36 Island Pond Rd: Michael and Suzanne Cross to Charles V. Cushing, $395,000

177 Main St: Robin L. Serratore to Tracey J. and Osvaldo Hernandez, $439,000

79 Maple Ave: Miller FT and Keith E. Miller to R L. and Darlene M. Boudreau, $429,000

27 Olde Common Dr Unit 27: Anne L Decesare RET and Anne L. Decesare to Rosemary E. Thorne, $350,000

N/a Lot 29: Francis and Cheryl Valente to NTC Real Estate Dev LLC, $145,000


50 Cole Rd: Edward and Laurie Leduc to S J. Orans-Spizzirro, $475,000

44 Hemlock Ln: Jason and Sarah StJean to Kubicki Builders LLC, $167,533

2 Villager Rd Unit 2: William M. Munroe to Darcia Munroe, $134,000


201 Long Pond Rd: Wood FT and Larry A. Wood to Brijido and Hannah Cartagena, $625,000

189 Pine St: Steven J. Vautour and Holly E. Vatour to Jim Y. Estime and Melissa Rouleau, $362,000

N/a Lot 94-18: Russell H Post LT and Russell H. Post to Larry and Laurie Rollins, $149,933


8 Emerald Dr: Ralph W. and Sheri L. Crane to Bryan and Robyn Dionne, $345,000

3 Faith Dr: Kimberly M. Mtichell to Jeffrey J. and Lauren R. Cronin, $405,000

99 Fordway Ext: Brian R. Lepine and Donna M. Prokos to Jennifer Hiller, $340,000

107 Franklin Street Ext Unit 3: Jean Anthony Fortin to Taylor C. Raney and Senara Mata, $212,000

37 Highland Ave Unit 14: Rebecca Spindel to Larry E. and Patricia Naselroad, $247,000

31 Hillside Ave: Debruyckere 2016 T and Daniel A. Debruyckere to Devin P. and Nicole U. Kinneen, $255,000

148 Island Pond Rd: Tony and Dina A. Aoude to M J. and Risako Delzingo-Fortier, $391,000

46 Lawrence Rd: RL Bellia Holdings LLC to Janet A. Burke and Paul J. Paquette, $376,000

5 Myles Dr Unit 5: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to Amy W. and Lauren F. Friedman, $504,200

10 Newells Meadow Ln Unit 10: Adriana and Nicholas Levesque to Nathan J. Klein and Sydney E. Kimball, $242,000

4 Olde Coach Rd: George M. and Gretchen M. Fodor to Kyle Dezotell, $365,000

Remington Ct: Martin F. Kennedy to Elizabeth S. Wiles, $360,000

120 Scobie Pond Rd: Kenneth and Courtney L. Cote to Eva L. Ruiz, $400,000

5 Silvestri Cir Unit 11: Joseph A. and Catherine E. Correnti to Rosangeliz Torres, $137,933

117 Stonegate Ln Unit 117: Renato Z. and Aileen R. Casipe to Lisa White, $165,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 212: Sandra Arnold to Hannah Murray, $129,000

5 Westgate Rd: Lisa M Spofford RET and Lisa M. Spofford to John D. Ellingwood and Emily Madruga, $363,000

132 Windham Rd: Veinot FT and Terrence L. Veinot to James E. Davis, $275,000

N/a: Trinity Assembly Of God to Michael and Erica Layon, $120,000


33 Adeline St: John R. and Alyssa K. Carro to Paul Berard and Tiffany Luther, $430,000

Brown Ave: Martha D Johnson RET and Robert S. Johnson to Magdalene M Casola RET and Magdalene M. Casola, $753,000

110 Laura Ln: Dustin and Sara Gieryn to Kyle R. and Caesy Berube, $465,000

30 Pillsbury Rd: Sara Smith to James T. Haynes and Michelle D. Mcclory, $299,933

Wheel Wright Rd: Thorne 1 FT and Rosemary Thorne to Lauren and Robert Siracusa, $458,733

N/a Lot 9-103: Thomas Valante and Lenore Vallante to James and Meredith Prince, $567,533


15 Bride Hill Dr: Tillbury FT and Apirl D. West to Maro A. Tsagaris and Brian Leblanc, $480,000

32 Esker Rd: Linda G. Morton and Edward S. Fuller to John W. and Emilie A. Durgin, $420,000

31 Gale Rd: Marilyn A Spoerl 1986 T and Chalres J. Badarvas to Sharon Mullen and Paul Higgins, $615,000

22 Hackett Ln: Susan M. and Jennifer Entwistle to Jenifer Lapanne and Brian Shephard, $336,000

339 Ocean Blvd Unit 406: Michael P. and Karyn W. Green to Richard L. and Diane L. Boynton, $590,000

405 Ocean Blvd Unit 12: Theodore Thanos to Richard S. and Kathryn M. Woodfin, $120,000

Tide Mill Rd: Gloria Esposito-Anastas and John Anastas to Rafi&Candace Dalal FT and Rafi Dalal, $475,800


16 Meadowwood Rd: Joseph E. Spinazola and Daniel Gravel to Daniel and Kathleen Gravel, $522,533

Scotland Rd Lot E: K R&Barbara Robach T and Kenneth R. Simons to Peter V. and Maria C. Broderick, $225,000

3 Scotland Rd: Scott D. Barker to Timothy and Lynn E. Stephens, $350,000


39 Alexander Rd: Steven M. and Susan J. Johnson to Brittany Swift and Jeff Callahan, $385,000

107 Bayberry Ln Unit 107: Cassie M. Plummer to Daniel Dippo, $200,000

23 Chandler Dr: Julie M Boyle RET and Julie M. Boyle to Dawn and John Bollhardt, $655,000

1-b Commons Dr Unit 9b: Caleb Realty LLC to Delivery Now Inc, $90,000

4 Crestview Cir Unit 108: Karen B. Julius to Lauren Bombara, $203,533

4 Crestview Cir Unit 116: Cami Czohara to Janna Hruby, $200,000

90 Hall Rd: Shaun F. Goodnow to Shannon and Brent Weigler, $330,000

Kendall Pond Rd: Alan S Carlson RET and Alan S. Carlson to Felipe Figueiredo, $250,000

21 Kendall Pond Rd: Amita Sharma and Ashok Kumar to Adam Deamelio, $350,000

4 King John Dr: Gary R. and Suzanne Brunelle to Nicholas and Adriana Levesque, $540,000

16 Meetinghouse Dr: Christopher J. Nunez and Ashley L. Summa to Tyler and Caitlin Masson, $253,800

16 Meetinghouse Dr: Christopher J. Nunez and Ashley L. Summa to Tyler and Caitlin Masson, $155,200

34 Oakridge Dr Unit 34: Brothers Timothy R Est and Janet K. Reese-Brothers to Nikolas J. Berard and Sophia Beaulier, $210,000

70 Trail Haven Dr Unit 70: Queen City Holdings LLC to Gloria H Thompson RET and Gloria H. Thompason, $281,000

81 West Rd: James and Kara Guzowski to Jean A. Fortin and Tiffany Mcdonough, $373,000

280 Winding Pond Rd Unit 280: Gloria H Thompson RET and Gloria H. Thompson to Caroline A. Abad, $222,533

99 Winterwood Dr Unit 99: Robert S. and Nicole J. Doherty to Cynthia J. Bennett, $262,400

13 Woodland Dr: Emerson RET and Sterling R. Emerson to Timothy and Alison Pike, $424,000

20 Wyndmere Dr Unit 20: Goran Galic to Kathleen S. Rumson, $10,000

N/a Lot 38-133: Lorden Commons LLC to Gary R. and Suzanne Brunelle, $584,933

N/a Lot 6-62-1: Cynthia and James Geulakos to Lois and Amir Bahremand, $866,000


10 Wilders Grove Rd: Clifford F. Macneil to Elizabeth A. Macneil, $390,000


Gage Hill Rd: Priscilla C Currier RET and Priscilla C. Currier to SBJ Landholdings LLC, $215,000

37 Herrick Cir: Tracy A. and Stephen E. Fitzgerald to Carol and Russell Hammond, $649,933

Ledge Rd: George W. and John H. Harris to Roland J. and Therese Soucy, $120,000

380 Mammoth Rd: Kenneth B. and Geralyn J. Snow to Cindy M. Levins, $579,000

8 Pulpit Rock Rd: John F. Cuccinello to Sarah Beggan, $310,000

37 Valley Hill Rd: Michael and Sherry-Anne Ducharme to Joshua and Stephanie Knight, $450,000


17 Auburn St: 17 Auburn Street LLC to Scott P. Ellison and Gina A. Greenwood, $410,000

1 Dauntless Ln: Michael Robinson to Darla C. Boyle and William R. Sutherland, $370,000

Moongate Farm Condo Unit 11: Mark B. Boisvert to Robert H. Davis and Sandra Schena, $270,000

120 Newton Rd Unit 1a: Patricia A. Sinclair to Frank and Laurie A. Panaro, $247,000

233 Oak Ridge Rd Unit 14: Samantha A. Gentile to Paul F. Cinquegrana, $231,000


6 Alexander Ave: Adam M. Towne to Drew F. George, $405,000

6 Birchwood Rd: Jeffrey P. and Terrie S. Bourassa to Georganna B. Bruski and Victoria A. Mackenzei, $431,000

111 Bluff St: Michael J. and Miranda Kelly to Gus M. Cognata, $840,000

4 Brook Rd Unit 4: Jenny Saade to Ronald A. Nastasiof, $165,000

7 Brookdale Rd: Edward C. and Marianne C. Frazier to Hassan M. and Jacqueline M. Hussni, $325,000

33 Butler St: Thomas S. Hutter and Caitlyn E. Cannone to Jonathan Dimaio, $375,000

10 Conifer Way Unit 4: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Jane Etheredge, $549,733

8 Hitty Rd: Cory P. Nolan to Justin Damour, $230,000

26 Lancaster Farm Rd: William P Gentile RET and William P. Gentile to Zachary D. Amidon, $383,533

35 Lawrence Rd: Mary A. Hunter to Michelle A. Bertrand, $259,000

48 Liberty St Unit 1: Tracey and Osvaldo Hernandez to Andrea Veltsos, $290,000

8-10 Lowell Rd Unit 102: Maria G. Bonavita and Charles M. Kittles to Stephanie M. Wilbur, $259,000

12 Tiffany Rd Unit 2: Scott W. Byerlly and Lisa M. Byerly to Pine Ridge Creek Rlty LLC, $115,000

12 Tiffany Rd Unit 5: Ronald J. Spezzaferri to Pine Ridge Creek Rlty LLC, $105,000

11 Westwood Rd: Robert F. and Karen S. Conard to Christopher H. and Heidi A. Conard, $682,533

10 Whiteneck Way: Frank L. Azorian to Nicholas S. and Lauren A. Harbilas, $540,000

3 Wilson St: Joshua D. Grant to Jacob Zwart and Jacquelyn Nassar, $389,000

N/a Lot 26a: Linda Parente to D J. Anderson, $286,000


Birch Dr: Edwin D Duston RET and Edwin D. Duston to Richad Towne and Adam Lamond, $50,000

42 Eastfield Loop: Jennifer Hillar to Jonathan P. Luscomb, $294,000

Holts Point Rd: Edwin D Duston RET and Edwin D. Duston to Richad Towne and Adam Lamond, $50,000

111 Main St: Matthew P. and Nicole Brown to Maria G. Bonavita and Charles M. Kittles, $370,000


28 Farm Ln: Jeffrey D. and Melissa A. Snyder to Peter J. Cameron and Jean M. Albert, $271,200

16 Janvrin Dr: George and Linda J. Filippone to George and Katherine M. Gadd, $375,000

3 Old New Boston Rd: Corydon R. Knowles to Jeffrey D. and Melissa A. Snyder, $350,000

11 Quaker Ln: Sorin E. and Raluca A. Ciobanu to Lukas Grant-Lemieux, $520,000



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