6 Brittany Ln: John P. and Kellie J. Lally to Andrew W. and Carla M. Wallace, $800,000

11 Industrial Way: NEM Realty LLC to MRMT LLC, $1,000,000

2 Meeting Rock Dr: Aristidis and Marina Scrivanos to Justin R. and Cara E. Scatamacchia, $593,000

16 Sleepy Hollow Rd: Cara and Justin R. Scatamacchia to Calvin Carroll and Rachel Sterner, $369,533


194 Harantis Lake Rd: Paul T. and Ruth-Anne Q. Carleton to David L. and Joan C. Murphy, $510,000


136 Beach Plain Rd: Roger S. Young to Joseph E. and Billie D. Hester, $388,000

37 Brendans Way: CMS Sullivan Inc to William J. Main and Maria Cugno, $590,000

110 Caleb Dr: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Nicholas J. and Melissa M. Morgida, $389,933

24 Caramel Dr: Carbone Gerald F Est and Gerald F. Carbone to Ciara R. Angelone and Christopher M. Matthews, $325,000

108 Long Pond Rd: Christopher G. and Laurel A. Appleton to Cheryl and William Turner, $330,000


4 Bill St: Diane M. Miller to Thomas J. and Heather Glidden, $300,000

11 Blueberry Rd Unit R: Jamie A. Yarwood to Jacob P. Cleveland, $255,000

13 Eastman Dr: Maureen A. Howley to Shannon K. Roche and Joseph M. Steen, $387,000

46 Lawrence Rd: Clements George R Est and George R. Clements to RL Bellia Holdings LLC, $230,000

3 Nutfield Ct Unit 8: Healyford Realty LLC to Tina M. Denis and Robert E. Manley, $249,900

Oakwood Condo Unit 4: Lifestyle Homes Of Derry to Stephen and Susan Withers, $441,533

Olesen Rd: Joseph and Kendra Cierri to J Barry and Elizabeth M. Mulhern, $305,000

74 Overledge Drive Ext Unit 74: Lori K. Trickel to Levi and Alicia Flood, $322,000

12 Paul Ave: Cynthia A. Martin to Paul D. Ledoux, $324,000

4 Prosperity Dr: William C. and Rebecca A. Madden to C A. Pollard-Mahoney and Michael C. Mahoney, $329,000

1 Silvestri Cir Unit 15: Paul Libby and US Bank NA to Kyle Segal, $92,000

16 Sunnyside Ln Unit R: Terry L. Melim to Nicole K. Chambers, $194,000


12 G St Unit 52: Tomy Korytowsky to John F. Shea and Michael Bakhtiari, $195,000

339 Ocean Blvd Unit 203: Stephen M. and Roanne B. Copley to Scott F. and Deborah R. Richards, $655,000

435 Ocean Blvd: Michael Napier to Riviera Condominiums LLC, $555,000

10 Stowecroft Dr: John G. and Jana Nash to David Anzalone and Courtney A. Moore, $581,000

5 Trafford Rd: Carla J. Warren to Stephen F. Howe and Maura L. Rimbach-Howe, $377,000


13 Marshall Rd: Diane M. Bean and FNMA to FNMA, $208,629

68 Route 125 Unit 1: Goldcoast RT and Micheal A. Garceau to CED Realty LLC, $179,933


49 Harvey Rd: Charles Zoulias to Lexor Realty LLC, $1,400,000

23 Red Deer Rd: Kenneth S. Sharkey and FNMA to Dream Homes Corp, $265,500

96 Winterwood Dr Unit 96: Robin L. Slocomb to Kara Therrien, $260,000

N/a Lot 38-8: Nicholas J. and Sarah A. Bascle to Thomas Stonitsch, $508,000


59 Aspen Dr: Skyview Estates LLC to Sudheer Jinka and Jillesha Thawani, $614,000


Old County Rd: D&H Construction Of Plais to Michael R. Leavitt, $495,000


11 Delaney Way: Ronald Sorense RET and Ronald Sorensen to Emily E. Foster and Connor J. Lyons, $394,000

32 Dennison Ave: Eichhorm FT and Richard P. Eichhorn to Patrick Obrien, $401,000

Granite Woods Condo Unit 7: DHB Homes LLC to Anthony and Toni Chardo, $536,733

21 Lake St: Mary E. Desantis to Caroline Thomas, $400,000

12 Manor Pkwy: Park Place RT and Kenneth W. Gudek to CP BA 12 Manor Pkwy LLC, $4,300,000

3 Timber Woods Dr: KLN Construction Co Inc to Thibodeau 2016 T and Laurent F. Thibodeau, $637,000


24 Hemlock Cir: Mark C. and Amy Beaulieu to David W. Matthews and Jessica M. Mathews, $435,000


7 Elephant Rock Rd Unit 7: Contance M. Dillion to Michael D. Carreiro, $334,000

73 Foggs Ln Unit A: Salt LLC to Michael S. Orgettas, $339,999

77 Foggs Ln Unit B: Ralph Welch and Sorin Ciobanu to Constance M. Dillon, $381,733


41 Brookview Rd Unit 41: Louise A. Makarewicz to Christopher C. and Dona B. Staley, $298,000

21 Glendenin Rd: Wood Meadow Land Dev LLC to Matthew and Tara Quinn, $843,000

18 Grove St: David M. Klemm to Patricia E. Klemm, $140,000

7 Highclere Rd: Ruby Holdings LLC to John W. and Christine M. Koutrobis, $740,000

7 Ironwood Rd: Mesiti Jenny Hill RT and Susan Mesiti to Anthony J. and Debra A. Christopher, $4,000,000

50 Kendall Pond Rd: 24 Pingree Hill Road LLC to Mark and Colleen Hawes, $392,533



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