44 Bolder Cove Rd: Jordan R. and Brianna Bibeau to Jennifer L. Russell, $429,933

28 Hemlock Shore Dr: Joel W. Deputat to John and James Bourque, $400,000

N/a Lot 21-1: Henrys Homes LLC to Christopher C. Cote and Krystle Cobb, $649,000


44 Hemlock Ln: Kubicki Builders LLC to John A. Spinello, $740,000

129 Lane Rd: Richard A. Menard to Krank Construction LLC, $150,000


8 Doe Run: Hi Speed Hockey Productn to Nerissa and Joseph A. Manzi, $549,933

17 Granite Dr Unit A: Macaulay FT and Caroline Dipasquale to Harry and Jan Howarth, $352,133


22 Collettes Grove Rd: David N. Aberle to David N. and Cathy Aberle, $273,000

6 Desmarais Ave: Georges Realty LLC to Colleen and Ian Weeks, $352,533

E Broadway: Gekas FT and Konstantinos Gekas to Hare Of The Dawg LLC, $880,000

65 Fordway Ext Unit 4111: Sandra Okeefe RET and Steven Saraceno to Wayne Craig, $204,933

34 Franklin St: Cuong T. Tran and True H. Nguyen to Coleen J. Decker and David B. Sikorski, $325,000

13 Hampshire Dr: Stephen B. and Carol A. Furstenau to Alicia R. and Michael D. Oliver, $445,000

3 Meadowbrook Rd: SFD NT and Shaun F. Durkin to Joseph W. Salvaneschi and Krysten M. Demirgian, $486,000

5 Orchard Dr: Joseph C. and Cynthia A. Famolare to Bela Z. Elekes and April M. Lamrock, $770,000

28 Pleasant St: Marguerite M Mcleod RET and Marguerite M. Mcleod to Andrew and Coreen Mcniff, $220,000

1 Silvestri Cir Unit 21: Gerald R. and Gloria T. Grasso to Maria Saad, $175,000

Steven Ave: Richard B. Sprince to Katie Bonia, $390,000

11 Sundown Dr Unit C: Mark A. and Wendy S. Conway to Sarah L. Bimshas, $269,933

11 Tinkham Ave: Bravo Romeo 6 LLC to ATB Enterprises LLC, $750,000

9 Tracy Dr: New Hampshire State Of to Alberto Santiago and Rachel M. Ferreira, $151,533

8 Tyler Rd: Andrew I. and Gail M. Houle to Chelsea M. Vigeant and Joshua S. Chadurjian, $480,000

2 Valley St: Alan W. Smith and Celia Jarest to Christopher Meallister, $289,000

924 Whitney Grove Rd: Karen A. Delucia to Jeffrey R. and Dianne E. Perry, $700,000


166 Kent Farm Rd: Julie A. Briggs to Ryan J. and Jaclyn A. Mcnamara, $450,000

297 Main St: Ryan J. and Jaclyn A. Mcnamara to Kimberly J. Paglia-Saggese and Matthew J. Bowden, $465,000

41 Tewksbury Rd: Brendan R. Means to Laurel R. and Damian Neubauer, $465,000

108 Wash Pond Rd: Michelle Rouleau to Lynda M. and Robert J. Green, $589,000

310 West Rd: Vogel FT and Christopher O. Vogel to Janlyn Driscoll, $603,000


8 9th St: Kenneth D. and Judith M. Palm to David C. and Catherine R. Kane, $705,000

19-21 Auburn Ave: R A&D L Tate Jr RET and Robert A. Tate to Jacob W. and Beata G. Fredette, $375,000

253 Drakeside Rd Unit 4: Robert T. and Kimberly M. Conley to William A. Lomerson, $520,000

27 Mill Rd: Robert S. Borjeson to Suzanne M. Clark and Kathleen M. Brant, $749,933

N Shore Blvd: Roy and Lisa M. Urdanoff to Gena Cohan Moses T and Robert J. Moses, $2,400,000

541 Ocean Blvd Unit 3: Kathleen A Scanlon RET and Kathleen A. Scanlon to Joyce Menna and Douglas Sweazey, $110,000


17 1st St: Second Empire Homes LLC to Alex P. Marchegiani and Paige Ouellette, $390,000

17 Bob White Dr: Stephen J. Sadowski to Paul Losak, $475,000

3 Derby Ln: Richard G. and Jane E. Wilson to Katherine R. and Patrick M. Burns, $570,000

17 Great Pond Rd: Second Empire Homes LLC to Alex P. Marchegiani and Paige Ouellette, $390,000

5 Gunstock Dr: Suzanne M. and Jason S. Hayden to Lisa M. Beck and Jennifer A. Havel, $517,000

8 Kasher Dr Unit B: Lisa M. Beck and Jennifer Havel to Paul Caffrey, $400,000

1 Kimberly Rd: Rickenbach Renovations to Gavin Loughlin and Annemarie Damario, $425,000

21 W Shore Park Rd: Joseph D. Burke to James L. Stanley, $49,866


Boulder Dr Lot 88: Luis N. Moncada and Shaina Keller to Lisanny Richiez, $220,000

31 Clover Ln: Lorden Commons LLC to Doug R. and Robin A. Perry, $825,000

7-b Horizon Dr: Button Woods 2 LLC to Douglas Mcallister, $399,933

7-a Horizon Dr Unit 4: Button Woods 2 LLC to Heather M. Gallagher, $399,933

312 Mammoth Rd: Shayna Provencal to Patrick S. Fleck, $390,000

7 Maplewood Dr: Jayson R. and Jennifer L. Williams to Jared Conway and Kasey Bingham, $405,000

Mountain Home Ests Condo Unit 95: Jenton LLC to 95 Fieldstone Realty LLC, $250,000

126 Old Derry Rd: 605 Properties LLC to Xavier C. and Kristina C. Morales, $480,000

6 Watercrest Dr: Patrick E. and Lisa A. Muse to Rikante O. and Kestutis Kveraga, $755,000


N Main St: Marshall Philip C Est and Keri J. Marshall to Scott and Elizabeth Geddis, $110,533

24 Whippoorwill Dr: Jamie M. Gibbs to Bryan J. Cook and Catherine E. Serwon, $390,000


32 Arlene Dr: Francis J. and Barbara A. Spadaro to Robert J. and Anna P. Rebelo, $675,000

1381-1387 Mammoth Rd: Adam R. Koach to Hunter Investments Inc, $425,000

83 Old Bridge St: James J. and C J. Surprenant-Piro to David Newton, $490,000

38 Sagewood Dr Unit 38: Jeffrey F. and Kathleen A. Targ to Judith Urda, $500,000

1 Washington St: Lisa and Aaron Stuart to Suzanne A. Lemay, $470,000


9 Captain Cook Way Unit 9: John M. Poitras to Debra A. Bockes and Scott Henley, $325,000

16 Ridgewood Rd: Richard J. and Julie C. Schena to Victoria Monette and Scott Perdomo, $665,000


12 Braemoor Woods Rd Unit 404: Daniel L. Horn to Sharon M. Zekser, $295,000

91 Cross St: Michael Kozowyk to Timothy J. and Catherine F. Thompson, $750,000

2 Edwards St: Emilio A. and Nina Jimenez to Patrick J. Kelley, $400,000

254 N Broadway Unit 101: PFP Assoc LP to Fast Break Invs LLC, $435,000

50 N Main St Unit 3: Gideon and Nadia Schreyack to Indigo Porter LLC, $172,000

179 N Main St: Sean M. Krause to Melissa Belmont, $350,000

150 Shore Dr: Lafauci RT and Kenneth Lafauci to Joseph and Megan Gallo, $875,000

52 Stanwood Rd: Crest RT and Kenneth M. Verolla to Eduardo R. and Lina Matosinho, $170,000


No Transactions in this Town


Folly Mill Rd: John Pizzano to William and Joyce Colby, $380,000

21 Randall Dr: Castadoro RET and James A. Castadoro to James and Lorri Castadoro, $500,000


15 Birchwood Rd: 107 Ponemah Road LLC to Mohammed and Fatimah Gilani, $799,000

Blossom Rd: Baglieri 2013 IRT and Nicole B. Yennaco to Robert D. and Coralee Barrett, $375,000

130 Castle Hill Rd: Roosevelt Jackson-Altez and Sara Altez to Michael M. Martin and Allea Scifo, $650,000

N/a Lot 9: Allen M Johnson 2011 RET and Allen M. Johnson to CBH LLC, $459,000

N/a Lot 142: Christopher E. and Karen L. StCyr to Jeffrey P. and Susan H. Everett, $643,000



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