14 Christine Dr: David C. Noel to Jonathan and Madison Jamison, $442,000

22 Coles Way Unit 22: Hugener 2017 T and Charlene E. Hugener to David J. Philipkoski, $330,000

20 Ironwood Ln Unit 20: Brenda J. Cioto to Andrew B. and Alexazhondrah D. Adamo, $345,000

4 Stevens Ct Unit 4: C&Diane Ricciardone FT and Carl J. Ricciardone to Erin Walsh, $375,000

7 Stevens Ct Unit 7: Kimberly B. Turgeon to Kevin and Patricia Kliska, $387,933

2 Taylor Mill Rd Unit 2: Taylor and Joseph M. Mosher to Jared Thibault, $290,933


150 Jenkins Farm Rd: Dar Builders LLC to Chad M. and Danielle Harris, $528,000


23 Cheney Ln: Matthew S. and Meredith K. Butterworth to Morgan and Nikolas J. Denuccio, $395,000

38 Ward Way: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to James D. Mitchell, $463,333

N/a Lot 22: Robert C. and Nancy J. Newbury to Jody B. and Kelli L. Smith, $370,000


4 Brook St: Mazzaglia FT and Barry T. Mazzaglia to Brandon N. Vezina and Joshua R. Roman, $330,000

6 Drury Ln: Richard L. and Cathleen A. Brothers to Deborah L. Hogan-Vicente and Joseph Vicente, $395,000

167 Island Pond Rd: Bruce J. and Susan M. Augusta to Zechariah K. Frawley, $451,000

375 Island Pond Rd: Jeffery Terrance-Richards and Norah B. Richards to Lynn M. Leone, $351,000

2 Kelley Dr: Grantland and Kaitlan Case to Jeffrey R. and Tracy M. Starke, $440,000

23-l Kendall Pond Rd Unit 1: Walter J. and Vicotria A. Reeves to Case and Meghan Bolduc, $230,000

1 Matthew Dr Unit L: Kimberly J. Bonham to Christopher and Adriana Archambault, $205,000

12 N Shore Rd: Dean and Donna Decker to Diane Heffernan, $370,000

17 Rollins St: Andrew M. and Courtney C. Johnson to David A. and Mariah J. Knight, $337,533

11 Stone Fence Dr: Mastriano Group LLC to Joshua R. Lavoie, $570,000

5 Valerie Ln: B&T Development LLC to Kevin Mcnamara, $539,933

9 Village Brook Ln: Hebert FT and David G. Hebert to Alyssa Shallberg and Ryan Bossie, $573,000


20 Craine Rd: Jeffrey P. Xenakis to Frank and Nancy Halley, $750,000

11 Hood Rd: Hood Road RT and Kevin L. Camm to Alexander K. Camm and Nikea M. Panopoulos, $135,000

Main St Lot A: Anderson FT and Maureen Anderson to Armand and Gloria Sangermano, $340,000

6 Russett Ln: Christopher J. and Carrie A. Phelan to Logan A. Russell, $384,933

16 Tanglewood Dr Unit 16: Timothy and Calyn Duquette to Kylie M. Hamilton, $235,533


Atlantic Motel Brown Ave Lot 54: Dennis B. Foster to Maryanne Dimento, $140,000

8 Baron Rd: Richard N Lundblad RET and Richard N. Lundblad to Tanya Quinn RET and Tanya Quinn, $685,000

13 Bragg Ave: Ruth Ellen and Michael Driscoll to Jonathan G. Allyn and Willard M. Doss, $385,000

Kings Hwy Lot 11: Maureen A Kandrick RET and Maureen A. Kandrick to Brian G. and Kathleen A. Gendron, $170,000

68 Kings Hwy Unit 25: Barbara L. and Paul Toufar to Holly Enright, $240,000

696 Lafayette Rd: Ronald P Bourgeault RET and Ronald P. Bourgeault to MT 55 LLC, $545,000

Ocean Blvd Lot 102: Jonathan Conominium Assoc to Michael and Cynthia Zanca, $80,000

951 Ocean Blvd Unit 8: Morrissey 1 FT and John J. Morrissey to Kerry Napolitano, $450,000

35 Park Ave: Liam Walsh to Green Rock Invs LLC, $291,000

3 Reubens Driftway Unit 3: Ellen Fowler to Lauren Douglass, $475,000

15 Robin Ln: B&M Walsh Prop LLC to Maurice FT and Donna M. Maurice, $755,000

Towle Farm Rd Lot 12: Amanda M. and Caitlin A. Bibeau to Leon V. and Trudy Morris, $299,000

51 Wild Rose Ln: Steven Brigandi RET and Steven Brigandi to Mark D. and Joanne M. Sheehan, $1,000,000


Main St: Robert Pothier to Gerald R Carbone RET and Gerald R. Carbone, $135,000

N/a Lot 46: Laurel Clancy to Thomas J. Clancy, $240,000


27 Adams Rd: Mark and Kathleen A. Marchetti to James E. and Nicole S. Mcclure, $540,000

37 Calla Rd: Lorden Commons LLC to Colin E. Root and Clifton L. Lafelur, $538,733

140-k Capitol Hill Dr Unit 140: Vincent J J Balukonis RET and Vincent J. Balukonis to Figen Yildirim, $111,000

1 Crackling Log Ln Unit 106: Cross Farm Dev LLC to John L. and Victoria M. Maxwell, $558,133

18 Currier Dr: Judith M Moran RET and Judith M. Moran to David S. Raymond, $350,666

77 Gilcreast Rd: Michael A Licciardi FT and Michael A. Licciardi to 77 Gilcreat LLC, $226,000

155 High Range Rd: Juris Ozols to Gary and Minelly Mills, $580,000

3 Honeycrisp Cir Unit 60: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Michael S. and Joanne Bordonaro, $541,333

8 Jason Dr: Anthony C. Rozniak to Mona and Donald Bement, $610,000

491 Mammoth Rd Unit 31: Cathleen A Palmer RET and Carl T. Palmer to Brian A. and Nicole C. Medlock, $205,000

3 Melody Ln: Peter D. and Monica Mclinn to Lindsey and Corey Palmer, $390,000

Mountain Home Estates Con Unit 54: 425 Fox Hollow Way LLC to Elizabeth Purcell, $226,533

Pillsbury Rd: Pillsbury Rlty Dev LLC to Baldwin Senior Living, $8,500,000

107-a Rockingham Rd Unit 1: Valerie and George L. Layne to Frederick W. Nader, $194,000

Route 102 Lot 10: LC 10 LLC to 1B Commons LLC, $119,933

Route 102 Lot 9a: LC 9A LLC to 1B Commons LLC, $120,000

10 White Plains Ave: Margot J. Driscoll to Brian and Heather Robinson, $555,000


37 Williamine Dr: Thomason 2016 T and Douglas P. Thompson to Michael P. and Dierdre M. Remick, $558,933

N/a Lot 31: Pamela J. Anderson to Margaret A. and Nelson L. Obrien, $360,000

N/a Lot 28-18: Mark J. Quimby to Holly M. Berry, $419,800


13 Little Island Park: Mathew and Marie Waldman to Brian J. Jusczak, $325,000

N/a: Jeff Martin to William and Christine Fallisi, $634,000


9 Crane Crossing Rd Unit 1-3: Patricia A. Hibbard to Lauren E. Treitman, $232,000

Old Rd: Jennifer and Kevin B. Phillips to Robin L. Serratore, $275,000

Smith Corner Rd: Alex Kim to Joseph R. and Jasmine R. Garnhum, $373,000


99 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit E9: Matthes Inv Prop LLC to Penelope Cornelio-Silfa, $122,533

99 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 12: Matthes Inv Prop LLC to Penelope Cornelio-Silfa, $142,800

7 Conifer Way: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Linda and Steven Early, $499,933

Elmwood Ave: J J Scott Jr IRT and Joseph J. Scott to Samuel Powers, $375,000

7 Evergreen Rd: Seth T. and Michelle E. Bailey to Michael E. Hudner and Ashley M. Gendreau, $385,000

5 Lake St: John F. and John F. Cortez to Stephen M. Tuccelli, $450,000

2 Lancelot Ct Unit 8: J&J Valley Homes LLC to Juan Lopez, $145,000

35 Lawrence Rd: Michelle A. Bertrand to Jason J. Pianpiano, $380,000

106 Millville Cir: Michael Kellett to George Hajjar and Hayley Carlin-Hajjar, $300,000

Policy St: Diane Mayr to D&M Demers RE Invs LLC, $260,533

17 Webster St: Joseph B. Huskey to Krzysztof Klim and Daniel Ostojak, $370,000

8 Wells Ave: USA HUD to Silas and Rachel Roberts, $250,000

76 Wheeler Ave: John and Caitlin Macdonald to David T. and Margaret T. Donovan, $525,000

9 Zachary Xing: James M. and Marie E. Pacheco to Brendi and Philip M. Relf, $620,000

N/a Lot 33: M J&Mary A Mcdonough IRT and Shawn P. Mcdonough to Lorraine J. and Michael A. Maffeo, $390,000


16 Holmeswood Dr: Veronica J. Harris to Kathleen M. and James E. Quinlan, $469,000


14 Centennial St: Kyle D. and Teri L. Sicard to Bruce A. Cook and Kelli V. King, $405,000

2 Violette Ln: Mark Schiavello and Beth Shiavello to Tracy Gagliardi, $464,933

10 Washington St: Kevin B. and Janelle M. Gavin to Robert V. and Crystal Melideo, $356,000

15 Washington St: Kevin B. and Janelle M. Gavin to Robert V. and Crystal Melideo, $356,000

N/a: Dean Koravos to Karen C Stumcke RET and Karen C. Stumcke, $2,100,000


2 Brentwood Rd: Stephen and Ellen Hsu to Brenda D. and Christine M. Nesheim, $579,933

39 Burnham Rd: Duckenzbret LLC to Glenn P. Corbert, $170,000

1 Edgewood Rd: Krista Springer to Robert Basile and Rebecca Madanjian, $599,933

6 Gardner Rd: Rockport Properties LLC to Ryan Shaw and Kaitlin Melia, $284,000

Hardwood Rd Lot 54: 54 Stacey Circle RT and Fred J. Forman to Joseph A. Moskowitz and M Gonalez-Arredondo, $320,000

London Bridge Rd: Duckenzbret LLC to Eleane Lave LLC, $185,000

2 Maple St: Mary E Whitaker RET and Mary E. Whitaker to Christopher Valliere, $530,000

Park St: Devon D. and Nicole Crawford to Jeffrey and Tina Arsenault, $397,000

N/a: Dean Gekas to Foresight Investments Inc, $420,000

N/a Lot 7a681: Saia FT and Frank A. Saia to Hope T, $715,000

N/a Lot 16l354: Michael J Pisiello RET and Michael J. Pisiello to William Bragel, $850,000

N/a Lot 13c9: Nassar RT and Jean T. Nassar to Lindsay and Nathan Fletcher, $350,000

N/a Lot 14b119: Jennifer Ruggiero to Clyde A. and Celerie G. White, $999,933

N/a Lot 14b260: London Bridge South Inc to Amitoj S. and Shivani Sukhija, $739,933

N/a Lot 4a: Richard Duke to Paul F. and Cynthia A. Finn, $200,133



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