7 Beechwood Ct Unit 7: Henry W Gardner RET and Henry W. Gardner to Lauren M. Rothwell, $372,000

37 Centerview Rd Unit 37: Richard E. Rice to Donald F. Mcleod, $364,533

76 Maple Ave: Dennis E. and Pamela J. Haskin to Paul J. Schena, $325,000

138 Maple Ave: Patrick M. and Deborah I. Francis to Paul and Sheila Tylus, $635,000

9 Sawmill Rd: Lauren M. Rothwell to Edwin and Erica Araujo, $485,000


302 Candia Rd: Roger F. Roach to 302 Freedom Farm RET and Brian Lauer, $512,533

79 Haverhill Rd: Jacob N. Hemond to Andrwe Capobianco and Breanna Palhete, $395,000

5 Shepard Home Rd: Richard L. Stepleford and Kimberly A. Sanford to Jennifer R. Owens, $375,000

N/a: Timothy W. Jackson to Foskitt FT and Paul J. Foskitt, $78,000


97 Johnson Rd: Karen Cook to Daniel S. and Leslie Makin, $460,000


21 Aiken St: G D&P J Madden IRT and Denise L. Madden to Jay and Kimberly M. Harris, $356,000

29 Beacon Hill Rd: Mario P. and Jeanine C. Agri to Melinda L. Durling and Paul D. Merrill, $482,000

10 Bill St: Virginia D Schaefer RET and Virginia D. Schaefer to Jacob A. Santos and Cayla D. Sevigny, $424,000

10 Brook St: Manuel Rodriguez to Merari Andrades, $353,000

147 Bypass 28: Mario C. Pelletier and Jessica C. Allen to Carleen Preble and Roberta Fox, $305,000

5 Chase St: James S. and Laurel A. Powers to Shawn and Stephanie Foster, $549,933

413 Chases Grove Rd: David and Anthony D. Incerto to Stephanie M. Ringland, $140,000

1 Coventry Ln: Phillip and Carol A. Guerard to Rafael and Leigh Bergeron, $730,000

1 Cunningham Dr: Barbara E Baker T and Gregory K. Baker to Philip Long and Jennifer K. Poole, $425,000

92 E Broadway Unit 12: Short Family Inv Prop LLC to Matt and Allison Eiserman, $144,000

16 Edgewood St: Amy and Frederick Conklin to Walter and Hyun J. Provencio, $500,000

15 Elm St Unit 1: John F. Vargas to Noemi Mejia, $327,000

65 Fordway Ext Unit 1111: Riley Thatcher 2018 T and Eileen F. Riley to Thompson 2018 T and Kevin Thompson, $220,000

65 Fordway Ext Unit 1205: Little FT and Tammy M. Davis to Dean M. Bascom, $235,000

27 Franklin St: 27 Franklin Street LLC to Jillian Packard, $310,000

27 Hope Hill Rd: Kimberley and Wayne Robinson to John R. and Arti Mahon, $385,000

36 Island Pond Rd: Woseyna FT and Paul D. Woseyna to Frederick C. and Amy E. Conklin, $660,000

50 Island Pond Rd: Francis W. Curley to Patrick and Christina Arroyo, $420,000

16 Lane Rd: Luke Grosskreutz to NN Home Buyers LLC, $115,000

79 Lane Rd: Blunt LT and Vivianne S. Bausha to Tim and Denise Cochran, $400,000

166 N Shore Rd: Giuseppe Lanzerotta LT and Giuseppe Lanzerotta to Nicholas Noome, $525,000

1 Pembroke Dr Unit 4: William T. Sullivan to Jeannederc, $139,933

3 Silvestri Cir Unit 8: John H. Mcgee to Kelly A. and Joseph D. Gallant, $153,000

31 Steele Rd: Colinbrooke Invs LLC to Michael C. and Nikki L. Misiaszek, $609,600

8 Summit Ave Unit R: Nicole Ouellette to Maria C. Tetiva, $255,000

8 Upstone Ln: Timothy and Felicia Scouten to Alyssa M. Sughrue and Richard A. Mignone, $390,000

129 Windham Rd: William E. Hill to Jesse R. Lusk, $455,000


7 Derry Rd: Cornelius and Lynn S. Balk to Matthew and Rita Blanchette, $315,000

5 Remington Dr Unit 904a: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Denn FT and Peter J. Denn, $531,400

9 Victoria Ln: Earl F. and Elizabeth E. Metzler to Swaitha Maripuri, $800,000

147 Wash Pond Rd: Sedensky FT and Christopher R. Sedensky to Christine Sullivan, $389,933

47 Winchester Dr Unit 903b: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Kevin G. and Charlotte M. Misuraca, $478,933


28 Alexander Dr: Zachary S. and Kara Dziama to Dena M. Riccio-Enis and John M. Enis, $792,000

12 Auburn Ave: Dabriskas John J Est and Lisa J. Bellanti to Kathleen Kenney, $131,000

15 Belmont Cir: Christopher M. and Julie Rooney to Heather and Robert Hynick, $450,000

11 Cliff Ave: John H Rugheimer RET and Richard R. Itczak to John and Cailin Bachand, $650,000

11 Coffin Dr: Stephen M. and Mary E. Shanley to Benjamin C. Sandelowsky and Diana M. Lopez, $750,000

4 Eastmor Ln: Clifford L Lajoie RET and Melissa Lajoie to Edward and Heather Sawyer, $428,533

Elaine St: Steven A Ayer T and Jonathan M. Flagg to Thomas E. Ayer, $92,533

514 High St: John M. Pattavina to Christopher M. Griffin, $549,000

68 Kings Hwy Unit 3: Dennis A. Secore and Gail P. Sccore to David C. and Tiffany M. Peterson, $299,933

68 N Shore Rd: Janosz FT and Thomas G. Janosz to E A&C La Kouninis RET and Efstathios A. Kouninis, $590,000

15 Nudd Ave: Joseph R. Schnare and Jennifer A. Schanre to Daniel and Kelly Considine, $595,000

545 Ocean Blvd: Kevin and Nancy Grenier to James E. Bradley, $990,000

561 Ocean Blvd Unit 8: Raymond M. Coutu to Thomas A. Carney, $505,000

933 Ocean Blvd Unit 207: Parsons Group LLC to Melissa A. Lesniak, $315,000

938 Ocean Blvd Unit 26: Ryna R. Elliot to Michel Lapierre RET and Michel Lapierre, $395,000

975 Ocean Blvd Unit 26: Ryna R. Elliot to Michel Lapierre RET and Michel Lapierre, $395,000

25 Playhouse Cir: Brian S. and Melora Mclaughlin to Tabetha P. and Corey M. Ryser, $850,000

10 Randall St: James M. and Robin M. Giampa to Erin Blair, $470,000

13 Riverview Ter Unit B: Salty Breeze LLC to Tracy A. Descoteaux and Daren A. Filomeno, $297,000

9 Sage Dr Unit 5: Chinburg Development LLC to Jack I. and Lisa D. Ohayon, $265,000

14 Tobey St: Meghan S. and John J. Riley to Margaret Berkman and Colby Atkinson, $529,000

N/a Lot 61: R&Judith Leclerc FT and Richard M. Leclerc to Gary M. Shirk, $652,533


14 Folly Brook Ter Unit B: Daniel R. Diodati to Kathleen S. Pottle, $260,000

9 Kasher Dr Unit B: Rachael F. Malm to Kelly J. Pechilis, $379,000


26 Auburn Rd: Mitchell W. and Julie C. Kopacz to Sander Vargas, $520,000

39 Calla Rd: Lorden Commons LLC to Brandan F. Meyers and Sara Servold-Meyers, $659,933

10 Catesby Ln: Stabile Hm At Londonderry to Mayank Mehrotra and Ginny Khanna, $649,533

37 Clover Ln: Lorden Commons LLC to William C. and Samnatha A. Carroll, $609,933

5 Coteville Rd: K Lagree RET and Kevin Lagree to Cody and Tyler Ball, $530,000

19 Cover Ln: New Come Lorden Commons to Theodore A. and Theresa T. Livingstine, $579,933

Cross Farm Condo Unit 87: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Douglas A. Murray and Ann M. Beauregard, $564,133

2 Pilgrim Rd Unit 2: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Paul and Carol A. Churchill, $586,800

4-r Quincy Rd: Brox Industries Inc to Sunset Rock LLC, $60,000

9 Quincy Rd Unit B: Donald D. and Carol R. Decapot to Nichole Silver and Christian Beer, $345,000

29 Rainbow Dr Unit 29: Norman L. and Linda T. Dallaire to Dimaio FT and Scott D. Folger, $325,000

Rolling Meadow Condo Unit 3e: Suzanne E. and Daryn P. Seiberth to James and Laurel Powers, $215,000

38 Sawgrass Cir Unit 38: Wayne and Donna Brockney to Peter K. Lisbon and Janice Lison, $465,000

1 Southwood Dr: Margaret A. Carney to Charles T. and Carol I. Dunne, $450,000

14 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 54: Lisa L. Oliver to Kartheek Bajjuru, $255,000

276 Winding Pond Rd Unit 276: Cim REO 2021 NR2 LLC to Arcand FT and Donna C. Arcand, $219,000

N/a: Daniel Weldon to Weldon RET and Daniel Weldon, $275,000


24 S Main St: Ralph D. Estabrook to Daniel and Deborah Plambeck, $265,000


68 Abacoa Rd Unit 68: James W Petersen Built Hm to Richard and Mary G. Madanjian, $534,733

32 Berkeley St: Diane and David Therrien to Alexander Hogan and Christopher Picinic, $480,000

25 Collins Way: Keith T. OBrien and Cindy O. Brien to Brian Chen, $655,000

22 Debbie Dr: William A. and Deborah J. Whelan to Derek B. and Meaghann M. Jackson, $715,000

Landmark Estates Condo Unit 17: James W Petersen Built Hm to Richard and Mary G. Madanjian, $534,733

978 Mammoth Rd: Georges Realty LLC to Walter A. and Stephanie L. Breault, $452,533

52 Marsh Rd: Soucy FT and Roland J. Soucy to Laura B. Solomon and Kelvin P. Webster, $525,000

13 Wildwood Rd: KDS Properties LLC to Wesley M. and Brianna R. Adams, $638,000


15 Culver St Unit 47: Kevin G. and Charlotte M. Misuraca to D Wojcukiewicz-Garvey, $325,000

135 Forrest St Unit 8: Caroline Kwong to David M. Glynn, $268,800

50 Newton Rd: Lisa M. Fowler to Lincoln Investements LLC, $334,000

15 Smith Corner Rd: Daniel J. Driscoll and K M. Picard-Driscoll to Lloyd Jennings, $615,066


44 Atkinson Rd: Marie S. and Antoine Dehne to David M. Paul, $624,933

56 Brady Ave: Jason A. Adams and Vanderbilt Mtg&Fin Inc to Vanderbilt Mtg&Fin Inc, $20,000

2 Brook Rd Unit 11: Ursula J. and Stanley Gabryjelski to Tark Muhaffel, $162,533

16 Budron Ave: Lance M. and Marycarol Wieland to Kristen A. Celona, $385,000

117 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 12: Zeldow Stephen M Est and Edward D. Zeldow to TTBLT Inc, $152,000

59 Cluff Rd Unit 34: Rose Nolan to Brown Family 2014 IRT, $240,000

59 Cluff Rd Unit 68: Ferrara 2017 T and Matthew M. Ferrara to Fuoco FT and Linda Fuoco, $357,733

112 E Broadway: Mill Pond Equities LLC to North Salem Propertis LLC, $740,000

12 Field Ave: Erin D. Moses to Patrick B. Mcgoff and Jennifer M. Doherty, $375,000

8 Gloria Rd: Joshua J. Paine to Shawn Adams and Jessica Nardone, $473,000

12 Hitching Post Ln: Peter K. and Janice Lison to Hans E. Johnson and Carolyn R. Detora, $675,000

Kings Court Condo Unit I: Jane Mcdougall to SNH 1 LLC, $90,733

6 Lakeview St: Jared A. Jordan to Michael R. and Michelle M. Gray, $490,000

8 Millville Cir: Anna M. Dickey to Deborah J. Post, $239,900

50 N Main St Unit 4: Ivan Colon to Duffy RET and Kelly Duffy, $188,333

62 N Policy St: Donald F. Mcleod to Kevin Choy and Xin Zhang, $450,000

10 Sally Sweet Way Unit 204: Salem MOB1 LLC to Thomas and Barbara Troy, $699,933

14 Silver Brook Rd: Kevin M. and Jennifer Murphy to Jonathon B. and Colleen Coty, $525,000

10 Tiffany Rd Unit 11: Arthur Richter to Paula M. Montero, $150,000

N/a Lot 223: David N. Getchell to Foresight Investment Inc, $537,000


17 Compromise Ln: Thomas M. Augusta and Melissa A. Auger to Barry S. Desjarsdins and Shannon M. Desjardins, $464,933

49 Giordani Ln: Jeanne M Tobin RET and Maureen C. Johnson to Jacqueline A. Cassidy, $420,000

50 Hampstead Rd: Patty A. and Christian A. Zorn to NN Home Buyers LLC, $160,000

15 Meghan Dr: S&H Wailker Woods Hldg to David P. and Kassara Scranton, $570,000

21 Meghan Dr: S&H Wailker Woods Hldg to Panagiotis and Ilona Koutsogkilas, $586,000

66 Montana Dr: Sunshine Holdings LLC to Andrew J. Lafoe, $595,000

101 North Rd: Keith A. and Maureen E. Monahan to Alexandra L. Landry and Cameron O. Dubiel, $340,000

41 Phillips Rd: Ernest R Brown RET and Ernest R. Brown to Steven and Rebekah Diem, $440,000

42 Trues Pkwy: Daniel J. and Cheryl A. Langone to Tara E. Tucker and Kristen M. Dube, $360,000

8 W Shore Dr: Chritsine E. Sullivan to Frank C. and Deborah A. Randazzo, $375,533


95 Ledge Rd Unit 1: LRR Holdings LLC to Cardinal NH 10 LLC, $252,000

171 Lower Collins St: 4 Lily Lane LLC to David Cataldo, $480,000

3 Marshall Way: Tammy C. and Michael H. Fuller to Maureen A. Lynch and Timothy J. Costello, $625,000

Route 107: Jecca Corp to Route 107 Seabrook LLC, $125,000

164 Tilton St: Driscoll William J Est and William J. Driscoll to John P. and Laura L. Jankowski, $640,000


23 3rd St: Lebel Landholdings LLC to Marco Dalfonso and Olivia Hunter-Smith, $470,000

5 Acadia Dr: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to Stephen M. and Nicole E. Bubb, $1,006,533

1 Fawn Rd: Bryan M. and Bridget P. Calder to David J. and Erin L. Aquilino, $785,000

4 Fern St: Phillip Demelo to Aaron and Kimberly Gower-Hall, $520,000

88 Marblehead Rd: Francis D. and Maura K. Goodhue to Andrew Crawford and Sarah M. Clegg, $649,000

19 Sheffield St: Donald H. and Jadine M. Levesque to Akansha Mittal, $820,000

5 Wilson Rd: Susan M. and John J. Tokanel to Justin M. and Stefanie J. Tokanel, $400,000

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