24 Coventry Rd: Albert P. and Karen B. Pettoruto to Jeffrey and Lauren Jbara, $780,000

27 Island Pond Rd: Kristin and Michael Provencher to Daniel Hodgerney and Joshua M. Bourque, $475,000

10 Sleepy Hollow Rd: R C&G C Maclean RET and Roderick C. Maclean to Cassandra A. Gaffny, $450,000

Walker Rd: Raul Rodriguez to Shannon B. Ryan and Steven C. Andricopoulos, $430,000

9-a Waters Edge: Michael F. and Doris M. Sullivan to Jonathan Tortora, $459,933


254 Sandown Rd: James Catania RET and James Catania to Nicholas J. Stachulski and Britini L. Hickman, $425,000


No Transactions in this Town


10 Adams Pond Rd Unit L: Jonathan and Deborah C. Brush to Courtney L. and Nicholas Bouchard, $260,000

7 Aiken St: Stephen M. and Bobbie L. Koralishn to Astin J. and Catherine E. Stratoti, $450,000

17 Bradford St: Barbara Hubbard to Gregory Belluardo, $440,000

23 Central St: James Lawson-Bird to Craig J. and Snow Bonneau, $88,000

226 Chases Grove Rd: Michael Foraker to David Incerto, $125,000

54 Conleys Grove Rd Unit R: Deke A. and Leanne J. Hollenbeck to Chester Diaz, $332,533

56 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Patrick F. and Mary T. Keane to Nathaniel P. Lane and Brooke V. Bailey, $212,000

5 Ezekiel Dr Unit 5: Thomas J. and Learra I. Leiper to Caitlin Miller and Timothy Seadova, $330,000

65 Fordway Ext Unit 3205: Joan S Bazinet RET and Dorothy Riccio to Jean Brusseau, $230,000

17 Fordway Ext: Alyssa M. and Matthew P. Gauvin to James M. Orlando and Alyssa N. Watson, $440,000

4 Quincy Dr: Heather Neveille to Jill Martins, $417,500

11 Richardson Dr Unit L: John L. and Holly Downing to Amanda L. and Brendan P. Gallagher, $325,000

230 Rockingham Rd: WD Storage LLC to Life Storage LP, $7,639,000

11 Stone Fence Dr: Joshua R. Lavoie to Michael P. and Anne M. Murphy, $705,000

24 Stonegate Ln Unit 24: Jill E. Smith to Shannon E. Regan and Christopher N. Disalvo, $225,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 93: Shawn M. Bourassa and Kathleen A. Herrera to Lisa A. and Michael Robichaud, $289,933

7 Viza Ave: Alan G Goetz RET and Alan G. Goetz to Erin and Joseph K. Harris, $395,000

19 Weston St: Potvin FT and Glen Potvin to Douglas and Donna Pastorello, $771,333

14 Windham Depot Rd: Frank P. Loverde and Lili Bao to Zachary S. and Linzi G. Eppinger, $519,000


22 Lancaster Rd: Anne M. and Henry R. Ortega to Daniel P. and Alexandra N. Levesque, $622,000


66 Acorn Rd: Danielle A. Sargent to Marjorie and Robert Haley, $75,000

19 Atlantic Ave Unit 11: K&F Olson FT and Kenneth N. Olson to Gregory F. Cardinale, $499,000

39 Edgewood Dr: Kevin D. and Laura E. Daniel to Theodore and Marisa Bronstein, $761,000

1 Estherbrook Way: Copley Homes LLC to Donna M. Norton and Thomas Linwood-Norton, $744,933

19 Hampton Towne Est Unit 19: Hampton Towne 19 RT and Jane F. Jensen to William Dyke, $327,000

10 Playhouse Cir: Denise J Grimse T and Denise J. Grimse to Tristan W. and Alina I. Fisher, $835,333


46 Hunt Rd: Aaron E. and Jennifer M. Hydrick to Becca Peachey, $450,000

4 Kenlin Ln Unit A: Qadry Fuller to Tyyne M. Patti and Kyle L. Bolen, $355,000

69 North Rd: Frank F. and Diane M. Kolbe to Michael A. Hitchcock and Melaine J. Hitchock, $800,000

85 Route 125: All Around Hm Impr LLC to Joshua L. and Nicole M. Webber, $430,000


151 Canterbury Ln Unit 151: Dana L. Milton to Sydney R. Sturdevant, $230,000

Cross Farm Condo Unit 29: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Maureen M Ghio RET and Maureen M. Ghio, $536,933

Hickory Woods Condo Unit 27: Robert J. and Dorothy J. Bouchard to Laura J. Kuzia, $590,000

243 High Range Rd: Melton W. and Susan D. Fraser to Christina Baez and Theodore W. Hill, $365,000

6 Holstein Ave: Luke and Jennifer L. Pobocik to K T. and Jennifer Ferreira, $505,000

10 King Phillip Dr: Troy L. and Candy L. Barr to Christopher Jones, $435,000

22 Manter Mill Rd: Michael J. and Shelley Drake to Eric and Lacee Aguiar, $575,000

12 N Wentworth Ave: North Riv London 1 LLC to NV 12 N Wentworth Fund, $10,200,000

11 Pilgrim Rd Unit 11: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Scott D. and Julie H. Faust, $575,533

2 Pine St: Robert J. Contrarso and Ronald Contraros to Diane Clifford, $660,000

2 Proctor Dr Unit 2: StJean FT and Maureen R. StJean to Paul J. and Elizbeth J. Costa, $530,000

26 Severance Dr: Douglas J. and Suan H. Roberts to Kimberly Brann and Bruce Polderman, $550,000

34 White Plains Ave: Kent and Christine M. Kriegl to Justin K. and Sarah O. Kreter, $630,000

54 Windsor Blvd: Kenneth R. and Melissa S. Cady to Leonid Smirnov and Marian Grinberg, $650,000


11 Chase Rd: Matthew A. and Lindsay Hildebrand to Dillon N. Wright and Ashley E. Day, $505,000

1 Puzzle Ln: Ravensburger USA Inc to Puzzle Ln Fee Owners LLC, $9,250,000

8 Walnut Farm Rd: John J. and Karin A. Hughes to Christopher J. Moro and Pauline E. Bistany, $675,000


7 Balcom Rd: Germaine Mcnamara to Mark W. Fortier and Brenda J. Bond-Fortier, $300,000

16 Chardonnay Rd: Zaana 17 LLC to Stephen A. and Pamela J. White, $752,000

1 Colby Ln: Alan M. Shea to James M. and Sharon A. Brouder, $676,400

12-a Luann Ln: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to Christopher D. and Kristina M. Alikonis, $644,200

786 Mammoth Rd: Gerald G. and Marie F. Mayotte to Vincenzo&D Manzo IRT and Francesco Manzo, $575,000

13-a Nancy Ave: Brian P. Drelick to Joseph E. Silva, $530,000

13-b Nancy Ave: Brian P. Drelick to Joseph E. Silva, $530,000

36 Spaulding Hill Rd: Wayne and Marian Roessling to Mark R. and Amanda Brien, $424,000

22 Webster Ave: Antonio Silveira to Kelsey A. Mentas and Michael A. Rogers, $675,000


6 Birch St: NH Home Buyers LLC to Shirlee A. Roberts and Gino A. Pepe, $429,933

3 Hickory Ridge Dr: Ruth M. Sanville to Amy L. and Matthew W. White, $615,000

110 Main St: Daniel D. and Anna B. Gentile to Patrick J. Kiley and Samantha A. Gentile, $397,000

19 Wentworth Ave: Sharon A. and John M. Walsh to Scott J. and Kori A. Horgan, $300,000

115 Willard Way: Carol Lazazzera to Joseph and Katherine Guarino, $540,000

N/a: Janet Biggart to RDR LLC, $375,000


19 Atkinson Rd: Thomas R. and Kandice A. Bennett to Richard J. Casparius, $385,000

24 Butler St: Chan Seng and Sokthai Tang to Lissette Castillo, $440,000

99 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit F8: Zhan T. Huang to Julia Medina, $177,533

33 Colonial Dr: Charles L. and Carolyn G. Lopiano to Lori A. Bresnahan, $501,000

20 Coventry Ln: Pina Patel and Pratik Amin to Mark D. and Nancy A. Olenio, $580,000

42 Cross St: Tracey C. Turner to Thomas R. and Kandice A. Bennett, $385,000

10 Delaney Way: James D. Drago and Judith A. Obrien to Thomas and Pamela Logan, $520,000

16 Henderson Cir: Marilyn Poole to Jane Culbert and Jean Martin, $425,000

39 Hooker Farm Rd: Dean FT and Robert L. Dean to Daymon A. Medina, $549,000

34 Lancaster Crossing Rd: Sean Fountain and Terri Lavallee to Matthew and Alyssa Gauvin, $650,000

1 Lancelot Ct Unit 3: 1-3 Lancelot Ct LLC to Ya Cai, $140,000

6 Lancelot Ct Unit 22: Stanley and Ursula Gabryjelski to Isaiah 58 New Hampshire, $166,533

Lowell Rd: Liberty Utilities Corp to Young Land Holdings LLC, $65,000

254 N Broadway Unit 209: Joseph Caldarola RET and Joseph S. Caldarola to Suitelife LLC, $115,000

10 Nuggett Hill Rd: Stephenie T. Ellsey and Ryan S. Macleod to John P. and Brittany A. Sarsfield, $775,000

92 Pond St Unit 92: Robert J Palmisano RET and Robert J. Palmisano to David C. and Kathryn Schuh, $249,933

3 Redwood Rd: Robert M. and Shelley A. Koczat to Robert and Tracey Gingras, $500,000

201 Shore Dr: Brian and Alison Trundy to Keri L. and William Glen, $580,000

38 Twinbrook Ave: John M. Cannatella to Natalie M. Mcwilliams and Phillip W. Bates, $500,000

52 Wheeler Ave: Nancy T. Glendye to Jill A. Asaro, $407,000

Woodland Ave: John E. Landry to Luke C. Eberhardt and Katie A. Murphy, $90,000


No Transactions in this Town


2 Austins Way: Tobin and Maryjane H. Watterson to Alan J. Robertson, $588,000

2 Francis Dr: Walker FT and Mark Walker to David J. and Nancy A. Gagne, $580,000

Ocean Blvd: Carroll FT and William J. Carroll to Stephen O Gadd RET and Stephen O. Gadd, $1,389,000


4 Chapin Rd: K P Bergeron Dev LLC to Aimee R. Ferry and Scott M. Abernethy, $324,933

31 Harris Rd: Mark D. and Karen A. Falkenham to Chandler Realty LLC, $400,000

12 Long Meadow Rd: Christie Cartwright to Robert and Colleen Weingarten, $725,000

80 Mammoth Rd Unit 4: Mary L. and Gerald W. Fox to Joseph R. Lapointe and Mary J. Kelly-Lapointe, $339,000

3 Pine Brook Rd: Kayla Gallagher to Leanne and Deke Hollenbeck, $355,000

3 Roulston Rd: Ashraf Elghamrawi and Sally F. Shady-Eighamrawi to Karrie A. and Wayne R. Coletta, $585,000

N/a Lot 11a170: Ruby Holdings LLC to Safari Const Mgmt LLC, $3,000,000


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