7 Longview Dr Unit 307: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to N&V Perrone 2020 RET and Vincent Perrone, $497,600

105 Maple Ave: Cobb FT and James C. Cobb to Naito FT and Michael Y. Naito, $620,000


7 Balsam Ln: Gargaly&Grenier FT and Jeffrey F. Gargaly to Shane and Carley Anderson, $327,733

76 Dudley Rd: Manchester RET and Karen R. Manchester to Kate G. Guerdat and Joseph P. Fitzgerald, $875,000

8 Hilltop Ln Unit 8: Wendi and Glen Wilkinson to Glenn D. and Michelle D. Cote, $485,000

35 Route 107: Wright Builders LLC to Bruce and Elizabeth Plummer, $670,000

Route 125: Magnusson Farm LLC to River Run Development LLC, $550,000

29 Terfe Ponds Dr: 3 Ponds LLC to Mark A. and Theresa M. Randolph, $613,400


Raymond Rd: Evans 1 FT and Vernon P. Evans to Kamco Properties 1787 LLC, $50,000


No Transactions in this Town


36 Back Chester Rd: Krista and Marc Barnaby to Laura and Dustin Elwood, $580,000

7 Beaver Lake Rd: Christopher D. Merchant to Mckayla J. Nicol and Jacob Ebert, $368,533

19 Boyd Rd: Tiago S. and Kerry L. Ribero to Keith Xavier-Bergeron and Alexis J. Bergeron, $430,000

47 Conleys Grove Rd: William A. and Patricia J. Phillips to Scott J. Dufresne and Yva Gallant-Dufresne, $1,600,000

11 Eastman Dr: Mcclain 2021 T and Keith A. Mcclain to Malachi Hicks and Katie Mcclain, $530,000

18 Franklin St: Mark and Sarah Carbonneau to Corrin Foley and Timothy Morris, $310,000

10 Gena Ave: Simplified RE Hldg Grp to Jonathan Raposo and Samantha Doughty, $540,000

66 Goodhue Rd: Gould FT and Lisa Peabody to Derry King LLC, $225,000

218 Island Pond Rd: Deborah A. and Ross D. Mansfield to Steven Debakker, $419,933

Lester Ln: Derry Town Of to Ardian Pjetri, $67,466

39 South Ave: James P. Joyce to Dawn and Ryan K. Monahan, $410,000

56 Stark Rd: Sean and Carrie Conway to Jevan and Shawna David, $776,000


153 Coffin Rd Unit 44: Judith P. Fanning to Robert T. Hutcheson, $356,000

39 Daniel Dr: John M. Gagnon to Rebecca E. and Justin R. Behling, $375,000

5 Kennard Rd: Maxine and Christopher Holloway to Gregory H. Warner, $690,000

65 Olde Bridge Ln: Christopher C. Dormody and Elena M. Messina to Dean Norowski and Telia Lynch, $460,000

8-B Sunset Ridge Rd Unit 2B: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Karen E. and Norman L. Sybert, $546,400


50 Acadia Ln Unit 50: Jesse L. and Laurie M. Farris to Scott S. and Colleen L. Anders, $550,000

9 Allen St: Audrey N Eastman RET and Ellyn M. Eastman to Allison M. and Gregg A. Conboy, $410,000

6 Carriage Dr: Oreilly FT and Sean E. Oreilly to Edward C. and Courtney V. Lague, $660,000

12 Cypress Cir Unit 12: Harrsch FT and Robert A. Harrsch to Anthony and Patricia A. Garand, $577,000

3 Gary Ln: Gail E. Kennedy to Amanda Mcalpine, $515,000

24 Willey Creek Rd Unit 207: Cynthia J Henderson FT and Ronald J. Henderson to Sahida and Iqbal Shaikh, $638,000


15 Bailey Shore Rd: Doris L Tardiff RT and Cheryl Kusiak to Richard J. Chambers, $607,133

189 Brown Hill Rd: Buonanno Susan T Est and Brenden Buonanno to Kathleen C. Brennan, $482,000

4 Springfield Dr Unit 909B: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Sandra Kinskey, $479,933


106 Ashworth Ave Unit 2: Green Rock Invs LLC to Freckle International LLC, $168,000

5 Homestead Cir: Buyer Accepted LLC to Barbara G. Anderson, $578,600

Ina Ave: Ernest D. and Carol Dennison to Sue E. Fossett, $400,000

419 Ocean Blvd: J Hunter Properties LLC and Relf 1 LLC to Seagull Motel Hampton, $1,525,000

989 Ocean Blvd Unit 10: Daniel Giacalone to Dominic and Jennifer A. Poliseno, $480,000


233 South Rd: Irina A. Yurkova to Michael Jasko and Jean Sarno, $651,000


82 Exeter Rd: David S. Moreland to Michael W. Malvers, $511,000

7 Page Rd Unit B: Second Empire Homes LLC to Aminda Daviduk, $515,000

7 Page Rd Unit A: Second Empire Homes LLC to Aminda Daviduk, $515,000

7-A Page Rd Unit B: Second Empire Homes LLC to Aminda Daviduk, $515,000

7-B Page Rd Unit A: Second Empire Homes LLC to Aminda Daviduk, $515,000


93 Bayberry Ln Unit 93: Anthony C. Goes to Malikatou H. Mossi, $285,000

66 Boulder Dr Unit 66: Dale Gagnon and US Bank NA to Long Term Rentals LLC, $177,500

16 Boyd Rd: Michelle K. Danias to Jason A. Brown and Jill M. Connolly, $641,000

1 Carousel Ct: Michael and Katie Stella to Valentine Ezefili and Jacinta Onyejekwe, $740,000

51 Clover Ln: Lorden Commons LLC to Lynda Roy, $664,933

Cross Farm Condo Unit 125: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Michael A Morin RET and Michael A. Morin, $643,600

60 Griffin Rd: Dorothy R. Godson to John and Melissa Drake, $520,000

92 Hovey Rd: Sarah N Smigielski T and Warren S. Murray to Jaimie L. Boissonneault and Christopher Bell, $380,000

8 Ledgewood Dr: J F&Aud R Segalini RET and Aud R. Segalini to Cheryl A. and Thomas F. Perault, $900,000

101 Litchfield Rd: Scott D. Cantella to Charles C. and Terry L. Newcomb, $671,000

50 Windsor Blvd: Patricia A Cady RET and Patricia A. Cady to Daniel and Anisa Joyce, $1,310,000


Amesbury Rd: Karl N. Lacroix to John and Sheryl Lampropoulos, $25,000

45 Williamine Dr: David M. and Dawn A. Lucas to Laurie Jewett-Kennedy, $600,000


13 Appaloosa Ave: Paul Mannetta and Saony Espinal to Michael Rodriguez, $549,000

1501 Hildreth St Unit 1501: 1501 Hildredth Street LLC to Emily and Ronald Burnett, $500,000

5303 Hildreth St Unit 1503: 1501 Hildredth Street LLC to Alyssa and Nicholas Simonetti, $450,000

56 Main St: Beaver Brook LLC to Paul and Catherine Griffin, $434,933

22 Robinson Ln: Gail Wescott to Staci Tibbetts and Zachary Durand, $450,000

10 Saturn Way Unit 10: Beaver Brook LLC to Norman and Constance Macquarrie, $434,933

12-14 Victoria Cir: Maryfarm T and J Albert Lynch to Warren T. and Warren M. Mcquaide, $490,000


6 Fox Holw: Melissa Oconnor to Gary F. and Kathleen M. Starr, $875,000

4 Kristie Ln: Brian N. and Fiona G. Hult to Jeffrey and Shannon Maloney, $710,000

233 Oak Ridge Rd Unit 18: Deborah A. Santos to Linda S. Wood, $315,000

22 Seaver Brook Ln Unit 22: Cortney Duarte to Robely O. Mateo-Segura and Shantale E. Dinh, $363,000

20 Sweet Hill Rd: James A. and Megan A. Quinlan to Ryan Turner, $465,000


9 Bonnano Rd: Clark Ave Realty LLC to NTC RE Development LLC, $362,000

60 Brady Ave: Veroll Kenneth M Est and Mario Veroll to Sajen J. Srivastava, $435,000

177 Brady Ave: E&Margaret Krauss FT and Mark Young to Michael J. Srejer and Nicole E. Tschuor, $497,400

11 Briarwood Dr: Richard A. and Rita M. Vecchi to Christine M. and Mario W. Thompson, $700,933

10 Carriage Ln: Timothy F. and Carol A. Stevens to Tracine Bradstreet and Dragan Grebovic, $865,000

20 Cove Rd: Jody A. Shaw and Jan M. White to Robert M. and Jan M. White, $300,000

14 Hawk Dr: Brant D. and Gretchen L. Berkstresser to Justin M. and Lauren E. Norton, $730,000

11 Industrial Way Unit 6: Winni 1 LLC to 11C Industrial Way LLC, $2,300,000

14 Kayla Ave: Bernard G. and Bethany P. Cho to Jocelyn Gordon, $711,000

15 Manor Pkwy: Northmil RT and Donald A. Millard to Bluebird Salem LLC, $1,900,000

16 Mason Dr: David P. Kublbeck to Paul W. and Diane M. Levasseur, $635,000

14 Meadow Ln: 14 Meadow Lane NT and Sandra L. Grenier to Maxine and Christopher Holloway, $890,000

92 Millville St: Albert H. Getchell and Francesca M. Lopresti to Delinda A. and Chad A. Robinson, $500,000

133 Millville St: O&G Custom Rehab LLC to Michael D. and Chun H. Lapointe, $525,000

N Policy St: Anthony W. Defranzo to Wendy S. Everly, $347,000

25 Royal Cir: Matthew Market Realty LLC to Jenny Woodward, $600,000

N/A Unit 23-125: Cedar Crest Salem LLC to Ashley E. Meissner, $470,000

N/A Unit 2: Stephen E. and James E. Ference to Lewis Zellin, $620,000


7 Glastombury Dr: Plante 2013 FT and Bethany P. Avery to Nathaniel E. and Lauren B. Sager, $544,933

3 Showell Pond Rd: Christopher P. and Deirdre Abriola to Sarah A. and Daniel M. Hewett, $475,000


S Main St: John R. and Diane M. Beckman to Harold Eaton and Valerie Fowler, $129,933

419 State Route 286 Unit 203: F&Mary Benjaminsen FT and Frank Benjaminsen to David H. and Lola L. Riel, $175,000


25 1st St: Stephen H. and Marie T. Pink to Phyllis and Larry Johansen, $350,000

16 Castle Hill Rd: Gray IRT and James Gray to Todd E. and Alexandra N. Cole, $900,000

7 Grove St: Gallant FT and Jeffrey M. Gallant to Andrew Corman and Colleen A. Hartnett, $1,165,000

155 Londonderry Rd: Lori Ann Silverwatch RET and Lori A. Silverwatch to Margery Pelletier and Denny Roberge, $1,125,000

50 Morrison Rd: Ashish and Kanupriya Panwar to Eric J. Hubbard and Sara F. Ghazzaoui, $680,000

7 Silver Rd: Patrick E. Mchale and Mark L. Thibault to Peter A. and Peter Mcdonagh, $399,933

2 Spring St: Deborah Moore to Thomas Lam and Vicky Liang, $500,000

12 Westchester Rd: John and Mary Kamerud to Brent and Alexandra Harnisch, $960,000

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