Page Farm Condo Unit 37: Midland Investments LLC to Lisa Palmisano, $544,333

8 Rose Ln: Joseph A. and Rose Faro to Joseph P. Faro, $750,000

N/a: Keith Cote to James Birmingham, $295,000


5 Sheepwash Dr: Richard Mcglinchey and Eileen F. Mcglichney to Stacey L. White, $410,000


432 Main St: Wayne Kinney to P&D Contracting LLC, $125,000

129 Sandown Rd: Heidi Sheehan to Craig Hler, $275,000


3 Applewood Dr: Jhan C. Bisono to Kaitlin M. Magsarili and Justin F. Magsarilli, $395,000

14 Drew Woods Dr Unit 14: Maximo DelaCruz to Brendan Tallon, $329,000

92 E Broadway Unit 24: BCB Real Estate Holdings to Arthur P. and Maria H. Resende, $98,000

14 Florence St Unit 2: Katrina French and Lee D. Bernard to Yalile A. Torres, $236,000

Gilcrest Rd: Ryan Stacey LLC to Property Possible Inc, $404,000

Hillside Estates Condo Unit 21: Douglas R. and Mary L. Tilton to Tatyana Hrytsay, $135,000

8 Lilly Ln: Lifestyle Homes Of Derry to Dora A. Eiguezabal and Luis E. Elguezabal, $525,400

4 Martha Dr: Anthony R&N K Gerladi RET and Mary A. Gelardi to Joseph Marino and Nicole N. Bruno, $225,000

20 Norton St: Patricia A. Iannuzzi to Thomas and Sarah Nazzaro, $255,000

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 1: Healyford Realty LLC to Linda Galante, $259,933

5 Richardson Dr Unit L: Cody J. Nelson and Katherine N. Prescott to Ashleigh Capra and Zachary E. Derubeis, $219,000

32 Stonegate Ln Unit 32: Ashlee Ranger to Hazel P. Williams, $169,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 90: Heyward S. Williams to Melissa Trombly, $226,000


10 Barthelmess Ln: James R. and Kathleen Hunt to Peter C. Neil, $440,000

26 Barthelmess Ln: Susan J. Clarke to Michael A. Pushee and Doreen M. Early, $510,000

N/a Lot 44: Bruce B. and Eileen R. Leighton to Cory M. and Danielle Mcgovern, $535,000


11 Anns Ln: Eugene J. and Candiece Mcnally to Amanda and Criag Field, $300,000

106 Ashworth Ave Unit 14: Michale P. Takesian to Jonathan D. Toscano, $90,000

180 Ashworth Ave Unit 206: 180 Ashwroth Avenue LLC to Todd T. and Dana M. Boucher, $285,000

752 Exeter Rd: Allard Barbara E Est and Stephen Allard to JP Structures LLC, $266,000

11 Hayden Cir: John M. Brakcett and Shonda L. Brackett to Jason and Jaime Newman, $460,000

280 High St: Jason Newman to Laura A. and Dennis T. Wallace, $355,000

64 Locke Rd: Allan H. Frechette and Dianne L. Frechete to Kevin M. and Patricia Cooney, $455,000

415 Ocean Blvd Unit 2b: Jacob DelVallee and Lynn DelValle to David ad Karen Beaulieu, $109,000

Shirley Ter: Jason Mabile and Regan Okon to Henry A Bechard RET and Henry A. Bechard, $475,000

105 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 9: Bernadette J Parsons RET and James M. Parson to Peter D Ross RET and Peter D. Ross, $230,000

179 Woodland Rd: William V. and Alice D. Bowen to Scott Mcgrail, $375,000

N/a Lot 11: Dennis Larry Wagner FT and Dennis L. Wagner to Morgenthau FT and Alan S. Morgentheau, $25,000


No Transactions in this Town


69 Boulder Dr Unit 69: Alisa M. Deavilla and FNMA to Muhamed Durakovic, $115,000

24 Charleston Ave: Matthew T. Leonard to Allison Dessatti, $339,900

4 Currier Dr: Gary M. Fedrochuk and Laureen J. Fedorchuk to Sharon Hoffman and Walter Murphy, $379,933

132 Fieldstone Dr Unit 132: Theresa A. Hull to Active Management Svc, $157,000

129 Sandstone Cir Unit 129: Jennifer J. Ford to Rachael M. Laplante, $147,000

16 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 227: Kaitlin Magsarili to Sarah Davidson, $187,533

N/a: South Road Of Londonderry to South Road Realty LLC, $200,000

N/a Lot 5-5: Water Wonders LLC to Londonderry Holdings LLC, $1,000,000


57 Highland St: Joshua E. and Caitlin Gagnon to Anthony and Jacquelyn Ciocco, $345,000

14 Kenwood Dr: Francisco and Kimberly Quintana to Daniel C. Wakefield, $509,900

7 Wentworth Dr: Joseph G. Levis to Gary S. and Heather J. Marchessault, $246,000


18 Blackstone Cir: Saurman Construction LLC to Christopher A. and Lindsey Byrne, $519,000

29 Bridge St: T A Adams Realty Inc and Salem 5 Cents SB to ZJBV Properties LLC, $525,000

12 Evergreen Ave: Debra Ann T and Stephen J. Doherty to Demetrious C. and Maria D. Papadimoulis, $496,733

23 Innisbrook Dr: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to Robert Sordillo, $535,000

10 Island Pond Rd: Steven M. and Michelle M. Wormald to Conner M. Lightner and Marisa Depierro, $310,000

69 Tallant Rd: Mary Larsen to Daniel Foley, $339,933


135 Forrest St Unit 4: Lisa I. Vaillancourt to David Glynn, $187,000

32 North Ave: Michael A. Disario to Ross P. Davis, $331,000

Old County Rd: Hoyt RT and Kristina M. Kelly to HCR Construction Inc, $140,000

Old County Rd: Hoyt RT and Kristina M. Kelly to HCR Construction Inc, $140,000

6 Red Oak Dr: Scott M. Hovan to Anthony Bofiglio, $485,000

N/a Lot 69-37: Deborah and Robert Zukas to Keith E. and Margaret A. Boudreau, $155,000


59 Cluff Rd Unit 57: A&M Dudley RT and Kenneth R. Dudley to Charles and Fiorella J. Sutera, $261,000

14 Cross St: GKJ Properties LLC to 14 Coss Street LLC, $352,000

11 Lancelot Ct Unit 22: Touran A. and Abdollah Shams to Joseph Alex, $155,000

32 Old Rockingham Rd: Joseph G. Azzi to D&M Demers Real Estae Inv, $285,000

165 Pelham Rd: Thomas and Ann Gagne to Jacquelyn M. Mayo and John A. Georgallas, $415,000


50 Holts Point Rd: Lag Holdings LLC to John S. Iannuzzi, $379,933


36 Adams Ave: William J. Demonaco and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $190,800

77 Foggs Ln Unit A: Ralph Welch and Sorin Ciobanu to Julie L. Braley, $384,933

True Rd: Willard F. Boyle to Stargazar Real Estate Dev, $260,000

N/a: Cynthia Saulenas T and Cynthia Saulenas to Leo J Plante T and Leo J. Plante, $245,000


16 Faith Rd: Thomas J. Nicol to Stephen A. and Dana K. Duquet, $490,000

46 Gaumont Rd: Alvin H. and Betty A. Rodgers to GJR RET and Alvin H. Rodgers, $440,000

47 Glendenin Rd: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to Jeremy Giles and Deborah Dowling, $899,400

6 Gordon Mountain Rd Unit 6: DMH Development LLC to Samnuel C. Tsai, $424,933

8 Gordon Mountain Rd Unit 8: DHM Development LLC to Christpher P. Howard, $429,933

16 Morgan St Unit 16: Morgan St LLC to Douglas L. and Deborah M. Melanson, $643,600

63 Overton Rd: Chris&Lisa Veich T and Christopher A. Vuich to Malvern and Marian Furusa, $685,000

4 Oxford Rd: Robert C. Dolan to C Melaragni-Foden and Paul C. Foden, $475,000

2 Thomas St: Steven R. Gagnon to Timothy J. and Melissa H. Bourassa, $302,533



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