14 Bluebird Ln: Kim M. Silva to Jody Plourde, $500,000

6 Chase Is: Carol J. Davis to Jean M. Macmillan-Foley and James Foley, $485,000

18 Crown Hill Rd: Melanie J. Shepard to Graham and Brandi Lilley, $706,000

5 Longview Dr Unit 5305: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Nahil NT and Joseph C. Nahil, $557,933

7 Longview Dr Unit 6303: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Jennifer A Suech RET and Jennifer A. Suech, $503,000

Oak Ridge Dr: Messuri RT and Daniel J. Messuri to 19 Oak LLC, $1,750,000

N/A Unit 29-10: Robert S. Stoddard and Frances Keegan-Stoddart to Peter and Valentina Litichevsky, $1,100,000


67 Mohawk Ln: Joshua D. and Cindy L. Lanctot to Kevin A. and Dayna A. Hutchens, $900,000

76 South Rd: Sean D. and Abigail Foley to Eric Homan and Anna Lange-Homan, $600,000


697 Fremont Rd: Beverly A. Miller to Charles Preston, $450,000

302 Sandown Rd: Barry Carl Jensen Sr RET and Barry Carl Jensen to Barry C. Jensen, $310,933


163 G H Carter Dr: William and Kimberly Brackett to Johnathan M. and Nicole M. Silva, $525,000

263 Long Pond Rd: Kunis Richard C Est and Joseph E. Kunis to Susan Moreschi, $300,000

Seavey Rd: Eugene H. Bodwell to Allen and Francine Kesner, $500,000

5 Tartan Ct: David A. and David Elliott to Matthew R. and Robert K. Veale, $390,000

9 Walker Rd: Ronald L. and Julie A. Dicarlo to Joshua A. and Alexandra D. Johnson, $515,000


12 Bayberry Ln: Ivan and Skylar R. Gomez to Susan and Robert Ochoa, $540,000

101 E Broadway Unit 8: Mark K. Lenfest and FHLM to Unit 8 LLC, $99,000

4 Fairfax Ave Unit 234: Lisa A. and Michael J. Robichaud to Matthew C. Robichaud, $100,000

23 Kilrea Rd: Bruce W. Radford to John R Cooper RET and John R. Cooper, $325,000

31 Mount Pleasant St: Mitchell E. Warden and Yosmar Delvalle-Warden to Ryan S. Reynolds, $360,000

Skylark Dr: Emily D. Norloff to Steven M. and Joanne M. Powers, $512,000

N/A Unit 4: Barry Richard James Est and Stephanie Mackesy to L Scialdone Exempt FT and Amy Lonergan, $300,000


4 Fireside Dr: Gerald J. Graham to Christopher E. Stetson, $662,000

150 Hedding Rd: Denis M. Sennett to Brandi Watson and Kassidy Heywood, $280,000

32 Victoria Dr: David and Rachelle Hennessy to Thomas E. Janatsch, $625,000


No Transactions in this Town


26 Barthelmess Ln: Doreen M. Early and Edward J. Cote to Carl and Amy M. Beauregard, $780,000

13 Springfield Dr Unit 908B: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Sandra L Brooks LT and Sandra L. Brooks, $507,466


Black Rd: Ici Headquarters Grp LLC to Albert Indelicato, $500,000

5 Cogger St: Kevin V. and Alyson J. Iarrusso to Emily Carlson and Robert Carroll, $610,000

2 Cranberry Ln: Eric V. Dorman to Crystal E. Grover and Gary G. Pontbriand, $2,795,000

81 Dearborn Ave: R A&Jayne B Brown RET and Robert A. Brown to Holly A. Enright, $367,000

838 Lafayette Rd: 838 Lafayette RT and Debra Birmbas to Funpolice LLC, $1,100,000

11-A Nudd Ave: Krystle and Derek Kelley to Michael and Diane Skaff, $407,533

1044 Ocean Blvd Unit 1B: Crystal E. Grover to KPM T and Kevin P. Mcdevitt, $1,265,000

27 Pearl St: Marc C. and Jennifer L. Marois to Kieran J. and Karen J. Sullivan, $1,050,000

115 Timber Swamp Rd: Kristian Zoeller to Robert E. Garrant, $525,000


Route 150: Rodney D. Litalien to Laurie Karrh, $480,000


24 10th St: Jeffrey S. Hollar to Ronald A. Falong, $285,300

21 Bartlett St: Barry E. and Lynn R. Coolen to Nick Coolen, $450,000

15 Great Pond Rd: Jesse M. Lambert to Angela J. Wilson, $310,000

53 Newton Junction Rd: Joan M. Bisson to Paul and Jennifer L. Riccio, $250,000

12 Ordway Ln: R&Jennifer Berube RET and Roland E. Berube to Reynaldo G. Avelar and Maryann Gardiner, $730,000

Scotland Rd Unit F: Jean M Wilcox RET and Martha E. Mcdonough to Ratte FT and Scott Ratte, $250,000


47 Alexander Rd: Kairal and Erin Sandiford to Karen Moulton, $460,000

11 Apollo Rd: Julia K Parkhurst RET and Betsy Keeney to Brenda L Matte T and Brenda L. Matte, $480,000

14 Crestview Cir Unit 153: Rebekah Lim to Boback Sharifian, $260,000

Cross Farm Condo Unit 113: Cross Farm Dev LLC to C&V Kaslow RT and Charles M. Kaslow, $718,333

9 Lantern Ln: Kendra L. and Jeffrey K. Mccormick to Melissa and Matthew Clougherty, $660,000

32 Lawson Farm Rd: Martin FT and Jeffrey A. Martin to Benjamin Padellaro and Paige Watkins, $646,000

92 Mammoth Rd: Phillip Steven I Est and Craig Phillip to Wendy A. Sesin, $415,000

350 Mammoth Rd: Daniel R. Howes to Brandon Sweeney, $715,000

31 Raintree Dr: Rebecca Murphy to Michael Connick and Meghan Oneill, $485,000

24 White Plains Ave: Karlson FT and Aaron Karlson to Bryan and Kymberlee Nicholas, $725,000

13 Wildwood Rd: David F. and Sheryl A. Dentremont to Alyssa and Richard Rodrigues, $595,000

3 Woods Ave: Silver Star Realty LLC to Rudens and Xhoana Gega, $413,000


72 N Main St: Reynaldo Garcia and Mary A. Gardiner to Michael Eduardo, $590,000


137 Garland Dr: Jonathan and Stefani Takahashi to Matthew Divecchia and Emily Parker, $720,000

112 Hidden Hollow Dr: John F. and Cheryl A. Mcdonough to Peter A. and Christine A. Mancuso, $640,000

172 Jeremy Hill Rd: Ryan M. Shea and Elizabeth A. Lord to Geoffrey R. and Kimberly M. Gallant, $760,000

30 Simpson Mill Rd: Elaine Z. Gordon to Daniel Leduc and Duong Merkara, $625,000


16 Captain Cook Way Unit 16: Mary L Doody T and Patricia M. Riter to Andrew K. Lewis, $370,000

53 Kingston Rd: Vernard A. Shaejbe to Peter E. and Ronalee J. Stackhouse, $490,000

6 North Ave: Nicole Rogato to Ashley Morelli and Coleton Cook, $490,000

3 Plaistow Rd: Plaistow Rd NH RETail LLC to Plaistow Ventures LLC, $6,100,000

32 W Pine St Unit B: Matthew A. and Katherine M. Moore to Aminda Daviduk, $260,000


118 Bluff St: 118 Bluff St LLC to Joseph E. Simon, $950,000

Clare Ln: Robert C. Hartford to Hate It When LLC, $555,000

Clark Rd: Clark Ave Realty LLC to Jeffrey P. Pelletier, $18,800

5 Emerson Way: 5 Emerson Way LLC to Kevin and Ana Dupont, $410,800

Granite Woods Condo Unit 1: Parhiala RET and Thomas E. Parhiala to Donna Weinberg and Stephen Mini, $720,000

Lawrence Rd: 277 Lawrence Road LLC to Cedar Crest Dev LLC, $215,000

Millville St: Alan Clark to Gregory Herr, $18,333

411 N Main St: Ferris FT and Robin K. Ferris to Jason P. Ose and Baylie D. Lecolst, $755,000

14 Redwood Rd: Caryn and Scott Starace to Michael T. and Phebe L. Higgins, $755,000

5 Sally Sweet Way: Virginia G Heisleim IRT and Virginia G. Heislein to William Stobbe, $450,000

10 Sally Sweet Way Unit 104: Salem MOB LLC to Michael S. Downs, $699,933

23 Stiles Rd Unit 103: Salem Radiology RE&Equipm to Gaffney Properties LLC, $450,000


32 Christopher Dr Unit 32: Peter Chouinard to Sandra E. Girard, $321,000

31 Cricket Ln: John M. and Mary E. Mickalay to Nehemias and Xavier Castillo, $495,000

Dox Condo Unit 9: Perfect Pond LLC to Aliaksei Kandratsenka and Hanna Khodkina, $1,052,000


16 Ayer Cir: Kevin E. and Morgan L. Cogdill to Andrew R. Himmer and Heather Hatch, $479,000

14 Janvrin Dr: Colleen D. Baxter to Joshua and Kristen Sarao, $410,000

419 State Route 286 Unit 307: Kathleen A. and Glenn H. Walton to Michael F. and Catherine A. Dillon, $175,000

Violette Ln: Pond View At Seabrook LLC to Messuri FT and Daniel Messuri, $650,000


1 Blueberry Rd: Kerry W. and Cheryl Vandesteeg to Steven Decusco and Susan Edelmann, $540,000

38 Glendenin Rd: Kori C. Doherty to Justin J. Conroy and Kathryn D. Stone, $1,675,000

146 Londonderry Rd: Timothy J. and Linda L. Julian to Ruslan Vorobei, $925,000

139 Lowell Rd: Benjamin C. and Jung L. Pease to Craig M. and Leah M. Whitcomb, $675,000

80 Mammoth Rd Unit 1: Moisan IRT and Andrew J. Moisan to Mark S. Waks and Kathleen C. Vandette-Waks, $390,000

97 W Shore Rd: Philip Dangelo and Mary Gavrilles to 97 W Shore Road RET and Monique D. Donovan, $1,900,000

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