135 Maple Ave: Chris A. and Georgiana L. Manzer to Jonathan D. Rogers, $385,000

20 William Pond Rd Unit 20: Duffy RET and Kelly Duffy to Bruce and Susan Kimball, $405,000


53 Edwards Mill Rd: West RET and Lincoln L. West to Trevor C. Gardner and Brittany E. Manning, $390,000

41 Lady Slipper Ln: Greta and Stefan Jacobs to Matthew P. and Kimberly A. Davis, $456,000


12 June Bug Rdg: David M. Thompson to Christopher S. and Dawn M. Donahue, $660,000

51 Walker Rd: Kevin M. and Karen L. Dermody to John Benvenuti and Steven Sims, $500,000


18 Ballard Rd: Richard&Nancy Pinkham RET and Richard M. Pinkham to Andrew M. Gallagher, $465,000

4 Bayberry Ln: Buxton FT and Elizabeth Buxton to Stephen Mack, $462,933

18 Brook St: Andrew K. Howell and B M. Doucette-Howell to David C. Edmunds, $355,000

142 Chester Rd: Rehome RE Invs Group LLC to Jessica Hatch, $73,466

36 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Jessica Dee to Abigail C. Langdon, $235,000

66 English Range Rd: Dennis E. and Annette P. Leveille to Kevin Kasper, $375,000

264 Hampstead Rd: Right Now Rlty Solutions to Lisa M. and Ricardo Casado, $529,933

11 Hubbard Hill Rd: Donna J. and Stephen R. Daigle to Babie A. Frye and Joseph G. Manteiga, $450,000

19 Pelican Cir Unit R: W J&P B Delaney RET and William J. Delaney to Debra and Joseph Paine, $260,000

74 Rockingham Rd: Elmer Pease Family LLC to Keystone Derry LLC, $675,000

2 Senter Cove Rd Unit R: Carmelina Chretion to Michael E. Hanson and Desiree Cataldo, $327,800

3 Thames Rd: Hall George R Jr Est and Michelle Ball to NH Home Buyers LLC, $42,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 78: Lauren L. and Matthew J. Palmer to Esther Enoh, $285,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 53: Thomas F. Indoccio to Carmelina Chretien, $285,933

31 Windham Rd: Cameron J. and Elizabeth K. Barrett to Gregory D. Quinn, $420,000


26 Hadley Rd: Maison Belle LLC to William P. and Jaclyn M. Forbes, $709,000

9 Hastings Dr: Reschberger RET and Emily D. Reschberger to Maria Campusano, $525,000

65 Hickory Rd: Giuseppe E. Bellavita and F Mazurana-Bellavita to Tanya M. Jordan, $860,000

37 Houstons Way: Cale and Candace Houston to David Thompson, $860,000

30 Indian Ridge Rd: Brian D. and Esther E. Shuman to Frederick K. Berger and Suzanne M. Mccarthy, $600,000

10 Munroe Dr: Leonard C. and Angela L. StPierre to Jeffrey P. and Eileen Xenakis, $650,000

Route 111: April May RT and Randall L. Bennett to 660 Route 111 LLC, $280,000

16 Wash Pond Rd: Edward J. and Kathleen M. Schwenn to Lucas R. Depierre and Danay S. Depiere, $500,000


6 Ashworth Ave Unit 27: James W. and Fiona J. Rioux to Shannon and C P. Laplante, $175,000

98 Ashworth Ave: Rosario Russo 2020 RET and Rosario Russo to 98 Ashworth Ave LLC, $850,000

7 Fielding Ln: Kathleen W. Tarnowski to Zachary and Kara Dziama, $849,900

8 Fuller Acres: B&T NH Realty LLC to Thomas G. and Andrea R. Richards, $785,000

8 Hutchinson Dr: Nancy L. Travers to Sara Keyser, $445,000

55 Leavitt Rd: Glenn F. and Michal W. Shaw to Nicole V. Morgado and Lucena A. Grover, $450,000

Ocean Blvd: Hill Thomas J Jr Est and Laurie P. Miamis to 999 Ocean Bld LLC, $675,000

615 Ocean Blvd Unit 16: Jannine A. Bognore to Deithra Wright, $210,000

741 Ocean Blvd: Round Eight Holdings LLC to Harry Andrew Crews RET and Harry A. Crews, $2,150,000

989 Ocean Blvd Unit 14: Gavin W. and Theresa G. Henning to Alyssa C. Rosenzweig, $445,000

1 Perkins Ave Unit R: Christopher E. and Suzanne R. Lyons to Kara M. and John T. Mcswiggin, $220,000

21 Perkins Ave: Donnelly FT and Brian J. Donnelly to Christopher E. and Suzanne R. Lyons, $400,000

12 Portsmouth Ave: Terrece M. and Lisa Obrien to Peter H. and Melissa White, $1,525,000

67 Seabury Unit 67: Kevin P. Fortuna to Krista M. Burris, $340,000

17 Smith Ave: Patterson RET and Bonnie L. Patterson to William C. Goetschius and Sandra L. Page, $129,933

N/a: Goodwin Jason Est and Michelle Boulanger to Joseph Silva, $243,533


13 King Pine Way: Stehpen D. and Sharon Farrington to Alexander P. and Jenna L. Joy, $600,000

5 Newton Junction Rd: Ryan P. and Amy B. Ward to Anthony Pintzopoulos and Mary C. Raghetti, $360,000

12 Old Coach Rd: Rachel Stokes RET and Agnes Joy to Brian D. Laplume, $285,000


7 Charmarand Row: Liubov Leathurby to Michael J. and Maria J. Debellis, $348,000

7 Cornucopia Cir Unit 38: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Keith Whitestone and Kathleen D. Whitesone, $626,000

Cross Farm Condo Unit 44: Cross Farm Dev LLC to A Paul and Janet Graffeo, $570,933

190 Fieldstone Dr Unit 190: Christine L. Baez and Theodore W. Hill to Emily Plumer, $265,000

107 Hardy Rd: MDR Rehab&Dev LLC to Nicole D. Morrison and Jalen R. Cooper, $375,000

225 High Range Rd: Jessica L. Gagnon to Stephanie N. and Michael A. Deshiro, $352,000

19 King Henry Dr: Matthew D. Hiller to Richard J. Depasquale, $625,000

2 Mountain Home Rd: Vautier FT and Diane M. Vautier to Melton and Susan D. Fraser, $263,200

28 Red Deer Rd: Scott M. and Marla G. Severn to Christopher M. and Megan R. Marich, $505,000

2 Sugar Plum Ln Unit 2: Morelli FT and Jill Jablonski to Arthur E. and Susan Mercier, $415,000

20 Wilson Rd: Alex K. Jeanty and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $445,050


7 Bear Hill Rd: Josph M. and Amanda P. Spence to William E. and Darcy Perreault, $485,000

9 Fernwood Dr: Ryan A. and Melanie R. Hansen to Margaret A. and Adam Arsenault, $520,000

9 Laura Ln: Janice A. Gardner to James and Jane Gagne, $472,500

7 Oakhill Dr Unit 7: J Joseph and Gay A. Gardner to Carolyn J. Chard-Kallery, $420,000


41 Abacoa Rd Unit 41: James W Petersen Built Hm to Paulette M. Remillard, $465,800

Appaloosa Ave: J&P Durkin RET and Joseph E. Durkin to Thomas P. and Jenifer M. Tone, $460,000

27 Briarwood Rd: Kevin A. Brassard to Michael C. Jones, $525,000

33 Drummer Rd: Susan Caffrey to Leon and Stefanie Mckanas, $800,000

Landmark Estates Condo Unit 5: James W Petersen Built Hm to Paulette M. Remillard, $465,800

40 Longview Cir: Brian and Danielle Woznik to David and Fonda Norman, $920,000

32 Morgan Ave: Donald H. Ducharme and Susan P. Duchame to David and Jessica C. Medeiros, $441,000

133 Patriot Dr: Christopher M. and Amy L. Grasso to Jeffrey M. Moreau, $789,933

12 Whispering Oaks Rd Unit 12: Thomas E Harris IRT and Kimberly J. Chamberlain to John R. and Janice Stephens, $475,000


15 Culver St Unit 25: Rachel Custeau to Rebecca A. Evans, $232,533

6 Mankill Brook Rd: Daniel R. and Danielle A. Kidder to Jacqueline Odwyer, $535,000


29 Blake Rd: Ann M. Taylor to Michele and Gerald Kayo, $325,000

24 Chatham Cir: Douglas B. Seymour to James and Tammy Santos, $500,000

10 Irving St: Daniel G. Hodgerney to Triton Exteriors LLC, $249,000

67 N Main St: Thomas A. Bulcroft to Kenneth Quinn, $295,000

82 Shadow Lake Rd: Silas and Holly Barbour to Raymond Lundberg and Emily Proposki, $329,000

222 Shore Dr: Tim A. and Cynthia A. Grella to Mark A. and Kerri E. Leone, $465,000

4 Theresa Ave: Justin Fichera to Michael J. and Joanne Armano, $530,000

5 Town Farm Rd: Equity Hm Staging&Remodel to Joseph Defeudis, $500,000

95 Wheeler Ave: Carol J Thompson RET and William B. Thompson to R L Bellia Holings LLC, $360,000

N/a: Stande Kathleen A Est and Kevin J. Stande to Steven M. Rotier, $359,000

N/a: Ralph P Gallo IRT and Ruth L. Gallo to Ruth L. Gallo, $410,000


28 Jeannes Way: Vincent S. and Elaine Davis to Raul and Noemi Rodriguez, $540,000

72 Waterford Dr: Kirby R. and Amy R. Myers to Jordan and Brianna Bibeau, $495,000


18 New Zealand Rd: Dwayne M. Cyr and Cathy A. James to Terry R. Lee and Keri J. Bagley, $480,000


3 Briar Rd: Michael D. and Natasha K. Lupiani to James A. and Jennifer M. Perrone, $580,000

Butternut Rd: Peter&Anne Kuczynski FT and Peter A. Kuczynski to Thomas Arrria and Amanda Arria, $950,000

4 Crestwood Rd: Charles W. and Julie E. Lichtmann to Simone E. and Trevor W. Lichtman, $480,000

15 Gardner Rd: Frances L Morse RET and Frances L. Morse to Medeiros FT and Richard J. Medeiros, $1,300,000

6 Glenwood Rd: Michael J. Bedient to Michael D. and Natasha K. Lupiani, $820,000

Highclere Rd Lot 11a173: Ruby Holdings LLC to Safari Cons Mgmt LLC, $3,000,000

Highclere Rd Lot 11a172: Ruby Holdings LLC to Safari Cons Mgmt LLC, $3,000,000

Highclere Rd Lot 11a170: Ruby Holdings LLC to Safari Cons Mgmt LLC, $3,000,000

Highclere Rd Lot 11a171: Ruby Holdings LLC to Safari Cons Mgmt LLC, $3,000,000

10 Lilac Ridge Rd: 45 FR LLC to Robert and Ashley Chipman, $375,000

7 Mallard Rd: Eric and Laura Young to Victor J. Rodriguez and Johanna Medina, $795,000

4 Porcupine Rd: Katie Granville to Sean and Angela Branca, $760,000

217 Range Rd: Jon Minotti and Paula Bertini to Derek Bagley, $540,000

Searles Rd: Charles H. and Melissa C. Levine to Alexander and Brittany E. Richmond, $895,000

9 Tokanel Rd: Paulette M Remillard RET and Paulette M. Remillard to Robert B. and Linda L. Rocke, $600,000


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