10 Pheasant Ln: Christopher P. Cesati and Janelle A. Pinti to Barbara and Paul Felie, $440,000


Haverhill Rd: Chali C. Davis to David Haddad, $550,000


86 Crestwood Dr: David M. Raulinaitis to William M. and Robyn L. Jepson, $416,000

440 Main St: Wayne Kinney to Brian Palen, $485,000


1 Dubeau Dr: Charles Rivers to Clayton R. and Ashleigh Bogus, $500,000

148 Goodhue Rd: Derry Town Of to Franco Realtor LLC, $70,000

20 Magnolia Ln: Justin Helou to Michael Dinanno, $520,000

17 Mill Rd: Matt R. Martin to Hannah J. Mattheson and Sean M. Bornstein, $365,000

3 Pembroke Dr Unit 18: Marco S. Oliveira and Kristen A. Immoor to Molly A. Gingras, $190,000

13 Phillip Rd Unit L: Daniel G. and Elizabeth M. Donovan to Kathryn A. Gibbs and Denzel S. Diaz, $295,000

Rockingham Rd: Martha J. Mead to 247-249 Rockingham Rd LLC, $1,500,000

5 Sarah Ln Unit 5: Richard Makori and Digna Ruathi to Melissa Christmas, $410,000

18 Steele Rd: Victor and Maria Moniz to Julie J. and Kenneth T. Powers, $800,000

32 Stonegate Ln Unit 32: Hazel P. Williams to Michael R. and Susan L. Casalinuovo, $270,000

35 Tiger Tail Cir Unit L: Jillian and Joseph A. Decarolis to John Leblanc, $315,000

13 Wildwood Dr: Robert and Nancy Fogg to Laura B. and Christian R. Whitton, $470,000


200 Central St: Rita L. Labella to James Andella, $287,000

14 Redcoat Dr: Stacey E. Clark to Timothy S. Oneil and Courtney L. Merritt, $575,000

4 Remington Dr Unit 906b: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to David M. and Lori A. Nadeau, $507,466


106 Ashworth Ave Unit 9: James Osullivan to Brenda Naffziger, $295,000

60 Beach Plum Way: Michael J. Pilot to Greg Quercia, $3,900,000

42 Exeter Rd: J B&P J Mansfield RET and Jay B. Smith to Richard A. and Mary A. Anderson, $415,000

23-25 Kentville Ter: 23-25 Kentville Ter RT and Robert P. Robbins to Mohamad and Hafaza Shaikh, $304,000

25 Kentville Ter: 23-25 Kentville Ter RT and Robert P. Robbins to Mohamad and Hafaza Shaikh, $304,000

Mooring Dr: James W. Kirylo to Joseph G. Kirylo, $100,000

Mooring Dr: Mary E. Smith to Joseph G. Kirylo, $100,000


17 Madison Ave: Charles A. Askins to Shenandoah and Derrick D. Ableman, $700,000

7 Pennimans Grove Rd: Pennimans Grv RET and G H. Desgrosiellier to Cheryl Lafoe, $400,000


14 Crestview Cir Unit 163: Diane F. Ford to Alwyn Properties LLC, $257,333

14 Falling Leaf Dr Unit 152: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Thomas J. and Margaret S. Masek, $635,200

7 Pendleton Ln Unit 7: Abdel Fattah&Youssef FT and Amr Abdel-Fattah to Stephanie A. and Travis M. Clark, $234,000

77 Red Deer Rd: Lindsy and Davi Raimundo to Mark and Kelly Cavarretta, $425,000

124 Rockingham Rd: 126 Rockingham Road LLC to Convenience Plus LLC, $1,910,933

10 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 16: Bruce S. and Christine P. Hamilton to Maple Granite Prop 4 LLC, $270,000


6 Zoe Ln: Laurie E. and Stephen J. Richard to Heather Powell-Snyder and Scot T. Snyder, $713,533


7 Chardonnay Rd: Zaana 17 LLC to Kurt M. and Courtney Dolan, $667,000

14 Drummer Rd: Christine M. and Robert J. Mchenry to Jason R. and Jacqueline K. Marks, $830,000

Indian Valley Rd Lot 26: Stephen A. and Melissa Ragonese to Haley and Aionso Budge, $625,000


60 Pollard Rd: Stephen M. Woodsum and Barbara J. Gariepy to Nevaeh J. Pitcher, $525,000


12 Braemoor Woods Rd Unit 106: Robert Hoopes and Suzanne Grover to John and Holly Rodrigues, $300,000

8 Cottonwood Ln: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Sunil and Sunita Samtani, $225,000

254 N Broadway Unit 203: Pirro RT and Samuel M. Perruccio to Najwa Holtzman, $105,000

16 Tiffany Rd Unit 2: Maureen E. Ogorman to Giles FT and Robert C. Giles, $200,000

51 Town Farm Rd: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Joseph M. and Taylor K. Mosher, $739,000

N/a Lot 80-16: Mary C. Blaine to Mary R. and Theresa M. Berube, $318,000


156 Little Mill Rd: David B. Gilman to Karis Conner and Kevin Landry, $360,000


Marshview Cir: Charles J. Freda to Mcmahon FT and Bonnie A. Mcmahon, $538,533


19 Crestwood Rd: Robert&Carol Tomer FT and Robert M. Tomer to Angela M. and Frank A. Polizzotti, $525,000

2 Dunraven Rd: Scott M. and Sara Mcneal to Kosta Laci, $1,040,000

19 Hardwood Rd: Stephen J. and Dana M. Masone to Christopher T. and Sarah B. Kuffert, $760,000

Range Rd: Alix FT and Ernest J. Alix to 26 Range Road LLC, $425,000

2 Westchester Rd: Ajit Kumar and Lalba Rani to Katelyn and David Ogden, $807,000

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