4 Ledge Rd: Delridge Realty Inc to Patricia M. and John Archer, $356,000


66 Hills Farm Rd: Jeffrey M. Sinclair to Scott Macondlad and Gabriele Macdonald, $460,000

Pine Acres Townsehouse Unit 23: Amanda Clark to Matthew Allad, $174,533


No Transactions in this Town


18 Barkland Dr: Jason and Colleen Mello to Lynne Fitzgerald, $170,000

18 Emerald Dr: Elizabeth A. Box to Yued D. Swirk and Modesta Salazar, $377,000

66 N Shore Rd: Kevin and Kathryn Coyle to Robert G. Morel, $229,000

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 7: Healyford Realty LLC to Liam C. Hynes, $257,800

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 3: Healyford Realty LLC to David Vernick, $249,933

7 Park Ave: Brian and Sara Cofer to Travis P. and Laura L. Youssef, $312,000

4 Pembroke Dr Unit 12: CIT Bank NA to KB Hldg Co LLC, $95,500

36 Pond Rd: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to ZV Investments LLC, $232,500

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 175: Virginia A. Michaels to Jack W. and Gloria Rose, $123,000

67 Tsienneto Rd Unit L: Connolly Holdings LLC to Brittney Sanzo, $194,000


190 E Main St: Harrington Barbara A Est and Ronette M. Furey to Ryan G. Lewis, $292,000


Cheswick Condo Unit 1: Cheswick Realty LLC to Anne T. Berlin, $735,000

411-a Ocean Blvd: Daniel Strange to Alexander M. and Linda Milley, $306,237

504 Ocean Blvd Unit 4: Deborah A. Fallon-Romvos to Gary J. Miele, $399,000

76 Plymouth St: John E. and Carol D. Dicker to Mcmahon&Freije FT and W Stephen Mcmahon, $554,900

19 Thorwald Ave: Gary J. Miele to Timothy and Kendra Noonan, $442,300

Warner Ln: Robert&Frances Haas RET and Robert A. Haas to Samuel and Brittany King, $321,000

454 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 4: Ryan C. Scheyer to S&G Realty Ventures, $100,000

486 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 4: Pamela M Vallarelli RET and Pamela M. Vallarelli to Rail N. and Melissa A. Milione, $379,933


43 Ash Dr Unit 43: Robert and Andrea Duff to Harry R. and Jean E. Allen, $276,933

18 Cove Rd: Aaron and Lisa A. Strout to Daniel E. Cartwright, $229,933

24 Danville Rd: Sargent Arlene R Est and Keith A. Dias to Harley Nedeau and Jeremy G. Meyer, $289,900


37 Boulder Dr Unit 37: Melody A. Legere to Elizabeth C. StJean, $165,000

Franklin St: US Bank NA Tr to MDR Rahab&Development LLC, $144,000

21 Pendleton Ln Unit 21: Karen C. Brook to Heather Dias, $155,000

4 Walton Cir Unit B: Scott D. Parker to Heather Stewart, $220,000


7 Kinsley Dr Unit 7: Prabhu and Kecia Paulraj to Matthew and Rebecca Page, $310,533

N/a: Sec RT LLC to S&H Walker Woods LLC, $100,000


18 Smith Rd: John A. and Rachel F. Letendre to David E. Hyman, $489,000


15 Culver St Unit 9: Kristine Angelari to Nicholas and Emma Maffeo, $210,000

33 Garden Rd: Plaistow Town Of to Michael Investments LLC, $93,000

42 Main St: Rafael O. Sorto to 42 Main Street T and James H. Riddle, $178,333

138 Newton Rd Unit 32: Scott M. Maxwell to Robert L. Reyes, $225,000

N/a: Plaistow Town Of to Tessa and Nicholas Rigattieri, $110,000


99 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit A9: George D Perry RET and George D. Perry to Cluff A9 RT and Michael K. Felix, $120,000

28 Henry Taylor St: Adam P. and Jill C. Fraser to Melissa K. Condon, $256,000

171 Main St: James R. and Jeannette B. Frahm to SJM Realty LLC, $400,000

289 Main St Unit 3: Russell T. Reynolds to BCB Real Estate Holdings, $59,933

45 S Broadway: ARC CBSLMNH001 LLC to SPP Citizens Nlref 5 LLC, $1,775,266


10 Reed Rd: Mark and Janet Maciver to Nathan and Robert M. Tine, $312,000

3-c Summer St: Morse RET and Christine L. Morse to Brandon J. and Nicole C. Morse, $31,600


2 Greenleaf Dr: Michael and Brittany L. Morton to Phillip W. Maurice, $400,000

309 Ocean Blvd: Edward M. and Saundra T. Stewart to Michael J. and Rebecca S. Tremblay, $668,400

N/a Lot 4: Sheila A. Tennent to James D. Wersackas and Sarah E. Silvestriadis, $240,000

N/a: Eric N. and Cheryl A. Lind to Mark E. and Deborah L. Moore, $12,000


80 Mammoth Rd Unit 1: Wendell&Diane Bedell FT and Diane L. Bedell to Simon H. and Eileen S. Kuttab, $333,000

217 Range Rd: NH Home Buyers LLC to John Minotti and Paula Bertini, $335,000

N/a: Sean and Joanne C. Welch to Pamela S Saab RET and Edward J. Saab, $900,000




This Week's Circulars

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