10 Coles Way Unit 10: Stephen F. Slater and Cynthia B. Mills to Francis Tobin LT and Francis Tobin, $347,000


Granite Ln Lot 14: Homes At Southwoods 2016 to Bartula FT and Kimberly S. Barrula, $390,000

348 Halls Village Rd: Richard N. Towne to Abigail E. Galvin and Patrick R. Mccarthy, $389,933

238 Jennifer Dr: Raymond V. and Donna A. Mailloux to Peter J. Joslin and Douglas C. Blay, $427,533


Beach Plain Rd: David M Emerson RET and David M. Emerson to Lake RT and John D. Jalbert, $114,000

33 Beach Plain Rd: R&J Booth FT and Richard T. Booth to William T. Blaney, $295,000

119 Emerald Dr: Eleanor M German RET and Eleanor M. German to Andree and Kyle Marinelli, $457,000


4 Debbie Ter: Lawrence&Debra Cutler RET and Lawrence S. Cutler to Adrienne Cameron, $334,933

19 Jade Ct: Matthew A. and Patricia A. Zsofka to Jennifer Mccarthy, $330,000

16 Lily Ln Unit 5: Lifestyle Homes Of Derry to Gary R. and Michelle M. Bright, $575,333

Village Oakwood Condo Unit 2: Lifestyle Homes Of Derry to Frances and Gerald Rybicki, $498,200

6 Windham Rd: Gloria Descheneaux to Filipe G. DaSilva and Rozangela D. Dasilva, $244,933


71 Buttrick Rd: Rogers Patricia D Est and Shawn Rogers to Aaron and Amanda Bradley, $394,000

Odd Fellows Rd Lot C: Anne C. and David C. Witham to Darcangelo FT and Albert F. Darcangelo, $320,000


35 Ashworth Ave Unit 3: 35 Ashworth Avenue LLC to Brian W. Sennett, $353,333

94 Ashworth Ave: NFR RET and Eric Royal to 94 Ashworth Ave LLC, $1,007,466

96, 136, 138 Ashworth Ave: Fourt Brothers Plus 1 Inc to 94 Ashworth Ave LLC, $1,007,533

27 Bonair Ave Unit 27: Diane J. Spink and Esther Dobbins to Micah Fournier, $238,533

12 Campbell Dr Unit A: Peter W. Ross to Norman H. Carpentier, $276,000

23 Cusack Rd Unit 32: Jane M. Winters to Beth A. Kilmartin, $345,000

180 Drakeside Rd Unit 7: FNMA to Paul W. and Joan M. Sawyer, $165,000

752 Exeter Rd: JP Structures LLC to Christopher Rooney, $300,000

9 G St: EB3 LLC to HB9G LLC, $770,000

21 Juniper Ln: Robert P. and Dolores Cohen to James D. Hunter and Christine M. Joyce, $660,000

42 Main Ave: Reid RET and Douglas C. Reid to Shirley M. Reid, $100,000

39 Moulton Rd: Meghan D. and Ryan P. Granger to Ryan C. Carvalho, $450,000

N Beach Rd: William A. Lee to Barbara J. Diller, $124,800

N Shore Rd: Dawn Foss Emerick RET and James T. Emerick to Jay F Zaino RET and Jay F. Zaino, $1,000,000

5-a Ocean Blvd Unit 1: Raa Burton RET and Ronald B. Burton to Debra Leslie, $595,000

511 Ocean Blvd Unit 9: Dennis Larry Wagner FT and Dennis L. Wagner to Laurie Southey, $405,000

Towle Farm Rd Lot 62: Jacqueline Burke and Christina Riedel to Jason Escalera and Lisa M. Urdanoff, $282,933

10 Vanderpool Dr: James D. Hunter to William R. and Julie E. Lord, $590,000

Vrylenas Way: Brent 16175 Parking T and Leona Brent to Rachel V. Small, $200,000

11 Windmill Ln: William R. and Julie E. Lord to Ryan and Meghan Granger, $500,000


79 Ball Rd: Wrongway Home RT and David T. Detour to Christy Adley, $389,933

3 Towle Rd: William H. and Renee M. Bergeron to Joseph P. Leavitt, $259,000

9 Valley Ln Unit 9: Kelly Mcdonald to Martin L. and Joelle D. Michigan, $225,000


26 Buttrick Rd: SGA LLC to 26 Buttrick Road LLC, $720,000

53 Chase Rd Unit A: Tyler Builders Inc to Michael J. Mcclellan, $389,933

13 Kelly Ave: Tinker Avenue Properties to Eromeno LLC, $500,000

34 Lincoln Dr Unit 34: Francis and Donna M. Mcnamara to Nancy Mcdevitt, $270,000

22 Mohawk Dr Unit A: Matthew D. Gagne to Paul W. Chenard, $250,000

207 Rockingham Rd: Mark E Harvey RET and Brian C. Harvey to 207 Rockingham Road LLC, $695,000

31 Rolling Ridge Rd: Sara C. Winslow to Stephen J. and Kelsea R. Conlin, $415,000


19 Highland St: Christy M. Adley to Anthony Difonzo, $310,000

4 Juniper Ln Unit 4: Tabb FT and Jerome W. Tabb to John S. Depew and Judith E. Coleman, $380,000

63 Pond St: Merrilynn V. Hill to Daniel Little, $125,000

30 Whippoorwill Dr: Darcangelo FT and Albert F. Darcangelo to Joseph P. Schrafft, $350,000


Aspen Dr: Skyview Estates LLC to Elizabeth Doppelt, $589,933

15 Evergreen Ave: Debra Ann T and Stephen J. Doherty to Garrett Abare, $475,000


15 Culver St Unit 68: Leah M. Christo to Christine E. Levesque, $220,000

128 Newton Rd Unit 1: US Bank NA Tr to Stephen D. Derro, $191,000


101 Bluff St: Amanda E. Mckew to Joseph G. Holden, $257,000

23 Car Mar Ln: Samantha Arcidiancono and Freedom Mortgage Corp to Vatao Holdings LLC, $213,000

99 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit F7: Cheryl A. and Michael J. Mcrobbie to Lionel Flon, $147,600

21 Colleen Dr: Carlos and Elaine Flores to Jared Thomas and Fallon Fantasia, $600,000

38 Iris Ave: Sandra J Nadeau RET and Sandra J. Nadeau to Darian Denis and Brendaon Arruda, $318,000

9 James St: Cutle Family Real Props to Michael Lashua, $300,000

12 Montalcino Way Unit 12: Black Brook Realty Tuscan to Caroline M. Tozer, $419,933

248 Shadow Lake Rd: Rockingham Christ Church to Stonebrook Lnd Developers, $220,000

48 Townsend Ave: D&M Demrs Real Estate Inv to Edward Zelanski, $350,000


13 1st St: Joel M. Doherty to Paul M. Lastoff, $403,800

6 Allen St: Scott R. Merrill to Bethany F. Bird, $112,533

Montana Dr: Montana RT and Robert P. Villella to S&H Walker Woods Hldg, $90,000

N/a Lot 26: Noble Susan W Est and Elizabeth Thompson to James Bahrakis, $100,000


352 Portsmouth Ave: Salem St Consortium LLC to John J. Lane and Carolyn J. Lanvrin, $829,000

124 Walton Rd Unit 124: Todd Boyle to Miller Legal LLP, $475,000

126 Walton Rd Unit 126: Todd Boyle to Miller Legal LLP, $475,000

128 Walton Rd Unit 128: Todd Boyle to Miller Legal LLP, $475,000

130 Walton Rd Unit 2: Todd Boyle to Miller Legal LLP, $475,000


3 Acadia Rd: Harding RT and Denis J. Tremblay to Dean M. Boylan and Kelly J. Mckracherne, $250,000

19 Duston Rd: Spolyar FT and Michael W. Spolyar to Anthony J. and Diana L. Savani, $770,000

22 Glendenin Rd: Kyle R. Provost and Sarah M. Casavant to Xinfang Jin and Hang Zong, $860,000

12 Grove St: Shiv Shrestha to David G. and Elizabeth Stone, $400,000

41 Morgan St Unit 41: Morgan St LLC to Cole FT and Ronald W. Cole, $635,400

N/a Lot 25r902: Wood Meadow Land Dev to Harding RT and Denis J. Tremblay, $133,000



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