SOLD! Real Estate Transfers


No Transactions in this Town


140 Crawford Rd: Joseph B. Donahue and Heather M. Bowen to N P Dodge Jr T and N P. Dodge, $549,200

140 Crawford Rd: N P Dodge Jr T and N P. Dodge to Sabrina N. and Andrew C. Harris, $549,200

67 Purington Ln: Nausset FT and Robert J. Russamano to Amanda and Alexander Gorman, $551,000


146 Caleb Dr: Gregory R. and Deborah A. Ashford to Enrique and Jessica Garcia, $420,000


4 Fairfax Ave Unit 244: Gerald J. Dallaire to Brian T. Martin, $40,000

150 Goodhue Rd: New England Acquisitions to Joshua A. Roberts and Rebecca M. Leslie, $346,000

10 Meadowbrook Rd: Karen Julius and FHLM to FHLM, $261,300

78 Rockingham Rd: Barbara and Bernard Palys to Solid Gold Inv Grp LLC, $232,000

39 Stonegate Ln Unit 39: Julie E. Williams to Brian Olson, $165,066

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 69: John S Langone RET and Mary Barden to Kristin A. Kelly, $202,000

3 Wall St: Ronald E. and Sherry A. Darois to Bringing Derry Together, $160,000


191 Buttrick Rd: David W. and Sandra T. Hargreaves to Ryan L. and Sherise L. Grant, $454,933

15 Linden Dr Unit 15: Robert W. and Marie A. Dziadosz to Mark A. Breton and Marilyn G. Kane-Breton, $334,000

50 Rolling Hill Rd: John J. and Laurie A. Cincotta to Nicholas W. and Tara A. Gregsak, $410,000

96 Wash Pond Rd: Nicole A. Fiset to Paul M. and Rhonda Fucaloro, $315,000


50 Acadia Ave Unit 8: Gerald V. and Robert A. Bouley to Louise M. and Thomas J. Ward, $349,000

180 Ashworth Ave Unit 2: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to Dennis Dicenso, $339,933

12 G St Unit 54: Macdonald Catherine J Est and William Macdonald to Michael and Sean Bakhtiari, $150,000

24 Harbor Rd Unit 14: Frank M. and Donna M. Fregosi to Luis A. Dion and Nicole E. Drew, $555,000

38 Kings Hwy: Sousa FT and Anthony Sousa to Boldin FT and Martin P. Boldin, $485,000

68 Kings Hwy Unit 6: Jonathan H. Fitt to Kyle J. and Ronald J. Hatem, $188,000

30 Towle Farm Rd Unit 2: Peter and Barbara Mackinnon to Nancee G Jenne RET and Nancee G. Jenne, $386,000

30 Towle Farm Rd Unit 3: Michael A Bird RET and Michael A. Bird to Sharon and Edmund J. Monette, $390,000

N/a Lot 42-9: Andrea A. Pasciak to Charles M. and Donna M. Winitzer, $620,000

N/a Lot 21: Jangel RET and Wendy Jangel to Albert F. and Linda M. Scranton, $35,000


53 Hunt Rd: Debra A. Riley and Michele M. Edwards to Debra A. Riley, $64,000

14 Independence Ave: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Fernando E. Medeiros, $237,584

5 Whipple Spring Rd: Jeremy W. and Christian M. Eicher to Gretchen M. Packer, $262,533


37 Coteville Rd: Kim J. Sullivan and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $202,230

34 Holton Cir: John P. and Elaine T. Lavoie to Noel N. Diagostino and Alyssa Wright-Diagonstino, $385,000

19 Lori Ln: Jeffrey J. and Laurie A. Allain to Lawrence F. Murphy and Marni C. Tocman, $505,000

489 Mammoth Rd: Jennifer A. Thibault to Steven G. Courey, $74,000

9 Maureen Cir: Kenneth R. Shields to Kayla R. Andrew and Cameron R. Walsh, $270,000

11 Nettie Way: Belize Real Est Hlds to Kevin P. and Michelle M. Collins, $454,000

West Rd: Jen&Nick Home Builders to Continental Paving Inc, $353,000

N/a Lot 44-2: Belize Real Est Hlds to Continental Paving Inc, $375,000


No Transactions in this Town


76 Grouse Run: Mark and Donna J. Sullivan to Sahil and Geetika Patel, $535,000

12 Homestead Rd: Bryan K. and Jessie L. Croteau to James D. and Ashley G. Tremblay, $425,000

6 Honor Roll Rd: Lojo Investments LLC to Zachary M. Desroche and Susan J. Iannuccilli, $412,000

37 Nashua Rd: Robert J Mcedward RET and James A. Mcedwad to Maaerita and Kim D. Abate, $279,933

12 Waterford Way: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to Christopher and Erin Gentile, $530,600

N/a Lot 1-51-6: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Michael J. and Alyssa D. Shanahan, $519,933


4 Kristie Ln: Kevin R. and Diane D. Weidman to Brian N. and Fiona G. Hult, $455,000


31 Autumn Woods Rd: Susan J. Colarusso and Enrico M. Conte to Jordan and Brittany Joyce, $479,933

9 Birch Hill Rd: Jordan Joyce and Brittany Lepine-Joyce to James G. Zaroulis and Jennifer M. Cote, $380,000

14 Butler St: P V&M E Wilson T and Carol Decarolis to Kevin J. Patterson and Alyssa R. Proulx, $275,000

8 Lancelot Ct Unit 4: Stanley Davis and Sheba Susai to Jason Azzi, $115,000

7 Tilton Ter: Joseph and Suzanne Armano to Hosselin Zarrineghbal and Mandana Sheybani, $789,933


54 Cross Rd: Mary D Rees RET and Mary D. Rees to Jeffrey E. and Tracy L. Rummo, $320,000

13 Phillipswood Rd: Schreck Olney RET and Jason D. Schreck to Joshua A. Theriault, $305,000


39 Pages Ln Unit 39: Rourke FT and Elizabeth A. Morgago to Stephen E Ingham RET and Stephen E. Ingham, $235,000


4 Marblehead Rd: Tom Terry Rental&Leasing to Steven P. and Chelsie Olivier, $308,533

Nh Route 111: New Hampshire State Of to Rockingham Road RT and Alain F. Sfeir, $12,533

N/a Lot 65-66: Brian D. Parow and Mary A. Farow to Larry and Phyllis Johansen, $125,000


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