3 Heald Bailey Dr Unit 3: Mcgovern Charles Est and Misty L. Mcgovern to Kenneth and Jennifer A. Cram, $455,000

109 Wild Pasture Ln: Midlands Investments LLC to Karen S. and Stephen J. Haley, $589,933

N/a: Brengeo RT and George Kenney to Hall Farm Road RT and Pasqualino Dalleva, $312,533


197 Harantis Lake Rd: Creeden Gavin F Est and Michelle L. Creeden to Michelle Creeden, $370,000

24 Shetland Rd: John and Shannon Howell to James A. and Carla A. Beck, $640,000

N/a: Fionda John Est and Matthew A. Fionda to Devin M. Lucy, $405,000


163 G H Carter Dr: Cogswell FT and David G. Cogswell to William and Kimberly Brackett, $415,000

Pleasant St: 23 Pleasant Street RET and Carol A. Sweet to Sweet Properties LLC, $150,000

29 Red Pine Rd: Melissa A Mielens RET and Jay H. Kaknes to Katherine A. Mansfield and Ashraf Eassa, $465,000

27 Walker Rd: Michelle L. and Alexander N. Cooper to Richard G. Belschner and Kristina A. Cournoyer, $504,933


Barkland Dr: Harold Ellis to Joseph J. Saltalamacchia, $79,000

13 Brook St: Richard D. and Linda R. Perry to Blair Heffernan, $301,533

801 Chases Grove Rd: Robert Greene to Melanie A. Kittery, $310,000

5 Drew Woods Dr Unit 5: DeGraaf Erik J Est and Beverly J. DeGraaf to Sheren Rajeh and Khaldoun Raeh, $390,000

12 Happy Ave: Vito J. Solimini and Lynn Reilly-Jackson to Peter J. Mizzoni, $500,000

44 Hillside Ave: Silver Linings Hm Bldrs to True H. Nguyen and Cuong T. Tran, $349,933

4 Lincoln St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to James Morgan, $220,500

18 Myles Dr Unit 18: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to Robert A. and Karla E. Kittler, $556,800

13 Shelly Dr Unit 13r: Giuseppina M. Romano to Sarah M. Kermelewicz, $235,000

3 Silvestri Cir Unit 19: Thomas N. Vanbever to Connellyco RT and Richard J. Morway, $155,000

9 Sundown Dr Unit A: Claudia J. Alfredson to 21 Bedford Place LLC, $255,000


Central St: Ambrefe FT 2013 and Nancy Condon to Jock&Moe LLC, $350,000

35 Hazel Dr: Stephen J. and Sabin W. Thompson to HD Proeprty Maintenance, $420,000

13 Matthews Dr: W&K Cooledge FT and Kathleen Cooledge to James Lynch, $389,000

15 Owens Ct Unit 2: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Jacob Councilman, $195,000

Route 121: Frank and Angela Polizzotti to Roy C. Hartzler and Adrienne J. Bassett, $333,000

N/a: Michael T. and Michelle A. Demers to Julieanne Demers and Dana Borriello, $425,000


15 Duston Ave Unit 15: Waters Edge Yacht Clb LLC to James H. Karr and Michelle M. Kerr, $550,000

20 N St Unit 303: Michelle A. and Joseph P. Daoust to Thomas P. Devlin, $545,000

315 Ocean Blvd Unit 602: Ocean House Condo LLC to David and Jennifer Hunger, $889,933

Taylor River Est Condo Unit 10: Charles S. and Pamela Baker to Baker FT and Charles S. Baker, $200,000


20 Chandler Dr: Peter F. Norton to Jillian A. and Alexander Peterson, $682,000

68 Elwood Rd: John W. and Sarah F. Mactal to Sandra Sousa and Matthew Cohen, $515,000

14 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 55: Guy E. Lambert to J&Melissa Alley RET and Jeffrey P. Alley, $208,000


93 Amesbury Rd: Seth J. Bubar to Joseph Brumaghim, $450,000


55 Currier Rd: Neil Fineman 2018 T and Neil S. Fineman to RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC, $2,300,000

Luann Ln: Ethan and Taylor Faria to RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC, $215,000

304 Mammoth Rd: Rickenbach Renovations to Carmen M. Debenedictis and Evan G. Lumb, $397,000

187 Old Gage Hill Rd: Szettella Sheryl A Est and Stephen J. Szettella to Santiago M. and F M. Olivo-Taveras, $445,000

93 Patriot Dr: Robert J. and Simone J. Tellier to Noelle M. and Brandon C. Tibak, $315,000

18 Westfall Rd: Tony C. Chau and Sarone T. Neang to Tyrone D. Dem and Malai Huynh, $360,000

5 Winterberry Rd Unit 5: Colette M. Hargan to Adrienne Sennecille, $351,000


4 Wilder Dr Unit 11: Brian Ireland to Westville Vent Partners, $320,000


61 Bluff St: Rogers Pauline C Est and Jean A. Olson to Jason A. and Theresa Ludwig, $359,933

22 Budron Ave: Linda A. Aubin to Robert and Joanne Markus, $420,000

2 Castle Ridge Rd: Andy Short to Jason Amiss and David Depamphilis, $730,000

4 Diamond Ave: Marcos A. Gaspar to Keith Cerqueira, $495,000

11 Justin Ave: Foresight Investment Inc to Jennifer Blaikie and Patrick Benedosso, $490,000

179 Lawrence Rd: Timothy A. Johnson to Robert P. and Melissa M. Toussaint, $315,000

35 Matthias St: Paige Merritt to Michelle L. and Ricardo L. Perez, $550,000

Policy St: Patricia A. and Brian E. Stanton to Brian F. Downing, $455,000


Elizabeth Rd: Dennis C. Clifton and Candy Gomez-Rodriguez to Justin M. Hartmann, $382,000

68 Mountain Dr: Boemark Construction Corp to Robert W. and Gina M. Lynch, $460,000

N/a Lot 17: Laura Benavides and Juan S. Almonte to Angela and Joshua Levasseur, $300,000


349 Woodstock St: George Dufour to Lorie A. Silva, $605,000


5 4th St: Paul K. Tokanel to Ryan Honda, $421,333

12 Farmer Rd: John C. Charette to Robert J. and Lisa A. Drew, $359,933

46 Highclere Rd: Ruby Holdings LLC to Nathan and Lisa Wallace, $885,000

31 London Bridge Rd: RPT T and John G. Cronin to Girishbhai and Jagruti Patel, $1,170,000

67 Ryan Farm Rd Unit 67: Del Ray Place LLC to Holly Manzo, $629,933

28 Wynridge Rd Unit 28: Maryellen and John R. Salines to John R. and Wendy Salines, $325,000



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