10 Birch Ln: Justin and Jennifer Roy to Daniel Tillinghast and Marie Lourdes-Tillinghast, $435,000

16 Cogswell Ln Unit 16: Howe Jennifer J Est and Melissa Post to Paula Mccarthy, $422,000

Hall Farm Rd: C E&J L Kinney LT and Charles E. Kinney to Jameson Hill, $375,000

50 Island Pond Rd: Burkland Homes LLC to Lisa B. Wheaton, $250,000

31 Maple Ave: Jeffrey A. and Julia P. Butters to Stephen Page and Kimberly A. Jerdon, $727,733

N/a Lot 235: Steven Knapp and Diane Lovett to Trevor Knapp, $360,800


Candia Rd Lot 27: Rhonda G. List to Janet C. Ellis, $340,000

81 Chester St: Vita Hadik Strachwitz RET and Vita H. Strachwitz to Thomas J. Sheehan, $525,000

N/a Lot 1: Sawmill Grant LLC to TRW Builders LLC, $155,000

N/a Lot 1: TRW Builders LLC to Mark and Lilian Conant, $819,933


No Transactions in this Town


5 Blunt Dr: Michael S. and Constane B. Lynch to Joseph A. and Kaleigh Gause, $460,000

30 Brook St Unit 9: Stage Crossing LLC to Kevin D. Shanahan, $359,933

Brookview Estates Condo Unit 1: MPV Development LLC to Susan E. Mallette, $325,000

64 Bypass 28: Erik Guzzo to Joshua A. Williams, $407,000

210 Chases Grove Rd: Richard B. Wood to Gregory R. Pace, $154,600

72 Chester Rd: John R. Spurrell to Vanja Dzelic, $330,000

73 Derryfield Rd Unit R: David M. Johnson to Holly L. Wilder, $242,533

11 Elm St: 11 Elm Street LLC to Ruben Zagagi, $450,000

11 Elwood Rd: Ronald C. and Elizabeth M. Waitt to Scott P. Desroches and Lacey Desorches, $465,000

35 English Range Rd: Philip R. Gauthier to Robert J. Marini, $365,000

8 Fox Hollow Rd: Loren V. Thompson to Robert German and Ann K. Severinsen, $630,000

Griffin St: Griffin St LLC to Robert C. Ortiz, $415,000

9 Highland Ave: Judith A. Harington to Hanoi C. Campusano, $300,000

14 Indian Hill Rd Unit R: Matthew C. and Giovanna Drohan to Ronald E. and Angela Valentine, $535,000

5 Kelley Dr: Samantha L. and David A. Garside to Corey F. Currier and Jamea Avant, $525,000

1 Misty Morning Dr Unit A: Mireille Khoury to Gilda R. Guttman, $285,000

81 N High St Unit 18: Tyler Roushia to Janet Louise, $330,000

130 N Shore Rd: Steven and Michelle Jankowski to Shail Chotai, $580,000

Old Auburn Rd: Martin Falconer to Paul Chicklis, $285,000

6 S Main St: Gordon B. Graham to Shannan Mckenna, $326,533

81 Stonegate Ln Unit 81: Jessica Minasian to Michael E. Archambault, $220,000

13 Sundown Dr Unit A: Narae Park to Lisa Arciprete, $300,000

23 Tiger Tail Cir Unit L: Malery A. and Malcolm T. Young to Yesly Villatoro and Shawn M. Deming, $315,000

5 Tobacco Rd: William J. Murphy and Katherine A. Jennings to Shawna Anderson and Lindsey Zinka, $335,000

47 Tsienneto Rd: Daskal FT and Nancy Nugent to Anamaria Diaz and Anthony Martinez, $410,000

N/a: Dorothy A Evans LLC to Kent Nutrition Group Inc, $1,100,000

N/a Lot 6: Sarah Beaumont to Simplified RE Hldg Grp, $320,000

N/a Lot 7: Sarah Beaumont to Simplified RE Hldg Grp, $320,000


3 Brady Ln: Brighton Drive Inc to James D. Boyd and J C. Fitzgerald-Boyd, $550,000

10 Forrest St Unit 10: V&Deborah Manzo IRT and Francesco R. Manzo to David and Kathleen Seastrand, $385,000

110 Harper Ridge Rd: Mcclory G Michael Est and Christopher M. Mcclory to Brad Hannes, $360,000

5 Marilyn Park Dr: Kevin P. Gueli and Kayla B. Baglione to Kevin P. and Shelby M. Conley, $490,000

27 Nelson Ave: Darlene and Stephen J. Quingley to Blair M. and Cassie Tarter, $605,000

38 Odd Fellows Rd Unit 3: Barry and Kathleen Raymond to Robert S. Daniels, $370,000

10 Pitman Rd: Chester J. and Gail M. Holt to Stephanie and Richard Taber, $630,000

3 Remington Dr Unit 904b: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Savory 2019 T and Karl G. Smith, $517,400

54 Stage Rd: Linda A. Lister to Michael J. Brazil, $230,000

66 Timberlane Rd: Beverly P. Fuller to Paula N. Anderson, $700,000

N/a Lot 5: Edward and Myriam Powers to Jacob N. Hemond and Jessica Cote, $560,000


34 Dunvegan Woods Unit 34: Thomas Abate to Jenny Salvia, $290,000

105 Dunvegan Woods Unit 105: Bogend FT and Migeul Conde to 105 Dunvegan Woods Dr RT and Mary Lamontagne, $330,000

2 Greene St: Ronald A. and Pamela A. Lavoie to Charlotte and Henry Doolin, $630,000

21 Mason St: Steven P. and Sharon B. Aslin to Matthew G. Kinney, $320,000

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 307: Thomas J. and Deborah M. Carroll to Arun Krishnan, $460,000

493 Ocean Blvd Unit 5: David and Linda Biggert to Carla M. and Robert R. Bordeleau, $475,000

12 Salt Mdws Unit 12: Stuart F. Stearns to Dara Freeman, $415,000

15 Salt Mdws Unit 15: Goodspeed FT and Joanne M. Goodspeed to Baur Dureault FT and Kevin J. Baur, $430,000

22 Seaview Ave: Daley 2014 FT and Susan E. Daley to Lynn E Diodati RET and Lynn E. Diodati, $465,000

200 Winnacunnet Rd: Elizabeth G. and Daniel C. Phelan to David L. and Constance J. Greer, $657,933

515 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 10: Angeliki Karapanos to Jane Ralls, $337,533

N/a Lot 198: Marc Boivin and Johanne G. Guarnaccia to Stephen W. and Linda White, $449,933

N/a Lot 199: Marc Boivin and Johanne G. Guarnaccia to Stephen W. and Linda White, $449,933


4 Horseshoe Ln Unit B: Mullen FT and Debra S. Mullen to Heidi and Paul T. Scarinzi, $389,000

27 Lantern Ln Unit 27: Janice M. and Charles H. Bamforth to Nancy A. Farina, $205,000

19 North Rd: North Road RT and Richard A. Eastman to Sabrina and Terry Liebfried, $300,000

6 Pillsbury Pasture Rd: Steven A. and Victoria A. Beaumier to Haley M. Johnson and Zachary Allen, $555,000

13 Valley Ln Unit 13: Sean Baron to Jeffrey Nicolai, $240,000

13 W Shore Park Rd: Kevin Jolicoeur to Jaime Coutu and David Chesbrough, $398,800

N/a Lot 168: Henry G. Corey and Lauren M. Delorey to Wenlong Tang and Di Su, $479,933

N/a Lot 169: Henry G. Corey and Lauren M. Delorey to Wenlong Tang and Di Su, $479,933

N/a Lot 170: Henry G. Corey and Lauren M. Delorey to Wenlong Tang and Di Su, $479,933

N/a Lot 171: Henry G. Corey and Lauren M. Delorey to Wenlong Tang and Di Su, $479,933

N/a Lot 191: Henry G. Corey and Lauren M. Delorey to Wenlong Tang and Di Su, $479,933

N/a Lot 192: Henry G. Corey and Lauren M. Delorey to Wenlong Tang and Di Su, $479,933

N/a Lot 193: Henry G. Corey and Lauren M. Delorey to Wenlong Tang and Di Su, $479,933

N/a Lot 1: Denise Lawrence to Elizabeth M. Tims, $200,000

N/a Lot 2: Denise Lawrence to Elizabeth M. Tims, $200,000

N/a Lot 3: Denise Lawrence to Elizabeth M. Tims, $200,000

N/a Lot 4: Denise Lawrence to Elizabeth M. Tims, $200,000

N/a Lot 5: Denise Lawrence to Elizabeth M. Tims, $200,000

N/a: Eleanor L. Childs to Randy George, $365,000


6 Acropolis Ave: 6 Acropolis Avenue RT and Donna G. Galluzzo to Brendon and Jennifer Gyarfas, $676,000

6 Catesby Ln: Stabile Hm At Londonderry to Santino Daddieco, $680,333

2 Crestview Cir Unit 74: Joshua S. Kozack to Brian N. Dellerario, $261,666

Cross Farm Condo Unit 82: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Chester T. and Nancy G. Babiarz, $632,600

161 Fieldstone Dr Unit 161: Daniel H. Kiestlinger and Marcia D. Keistlinger to Deborah L. and William Palumbo, $250,000

18 Hazelnut Ln: Rickenbach Renovations to Kaitlyn and William Cann, $575,000

86 High Range Rd: D R&D N Whitten RET and Donald R. Whitten to Belize RE Holdings LLC, $640,000

3 Larch Ln: Neil R. Robinson to Connor Morisseau, $540,000

3 Mallard Ln: Karen L. Murphy and Michael R. Selling to Kimberly Mann, $525,000

18 Nevins Dr Unit 18: Joanne Mele to Thomas Snediker, $577,000

8 Ross Dr: James M. and Sandi L. Ward to Anthony Piemonte, $525,000

4 Snowberry Holw: Jonathan F. Mankus and Lonna J. Carter to Chintu M. Patel, $625,000

7 Sutton Pl: Sandra J Geisler RET and Sandra J. Geisler to Allison and Patrick Felkner, $715,000

10 Victoria Dr: Timothy J. and Margaret L. Stoodley to Stephen M. Weare, $460,000

27 Wedgewood Dr: William G. and Virginia A. Landry to Maria L. Lima, $620,000


3 Holly Way Unit 3: Ferguson FT and Johanna H. Ferguson to Donna Turbity, $455,000


2 Basswood Rd Unit 2: James W Petersen Built Hm to Farrell FT and Alice C. Farrell, $541,533

5 Basswood Rd Unit 5: James W Petersen Built Hm to Linda S. List, $519,066

Bridge St: Arc CBPLMNH 1 LLC to 155 Bridge Street LLC, $631,000

46 Jericho Rd: Janeen A. Dairymple to Brielle A. Donovan, $362,533

2 Landmark Estates Condo Unit 27: James W Petersen Built Hm to Farrell FT and Alice C. Farrell, $541,533

100 Lawrence Corner Rd: Kathleen M. Sousa to Scott R. and Jennifer A. Gardner, $650,000

24 Lilac Ln: Mitchell and Christine Kamal to Kevin Cooper and Danielle Lemay, $500,000

897 Mammoth Rd: Ryan N. and Megan K. Bichekas to Richard C. and Karl R. Crawford, $419,000

1292 Mammoth Rd: Todd Wells RET and Todd Wells to Michael Bocchino, $482,000

Michelle Ave Lot 12: Alan M. and Christine A. Mousseau to K G. and Fotini Gavrielidis, $615,000

13 Redwood Rd Unit 13: James W Petersen Built Hm to Helen M. Mathison, $506,600

79 S Shore Dr: Scott R. and Christina L. Godin to Mitchell J. and Christine C. Kamal, $650,000

73-75 Tallant Rd: Maryfarm T and Albert Lynch to Sylvia T. Das Chagas, $460,000


16 Cifre Ln Unit 28: Picarillo James P Est and Steven J. Picarillo to Gerald F. Lay, $327,000

7 Kelleher Ave: Sharon A. Gray to Michelle C. and Kevin G. Whelan, $340,000

Moongate Farm Condo Lot 28: Picarillo James P Est and Steven J. Picarillo to Gerald F. Lay, $327,000


34 Briarwood Dr: Lizbeth Abdel-Malek to Stephen and Jamie Skojee, $1,075,000

48 Butler St: James A Sweet RET and James A. Sweet to Kyle Gould, $375,000

4 Clover Ct: Peter and Heather Kornacki to Kymson J. Brazee, $625,000

4 Concord Coach Dr: Gregory and Kathleen A. Poumakis to Joseph and Fatima Martino, $710,000

3 Cottonwood Ln: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Dreamscape Dev LLC, $225,000

17 Cottonwood Ln: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Gregory S. and Rachel D. Proulx, $225,000

Hampstead Rd: Richard A. Roy to Randonia LLC, $350,000

28 Howard St: Reggie RT and Nicole A. Regan to Justine D. Amour and Kathleen Damour, $435,000

9 Jana Rd: Tracey Dailey to Toni Daaboul and Cristina Vartic, $1,087,533

8 Justin Ave: Foresight Investments Inc to Joseph W. and Alexandria C. Akiki, $540,000

Lawrence Rd: Edward Manoogian Jr LT and Mark G. Bernard to 277 Lawrence Rd LLC, $1,300,000

29 London Rd: R W&L A Cooper RET and Ronald W. Cooper to Ross A. Cooper, $350,000

354 Main St: Fun T and Emmett Horgan to PRM Auto Salem LLC, $20,835,000

7 Meridian Dr: Hughes 2020 T and Tracy J. Hughes to Robert and Bethany Tadiello, $525,000

76 N Main St: Michael T Doyle RET and Michael T. Doyle to Louis J. Pizzano, $535,000

10 Orchard Ter: Forrest G. Owen to Elsa Y. Liu, $395,000

402 S Broadway: Fun T and Emmett Horgan to PRM Auto Salem LLC, $20,835,000

412 S Broadway: Fun T and Emmett Horgan to PRM Auto Salem LLC, $20,835,000

417 S Broadway: South Broadway Dev LLC to PRM Auto Salem LLC, $3,900,000

55 Theresa Ave: William A. and Beverly J. Mccarthy to Michael P. and Ellen E. Newman, $525,000

3 Wildwood Ln: Westcott Wildwood RT and Nadema A. Gemmell to Stephen DellaPelle and Courtney See, $487,000

N/a Lot 6: Duarte and Maria B. Bettencourt to Jarrett Mahoney and Natalia Novacek, $1,250,000


14 Dillon Ave: Stephen D. and Michelle L. Mailloux to Steven and Stephanie Vasquez, $510,000

416 Main St: Karekin E. and Yvonne M. Yeroyan to Henrys Homes LLC, $275,000

9 Powder House Rd: Benjamin and Courtney Langlois to David and Sabrina Bourque, $550,000

N/a Lot 3-1: E C&H Elaine Garvey IRT and John A. Garvey to D&Chandra Engelbert RET and Donald C. Engelbert, $632,800


15 Lighthouse Way: Thomas and Lisa Robinson to Christopher M. Perkins, $421,000

293 Portsmouth Ave: Jane Cheevers RET and Patricia L. Nugent to J&M Khalil RT and Jason D. Khalil, $730,000

16 Whitaker Way: 16 Whitaker Way LLC to GCMJR Realty LLC, $600,000

N/a: John and Eizabeth J. Kasser to Christopher J. Mccue, $670,000


31 Burnham Rd: Pawtucket Rd Landhldg LLC to Metin and Ana P. Ayata, $1,200,000

Castle Hill Rd: John J. Dowd to Yeison Mora, $665,000

28 Emerson Rd: NTC RE Development LLC to Joseph and Kaitlyn Sevigny, $770,000

6 Faith Rd: Nicholas G. Coufas to James and Sonia Edebiri, $650,000

44 Floral St: Mridul Mandal and Anurupa Bairagi to Chuanjun Wang, $680,000

40 Glance Rd: Deborah and Michael Ulbrich to Sebastien and Isabelle Terriot, $1,105,000

28 Mountain Village Rd Unit 28: Maria Luciana Lima RET and Maria L. Lima to Hassan Hussein, $477,000

23 Oriole Rd: Patrick R. and Maureen A. Spooner to Kathryn T. Ferguson, $635,000

189 Range Rd: Miguel Jimenez to Alex and Sheila M. Cuaresma, $337,000

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