1 Bayberry Dr Unit 1: Laurika Gouws to Michael J. and Susan Weidman, $340,133

11 Coventry Rd: Lauren M. Palemo to Aleksander Poreci, $429,000

6 Heritage Ln: GSDC Development Corp to Joseph A. and Kathy M. Barbone, $743,400

Westside Dr Lot 27: John W. and Susan A. Lemieux to Berkshire Dominion Hldg, $300,000

Westside Dr Lot 9: G Richard and Deborah A. Gagnon to Gina F. Muccio, $386,200

11 Winslow Dr: Lane FT and Arthur S. Lane to Richard R. and Heather E. Braley, $730,000


518 Fremont Rd: Kednra O. Shaw to Jonathan Dufresne and Katelyn Deperon, $245,000

35 Granite Ln Unit 35: Homes At Southwoods 2016 to Walter and Pamela Mahoney, $409,933

29 Southwoods Rd Unit 29: Brian G. and Evette M. Dube to Jean M. and Miguel J. Grenier, $450,000


45 Beechwood Dr: Brandt and Jenna Memmelaar to John S. and John S. Grover, $380,000

48 Hillside Ter: Matthew E. Hartung and Jamie Fitzgerald to Christopher E. Carr, $308,000

23 Kacie Ln: Hlfloesser Realty NH LLC to Steven M. and Emily P. Doucette, $512,533

Route 111a: Anaa Realty LLC to CMS Sullivan Inc, $120,000


8 Barkland Dr: Paul and Amy Mclaughlin to Mariah Flores and Oleviy Almanar, $442,000

6 Clark St: Diana Stephens to John Batchelder and Rianna Bazzinotti, $250,000

5 Cyril Rd: Kerry A. Crowley to Kathleen E. and Douglas G. Mercier, $445,000

77 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Andrew B. and Jennifer M. Labranche to Robert C. and Nicole M. Marinello, $159,000

E Broadway Lot 9: KCD Properties LLC to GKB Realty LLC, $115,000

9 Elwood Rd: Steven C. Cillizza to Joseph A. Mcnally, $430,000

67 Fordway Ext: Amy Bunker to Michelle Stark, $315,533

78 Frost Rd: David and Kathleen A. Okeeffe to Darren S. and Lauren C. Case, $307,533

9 Grove St: Robert P. Gautieri to Briana Simonelli, $249,000

8-1/2 Highland Ave: Matthew and Angeline Waters to Michael T. Carroccino and Tonya M. Easler, $305,000

2 Huson Ave: Merrimack Insitute LLC to Ann M. Cornejo, $360,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 32: Teresa B Soares LT and Teresa B. Soares to T V. Panagiotopoulos, $253,533

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 33: Lance F. Tedford to Nicole and Emily Saad, $228,000

N/a Lot 327: Marion G. Steele to John P. and Kellie J. Lally, $525,000


29 Ells Rd: Kiddles RT and Sheldon Wolff to Mary M. Burke, $359,866

311 Emerson Ave: Bookless FT and Steven J. Bookless to Robert A. and Lark E. Weimar, $518,933

60 Governors Is: Paul and Lisa Larochelle to Keith and Ingrid R. Ohara, $750,000

74 Rolling Hill Rd: Theresa A. Moore to Donald F. and Donald F. Goodwin, $525,000

98 Rolling Hill Rd: Walter D. and Pamela J. Mahoney to Jonathan E. Lane and Jessi Mccarthy, $499,000


32 Ashworth Ave Unit 236: Russell and Stephanie Saunders to Maryann Gately, $90,000

32 Ashworth Ave Unit 418: Julio C. and Dirce H. Abreu to Patrick L. Tufts and Allison L. Lufts, $108,533

9 Bradstreet Rd: Jeannie M. Troisi to Gerald and Sarah Grenon, $515,000

35 Edgewood Dr: Guy J. Daniels to Edward H. and Shelagh S. Anderson, $639,533

66 Edgewood Dr: Mark R. Lyons to Ray and Jeanne Lash, $656,000

84 Hampton Towne Est Unit 84: Doreen and Carl Thibodeau to Maggs FT and Donald F. Maggs, $350,000

31 Harbor Rd: Hunterlogan RT LLC to Peter F. Tarasuk and Alicia Botticelli-Tarasuk, $900,000

415 High St Unit 4: Maggs FT and Donald F. Maggs to Elizabeth Scannell, $325,000

25 Laurel Ln: Ronnie A. and Michelle E. Decoste to Kenneth C. and Kathryn E. Bates, $540,000

10 Loy Dr: Hereford Investments LLC to Tara L. and Braden T. Verge, $78,266

233 Mill Rd: Kishbaugh RET and Levi A. Kishbaugh to Katherine E. and Daniel J. Leger, $425,000

20 N St Unit 403: Ballou FT and Jonathan M. Ballou to Ryan A. and Jennifer B. Lambert, $500,933

17 Seaview Ave: Gayle Connolly to Kenneth D. Thompson and Laurie R. Siergiewicz, $445,000

9 Thorwald Ave: Scott R Macnevin FT and Scott R. Macnevin to Judith B Pope RET and Judith B. Pope, $630,000


8th St: Pantelis Mylonas and Paula Dube to Jeshua Leger and Liana Croteau, $202,000

Fieldstone Dr: Campbell FT and Alfred F. Campbell to M L&S F Mcconaghy RET and Michael L. Mcconaghy, $490,000


27 Boulder Dr Unit 27: Joseph Canello to Amy J. Beltramini, $198,000

4 Carmel Dr Unit A: Robert and Simone V. Simard to Joseph R. and Kristy Canello, $230,000

42 Clover Ln: Now Comes Lorden Cmns to George and Erica Gordon, $537,333

6 Crestview Cir Unit 137: Manuel J. and Susan Desouza to Darrell Fisher, $199,533

Cross Farm Condo Unit 78: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Nora S Conlin FT and Nora S. Conlin, $553,333

4 Jewel Ct: Campbell FT and Debra A. Caveney to Cory J. Nader, $225,000

9 Kestree Dr: Joseph M. and Peter M. Stanieich-Burke to Janine E. Holder and Gentry O. Burch, $390,000

143 Litchfield Rd: Timothy D. and Wilda A. Hood to Y Altagracia-Ramos and Eurhy Paulino, $335,533

1 Noyes Rd: Steven T. Smith to Jessica Keefe, $260,000

4 Sugar Plum Ln Unit 4: John J. and Joanne L. Silvestro to Edmund Diozzi, $415,000

2 Twin Isles Rd: Melanie O. and Aaron D. Giles to James C. and Yong C. Littlejohn, $491,000

7 Walton Cir Unit A: Denise Derepentigny to Ashley L. Summa, $240,000

N/a: New Hampshire State Of to Pillsbury Rlty Dev LLC, $29,800


4 Highland St: Jeffrey Comeau to Michael E. Hutchinson, $355,000


304 Mammoth Rd: Elaine G. Sweetser to Rickenbach Renovations, $201,333

N/a: New England Bapt Chrch to Thomas and Marilyn Michael, $131,533


10 Carlis Way: HCR Construction Inc to Ryan J. and Erin M. Swanson, $523,533

5 Maple Ave: Bonnie L. Dudas to Stacyh A. and Lynda A. Noyes, $330,000

N/a: M&S Matson RT and Matthew A. Matson to Bryan Martin and Julie Chatterton-Martin, $550,000


12 Ballard Ln: George C. and Patricia S. Horlacher to Elena Huek and Kevin Kwiatek, $535,000

100 Brady Ave: David A. and Kathleen Caruso to Ashley L. Tomich, $350,000

2 Brook Rd Unit 10: Kan Wang and Beijuan Zhu to Hang Y. Li, $153,000

10 Jericho Ln: Patricia A. Kulesz to John and Arnaldo C. Mallard, $535,000

Justin Ave: Paul G. and Kathy A. Huard to Foresight Investments LLC, $322,400

46 Old Farm Rd: Timothy R. and Patrice A. Hickey to Mikayla G. Hickey and Sean M. Bryan, $625,000

N/a: Jacob Donigian to Wayne D. and Susan L. Nader, $100,000


12 Cricket Ln Unit A: Anthony Bedard to Lisa Cote, $238,000

49 Eastfield Loop: Barry W. and Amy L. Weinhold to Daniel J. Young, $373,533


21 Folly Mill Ter Unit 2f: John J. Pasternak to Brook and Cynthia Todd, $123,000

3 Whittier Dr Unit 3a: George W. and Marilyn Hurley to Brian R. Surette, $303,000


Deacon Place Codno: William R. and Katarzyna M. Crissy to Gary L. and Linda J. Gilardi, $450,000

11 Kent St: Rutheanne Diozzi to Mark T. and Kelly Grant, $530,000

9 London Bridge Rd: Majek NT and Jennifer L. Knight to Roderick C. Laferreier and Erin E. Laferriere, $770,000

11 Tully St: Matthew T. and Stephanie J. Cahill to David Felton, $540,000

33 Wynridge Rd Unit 33: Deborah L. Donovan to Martin J. Finn, $381,000

N/a Lot 18-6l: Kenneth Rosenfield RET and Kenneth Rosenfield to Mei and Glenn Howes, $1,530,000



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