44 Academy Ave: Matthew and Alicia Ackernecht to Patrick and Julia Doherty, $365,000

9 Brushwood Dr: Roger&Carol Travis RET and Roger W. Travis to David Lani and Kelsey Iani, $615,000

Bryant Woods Condo Unit A: Jeffrey and Ann M. Lu to Maria T. Richardson, $323,000

Centerview Rd Lot B: Joan M. Danahy to Robert L. and Jo-Anne R. Benoit, $320,000

11 Island Pond Rd: James Durso to Cody A. Wallace, $320,000

142 Maple Ave: Jesse E. and Michelle R. Silva to Anthony D. and Kristina Wagnitz, $310,000

44 Providence Hill Rd: Richadson RT and Donald J. Richadson to Steven P. and Brandi L. Groen, $435,000

7 Woodlawn Ave: Lana A. Mcgrath to Tiago and Priscila F. Zilli, $320,000


28 Opossum Dr: Frank Spinale to Christopher C. and Laura A. Meyer, $336,000

64 Red Squirrel Ln: Maura A. Brown to Margaret E. Preece and Richard A. Coppola, $300,000

44 Stonebridge Dr: Chapman Stonebridge Dr and Laura Chapman to Tiesco I. Santa-Clara and Carla C. Inacio, $699,000

145 Wells Village Rd: Angeliea A Pierson RET and Angeliea A. Pierson to Benjamin and Jennifer L. Peirce, $375,000


Cub Pond Rd: Merle R&T Ashford LT and Karen A. Dejager to Michael A. and Denise E. Chambers, $40,000

112 Mcintosh Rd: Brian K. Miller to Stephen P. Smith, $500,000


Adams Pond Rd Lot 5: Michael D. and Melissa C. Vinson to Cartus Finanical Corp, $357,533

13 Al St Unit L: Debra A. Jesionowski to Karen Higgins, $207,800

75 Bypass 28: Marilyn K. Dent to Judith L. Heinrich and Daniel J. Russo, $395,000

12 Central St: Donna L. Mcfarland to Sally A. Pugh, $35,000

14 Chancellor Dr: Douglas M. and Kate A. Leach to Amanda and Christopher Chaves, $450,000

217 Chases Grove Rd: Christopher J. Matto to Robert Brancato, $295,000

55 Chester Rd: Kelly J. Hamel to Barry and Carol A. Doubleday, $205,000

1 Clark St: Manson Richard Est and Raymond J. Bernard to Dream Homes Corp, $109,000

35 Collettes Grove Rd: Daryl M. Rozen to Joshua T. Haley, $279,933

606 Collettes Grove Rd: Linda M. White to Trina M. and Matthew J. Reed, $275,000

11 Craven Ter: William J. and Anna L. Mclaughlin to Christopher P. Batakis and Ashleyg Focht, $345,000

15 Dattillo Rd: Jeffrey J. Bukunt and Lynda A. Gammons-Bukunt to Harlan and Catherine Brumm, $470,000

15 Drew Rd: Brandon G. and Amanda S. Knoepfler to Laurie A. Cammett, $234,000

39 Drew Woods Dr Unit 39: Donna L Raiff RET and Donna L. Raiff to Felipe D. Guimareas and Kelsey I. Wright, $350,000

88 E Broadway: Jared J. Carvello to Michael W. Christoforo, $352,000

15 E Derry Rd: Tyler J. and Jeni M. Speck to Lilia Dalamangas, $340,000

20 Eastgate Rd: Matthew D. and Amandaa Green to Roberta Fox and Joseph Ruotolo, $484,000

13 Eastman Dr: Kunze FT and Richard J. Kunze to Maureen A. Howley, $385,000

83 English Range Rd: Marie Leno to Joseph A. and Marlene S. Correia, $332,000

2 Gayle Dr Unit 2b: Robert S. and Crystal L. Leary to Andrew J. Pasquale and Amanda K. Belton, $243,000

39 High St Unit A: Christopher A. and Susan C. Anderson to Amo Homes 1 LLC, $132,533

37 Highland Ave Unit 7: Justene and Robert Santilli to John and Deborah Cleary, $227,533

7 Hope Hill Rd: Joanne M. Cabell to Michelle A. Macinnes, $405,000

12 Laurel St: 73 Webster Properties LLC to Jennifer M. Kummel, $224,000

10 Norman Dr Unit L: Roberta Fox to Joseph J. Sullivan, $237,000

13 Old Auburn Rd: Manuel Molina to Victor M. Lopez, $301,000

103 Olesen Rd: Ronale E. and Angela Valentine to 168 Hampstead Road LLC, $139,933

10 Pondview Dr Unit 10: Cartus Finanical Corp to Christopher and Danielle Brown, $357,533

5 Sabra Cir: Huntley Mckenna RET and Theresa J. Huntley to Gail J. Vaillancourt, $509,933

27 Scenic Dr: Gail J. Vaillancourt to Erik Gruetzmacker, $339,933

26 South Ave: Derk and Danielle Alpers to Peter J. Janis, $250,000

12 Sunset Ave: Richard A. Bernard to Jesse L. Emanouil and Brian D. Fournier, $315,000

16 Tiger Tail Cir Unit R: Robert S. and Crystal L. Leary to Robet F. Bendel and Jennifer C. Brookings, $241,000

51 Warner Hill Rd: Gary D. and Jenna M. Despres to Hani Noheiri, $326,000


228 Central St: Buchanan Judith L Est and Jodi Leblanc to Christopher A. Butler and Ashley N. Bulter, $230,000

15 Cottage Ln Unit 15: Bette Jane Balcam RET and Bette J. Balcam to Starr Shallow, $325,000

180 E Main St: Amanda J. Cahill and Joshua D. Church to Ian and John Hogan, $279,000

196 E Main St: Gerald P. Mackey to Timothy Sice and Suzanne M. Parsons, $364,933

10 Merryfield Ln: Stephen D. and Lauren A. Simpson to Daniel and Andrea Hester, $425,000

Odd Fellows Rd Lot C: R Bancroft and Kathleen L. Mckittrick to Becky J Gibson 2016 T and Becky J. Gibson, $340,000

Pheasant Run Dr: Christopher Carey and Joseph G. Humphrey to Sirva Relocation Credit, $570,000

Pheasant Run Dr: Sirva Relocation Credit to Todd M. and Juliet N. Webber, $570,000


3 Acadia Ave: David A. and Jacqueline G. Hoffman to Christine R. Loan, $360,000

6 Ashworth Ave Unit 14: N Oconnell-Rheaume and Patrick O. Curtin to Flibbert T and David J. Flibbert, $120,000

21 Atlantic Ave: James B. and Jessica D. Sidore to Christopher M. Terrien and Katie C. Obrien, $1,445,000

3 Batchelder Ln: Stephen J Boyle RET and Stephen J. Boyle to Paul M. and Julie C. Hurrie, $1,350,000

5 Belmont Cir: Dorothy L Hogan RET and Paul Hogan to David Glynn, $250,000

George Ave: William L. Reddy to Walter R. and Gayle A. Iwanicki, $382,500

22 K St Unit 201: Ursula Selma Lawson RET and Linda Fosmire to Timothy L Oriole RET and Timothy L. Oriole, $390,000

66 Kings Hwy Unit 7: John A Maratta LT and John A. Maratta to Priscilla A. Sullivan and Lee P. Sevig, $178,000

685 Lafayette Rd: Drake Petroleum Co Inc to Karina Realty LLC, $820,000

853 Lafayette Rd: E&R Realty LLC to Big Daddy Brews LLC, $940,000

39 Langdale Dr: Evan L. and Michelle Kropp to Emily L. and Garrett J. Donatelli, $464,933

211 Mill Rd: Andrew J. and Sharon A. Hart to Sar A. Pietila and Christopher J. Bolding, $482,000

230 Mill Rd: Regina M. Higgins and Kathleen Stella to 230 Mill Road LLC, $850,000

37 Norton Rd: Jon W. and Kelley Traver to Sarah A. Molnar, $575,000

83 Ocean Blvd Unit 208: Griffin B. Cordes to Jaime L. Mclennan and Michael Parziale, $331,000

955 Ocean Blvd Unit 19: James R. and Louise H. Peters to F&G LLC, $245,000

14 Rings Ter: Steven C. and Vicki T. Petalas to Jason and Karalyn Holland, $653,533

1 Robie St: Gerald R. and Carey Bonsey to Evan and Kristina Hall, $289,000

14 Saint Cyr Dr: Matthew K. and Jennifer S. Waddell to Dustin E. and Colleen S. Tippins, $649,933

17 Thomsen Rd: Nobel and Violet Gabriel to Richard J. Larkin, $332,000

30 Towle Farm Rd Unit 6: Bank Of America NA to Lisa Barretto and Roberto Barreto, $392,533

249 Woodland Rd: Martin H Warren RET and Martin H. Warren to Emanuel A. Pacheco and Elizabeth Marchetti, $530,000


2 Black Alder Dr: Mary and William Talbot to Brittany Edwards and Kevin S. Thibault, $407,000

16 Clement Ave: Michael and Sarah Sallade to Alison K. Hadley and Aaron J. Mounsey, $287,000

18 Dolliver Ln: Bobby Jo L. and Charles C. Cook to Victoria M. Clark and Ryan P. Doyle, $345,000

110 Exeter Rd: Jared H. Fish to Glen M. and Justine A. Morse, $434,000

5 Hemlock Rd: John N. and Patricia M. Archer to Tifani R. Lilley and Corey L. Rappsilber, $395,000

32 Hillside Rd: Paul D. Mcdonald to Nancy G. and Gregory G. Reagan, $385,000

4 Madison Ave: Gordon T. and Lynn L. Gainty to Christopher M. and Lauren Giardina, $380,000

17 Route 125 Unit 8: Hummingbird Realty LLC to Adam Saab, $142,000

26 W Shore Park Rd: Timothy B. and Nancy H. Connell to Karl E. Franz, $290,000

15 Wadleigh Point Rd: Carroll B Simpson T and Carroll B. Simpson to Lisa Pinault, $390,000

6 Woodland Dr: Norman F. and Patricia L. Labelle to Erica L. and Stephen T. Maroon, $330,466


18 Bartley Hill Rd: Michael and Sarad Quetta to Steven E. Swiniaski, $385,000

62 Boulder Dr Unit 62: Janel H. Sylvester to Jody A. Banks, $145,000

18 Calla Rd: Kelly Galan to Jason T. and Courtney B. Ruggiero, $530,000

8 Connors St: Dale Robeck to Ryan M. and Kayla E. Carnevale, $375,000

15 Dickey St: Ronald D. and Audrey E. Goodrow to Erin J. and Janel H. Sylvestre, $275,000

16 Holly Ln Unit 16: Daniel Ondre to Silvia Mota-Clare, $145,000

52 Holstein Ave: Richard and Kimberly K. Marcantonio to Adam D. and Kaylene E. Chausse, $460,000

4 Jersey St: Bella NT and Stephen G. Sciarrio to Patrick and Jennifer A. Wood, $550,000

6 Lilac Cir: Katherine C Vanini RET and Katherine C. Vanini to Timothy and Samantha Delp, $475,000

35 Mammoth Rd: 37 Mammoth Road LLC to Eric C. Anderson and Kimberlee Luccesi, $496,533

491 Mammoth Rd Unit 19: Clifford E. Beidleman to Tremblay FT and Michael Tremblay, $171,000

19 Pine Hollow Dr: Dana A. Stafford to Benjamin and Jennifer L. Peirce, $395,000

27 Quarry Rd Unit 27: Raymond J. and Lisa M. Capistran to Monique and Richard G. Pierce, $526,533

10 Raintree Dr: Michael E. Greenlaef to Helen U. Muccitelli, $342,000

116 Rockingham Rd Unit 2: Jeffrey A Young 2016 T and Jeffrey A. Young to 116 Rockingham Road LLC, $650,000

2 Tanager Way: James J. and Michelle L. Debreceni to Seth and Rachel Mcminis, $460,000

6 Tyler Dr: Buttafuoco Joint RET and James Buttafuoco to Steven D. and Melissa D. Maguire, $505,000

Vista Ridge Condo Unit 51: Robert H. and Meaghan R. Sturgis to Carolyn Collyns-Lievens, $184,000

10 Wyndmere Dr Unit 10: Seth S. and Rachel J. Mcminis to Brittany T. Severini, $225,000


Thornell Rd: Tammik Schiller RET and Marc J. Schiller to Cristina R. Curro and Marc G. Rochon, $295,000


10 Albert St: Antonio and Ahilda Negron to Denise M. and Frank D. Kelly, $339,733

1045 Bridge St: Fabio Varano and Katie N. Bagarella-Varano to India Phosy and Tinie Sengphachanh, $455,000

14 Gaudet Ln: Gregory S. and Kathleen J. Bean to Paul and Mary Paradise, $490,000

87 Jericho Rd: Megan E. Diaz to Emily Mitchell, $300,000

40 Keyes Hill Rd: Armano Realty Investments to Kelly A. Lebor, $469,400

9 Kinnal Ave: Darlene M. Riley to Alexander Iby and Nichole Cincotta, $355,000

3 Long Pond Dr: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to Ryan Kim and Erich C. Stopyra, $550,000

554 Mammoth Rd: Hitchcock LT and Jeffrey Hitchcock to Richard and Megan Diaz, $450,000

11 Mayflower Ln: North Central Dev LLC to Nighat Hussain and Behzad T. Hussian, $175,000

9 Mulberry Ln: Scott and Katie I. Ketelaar to William F. and Michelle D. Williams, $555,000

6 Petes Way: Andrew E. Pierce to Scott P. Myelle, $750,000

16 Shannon Cir: William F. and Michelle D. Williams to Jessica T. and David Parziale, $399,000

15 Surrey Ln: Stephen M. and Sally A. Graves to Christopher Helms and Caitlyn A. Mcallister, $341,000

217 Windham Rd: Robert&S Batcheller RET and Robert A. Batcheller to Eleanor Shea, $256,000

N/a: Christine A Anderson RET and Christine A. Anderson to Joan Biciunas, $319,000


33 Canterbury Frst: Collins RT and Catherine C. Craven to Thomas Petrillo, $546,000

28 Forrest St: Theresa J. Ouellette to Shannon P. Snively, $333,000

17 Kelley Rd: Steven A. and Michelle L. Curran to 17 Kelley Road LLC, $350,000

6 Kingston Rd: Brian J. and Dawn A. Brimmer to Edwin and Juanita Rodriguez, $560,000

74 Kingston Rd: Justin J. Metzner to William N. and Cheryl L. Dumaine, $335,000

269 Main St: 4 ZS RT and James W. Zanello to Brian K. Kelley and Ashley Bethel-Kelley, $424,933

290 Main St: Donna L. Perry to Deborah Esparza-StLouis and Dawna M. StLouis, $360,000

334 Main St: Jason W. and Shannon Haley to Walter D. and April C. Tucker, $357,000

138 Newton Rd Unit 26: John Bostoniam to Jennifer E. Waldron, $188,400

228 Oak Ridge Rd: John J. and Maureen Ferullo to Kenneth Kudym, $529,000

5 Old County Rd: Michael A. Pushee to Jacqueline J. and Eddie D. Hulett, $369,933

181 Plaistow Rd: Leblanc RT and Ronald Leblanc to Kasabian&Judd Holdings, $800,000

1 Red Oak Dr Unit 1a: Amanda RT and John Merek to Christopher J. White, $185,000


7 Arlington Pond Ct: Elaine S. Jamer to Corey French, $299,933

33 Baldwin St: Goterch IRT and Susan Friedrich to Amanda Garner, $300,000

117 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 20: Grande Judith M Est and Vincent Grande to Suzanne Dimauro, $135,000

5 Dawson Ave: Stephen N. and Halyna O. Keller to Lindsey A. and Joseph Marshall, $373,000

Granite Woods Condo Unit 24: DHB Homes LLC to Charles J Welch T and Charles J. Welch, $532,133

Granite Woods Condo Unit 21: DHB Homes LLC to David R. Ataide and Linda J. Taide, $557,333

55 Hampstead Rd: Joshua and Corey Mosher to Christopher L. and Victoria L. Collins, $294,000

63 Lawrence Rd: Joseph A. Meranda to Jade A. and Quincy Torres, $325,000

Main St: Mika FT and Richard L. Mika to Jm Foy Family LLC, $400,000

14 Mountalcino Way Unit 90: Black Brook Realty Tuscan to Joseph E. Lynch, $480,400

48 Pelham Rd: Kelly M. Smith to David and Heather A. Callaghan, $445,000

29 Pleasant St: Gary P. Boutin to M20 Real Estate Holdings, $300,000

14 Rosewood Ave: Arelis Espaillat to Crystal Nestor, $310,000

12 Shore Dr: Carr RT and Maureen A. Carr to Kelly M. Berry, $388,000

68 Stiles Rd Unit G: 68 Stiles Road F&G LLC to PFB LLC, $415,000

4 Theresa Ave: Bel Air Homes Inc to Justin Fichera, $215,000

64 Zion Hill Rd: Susan H. Mangano to Andrea L. and Richard G. Lothrop, $460,000

N/a Lot 2: Amy L Palmisano 2019 T and Amy L. Palmisano to Karen L Garabedian RET and Karen L. Garabedian, $784,000


19 Compromise Ln: William R. Hall to Corey B. and Jessica Grondin, $320,000

55 Glastombury Dr: Alexandra E. and Steven W. Haig to Erin and Jason Bouchard, $389,533

4 Hollow Oak Dr: Matthew J. Courtunier and Anne M. Couturier to Danielle G. Ducharine and Charles P. Duchaine, $280,000

34 Holmeswood Dr: William Davis and Elizabeth E. Donahue-Davis to Jeffrey and Melissa S. Magee, $290,000

21 Lantern Ln: Suzanne and Brian M. Gleason to Milton G. and Kristine R. Zweig, $449,000

124 Main St: Boemark Construction Corp to 124 Main Street Rlty LLC, $300,000

268 Main St: Lane FT and Daniel T. Lane to Crystal and Joseph Ross, $256,533

39 N Shore Rd: Kim M. Brady to Heather E. Holmes, $183,000


10 Almena Way: Roy M. Fazio to Michael K. Clinton, $390,000

26 Dwight Ave: Davis A. and Kathleen Parker to Cheri L. Labonte, $291,600

21 Folly Mill Ter Unit 5e: Frances Houlihan to Tomicka L. Adams, $107,000

21 True Rd Unit 2: William R. and Susan M. Dow to Mary J. Weaver, $303,000

23 True Rd Unit 2: William R. and Susan M. Dow to Mary J. Weaver, $303,000

6 Woodland Ave: Patrick Brady to Zachary A. and Jacqueline Sannizzaro, $283,000


12 Ashton Park Rd: London Bridge South Inc to Dimpleben S. and Jatin Patel, $835,200

15 Bennington Rd: Brian E. and Megan Stanton to Jitender Makkar and Purnima D. Verma, $1,440,000

27 Cardiff Rd: Akant and Mansi Shah to Lawrence P. and Nina M. Marchese, $627,000

2 County Rd: Joseph C. Gaudette to Christopher Nuemann and Olivia J. Marshall, $396,000

5 Cristy Rd: Kyle D. and Shelley Draeger to Michael Hachey and Andrea Frost, $705,000

56 Hickory Ln Unit 56: Karen R. Hannigan-Machado to Michael R. and Woiza R. Hemeon, $334,000

140 Kendall Pond Rd: Brian R Blake RET and Brian R. Blake to Lola and Brian Hollingsworth, $450,000

179 Range Rd: Burton FT and Wayne D. Burton to Peter A. and Alina Coste, $353,000

Revolutionary Dr: Terry A. and Pamela E. Howell to David M. George, $362,000

50 Turtle Rock Rd: Robert W. Klemm to Riley Q. Doherty-Mahoney, $710,000

3 Wildwood Rd: Michael R. Hachey to Tanya M. Lapointe, $429,000

24 Woodvue Rd: William R. Sibilia to Pamela Pearson LT and Mary P. Pearson, $1,070,000



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