesse E. Salk, $89,533

180 Ashworth Ave: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to David J. Fortuna, $289,933

180 Drakeside Rd Unit 3: Joshua and Colleen J. Heckman to Stephen P. Marggraf and Susan E. Street, $318,000

19 Gentian Rd: Theresa M. Pieri to Joshua P. Mccusker and Tracy L. Ericson, $310,000

107 Hampton Mdws Unit 107: Forrest FT and Douglas W. Forrest to Stephen M. and Allison L. Hanlon, $509,933

434 High St Unit 3: Kathleen M. and Nathel J. Fontana to Richard and Judith Snetsky, $545,000

482 High St Unit 2: JB Real Estate Inv LLC to Cara J. Fascione and Francis P. Mazzotta, $629,933

2 Highlander Dr: RRF NT and Susan L. Flagg to James M. and Molly Melone, $685,000

104 Kings Hwy: Marianne L. Casey to 104 Kings Highway RT and Karen A. Hartford, $500,000

511 Ocean Blvd Unit 10: Carol A Rodenberg RET and Carol A. Rodenberg to Ernest and Gail Villers, $400,000

567 Ocean Blvd Unit 204: Edward G. Seidl to Colleen and Joshua Heckman, $265,000

15 Playhouse Cir: Daniel J. and Stacy A. Maclean to Mark M. and Andrea E. Mondello, $629,000

12 Saint Cyr Dr: Mark M. Mondello to Daniel J. and Lauren K. Macneil, $582,000

5 Warner Ln: Kristine A. Righini to Mackensie Johnson and Adam Hashian, $362,000

7 Wentworth Ave: Stephen J. and Monica Dallacosta to Tessier FT and Marc A. Tessier, $480,000


71 Ball Rd: Kevin M. Zajas to Jacqueline and Bryan Clark, $343,000

20 Circuit Dr: Alexandra N. Curtis to Derek R. Spinney, $100,000

15 Great Pond Rd: Evelyn J Nathan RET and Evelyn J. Nathan to Jesse M. Lambert, $186,000

14 Independence Ave: Fernando E. Medeiros to Vincent and Sarah A. Fitzpatrick, $365,000

131 Main St: Bryan E. and Jacqueline M. Clark to Edward J. and Carol J. Howard, $345,000


29 Auburn Rd: David J. Lipps and Laura Frezza to Nathan D. Candiano and Melanie R. Caniano, $285,000

1 Boyd Rd: Kerry L Ouellette RET and Kerry J. Ouellette to Linda and Richard Boudreau, $317,533

32 Burbank Rd: Mitchell and Gwendolyn Klutsch to Luis E. and Tonya Elguezabal, $515,000

140 Canterbury Ln Unit 140: Donald N. and Dallys Malenfant to Colleen L. Vignale, $176,000

7 Coleman Pl: Marilyn M. and Kenneth W. Walker to James S. and Paula M. Cullen, $410,000

2 Crestview Cir Unit 95: Christopher and Katie Cote to Kathryn Dobbins, $189,733

13 Delta Dr Unit 6: 1347456 Ontario Inc to ABZ Enterprises LP, $252,533

124 Fieldstone Dr Unit 124: Jake E. and Katie L. Dion to Janelle A. Nestor, $217,000

140 Fieldstone Dr Unit 140: Connolly Holdings LLC to Charlene K. and Angela K. Karedes, $213,800

20-20a Gordon Dr: Mark S. and Elizabeth L. Stay to Bryan M. Weadick, $360,000

12 Grapevine Cir: Roy Ball to Erin L. and Michael P. Cacciola, $455,000

1 Haley Ct Unit 1: Scheier Stanley C Est and Erik Scheier to Kenneth&Gail Tacelli FT and Kenneth V. Tacelli, $385,000

3 Horseshoe Ln: John H. and Ruth Reynolds to Robert A. and Katherine L. Jellison, $350,000

19 Judy Dr: Ryan J. Guilfoyle to Jeffrey W. Barthelemy, $295,000

5 King Henry Dr: Thomas and Bonnie Grodt to Carlo Marchione and Laura Parsons-Marchione, $382,000

15 Kitt Ln: Judith A. Wolfram and Louise J. Meola to Brenda Bailey, $355,000

Litchfield Rd: Jonathan E. Paul to Jemco Properties LLC, $370,000

12 Nutfield Dr: Robert and Leslie Schilling to Jennifer M. and Scott A. Richards, $524,000

4 Old Coach Rd: Richard D. Bergeron and Kayla Saunders to Erik Arvidson, $280,000

111 Sandstone Cir Unit 111: NH Home Buyers LLC to James F. Rosseel and Conor B. Murphy, $180,000

9 Sunrise Dr: Louis J. and Christine A. Breen to Robert and Justene Santilli, $411,000

4 Terracewood Rd: Scott P&P A Cook T and Scott P. Cook to Rebecca Mutch, $395,400

N/a Lot 81-4: Deborah A. and John Oconnell to Jonathan Paul, $13,000


49 S Main St: Robert E. and Julie A. Beal to Benjamin T. and Rachel S. Hellman, $305,000

14 Zoe Ln: Frederick J. and Nancy J. Lingel to Roger M. and Eden R. Digregorio, $705,000



9 Birch St Unit A: Benjamin A. Ciampoli and April A. Moody to Anastasia Denis, $340,000

178 Main St: Leon&Barron FT and Jean Jacques Leon to Angela L. and Calvin E. Mcrillis, $372,000

48 Westville Rd Unit 3-3: Anastasia Denis to Diane M. and Joseph D. Homsey, $140,000


13 Ann Ave: Lynne E Edwards T and Lynne E. Edwards to Joshua J. Muench and Megan E. Meunch, $249,933

9 Ashwood Ave: Alan and Carol Spickler to Richard M. and Richard J. Giampa, $357,000

12 Braemoor Woods Rd Unit 201: Stephen J. and Nancy L. Coyne to R Matara&S Sciarappa LT and Sharon A. Sciarappa, $399,933

90 Bridge St: Richard S. Davenport and Robert G. Gay to Robin E. Lennon, $380,000

133 Brookdale Rd: John D. Thomas to Connor Morrisseau, $220,000

2 Castle Ridge Rd: Matthew P. and Heather Collins to Andy Short, $625,000

Granite Woods Condo Lot 47: DHB Homes LLC to R&R Caredeo RT and Ronald L. Garedeo, $476,800

7 Hanson Ave: Jonathan and Ashley Borges to John J. Banks, $368,000

28 Lady Ln: Ursula Lulsdorf to Harold M. Belbin, $461,000

Lancelot Court Condo Lot 10: Ebrahim Katanbaf-Nasab and Fatemeh S. Shanehsaz to Kimy Chung and Yu Hung, $133,000

462 N Main St: David B. and Tricia E. Lane to Josue and Maeve M. Torres, $310,000

10 Palomino Rd: Nicholas J. and Laura B. Cottier to Henry T. and Nicole C. Matos, $385,000

16 Pattee Rd: Diosdado Grullon to Johnnie Lituma, $300,000

4 Royal Cir Unit 91: Frank J. Golio and Deborah M. Letourneau to Ryan M. and Maria A. Peixoto, $300,000

27 Royal Cir: Royal Circle NT and Elizabeth Goulet to Anthony J. and Christopher R. Gregorio, $355,000

5 Sally Sweet Way Unit 121: Mary Ellen Look 2005 T and Mary E. Look to Suleimana D. and Lona G. Zalatimo, $340,000

169 Shore Dr: Kenneth&Gail Tacelli FT and Kenneth V. Tacelli to Kenneth J. and Janice Diguilio, $575,000

5 Summer St: Roberto and Sara C. Currao to Chris and Kathryn Gallant, $440,000

4 Surrey Ln: John F. Vargas to Scott Dowd, $800,000

3 Taylor St: David A. and Maureen I. Plummer to Jake Burns, $335,000


11 Jana Cir: Derrick and Angela Anderson to Steven A. Csiza, $459,933

1 Kenneth Rd: Michael Kunhardt to Christopher M. and Gina M. Oconnor, $380,000

5 Lilac Ln: Robert O. Healey to Alfred J. Perry and A Shuellen-Perry, $373,000

287 Main St: Donald J. and Patricia Smith to David and Kimberly Silva, $330,000

14 Riverbend Dr: Matthew and Kristin Mcvey to Nicholas and Laura Cottier, $503,000

20 Riverbend Dr: Mark S. Moyland and Patricia R. Moylan to Benjamin A. Ciampoli and April A. Moody, $535,000

N/a: Regina Wilson to John Farhadian, $130,000


13 Batchelder Rd: Sams RET to Amber Seabrook Assoc LLC, $10,200,000

21 Folly Mill Ter Unit 7b: Yogesh Patel to Clarence Bowe, $99,000

17 Raymond Dr: Vincie M. Mattson to Margaret A. Rice, $170,000


1 Alpine Rd: Demone 2014 T and Doreen J. Demone to Hannah E. and Shadane L. Davis, $300,000

9 Bear Hill Rd: Melanie G&W A Nesheim LT and William A. Nesheim to Erin B Gregg RET and Christopher W. Gregg, $544,933

15 Bear Hill Rd: Viorel and Elizabeth Duca to Paul J. Brozo and Kate E. Westervelt, $600,000

4 Bell Rd: Mcgadden Curtis T Est and Pauline Mcgadden to Arthur T. and Cathleen T. Tsetsilas, $305,000

1 Braemar Rd Unit 1: Earl R Butt RET and Earl R. Butt to Nancy L. Kelleher, $267,533

5 Bristol Hill Rd Unit 5: Norman L. Kaufman to Charles R Tomes RET and Charles R. Tomes, $350,000

150 Castle Hill Rd: Morris FT and Rosemarie E. Morris to Viorel and Elizabeth Duca, $385,000

Cobbetts Pond Rd: Charles R Tomes RET and Charles R. Tomes to Scott M. and Lori R. Harrington, $1,550,000

32 Cobbetts Pond Rd: Peter M. Olson to David R. Ball, $320,000

34 Cobbetts Pond Rd: Amy R. Salant to Blake Mccauley, $265,000

2 Greenway Rd: Stephen Andre to Jonathan and Bethany Ladd, $722,500

72 Lowell Rd: D&E Mcreynolds FT and Darin J. Mcreynolds to Bruce J. and Jessie White, $563,933

16 Mammoth Rd: Marylou Anderson and Daniel J. Bresnahan to Marylou Anderson, $150,000

80 Mammoth Rd Unit 8: Powers FT and Thomas W. Powers to Morris FT and Rosemarie E. Morris, $265,000

42 Northland Rd: 42 Northland Road LLC to Matthew J. and Shauna Hardiman, $630,000

189 Range Rd: Tessa Realty LLC to Miguel Jimenez, $209,933

50 Sheffield St: Remi Sons Investments LLC to Angela A. and Gregory H. Gallagher, $679,000

53 Sheffield St: Remi Sons Investments LLC to Ernst F. Herard and Nadine Harard, $795,000

2 Viau Rd: Patricia and Patrick J. Schena to Gates E. Pore and Maria V. Poore, $299,933

7 Wilson Rd: Lynn B Clark RET and Lynn B. Clark to Erik R. and Jennfier M. Olson, $580,000

N/a Lot 6c118: GBS Walkers Woods Dev to Remi Sons Investments LLC, $156,000

N/a Lot 6c105: GBS Walkers Woods Dev to Remi Sons Investments LLC, $156,000



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