64 Aspen Dr Unit 64: Kelley FT and Thomas H. Kelley to Lynne Gosselin, $326,933

3 Dow Ave: Gerald and Barbara A. Strzykalski to R L Bellia Holdings LLC, $292,866

10 Lamplight Dr Unit 10: Donna Hill Berard RET and Donna H. Berard to Kimberly A. and Joseph E. Ellsey, $345,000


43 Hanson Rd: Dupont IRT and Andrea Brown to Ronald J. Mckinnon, $265,000


35 Hickory Ln: John S Grover RET and John S. Grover to Jason C. and Jennifer Vallone, $325,000

13 Justin Dr: Leiann E. and Stephen R. Cotton to Paul Kabuire-Maina and Rosemarie E. Leavy-Maina, $327,533


6 Carberry Dr: Avarden Investments LLC to Stacy L. Gelinas, $359,000

128 E Broadway: Inspry Enterprises LLC to Peacock Properties LLC, $400,000

17 Floyd Rd: Kathryn A. Lucek and Susan M. Celia to Lauren A. Sousa and Erin N. Doyle, $160,000

17 Floyd Rd: Kathryn A. Lucek and Susan M. Celia to Lauren A. Sousa and Erin N. Doyle, $160,000

65 Fordway Ext Unit 4309: Allen W Waskilewicz RET and Tracy Grattan to Jennifer A. and George F. Valvis, $175,000

14 Mount Pleasant St: Jk Investments LLC to Michael and Angela Fiandaca, $299,933

40-1/2 Old Auburn Rd: George F. and Jennifer A. Valvis to Kin Yi Peter-Ho and Terri A. Ballou, $318,000

12 Perley Rd Unit 29: Edward J. Healey to Elizabeth Brady, $225,000

10 Pine Isle Dr Unit H: Steven M. Caputo to Nicholas J. Ferrara and Arianna J. Zulauf, $193,533

6 Pingree Hill Rd: Michael and Fiana Shaw to Chad Streeter, $305,000

13 Robin Rd: Edward B. and Susan A. Keenan to Douglas and Bethanie Witty, $315,000

2 Senter Cove Rd Unit R: Dusty D. Wood and Heather L. Hamel-Wood to Emily E. Fortune and Rudy S. Cherilus, $235,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 94: Caryn H. Gould to Kerre Grant and Blake Holt, $230,000

95 Tsienneto Rd: Richard W. Watts to Ryan J. and Nicole A. Conceicao, $455,000

41 W Broadway Unit 5: James P. and Nancy L. Segal to Victoria J. Hersey, $120,000


Brown Hill Rd Lot 23: Janice P. Prescott to Vincenzso&D Manzo IRT and Francesco R. Manzo, $335,000

48 Laura Ln: Wood Duck Haven RT and Dolores Minta-Notini to Raymond D. Tulley, $390,000


12 Belmont Cir: Cassiopeia Turcotte to Christopher M. Cormier, $371,400

20 Campbell Dr Unit B: Home Buying Headquarters to Patrick F. Streeter, $340,000

7 Cora Ave: Steven A. and Denise R. Yuse to Gary C. Colburn, $430,000

Mccarron Dr: Rkdolla LLC to Mary Jane Vazquez RET and Mary J. Vazquez, $719,000

377 Ocean Blvd Unit 3: Mark O. Lewis and Maureen Bussone to Hamessouhi S. Amirkhani, $540,000

415 Ocean Blvd Unit 304: Philip and Jane Doris to S&G Realty Ventures, $118,533

511 Ocean Blvd Unit 17: Carlin E. and Jane T. Journeay to Amy and Matthew Vavro, $413,000

541 Ocean Blvd Unit 17: Kathleen A Scanlon RET and Kathleen A. Scanlon to Stefanie A. Warsnip and Daniel J. Mckenna, $255,000

567 Ocean Blvd Unit 212: Willim J. and Michelle T. Meehan to Stephen C. Letaras, $319,000

567 Ocean Blvd Unit 101: Marie T. Connor to William J. and Michelle T. Meehan, $350,000

6 Riverwalk Unit 6: Daniel A. and Carla J. Meyers to Laurie A. Zielinski, $232,000


19 Ash Dr Unit 19: Edward J. and Lynne A. Carter to George K. Neunaber, $285,000

98 Exeter Rd: Grande Anthony L Est and Anthony L. Grande to Jennifer R. Chasse and Brian Toner, $260,000


149 Canterbury Ln Unit 149: Kin Yi Peter-Ho and Terri A. Ballou to Grorge W. Bortnick and Celia A. Calkins, $180,000

156-l Capitol Hill Dr Unit 156: Massoud Najafi to D&A Properties LLC, $132,733

11 Davis Dr: Philip J. and Sharon L. Elibero to Chase P. and Courtney Sosnoski, $336,000

41 Fieldstone Dr Unit 41: Perham Ethel V Est and Johnny P. Smith to Lily Ching, $170,000

106 Granite St Unit 106: William L. Sweeney to John Darling and Jessica Paeplow, $154,933

6 Kimball Rd: Scott R. Schilling to Brett T. Guyer, $300,000

125 Litchfield Rd Unit B: John M. and Irene J. Wright to Angela M. and Anthony Mendes, $245,000

459 Mammoth Rd: Ryan P. Olsen and Rolinda E. Mitchell to Anthony J. and Susan B. Dalessandro, $369,933

9 Wildwood Rd: Leanne M. and Anthony Gulotta to Michael G. and Melissa A. Welch, $410,000

1 Winthrop Rd: James Gebo and Kyle Segal to Alec B. and Seth K. Boucher, $361,000

18 Woods Ave: Andrew J. Parker and Bank Of New York Mellon to Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, $290,000

N/a Lot 3-152: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Michael&D Lucci FT and Michael Lucci, $529,933


11 Crossman Cir: Christopher and Lisa Saggese to Aaron and Megan Cleary, $376,000

7 Maple Ave: Robert F. Sacco to Dalcione R. and Christopher Vollink, $339,933

44 Whittier St: K&S RT and Karl N. Lacroix to James C. Lacroix, $300,000


28 Majestic Ave: Skyview Estates LLC to Andrew E. and Dawn A. Pierce, $750,000

208-a&b Windham Rd: Matthew Holter and Jana Baranowski to Jason and Aneta Castillo, $405,000

N/a Lot 191-30: Frank E. and Debora A. Goodwin to William and Lisa Sacco, $527,000


138 Newton Rd Unit 29: John G. Gelinas and Stacy L. Gelins to Hannah M. Andraktos and Matthew D. Duhamel, $209,933

7 Stonebridge Dr Unit 7: R&M Clinc FT and Cynthia J. Whittemore to Dolores M. Notini, $303,000


111 Brady Ave Unit 2: Daniel S. and Kristin M. Crepeau to Paul D. Reitano, $296,000

37 Bridge St: Eileen M Childs RET and Eileen M. Childs to Joseph Charron, $365,000

8 Butternut Rd Unit 8: DHB Homes LLC to Carol and Thomas Starzyk, $495,733

1 Catalpa Rd Unit 1: DHB Homes LLC to Thomas E. and Joyce Parhiala, $492,000

16 Cortland Dr: John W. and Karen R. Bonnin to Andrew and Caitlin Divincenzo, $512,000

50 Haigh Ave: Yesenia Ramos to Christos Sirianos, $374,933

13 Henderson Cir: Randall R. Dion and NHFA to MDR Rehab&Dev LLC, $226,000

8 Hutch Rd: Joshua and Jean Perry to Danielle M. Beaulieu, $309,933

3 Independence Dr: Paul Notartomano to A J. Robert-Azzarello and Samantha Azzarello, $420,000

2 Jill Rd: Ronald and Sandra Libby to Jacob A. and Elizabeth A. Fuller, $275,000

4 Karen Ln: John and Susan D. Santo to James R. Davis, $675,000

49 Matthias St: Edward and Kelly Hogan to Yesenia Ramos and Jose L. Vega, $567,000

33 Millville St: Elizabeth L. Kayo to Kyle M. Jacques, $300,000

14 Sherwood Cir: Peter J. and Eileen M. Maolli to Lauren Mangano, $368,933

Valeska Ln: Aaron D. and Shirley A. Borrelli to 7 Valeska LLC, $256,000

N/a Lot 13: Shirley A. Galvin to Matthew J. Vallis, $180,000


2 School House Rd: Emily Hunt to Steven M. and Glenda Maglio, $195,000


35 Folly Mill Rd Unit 35: Richardo V. Elias and Lynda K. Larnard to Lionel J. and Claire E. Sheppard, $345,000

14 Jean Dr Unit 14: Marson FT and Mary M. Redman-Marson to Raymond J. and Eileen P. Delorme, $336,000


6 Anderson Rd: Millhouse RT and Kathryn Buckless to 6 Anderson Road LLC, $1,500,000

9 Anderson Rd: Millhouse RT and Kathryn Buckless to 6 Anderson Road LLC, $1,500,000

51 Blossom Rd: Philippe&Mary Japy FT and Philippe B. Japy to Kyle and Michelle T. Segal, $18,000

6 Colonial Rd Unit 3: Karen D. Elgart to Jeffrey J. Ahl, $149,000

4-a Floral St: Howard and Vivian L. Chu to Mridul Kanti-Mandal, $543,533



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