36 Coles Way Unit 36: Nathan Randazzo to Michael P. and Natalie M. Maggio, $273,000

4 Industrial Way: OCLAS Realty Partners to 4 Industrial Way LLC, $215,000

21 Merrill Dr: Mark R. and Linda M. Guilmet to Sabrina L. Duarte and Michael F. Faria, $349,066

53 Ridgewood Dr Unit 53: Jaimie Mcmahon to Laurie J. Burke, $315,000

3 Rosewood Ct Unit 3: Linda M. Soares and Judy A. Hagen to Joel L. Heil, $250,000

14 Webster Ct: Midlands Investments LLC to Jeffrey S. and Kelly M. Bouvier, $500,000

20 William Pond Rd Unit 20: Lavigne FT and Jeremy J. Lavigne to Kelly A. Duffy, $305,000


36 Abenaki Cir: Raymond J. Lacourse and US Bank NA to Stacey StGeorge, $301,000

Hemlock Ln Lot 9: Sawmill Grant LLC to Kubicki Builders LLC, $150,000

Hemlock Ln Lot 10: Sawmill Grant LLC to Kubicki Builders LLC, $150,000

42 Hills Farm Rd: Nolan S. and Cynthia J. Manning to Robert R. Packard and Diane J. Packad, $414,000

23 Pheasant Run Dr: Richard D. Angelotti and Briana A. Nagelotti to Victoria and Brandon Doremus, $499,933

23 Shaker Heights Rd Unit 23: Deborah M. Moore to James C. and Corinne M. Cutler, $292,533

237 Villager Rd Unit 237: Lifestyle Homes Of Nh Inc to David R. and Lori A. Neal, $415,000


79 Emerald Dr: Gregory FT and S Steven Gregory to Sean A. Mcmahon and Laura A. Westbay, $488,000


3 Birchwood Dr: Tobias G. and Louise M. Duys to Carolyn A. Maloof, $413,000

Brady Ave: Artisan Homes LLC to David P. and Michelle L. Mosman, $312,000

2 Bristol Ct Unit 342: Lisa L. Learnard to Amanda R. Brand, $129,933

122-1/2 Bypass 28: Michael and Nicole M. Shruhan to Michael P. and Renee M. Ansaldi, $414,933

177 Chester Rd: Rock RET and Samantha Sawtelle to M Cristina Muise, $90,000

82 Derryfield Rd Unit R: Christopher A. and Sherri M. Coutu to Rachel B. Julianello and Kevin M. Dipasquale, $182,000

92 E Broadway Unit 26: Elizabeth and Moira Young to Philip M. Spofford and Beverly A. Mckie, $100,000

104 English Range Rd: Michael A. and Lisanne Gallo to Amy L. Heinl, $426,000

68 Frost Rd: Stacy L. Gilbert to Karen Siergiej and Brandon D. Donnaruma, $360,000

14 Gaita Dr: Joseph P. and Debra A. Marinelli to Michael J. and Samantha J. Horne, $320,000

6 Garvin Rd: Scott A. and Yvette M. Martinelli to Dennis Beggan, $350,000

10 Holiday Ave: Kevin Lane and Susan Mckenize to Colleen M. and Thomson Hatch, $237,533

8 Maxwell Dr: Sheryl M. Foster-Dardas and David Dardas to Marielle Mugford and Brian Mugdford, $348,000

7 Old Manchester Rd: Jean Nudd to Michael C. Richard and Hannah E. Benson, $340,000

14 Paul Ave: Paul J. Boissonneault to Joseph E. Laford and Shelby L. Lafond, $289,000

12 Strawberry Hill Rd Unit R: Carlton and Rhonda Lane to Brian and Alysssa Silva, $237,000


7 Bethany Ln Unit 7: Peter L. Hosker and Judy White-Hosker to Carvill FT and Wesley W. Carvill, $315,000

22 Odd Fellows Rd Unit 3: Maryanne P. Murach to Julie A. Tomasz, $140,000


4 12th St: Patricia S Domin RET and Patricia S. Domin to Jody and Kristen Twombly, $506,000

34 Falcone Cir: Brian J. and Deborah H. Bonenfant to Nicholas and Jody M. Carson, $599,933

2 Hampton Towne Est Unit 2: Dyan Gilmore-Rowe to Shelby E. Spencer and Alexandre J. Dibuono, $279,933

482 High St Unit 3: J B Real Esate Inv LLC to Benjamin F. and Debra G. Deluca, $619,933

40 Kings Hwy: John J. and Diane M. Dooley to Daniel J. and Susan A. Dion, $750,000

83 Locke Rd: W Gregory- and Laurie A. Harville to Charles A. and Breinne K. Hamilton, $422,533

Ocean Blvd: Captain Mortgage Inn Inc to Ocean House Oceanfront, $1,396,533

18 Ocean Blvd Unit 11: Susan J. Matyszyk to Gwen M Timbas RET and Gwen M. Timbas, $145,000

315 Ocean Blvd: Kentville On The Ocean to Ocean House Oceanfront, $1,453,533

522 Ocean Blvd Unit 5: Kenneth R. and Deborah D. Rousseau to Drewniak Smith RET and Paul D. Drewniak, $100,000

8 Robin Ln: Richard A Fratto T and Doreen A. Holland to John T. and Kara E. Fenlon, $350,000

N/a Lot 427: Jason E. and Doreen M. Freeman to Gary J. and Julie A. Smith, $730,000


2 7th St: John G. and Doreen M. Kibildis to Kyle W. Dzwonek and Mackenzie Richard, $345,000

6 Cottonwood Cir Unit A: Qurtimiya Bonds to Penny Guy, $235,000

28 Great Pond Rd: Barbara F. Parshley and FNMA to FNMA, $80,525

3 Ronnie Ln: 3 Ronnie Lane T and Russell P. Little to Eric T. Eramo and Carlie A. Schena, $315,000

N/a: Richard F. Leveille to Capri Realty&Management, $90,000


108 Bayberry Ln Unit 108: Randon W. and Carey A. Straw to Shane M. and Lynlee I. Boggs, $160,000

14 Crestview Cir Unit 152: Lori A. Dalbec to Megan E. Corcoran, $153,000

17 Devonshire Ln: Anne M Cinquegrana IRT and A C. Cinquegrana to Christine E. and Michael M. Hughes, $383,000

78 Granite St Unit 78: Robert Doherty and Kelli Dohert to Bethany R. Macintosh and Mauricio Yurrita, $157,800

18 Lancaster Dr: Connell FT and Steven R. Connell to Erica R. Laue and Nicholas C. Thrasher, $367,000

71 Old Nashua Rd Unit 47: Blodgett Dalton A Est and Raclene S. Laplante to Anna Sergeevna-Kokoreva, $167,000

27 Olde Country Village Rd Unit 27: Nancy M. Dowling to Danille Gagnon, $185,000

24 Reed St Unit B: Carvill FT and Wesley W. Carvill to James W. and Kimberly D. Grantham, $237,000

128 Sandstone Cir Unit 128: Carol M. Scheffler to Cornell C. Lewis, $152,533

235 Winding Pond Rd Unit 235: Kimberly R. Campbell and Mikel P. Naticchioni to Jenna Hrone and Zackary Kellogg, $260,000


No Transactions in this Town


13 Appaloosa Ave: Louis and Janet Mannetta to Paul Mannetta and Saony Espinal, $396,000

149 Bush Hill Rd: Joseph K. Brunelle to David Abare, $399,933

30 Jericho Rd: Catherine A. Donovan to Elena M. Kothman, $434,933

51 Priscilla Way: David R. and Lori A. Neal to Joseph K. Brunelle, $500,000


8 Davis Park: Buy Properteis Cash LLC to Andrew C. Garofalo, $267,533

17 Hickory Ridge Dr: Kimbel L Drelick LT and Stephen A. Drelick to Joseph A. and April L. Muraco, $479,933

17 Rose Ave: Stephen W. Conroy to Richard D. Angelotti, $157,000

20 Stonebridge Dr Unit 20: 20 Stonebridge Dr and Carol H. Verge to John R. Obrien and Joanne Jacobson, $310,000

86 Sweet Hill Rd: 86 Sweet Hill Road RT and James J. Driscoll to Michael D. Manetta and Katie M. Seidl, $398,000


27 Ackerman St: Janet M Tetreault T and Janet M. Tetreault to Donna Benson and Deborah Marchese, $355,000

91 Brookdale Rd: Chris Alexandrou to Raymond W. and Jaymie L. Hurteau, $592,000

11 Cindy Ave: Kerianne S. and Christopher M. Pereira to Daniel T. and Jeannine Riley, $430,000

13 Coventry Ln: Jeffrey S. and Kely M. Bouvier to Colleen Brown, $515,000

29 Marianna Rd: A&L Moisan RET and Alyce J. Moisan to William J. and Ronda L. Moisan, $352,000

30 Meisner Rd: James E. Brown to David Snow, $325,533

16 Merrill Ave: James D. Defelice to Thomas and Sandra Dennehy, $265,000

5 Sally Sweet Way Unit 325: Leone Pauline D Est and Vincent P. Leone to Eugene J. Osullivan, $324,900

N/a Lot 378: Sportum Marcella A Est and Michael L. Sportum to Michael T. Bates, $30,000

N/a Lot 378: Michael T. Bates to BCA Premier LLC, $170,533


10 Higgins Ave: Sherwood 2013 FT and Kenneth W. Sherwood to Carolyn L. Rosko, $320,000

16 Lemyjoma Trl: David I. and Bessie H. Walsh to Richard P. Pierce, $227,533

12 Oak Ridge Rd: Carol J. Brighi-Deangelo and Gerald Carbone to Cheryl and John Madigan, $395,000

4 W Shore Dr: Barbara A. Lane and Cynthia Westmoreland to Patricia R Digiovanni RET and Patricia R. Digiovanni, $245,000

N/a: Benjamin Lavine and Cindy Rice-Levine to WTW FT and William T. Whitman, $778,533


28 Carroll Ln Unit 28: Lapierre Hagarty T and Leo Lapierre to Christopher S. and Tessa C. Brantley, $400,000

85 Foggs Ln: Stargazer Real Estate Dev to Michael T. and Gloria C. Call, $315,000

920 Lafayette Rd Unit 204: WN 1 LLC to 920 Lafayette RT and Darren Dibartolomeo, $505,000


24 Brookview Rd Unit 24: Jeanne L. Osborn to Janet M. Tetreault, $319,933

11 Ludlow Rd: Steven M. and Kristyn L. Koos to Christopher J. Filler and Caitlin Mackenzie-Pyle, $691,000

35 Northland Rd: Daniel V. and Debra M. Leonard to National Res Nominee Svcs, $670,000

35 Northland Rd: National Residential Svc to Dinesh Rachala and Samyuktha Ponagandla, $670,000



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