East Rd Lot V: J J&K J Fitzgerald RET and John J. Fitzgerald to Robert and Debra Fleig, $336,000

76 East Rd: Susan Gagne to Ann G. Corey, $340,000

17 Hickory Pond Ln Unit 17: Steven G. and Brenda L. Rosser to Karen StJacques, $445,000

7 Line Brook Rd: Jeffrey and Meghan Love to Erika Burns and Jamie Eulie, $475,000

9 Newbury Dr: Jeannie G. Lonergan to Donna E. and Cameron M. Harris, $440,000


57 Great Oak Dr: Mary L. Mccartney and US Bank NA to EDB Renovations LLC, $377,000

38 Jenkins Farm Rd: Katherine B. and Michael S. Pisani to Andrea Z. Polzi and Janelle L. Roghair, $600,000

1 Sandown Rd: Jamie L. and Ryan J. Donovan to Jessica English and Mark Somerset, $760,000

202 Shepard Home Rd: Luann St Onge to Laura Lane Properties Inc, $320,000


16 Cortland Cir: Giglio LT and Victor R. Giglio to Robert R. and Deborah A. Waters, $671,000

68 Long Pond Rd: William Rendo to Michael J. and Grace B. Cordeiro, $475,000


9 Adams Pond Rd: Melvin A. and Leila R. Bailey to Jonathan and Deborah Brush, $446,000

10 Beacon Hill Rd: C&P Investments LLC to Hannah R. Ledek and Keenan Round, $595,933

22 Brian Ave Unit R: Martha Maunsell to Nicholas D. Cataldo and Johenly Medrano, $330,000

3 Buttonwood Dr: Stanley A. Spindler to Jeffrey T. and Clara L. Wilder, $463,200

13 Cemetery Rd: Steven M. and Suzanne M. Mitchell to Andrew and Alicia Pomerantz, $425,000

9 Charlestown Pl: Edward A. VanNorman to Brundage Realty Group LLC, $125,000

93 Fordway Ext Unit L: Lisa M. Branchina to Ciara Pizzo and Elijah Bogan, $257,000

4 Joan St: Richard M. and Michelle Robinson to Kimberly T. and Thiago Maia, $375,000

5 Lorri Rd: Joseph E. and Lori A. Davidson to Corey M. Hamel and Abigail M. Davison, $350,000

18 N Shore Rd: Raymond T. Gordon and Joyce H. Ackerman to Brittany Doherty and Michael Grimmer, $330,000

153 N Shore Rd Unit L: Stephanie Buck to Michael S. Speight, $317,000

48 Old Auburn Rd: Edward B. and Blanche S. Garone to Michael A. and Rebecca J. Garone, $404,933

14 Pelican Cir Unit L: Andrew W. Pomerantz to David Mbeauchesne and Danielle A. Perra, $319,000

11 Phillip Rd Unit R: Kelsey Mentas and Michael Rogers to James D. Muise, $295,000

151 Rockingham Rd Unit L: Rhianna N. and Jesse D. Coleman to Sean F. and Lindsey S. Brown, $250,000

23 Spinnaker Dr: New Hampshire State Of to Cristian Jorge, $340,000

30 Steele Rd: Joseph and Veryan Cunningham to Bruce T. and Dorothy F. Hellen, $924,000

3 Tsienneto Rd Unit 26: Judy Ballou to James H. Haggerty, $165,000

122 Walnut Hill Rd Unit R: Mazzaglia FT and Barry T. Mazzaglia to Heather Tourville, $230,000

5 Winter Hill Rd: Jeffrey J. and Debra A. Baril to Christos and Jodie Tsirogianis, $435,000


No Transactions in this Town


6 Ashworth Ave Unit G1: Jodi L. Keefe to Jo A. Nolan-Brothers and Christopher J. Brothers, $215,000

3 Bittersweet Ln: Makarawicz FT and Elizabeth M. Makarwicz to David H. and Harriet F. Buck, $500,000

Brown Ave Lot 122: Reynolds David L Sr Est and David L. Reynolds to Champagne Enterprises LLC, $250,000

Brown Ave Lot 21: Reynolds David L Sr Est and David L. Reynolds to Champagne Enterprises LLC, $250,000

236 Drakeside Rd: Evelyn C Bates LT and Alan B. Scaggs to GR Drakeside LLC, $200,000

50 Edgewood Dr: Jel RT and Jane E. Lowell to Christopher D. and Laurel Larivee, $622,000

Falcone Cir: Frederick A. and Lois A. Miller to Michelle L. Sans, $849,933

13 G St: Joseph and Vera Rapuano to Hamptonhelm LLC, $849,933

12 Godfrey Ave: Christopher D. and Laurel E. Larivee to Jonathan and Pamela Ellis, $480,000

23 Island Path Unit A1: Rhea Perreault RET and Kelly Harbadin to Susan J. Shell and Nicole J. Maynard, $282,000

25 Island Path Unit 1: Rhea Perreault RET and Kelly Harbadin to Susan J. Shell and Nicole J. Maynard, $282,000

Ocean Blvd Lot 1: Robert Hale to Koul Kids LLC, $100,000

933 Ocean Blvd Unit 308: Suzanne M Broderick LT and Suzanne M. Broderick to Karen L. Current, $285,000

989 Ocean Blvd Unit 27: Mary Ann Duddy RET and Mary A. Duddy to Joseph A. Dibrigida and Katherine E. Schwope, $452,533


24 Danville Rd: Joseph T. and Christina Leon to Paul Z. Terrio and Angela Cummings, $375,000


86 Adams Rd Unit A: Hunter V. and Jake W. Butler to Ning Sun and Yugang Yuan, $450,000

6 Button Dr: Button Woods 2 LLC to Elizabeth J. Petry, $412,000

Cardinal Cir: Sproul FT and Lavin F. Sproul to Ginger E. and Winston R. Moore, $685,000

5 Catesby Ln: Stabile Hm At Londonderry to Carl Annese and Sharon J. Bryan, $631,333

20 Chestnut Hill Dr: Albert F. Glaeser and Hester E. Gleaser to Melanie Joseph and Lawrence Tierney, $520,000

6 Coin St: Kevin C. and Katlyn N. Mckenzie to John D. and Leia M. Arena, $370,533

Cross Farm Condo Unit 45: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Santo S. and Carol C. Pirri, $543,933

Gilcreast Rd: Property Possible Inc to NH Sustainable Comm LLC, $940,000

60 Hardy Rd: J D&C M Mays RET and Terri L. Shawver to Kevin R. and Lynne M. Welsh, $414,000

High Range Rd: C A Christensen T and Daniel P. Christensen to Jody E. Andreson and Daniel M. Anderson, $260,000

9 Horizon Dr: Button Woods 2 LLC to Gautham Kunapareddy, $409,933

42 Mammoth Rd: Joshua S. and Sarah L. Loui to Daniel J. Kirks, $390,000

32 Mohawk Dr Unit B: William J. Donaghey to Julie A. Gadziala, $335,000

3 Silas Rock Dr: Jemco Properties LLC to John J. and Kay-Elaine S. Girard, $720,000

2 Watercrest Dr: Wendell 2017 FT and Gary S. Wendell to Eric and Theresa F. Hanson, $645,000

3 Weymouth Rd Unit A: Darren J. Brigham to American Intl Sol LLC, $390,000

3 Weymouth Rd Unit A: American Intl Relocation to Shahid and Afshan Khan, $390,000

113 Wiley Hill Rd: Ryann and Paul Trainor to Katlyn N. and Kevin C. Mckenzie, $435,000

199 Winding Pond Rd Unit 199: Mary M. Rieger to Arnold W. and Brenda T. Johnston, $285,000


17 Kenwood Dr: James M. and Christine L. Wilkins to Howard Hymowitz, $569,000

43 Pond St: Robert W. and Nancy J. Lavoie to Roseann Mainero and Robert Jaworski, $375,000

48 Quaker St: Keith R. Bryan to Zachary Peter, $365,000


3 Beacon Hill Rd: Raul R. and Maria C. Diaz to Reath and Kaylee Nam, $540,000

48 Dogwood Cir: Nikolas Galiatsatos and Stephanie L. Leccese to Todd and Kristen Lovell, $825,000

47 Frontier Dr: James V. and Beth A. Magliano to John P. Puga, $635,000

2 Iris Ave: James Allard to Daniel Teague and Tatum Fales, $350,000

Kinnal Ave: Shawn and Jennifer Castles to Triple Crown LLC, $200,000

Kinnal Ave: Edmond Bisson and Cathy A. Koumpouras to Triple Crown LLC, $200,000

5 Powderhorn Dr: Seaglione LT and Joseph R. Seaglione to Paul L. and Karen A. Dumais, $704,533

3 Stevens Rd: Doda LT and Donna Clark to Thomas F. and Lisa A. Murphy, $350,000

7 Wilshire Ln: David T. and Patrick A. Lamont to Kai A. and Jennifer J. Cheung, $650,000


N/a: Nadeau Arlene F Est and Doreen V. Saffie to Melissa L. Brooks and John Hiki, $415,000


17 Canterbury Ct: Joanne C Colantone T and Jill Godett to John C. and Diane E. Boardman, $650,000

36 Caymus Ridge Sal: Cedar Crest Salem LLC to Bruce Hevey and Angela M. Dupont, $864,533

113 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 18: Cmg Properties LLC to Joseph M. Saade, $190,000

Cottonwood Ln Lot 12621-12627: David J. and Catherine E. Frahm to Stonebrook Land Dev LLC, $1,880,000

Cottonwood Ln Lot 12608-12617: David J. and Catherine E. Frahm to Stonebrook Land Dev LLC, $1,880,000

10 Dennison Ave: Thomas L. Irvine to Ernie Schmming and Karen L. Benson, $330,000

300 N Main St: Doris M. Green to Kathleen A. Jackson, $469,933

18 Stanwood Rd: Graziani Barbara A Est and Deborah Schadlick to Mark Graziani, $582,886

6 Tudor Dr: Erin E. and Andrew N. Pahl to Kerri L. and Joseph Loguidice, $547,000

44 Twinbrook Ave: Joseph and Kerri L. Loguidice to John M. Mccullough and Kelly A. Duffy, $555,000


2 Chestnut Hill Dr: CMS Sullivan Inc to Michael L. and Sharon Williams, $487,533

38 Eastfield Loop: Keri Ciminera to James R. Richards and Lindsay M. Nelson, $302,000

15 Lexington Dr: Gregg R. and Nadine Parker to Anthony D. and April M. King, $475,000


No Transactions in this Town


12 Blossom Rd: Joseph G. and Sarah L. Peters to Russell and Jacquelyn Alfeo, $580,000

40 Blossom Rd: Peter P. and Elizabeth J. Petry to Cameron R. and Yoshino W. White, $560,000

5 Cheryl Rd: William P. and Marion C. Deluca to Samnuel and Tracie M. Dicicco, $552,533

6 Colonial Rd Unit 4: KCD Properties LLC to Daniel and Kristina Michaud, $200,000

9 Country Village Rd: Chun Ching Chen to Lucy W. Yu and Charlie L. Tran, $730,000

59 Ministerial Rd: Paul R. Laponius to Matthew Hedglin and Julie Ryan, $440,000

96 Mountain Village Rd Unit 96: Wendy and Dennis F. Mahoney to William J. and Rosemarie A. Miskavitch, $440,000


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