Centerview Hollow Condo Lot A: Michael T. and Denise Murphy to Randall and Sharon Morey, $363,533

East Rd: Diane L. King to Murray 2015 T and Neil F. Murray, $337,000

East Rd Lot 1: Donald W Higgins RET and Donald W. Higgins to Adriana Donahue, $308,000

64 Maple Ave: Mary A Michaelsen RET and Mary A. Michaelsen to Steven J. Chabot, $699,000

11 Woodlawn Ave: Jennifer A. and William Baldwin to Edward F. Middleton, $331,000


322 Candia Rd: W&K Mccormick FT and Wayne E. Mccormick to Denise M. and Andrew S. Myrick, $525,000

279 Chester St: Jason K. and Sarah R. StJean to Constance R. Biedryzcki and Joseph L. Biedrzycki, $383,000

84 Lane Rd: Nalin Khapre and Sunita Rai to Amanda L. and Paul Wainwright, $365,000


Michael Dr: Kathleen and David P. Ragsdale to Cheryl Giordano, $300,000


Beaver Lake Ave: Anne C. Palmer to Amy Deutsch and Christopher Richmond, $78,333

194 Fordway Ext: Donna M. and James A. Schlesinger to Alicia H. and Patrick J. Wright, $350,000

81 Goodhue Rd: Jared D. and Mallory K. Vaughn to Ellie Esfandieri-Nazzaro and Michael J. Nazzaro, $441,000

4 Lancelot Dr Unit L: Christopher and Kimberly A. Mcanany to Lee Warren-Werling, $225,000

15 Pemigewasset Cir Unit 15: Catherine A. Smothernon to Nesanie S. Baroro and Brendan Sawicki, $364,000

Route 111: Kevin J. and Maureen P. Garcia to Christine Pelletier, $33,000

South Ave: Pay Cash 4 Your House LLC to Chrystal and Anthony D. Munoz, $302,000

3 Westview Dr: Thomas A Gardiner RET and Thomas A. Gardiner to Laura L. and Darrin L. King, $545,000

N/a: Jacobson RET and Thomas G. Jacobson to Jal LLC, $352,000


7 Aspen Dr Unit 7: Christina Walker to Joanne and Paul Murphy, $294,533

1 East Rd: Lisa R. Mari to Lauren M. Konetzny and Isaac W. Anderson, $575,000

21 Harris Ave: Antonio and Lisa Dipietrantonio to Eugene V. Benolt, $287,533

44 Island Pond Rd: NH NT and Peter Maguire to 1 The Rocks LLC, $300,000

2 Labrador Ln: Brighton Drive Inc to James A. Sacco, $180,000

Rosewood Cir: Larry C. and Diane M. Gretzinger to Joseph W. and Lillian Y. Levesque, $533,000


97 Acorn Rd: Susan F. Foster to Eleuthera T and June M. White, $105,000

180 Ashworth Ave Unit 204: 180 Asworth Avenue LLC to Ronald R. Wright, $289,933

Cedarview Ln: John&Shauna Healy T and John R. Healy to David R. and Michael N. Whalley, $560,000

23 Cusack Rd Unit 26: Allyson M. Condo to Janice Donovan, $310,000

237 Landing Rd: Emory C. Mullins to Richardo V. Elias, $260,000


Exeter Rd: Gladys Metcalfe Ray LT and Gladys Metcalfe-Ray to Richard L. Macglashing, $243,333

53 Exeter Rd: S Whittemore-White to Jennifer Mayes, $520,000


Adams Rd: Patrick H. and Angela M. Dawson to Brady A. and Meagan E. Myers, $390,000

5 Iris Ln: Elana Hall to Lee and Paula Bernard, $520,000

5 Nettie Way: Belize Estate Hldg LLC to Angela and Patrick Dawson, $548,933

88 Oakridge Dr Unit 88: Stacey L. Boule to Osmosis Properties LLC, $196,533

61 Old Nashua Rd Unit 63: Daniel Robichaud and Walter W. Cashdollar to Colin T. Doherty, $182,000

8 Sterling Dr: Brian C. and Kelly M. Sonia to Mark H. Scott, $581,000

4 Technology Dr: Londonderry Technology to 4 Technology Drive LLC, $2,200,000

20 Wimbledon Dr: William G. Brown to Deanna Kiser and Michael Minton, $452,000


Laura Ln: Michael A. and Lillian Mccormack to Benjamin J. Macdonald and Mattison K. Cellucci, $377,000


Mammoth Rd: Allan C. and Pattie A. Vallante to Thaddeus R. Richards and Terri L. Rickards, $440,000

N/a Lot 2: Joseph P. and Ninette Hashem to James M. Joyce and Melissa A. Costa, $350,000


Golden Hills Estates Cond Lot A: Brian J. Szegedy to Anthony E. Forlizzi, $214,000

Greenough Rd Lot 5: Gary J. and Julie A. Smith to Jody A. Wezesa, $255,000

10 Seaver Brook Ln Unit 10: Mae E. Deevy to Beverly A. Ferguson, $250,000


12 Braemoor Woods Rd Unit 404: LLR FT and Andrew B. Rosen to Daniel L. Horn, $288,000

Cole St: Steven M. Spamipinato to Allyn Hood and Sherry Whalen, $355,000

66 Cross St: Michael J. and Laura R. Lemay to Deanna Socia and Michael Kobrenski, $302,000

Iris Ave: Larry A. Boyko to Patrick Fecteau and Chucly Huu, $340,000

145 Lancaster Farm Rd: Anthony Holmes to Jack A. Holmes and Kaitlyn A. Heffernan, $420,000

309 Main St: Michael K. and Rachele D. Burkett to Nikhil Sriram and Savannah Waters, $350,000

N Main St: Joseph A. and Aliana J. Rogers to Hayley A. Dolbeare and Keith D. Morris, $277,933

N/a Lot 17-6: Aydin FT and Tarek Aydin to Daniel M. Tuerella and Mallory A. Tucarella, $540,000

N/a Lot 14: Michael D. Montecalvo to William and Lauren Gawlak, $464,933


20 Christopher Dr Unit 20: Susan L Randell RET and Susan L. Randell to Cynthia Ferguson, $287,000

188 North Rd: Robert and Jennifer White to Ryan and Cassandra Spina, $335,000


N/a Lot 8: Brenda G. Riley to Casey P. Guaron and Vallerie M. Gauron, $405,000


29 Glendenin Rd: JL Powell Const LLC to Graeme A. Paton and Stefanie Roes-Paton, $793,000

64 Londonderry Rd: R Valiyodiyil-Karunakaran and Sithara Ranjith to Nichola P. and Alyson N. Cuddemi, $389,933



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