18 Amberwood Dr: New England Acquisition to Darrell and Wendy Tate, $510,000

1 Ayrshire Ave Unit 1: Hong Lien Chen 2007 RET and Hong Lien Chen to John M. and Robin M. Checovich, $460,000

14 Colonial Run: Midlands Investments LLC to Stephen N. Keller and Jessica E. Bolster, $540,000

117 Fieldstone Ln: Karl Lennon to Michael and Theresa Hurley, $835,800

7 Holstein Dr Unit 7: Keith E. and Margaret A. Boudreau to Linda DelPaggio, $459,000

25 Overlook Dr Unit 25: Yvette F. Deming to Laura M. Zaccone, $360,000

Page Farm Condo Unit 35: Milands Investments LLC to Robert and Maria Simmons, $612,400

Page Farm Condo Lot 51: Midlands Investments LLC to Paul J. and Marie C. Guy, $559,000

1 Summit Dr: 1 Summit Drive RT and W Gary Yacubacci to David P. and Melissa Bowman, $420,000


218 Derry Rd: Eileen Tully to James M. and Meghan Bradford, $460,000

135 Fiddlehead Ln: Timothy J. Barchard to Eric and Sandra Mcgowan, $610,000

Halls Village Rd: Eric B. Mallett to Donna Cooper, $385,000

11 Marden Ln: Cindy Leblanc to John D. and Jennifer L. Mccarthy, $585,000

Old Sandown Rd: 120 Raymond Road LLC to Raymond 120 LLC, $285,000

48 Orcutt Dr: Joseph E. and Jennifer J. Devlin to Thomas M. and Melissa I. Repetto, $490,000

N/a Lot 9-62-1: Douglas Milton Potter RET and Douglas M. Potter to Serina Mackenzie-Brenner and Eric Warner, $346,000


Doe Run: Russell H Post LT and Russell H. Post to Laurie Hobbs, $149,933

N/a Lot 1-19-5: Brien Bldrs Of Londonderr to Jillian Smith, $460,000


2 Birchwood Dr: Megan E. Spencer to Brian Appel, $401,000

9-b Brandywyne Cmn: Gregory Warren to Frank T. Muraco, $220,000

118 Chases Grove Rd: Sharon List to Michael J. and Stephanie Tresh, $215,000

7 Chester Rd Unit 213: Klyop FT and John S. Klyop to Dara M. Patten, $275,000

85 Chester Rd: Mark F. and Judith E. Victory to Joyce L. Smith, $620,000

English Range Rd: Cimler T and Constance M. Cimler to David and Tracey A. Coyle, $782,000

15 Gamache Rd Unit 1: George D. and Judith A. Wamboldt to Susan E. Caisse, $240,000

15 Gamache Rd Unit 1: Juan M. and Ann M. Saa to Jonathan R. and Meghaan M. Catino, $239,000

Goodhue Rd: Matthew S. Cipiriano and Jamie L. Cipriano to Michael J. Davidson and Emily M. Siegfriedt, $350,000

38 Gulf Rd: Ann Farley to Krystal M. Agostini-Vila and Nicole Tran, $348,000

156 Hampstead Rd: Mark D. Reed to Eric M. Silvestri, $459,000

299 Hampstead Rd: Jose E. and Olga M. Moniz to Stephanie M. Hinsvark, $405,000

21 Hoodkroft Dr: Richard P. and Luann Gero to Matthew E. and Ericka B. Attarian, $365,000

11 Indian Hill Rd Unit R: Stephminik RET and Maria Boucher to Karen M. Timothy and William L. Horan, $365,000

13 Matthew Dr Unit L: Lisa Manzo to Alexander Anderson, $270,000

13 Matthew Dr Unit R: Christine Mcbrine to Thomas M. Manning, $252,000

51 Mill Rd: Jason Weeden to Carl W. Rychwa and K Martinez-Rychwa, $470,000

6 Misty Morning Dr Unit A: Thomas J. and Kristin E. Gorrie to Nicholas Woodward and Melanie Brody, $247,533

3 Modean Dr: Joseph and Stacey Donovan to Thomas J. and Kristin B. Gorrie, $461,000

3 N Main St: Ajit Kumar to Matthew and Jaclyn Hagopian, $650,000

6 Olesen Rd: Arnold F. and Christine J. Meyer to Stack FT and David J. Stack, $375,000

36 Overledge Dr: Michael K. and Janice L. Lescrinier to Rachel L. and Trevor C. White, $350,000

48 Overledge Dr: Jeremy P. and Alexandra E. Dzwonkus to Fremio and Griselle Soto, $420,000

10 Oxbow Ln: Darrell and Wendy R. Tate to Shaun and Emilyann Hanson, $430,000

4 Richardson Dr Unit L: Andrew Day and Alana Wentworth to Amanda Curier, $252,933

3 Valerie Ln: B&Development LLC to Joseph D. and Kirstena K. Murphy, $539,933

Village Oakwood Condo Unit 9: Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to Joseph M. and Susan M. Prew, $508,600

N/a: Gianmarco Orgegozo to Richard J. Picardi and Karen Miller, $325,000

N/a Lot 2: Virignia H. StPierre to Christine Mcbrine, $189,933

N/a Lot 86: AKZ Properties LLC to Christopher H. and Jennifer A. Halla, $122,000


16 Appleton Ln: Jonathan J. and Lisa M. Houde to Adam R. and Becca Rankin, $456,000

24 Autumn Ln Unit 24: E David and Gloria D. Beeman to Contarino LT and Anthony Contarino, $335,000

Hazel Dr: 27 Hael Drive LLC to JK Management Group LLC, $240,000

Hunt Rd Lot 4: Timothy J. Dyment and Allison Armstrong-Dyment to Justin Z. and Courtney A. Bush, $270,000

16 Pentucket Dr: Michael and Marcie Fleming to Richard J. Poor, $461,000

20 Steeple Chase Rd Unit 20: Joseph C. and Joseph R. Pesce to Joseph D. Mitchell, $245,000

24 Woodridge Rd: Warren C. and Adele G. Trested to Lev Soyfer and Irina Y. Seyfer, $446,000

N/a: David Barosky to Lauren I. Muise, $379,933

N/a Lot 115: Peter J. and Caroline L. Megan to Georgescothorne Turner and Alicia M. Bradon-Turner, $628,000


Academy Ave: James S. and Melisa L. Patterson to V&S Ternullo LT and Sharon Ternullo, $483,933

14 Gale Rd: Carpe Diem T and John P. Troiano to Kristin A. Yates-Coleman and Patrick B. Coleman, $720,000

Hedman Ave: Donna M. Eiras to James S. Patteson and Melissa L. Patterson, $382,533

5 Ice House Ln: Frank B. Bugg and Corinne M. Ramussen-Bugg to Brgs LLC, $530,000

5 Ice House Ln Unit 6-5: BGRS LLC to Meghan V. and Nicholas D. Ogren, $530,000

Jo Ann Ln: Wayne R. Kaufmann to Michael J. and Lynn T. Loiseau, $350,000

K St Lot 10: David L. Maher to William J. Watkins and Bonnie L. Payette, $365,000

83 Ocean Blvd Unit 411: Rakesh Udgiri to Ravi G. Gowda and Samathi Rajana, $350,000

507 Ocean Blvd Unit 1: Cathleen A Torrance RET and Cathleen A. Torrance to Anthony and Paola Scannelli, $552,533

16 Tucker Ln: Emily Evans to Harley Nedeau and Jeremy G. Meyer, $379,933

Westridge Dr: Fox FT and Jeffrey J. Fox to Mahmood Kinani and Arwa Omar, $635,000

N/a Lot 2-8: Hereford Investments LLC to Michael J. and Julie R. Poplawski, $747,200


8 Brookhaven Rd: Charles P. and Karen Lloyd to Brooke G. and Nicholas I. Rogers, $450,000

36 Jericho Rd: Mark S. and Stacey M. Mailloux to Lawrence M. and Mckenzie M. Lastra, $485,000

3 Kasher Dr Unit B: Janice R. Bettencourt to Jimmy and Ariana Kunie, $306,933

N/a Lot 24: Kevin and Theresa C. Barnard to Michael Panagiotakos and Heather N. Power, $487,000


5 Abbey Rd: John C. and Marcia J. Rogers to Jennifer A. and Ryan Wobrock, $477,000

10 Abington Dr: Stephen and Janet Macintyre to Caitlin M. and Boris Yakubenko, $570,000

92 Adams Rd: Stephen A. and Gladys F. Wallace to Robert G. and Jill A. Brittain, $430,000

46 Calla Rd: New Comes Lorden Commons to Richard L. Lombard, $526,933

1 Chestnut Hill Dr: Angela and Ruth Hughes to Christopher and Irma Doherty, $420,000

40 Clover Ln: New Comes Lorden Commons to Robert P. and Danielle M. Brown, $551,933

16 Crestview Cir Unit 169: Manoj and Preeti N. Munjal to Michael J. Begin, $162,000

Cross Farm Condo Lot 62: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Judith A. Bologna, $498,733

49 Forest St: Robert J. and Patricia D. Mcdonald to Susan and James R. Walsh, $485,000

Hickory Woods Condo Unit 24: John R. and Frances E. Desimons to Darrell F. and Lisa M. Ashdown, $485,000

56 Oakridge Dr Unit 56: Jill Y. Menard to Geoffrey G. Grandmaison, $210,000

19 Pilgrim Rd Unit 73: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Robert C. Wechsler and Kathleen Weschsler, $602,333

Route 102 Lot 361: Jack A. and Maria J. Szemplinski to Stephen K. Bourke and Andrea K. Szemplinski, $300,000

Route 102 Lot 361: Jack A. and Maria J. Szemplinski to Stephen F. Bourke and Andrea K. Szemplinski, $300,000

14 S Parrish Dr Unit 14: V&S Ternullo LT and Sharon Ternullo to Robert Dawson and Deborah Morin, $325,000

46 Shasta Dr: STG LLC to German R. Mejia and Raqual Farias-Mejia, $408,000

Southwood Dr: Brook FT and Mark G. Brook to Dawn Macarthur, $367,000

Stonehenge Rd: Joseph E. and Linda J. Ryan to Faith Napler, $440,000

55 White Plains Ave: Davis RET and Matthew N. Davis to Cole J. and Kimberly A. Williams, $535,000

57 White Plains Ave: Kimberly A. and Cole Williams to Susan K. Davis and Paul F. Hadley, $585,000

20 Wyndmere Dr Unit 20: Kathleen S. Rumson to Theresa L. Forte, $235,000

N/a: Hollen M. Groff to Alecia M. Pare and Bryan M. Laflamme, $349,000

N/a Lot L9-7: Michelle A. Toth to Nelson R. and Lisa Resendes, $400,000


2 Crossman Cir: Kenneth A. and Marianne S. Pelletier to David C. and Jennifer M. Eulie, $425,000

New Boston Rd: Red Bear Properties LLC to Ashley L. Nicol and Mohsena Khan, $125,000

53 Peaselee Crossing Rd: Rego Co LLC to James Butler, $490,000


1138 Bridge St: Brandon and Tai Atchison to Darien J. Smolinsky, $329,000

Majestic Ave: Skyview Estates LLC to Blythe Sanford, $707,533

2 Marie Ave: Jill Komus to Marina L. Komus, $296,533

57 Old Bridge St: Nathan G. Boutwell to Patricia C. Marchi, $350,000

32 Wood Rd: Lisa A. Kuzmich to Michelle M. and Joseph A. Belfiore, $310,000

N/a Lot 1-113: A Richard Hanlon and Mark G. Tenney to Austin and Mary-Anne Bennett, $560,000


9 Carlis Way: HCR Construction Inc to Dalton L. Cyr, $544,933

37 Pollard Rd: William and Katherine Sideri to Thomas J. Penney, $328,733

N/a Lot 118: Masse FT and Michael G. Masse to John Emerzian and Gianna Demonte, $595,000


137 Brookdale Rd Unit 7: John N. Marshall to Maureen A. Boggiatto, $230,000

22 Carol Ave: Dalton L. Cyr and Talan A. Barron to Wendy Guzman, $383,000

133 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 18: Cassandra Maroun and Daniel Kinney to CMG Properties LLC, $175,000

Corinthian Dr: Sharon L Graziani RET and Sharon L. Graziani to Magda M. and Jeffrey I. Cooley, $645,000

14 Delaney Way: Cynthia A. and R Kevin Lee to Bo and Vonda H. Rueda, $600,000

Dyson Dr: Brenda A. Macaskill to Alexis Reynoso, $412,533

Granite Woods Condo Unit 44: DHB Homes LLC to Lauriston B. and Mary S. Marshall, $581,933

13 Harley Ln: Jonathan D. Rogers to Kelvin Severino, $624,933

Kim Rd: Cluade J Dupuis RET and Cluade J. Dupuis to Christine J. and Arnold F. Meyer, $250,000

125 Lancaster Farm Rd: Joseph G. and Donna L. Redshaw to Justin C. Hall and Janelle M. Desanto, $404,266

18 Loren Rd: David P. and Melissa J. Bowman to Eric Wiles, $382,000

241 Main St Unit 7: Mary A. Reese to Cory J. Lavallee, $300,000

4 Milano Way Unit 4: Black Brk Rlty Tuscan Vlg to Cissy Nakanwagi, $444,933

9 Milano Way Unit 9: Black Brk Rlty Tuscan Vlg to Christopher Burns, $435,000

153 Millville St: John Gallant to Stonebrook Land Dev LLC, $179,933

103-b N Main St: Superior Corp to Shawn S. and Stacey A. Mustapha, $649,933

160 Pelham Rd: Joann Waller to Robert M. and Lori A. Jordan, $530,000

56 S Shore Rd: Emily M. Smith to Dexter J. Cluff, $420,000

15-17 Sullivan Ave Unit 2: Edwin M. Rooney to Briana M. Pacheco, $262,000

6 Therese Rd: Uzdavinis IRT and Cheryl A. Ham to Cheryl R. Marino, $318,000

6 Waldron Rd: William H. and Anne E. Reynolds to Chad A. Gustafson and Alice Yu, $625,000

2 Wheeler Ave: So K. Hangrany and Noemi Ortiz to Ronald Lukas and Krystal Cassano, $405,000

17 Windward Ter: Nancy E. Davis to Geoffrey P. and Anne-Marie T. Ducharme, $353,000

14 Zion Hill Rd: V Carlyle Pacholok to Thomas Dalessandro, $528,000

N/a Lot 11552: Healey FT and Benjamin T. Healey to Michael L. and Kristina N. Gilberg, $660,000


21 Country Acres Rd: Steven M. and Melissa A. Simone to Diego M. and Jaclyn K. Eldridge, $360,000

David Ln: Albert C. and Gail M. Hoyt to D&H Const Of Plaistow Inc, $120,000

41 Lilac Ln: Michael P. and Theresa M. Hurley to Andrew Charette, $430,000

Main St: Klee Properties LLC to Angelo and Kathleen Paulino, $460,000

7 Morrison Ln: Robert E. and Jacqueline A. Arzilli to Gregory M. and Nicole B. Chartier, $440,000

70 Waterford Dr: Carrie Aresco to Paul G. Wells, $395,000

N/a Lot 4-2: Laura J. Swanton to George G. Mack, $342,000

N/a Lot 17-3-2: Joseph and Stella Karas to Leander and William P. Corman, $430,000


57 Farm Ln: James H. Rogers to Christopher P. Washburn, $226,600

New Zealand Rd: Kevin M. Rosencrantz to Richard T. Syphers and Janice M. Austin-Syphers, $255,000

N/a: Curatolo Seabrook LLC to MHC 83 LLC, $6,059,733


3 Allen Rd: Linda P. Dennison to Matthew R. Palumbo, $515,000

8 Deer Run Rd: John P. and Laura B. Larochelle to Nicholas J. Larochelle and Emily K. Oconnor, $575,000

24 Gertrude Rd: Ryan D. and Katherine B. Berg to Stephen D. and Evgenia Lussier, $384,000

17 Hardwood Rd: David S Deveau RET and David S. Deveau to William R. and Katarzynam Crissy, $587,000

Park St: John P. and Rosemary T. Molloy to Orsolya K. and Zoltan Gall, $530,000

62 Stacey Cir Unit 62: Robert Mcintosh to Kendra L. Patick, $292,933

7 Yorkshire Rd: Edward J. and Wendy L. Zabawski to Darlene A. and Larry E. Hawe, $1,035,000

N/a Lot 24f520: Lois E Reynolds 2014 T and Lois E. Reynolds to Jill and Otis Lester, $450,000

N/a: Judith A Holt RET and Gregory D. Holt to Barry and Meaghan Gadbois, $518,466

N/a Lot 21h2: Adam L. and Patricia M. Carley to Laurent F. Dube and Cheryl A. Neary, $880,000

N/a Lot 7a798: Douglas A. and Deborah T. Folson to John E. and Karina R. Money, $878,933

N/a Lot 7b3005: Malcolm H. Lummis and Leanne Fleming-Lummis to Haroot and Maelanie Tokatlian, $18,133



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